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    Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

    Aquarius, the Water Bearer Aquarius, the Water-Bearer in the year 2000

    The Goddess of Love

    Venus shines in the mid-heaven as the old year fades and the new century is born. It's a dynamic year for Aquarians, but there will be big changes in career and domestic arrangements.

    Others will be drawn to you for your personality, good looks and talent as the year unfolds. Pleasure will be derived from performing in public, whether actually on stage, or as the life of the party, toastmaster, or after-dinner speaker. However, you'll need to restrain your extravagance and the (somewhat out of character) urge to hog the spotlight, lest difficult relationships develop with family and authority figures. Venus brings popularity and friends in prominent positions. Maintain cordial relationships with older family members and authority figures. Family members and partners or allies may receive recognition, or special promotion this year.

    At the solstice, Venus glitters in the malefic degree Serpentis, warning against unbridled lust, passion and desire -- especially for dashing foreigners and men (and/or women!) in uniform. In stressful square aspect to Mars, Venus is nevertheless in conjunction with Zubeneschamali, the North Scale, bringer of honours, wealth and success. This benefic fixed star can on occasions be the harbinger of tragedy and destruction, but the world will see extraordinary developments in the arts, sport, finance and entertainment under this influence. Pleasure will be found through leading figures, such as government officials, ambassadors, entertainers and sporting identities.

    Saturn and Uranus

    Uranus, your new-age ruler, is rising in your first house all year, but his disruptive influence will be brought out through the difficult square aspect with Saturn, your life-ruler, culminating in May, as the Grand Mutation approaches. Significant and sometimes unexpected changes in your personality, self-image and even your physical appearance will emerge. You need to discover (and convey to others) a more unique concept of yourself, one which may suddenly and unexpectedly develop. You will be less predictable, more restless and somewhat unstable. Personal freedom becomes increasingly important. The urge to become more independent and to stress your own individuality may be triggered by people you meet during this period or the emergence of completely unexpected situations.

    On Jan 12, Saturn returns to direct motion through the zodiac in aspect to Pluto and Chiron, showing a need to overcome difficulties and restrictions placed by your domestic or family situation on your cherished desires. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does with the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. Too much intensity and manipulation can shake things up, especially where friendships and memberships of associations, lodges and social groups are concerned, especially if power or control is an issue. Psychological factors need to be cleared and healed. Take things one step at a time.

    Past disagreements, or problems related to family and domestic issues now demand resolution. Additional responsibilities may need to be accepted for family members, or with regard to your home. You now have the responsibility to confront and overcome the conditioning process. Should family members try to restrict or impede your progress, much resentment will develop. This is a period for the completion of an old cycle. For one reason or another, you will not be allowed to begin anything new if you have failed to take care of unfinished business. Stronger family ties and a more solid, successful domestic environment will grow from this, as you emerge like a butterfly from one stage of life to fly to the next level of learning and experience.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    Friends and partners receive most of the attention, at least for the first half of the year. After that, your sex life really begins to expand! more

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Aquarians gain through education, writing, speculation, brothers and sisters, local identities and short journeys. Possessions multiply through business, public works, or fruits of the earth. more

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    This year brings some severe illness, especially through anxiety and troubles at home. more

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Honour comes through science, literature or travel and success in foreign affairs, with many journeys and most likely a relocation. You get closer to children and find friends through them. more

    Mercury Retrograde Periods of confusion affect
  • finances, income, assets, personal values Feb/Mar
  • work and health Jun/Jul
  • career, political and public life Oct/Nov. more
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    Pluto and ChironGo to Top

    Pluto (the transformer) and Chiron (the healer) form a rare conjunction as the year begins. Both Saturn and Uranus, your life-rulers, are connected with this major cosmic event. This aspect, which last burst on the world some sixty years ago at the height of World War II, occurs now on December 31 1999, in auspicious conjunction with Rastaban, the impulsive and honourable fixed star. This promises exciting times in sport, the arts, government and finance (Sydney Olympic Games take note!), yet shows that the new century will be healed through the transforming influence of astrology.

    You will become increasingly concerned with your own happiness, recognition and the rewards for your efforts. The healing energies of this influence are dedicated to total honesty, so you need to understand the diference between what you want and what you need, in order to be happy. You will be confronted with your true motives for everything you do and especially the relationships you form. If you have a profession, you will go after greater monetary rewards. If you are a member of organizations, you may seek a more powerful position within them, or to use such memberships to enhance your position in other areas. You will be more involved with creating a more powerful and personally satisfying influence in the lives of others; as a parent, child, spouse, lover, friend, or associate. Past neglect of these relationships may catch up with you, and even long-term relationships will be abandoned if they fail to provide you with what you need. You may develop the tendency to manipulate or control these relationships, or to retreat from those where you are being manipulated. A powerful network of relationships can help you become happier and more successful as an individual. You can develop these, having learned the karmic lesson that you need to be part of something outside yourself to express your power as an individual.

    Wants vs Needs  Go to Top

    Mars opens the year rising in conjunction with the malefic fixed star Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). With sensual Venus in square aspect on Serpentis ("the accursed degree"), this is a clear warning. Romantic escapades will be problematic, leading to confrontational episodes, especially in your career and public life. With your energy running high, you must distinguish between wants and needs. If you have an accident or illness this year, it is apt to involve your head or face. Be careful when handling sharp objects and hot or explosive materials. The month of May in particular will be especially risky for romantically inclined Aquarians, when disruptive Uranus reaches this unfortunate star, shortly before turning retrograde on the 25th -- just as he forms the difficult square aspect, first with Jupiter, then Saturn.

    Flattery and Charm  Go to Top

    With Venus in Sagittarius from the beginning of January, flattery, charm and a sense of humour can be most persuasive, especially with friends, up to the 25th. Personal aspirations and happiness, especially the satisfaction you derive (or do not derive) from the role you play as spouse, child, parent, friend, lover, or associate. Promote harmony, and encourage co-operation. The social aspects of romance may also be on your agenda these days. Joining organizations and participation in group activities can be very rewarding.

    You may have an urge to gain control over social events around the weekend of the 9th, or it may be that you are forced by circumstances to take complete charge. Your charm will work wonders! Unusual or nontraditional contacts, romantic encounters, organisational meetings, proposals for partnership or other alliances are in the air. Sieze the chance to be a part of something outside of yourself, while still retaining your own individuality. You may be more egalitarian when it comes to accepting (or judging) others. Others bring out this humanitarian attitude in you, while you are also able to inspire it in them. You identify with issues of your generation, in a uniquely personal way. Dynamic Mars boosts energy and enthusiasm all month in the financial arena, urging you to take charge of your financial situation and take action to get things shipshape.

    Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Go to Top

    Later in January the cosmic energies focus on Aquarius. As Neptune in your sign is activated, it may be hard to grasp the true meaning or accuracy of the information you receive. Trying to get to the bottom of a mystery (or any situation) may end in confusion and raise more questions than it answers. Keep a firm hand on your keys, reading materials, paper work and correspondence. There is a very mystical or spiritual sense about you and you may seek information concerning spirituality, mysticism or the occult, charitable institutions, prisons, or hospitals. Travel now may involve going by water or over water. It is also time for an unemotional assessment of your willpower and ego. Renew your inner vitality and energy. How determined are you? What is your purpose in life? How much personal influence do you wield? You can be more forceful and dynamic now, but too much self-assertion makes it difficult to accept (or ask for) the advice and opinions of others. You need to be more successful and independent, by developing your personal skills. A healthy self-image makes you more productive as an individual, which in turn encourages you to treat others with more generosity and sensitivity. Take care of things personally. Don't allow others to speak or act for you. It is your personality, behavior and physical presentation that can make the difference between success and failure in many situations during this period.

    In early February, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun in Aquarius, but this will not be visible from most populated parts of the world. Nevertheless, the concentration of energies in Aquarius create fabulous and unorthodox opportunities, but will create pressure and confrontations, especially with partners. Be attentive to any symptoms that present themselves, as your health will also be under pressure through this aspect, which heralds a period of unique and sometimes unexpected change. You tend now to be more unstable and impatient, which means you must move with greater caution. More than ever, you are drawn to anything unusual or different. Bored with the tried and true, you are are just as likely to head out in a completely new direction to express your individuality. To the consternation of some, this is an ego awakening, a need for more freedom in expressing your skills and talents, or finding new ways to use them. The changes you experience may not necessarily originate from inside yourself, they are more likely to be inspired by an event or an individual you encounter. The trigger for change may be temporary, but the influence is permanent.

    New Beginnings  Go to Top

    In mid-February, Jupiter enters Taurus, your solar fourth house, as Mars enters Aries, your third house. This communicative and creative time marks the beginning of a twelve-year cycle of learning and new experiences. You'll encounter catalysts that inspire you to start new ventures, such as a business venture, or a new career. You may become involved in higher education, or the study of a particular subject, receive advanced training, or engage in long distance travel, writing, publishing, or promotion. You will greatly expand your personal, professional, and intellectual horizons. Bringing cultural appreciation, evenm increased spirituality, into your domestic environment may be expected in the 12-year cycle that begins at this time. Moreover, you may seek a grander, larger residence, or perhaps build additions to your present home. Family history becomes more interesting, so expand your contacts with family members. Domestic furnishings or real estate ventures interest you too. Selling your home under this influence is likely to be profitable.

    Venus is Dancing! Go to Top

    Venus dances into Aquarius on the weekend of the 19th. The charm of your personality, willingness to cooperate with others and sense of humour make a big difference, as you flood the world with charm! Indulge in a new hair style, beauty treatment, or other ways to tart up your looks. Your physical appearance will have as big an impact as your personality, especially on the weekend of the 26th, when Venus and Mars are in rapt embrace. Romantic, artistic or musical desires can materialise in a very physical way! Follow through until success materialises. Positive proposals, especially from close relatives and local identities, may turn out well. If you play your cards right, everyone will do well. Co-operative efforts, diplomatic quests and legal suits bring opportunity and it's a good period for sports, physical fitness and work projects. Use your imagination and creativity.

    Financial Focus  Go to Top

    With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, circumstances may well bring a big shakeup in the early weeks of March, especially once Pluto turns retrograde on the 15th. Pay extra attention as you focus on paper work, writing, meetings, and discussions related to finances. Transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures and comparison shopping will be on your agenda, but could be disrupted by confusion and frustration. You discuss, or perhaps even defend or reassess your priorities and values. You may become too intense or place too much importance on relatively innocuous information. Others take your ideas or actions more seriously than intended. Resist the impulse to manipulate others for personal gain. Despite frustrating obstacles, progress comes if you manage to maintain a patient, reasonable attitude. Remember to check the small print!!

    The Grand Mutation Go to Top

    May sees a gathering of all the major planets in the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus, your solar fourth house, emphasising shared investments, joint ventures, insurances, inheritances, sexual assignments, matters to do with end of life and the like. Only the three outermost, transpersonal planets are elsewhere. This certainly is the year of change, as Jupiter and Saturn now form the Grand Mutation, their final conjunction in an earthy sign for hundreds of years. Some astrologers hold that this is really the first light of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This massive conjunction at 22 Taurus opposes the fixed star Unukalkhai (Alpha Serpentis), which at 22 Scorpio was associated with the gigantic earthquake in Turkey after the solar eclipse of August 1999. Unukalkhai was rising over Istanbul at the point of greatest eclipse. It will be setting at the end of May.

    Uranus, your new-age ruler, glowers in his retrograde station during May 2000 at 20 Aquarius, in conjunction with the malefic fixed star, Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). This squares both Saturn, your life-ruler, and Jupiter, the aspect being partile (exact) just days before their Grand Mutation. Your usual sources of information may dry up, or your general prosperity may be restricted. Cultural pursuits, your ideas and attitudes will be more serious, a change for the better. You must give back some of what you have been given in life; if you have gained wealth, it is time to be philanthropic. Share your knowledge and experience with others. Tradition and authority rule against you if you have been too free, or sought to break from structure and form in the past. Accept a slower return on your efforts during this period, which brings circumstances over which you have no control. The decisions of others may cause disruption of education or other intellectual endeavours such as writing or publishing. Long distance travel may be interrupted, or suddenly become a necessity. Spiritual development, or economic expansion may be upset, especially if you try to impose your seniority or authority. Increased status or recognition may be given to you, even though it may not be deserved, or if it is deserved, you unaccountably fail to receive it. Changes are unlikely to prevent you from making further progress, but there will be some sense of a generational shift in affairs.

    Creative and Romantic  Go to Top

    Mars bounces into Gemini early in May, and you need little urging to put a lot of effort and physical enthusiasm into speculative ventures, social events and activities related to entertainment or a vacation. Creative juices flow and romantic notions are apt to be physically carried out. Inspiration and imagination spark artistic endeavors. Activities related to children are apt to claim your time and attention. Keep physical aggression out of the picture and keep the unpleasant consequences of overindulgence and risk-taking adventures firmly in the forefront of your mind.

    The transit into Gemini of Mercury on the 15th, the Sun on the 21st and Venus on the 26th put a little more romance in your life, especially during the last week of the month. Improve relationships with children, strengthen rapport with a romantic partner and expand social contacts. Curb that extravagance, or overindulgence in your pursuit of pleasure. The Gemini New Moon in conjunction with Venus and in opposition to Pluto on Jun. 2 shows a fabulous potential for romance, perhaps through the deepening of a relationship with a friend, or through someone you meet through children. The trine aspect from Mars to Uranus at this time can have some unusual or unexpected results. It is difficult to predict what will happen but the potential is for the outcome to be very beneficial. You may be inspired to do something unique, or quite out of character. Romance through a chance encounter, or a sudden infatuation is very much a possibility. It is also a good time to introduce changes in work schedules, implement new methods and procedures, or to deal with technical equipment, computers and inventions. Travel by air, activities with friends and organizing group efforts are other activities which are stimulated by this aspect.

    Career Minded  Go to Top

    June and July seem somehow more fated, with the three transpersonal planets retrograde, but the entry of Venus, Mars and the Sun into tenacious Cancer between the 17th and the 22nd makes the solstice even more potent than usual. There will be plenty of things for you to do in the way of physical exercise and work-- on the job as well as around the house. Circumstances may put you in a position to hire others. The flow of physical energy can make you more aggressive or competitive concerning work, co-workers, or employees. If there are problems, you either enthusiastically confront them and seek a solution or give in to angry outbursts or rash actions. Health and/or physical fitness become more of a priority. You may be required to get a medical and dental check up. Headache, fever, inflammation, or flare up of chronic illness are common under this influence. If you are inspired to begin a program of physical fitness, be sure to consult a physician and other health experts before you start. Enthusiasm can easily get out of hand. If your body is not used to regular or vigorous exercise be careful not to overexert yourself.

    The romantic potential at the end of the month is high. Your actions around the 25th may very well be inspired, but they are not apt to be organized, well-planned or carefully executed. The shortest distance between two points is not likely to be the expected straight line. Depend on intuition and instinct, since there may be little else to go on. Keep your eyes open in potentially perilous situations. The Moon trine Neptune on the 30th suggests you can be a master of disguise. For theatrical, artistic, and even spiritual purposes you can be very inspiring. Romance, promotional activities and joint ventures blossom through following your instincts. A wonderful period to seek a more glamorous image, to photograph and be photographed, to dance or learn to dance, to participate in social events that benefit a charitable or religious organization, and to take a vacation by the sea.

    Fortunate Influence  Go to Top

    Jupiter crosses into Gemini at the beginning of July, bringing an exciting and fortunate period, with many opportunities for romantic and financial expansion. Your capacity for enjoyment is enhanced, but overindulgence is almost impossible to avoid! Good fortune is showered on you. The feeling that prosperity is within easy reach may lead to the purchase of luxury items, taking more expensive vacations and buying designer outfits at utterly inflated prices... Your imagination and creativity increase, so if your work or career is in a creative field, this can be a period of great success. Relationships and contacts with children may be greatly expanded. Romance can blossom and enhance the quality of your life. You are more willing to take risks and, for the most part, should land on the winning side of any chances you take.

    Lord of Karma Go to Top

    Your traditional life-ruler, Saturn, Lord of Karma, enters Gemini on August 11th, restimulating the Grand Cross aspect of the August 99 solar eclipse. The emphasis until mid-October focuses on additional responsibilities for children. Problems with them demand resolution. Children are apt to be conceived under this influence. However, they may regard you as too severe or inflexible, or you may suffer estrangement from them. Long-lasting, stable romance can develop, but not without serious emotional commitment. Destructive habits in the past now require you to exert self-discipline. Social activities and contacts may be so demanding of your time and attention as to actually be restrictive, since they prevent you from concentrating on other important matters. Artistic and creative talents, their development, use, or abuse are another likely focus of this period. Risk-taking, whether its nature is physical, economic, or emotional is only to be embarked upon with the greatest of caution and mature experience. Failure or inability to adopt this approach is likely to end in severe loss. This aspect brings stronger, more stable relationships, a better sense of how to control selfish desires, and a more mature and successful approach to enjoying every aspect of life.

    Cultural Pursuits  Go to Top

    With Venus in Libra in early September, in good aspect to Saturn and Jupiter, this is a splendid time for long term success! Higher education, religious activities, political interests, and cultural pursuits seem imbued with a more social atmosphere this month. Romance, marriage, or any type of cooperative venture involving a foreign country or someone of another culture or race is stimulated. Issues connected with a second marriage, or a court decision may also arise. You may write, publish, or purchase books; perhaps art, music, antique or very expensive books. Advertising or mail campaigns, especially those aimed at romance or relationships may occupy your time or attention. Joint efforts related to the health or employment of a parent may emerge. Socializing or establishing more cordial relationships with in-laws are other items on your agenda. It's a lucky time, especially around the 9th, when I'd buy a lottery ticket or two if I were you. Venus trine Uranus of the 19th brings sudden attractions, for people are drawn to you because you reflect some characteristic of your generation. Activities that involve antiques, history and technology bring satisfaction. Enthusiasm for equality and justice flourishes. Cooperation, diplomacy, and sociable dispositions make this a fortunate period for friendships, organizations and group activities. The whole month is good for Aquarians, however, with the New Moon in your ninth house on the 27th bringing a splendid set of opportunities for pleasure in social and cultural experiences.

    Saturn Retrograde  Go to Top

    Saturn is at his station all month in conjunction with Alcyone and the Pleiades. He turns retro on the 12th. Beware of injuries, especially to the eyes, through accidents or violence and trouble with the opposite sex. Jupiter is in conjunction with Aldebaran, a royal star which brings ego-based conflicts. Jupiter too turns retro in opposition to Pluto (at the end of the month). Power and success are seductive traps during this period. These things can be mismanaged or overrated. People and situations that promise greater personal influence, or an opportunity to manipulate something to your own advantage are to be avoided. Once this period has ended, if such people or situations are still around, there will be time enough to consider or take advantage of their offer. You will probably not be able to remove the forces that oppose you, or that stand in the way of your gaining power or influence. This only leaves the option of finding a constructive way to work around them or with them. This is not a favorable time for inheritance, taxes, insurance and debt. Retrograde planets tend to generate the events that seem more fated, less under our own control than they do when direct. So the world seems to have a mind of its own.

    Fine Print  Go to Top

    The beginning of October sees the Sun form a fortunate grand trine aspect with Neptune and Jupiter, so it's time to explore your spirituality and broaden your intellectual horizons. Your work in this direction will inspire the admiration of those with influence. This is no time for false modesty and empty gestures. Sincere generosity and devotion to the truth brings success. Life seems very enjoyable and humour can be found in every situation. Cultural events, long-distance travel, religious activities, political interests, speculative ventures, banking and investment, publishing and advertising campaigns can be successfully launched under this fortunate influence. Judgments are in your favour. Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde in the middle of October, just as Venus moves into Sagittarius and Saturn retrogresses once more into Taurus. This is a time when you are likely to seek, or be given, a public forum of some kind in which to express your ideas, or share your knowledge and skills, so take great care to get all the facts straight and make sure the schedules are definite and in order. Circumstances are likely to increase your communications with superiors, clients, and a parent, as does the potential for having to comply with government regulations or those imposed by some similar authoritative agency. Be sure to check the fine print and double check that everything is in order.

    Energy for the Higher Mind  Go to Top

    As Mars enters Libra in the first week of November, physical efforts focus on higher education, religion, politics, travel, cultural pursuits, foreign languages, writing and publishing. Speculative ventures, sports, court decisions, a second marriage, and activities or relations with in-laws are stimulated. The most positive way to approach this influence is to use whatever circumstances and activities you encounter as a way to broaden your spiritual and intellectual horizons.

    Fabulous December  Go to Top

    If you seek unearthly beauty or pleasures, in early December, you are apt to find them. If you desire inspirational beauty and pleasure, you are apt to find them as well. If you look for beauty and pleasure that is real and starkly available, forget it. Illusive, mysterious and spiritual are descriptions of the people and situations you are likely to encounter during this period. Photographs taken of you at this time are apt to be flattering, as well as pictures taken of your social events or of you with your friends. An excellent time for freedom of imagination and disguise, but a difficult time to get one plus one to equal two. Your artistic temperament thrives and so does abstract thinking, with the potential for profitable and satisfying results. Do others find you out of touch with reality, or do you find others hard to pin down? It may not matter since things are apt to work out well in the end.Venus brings romance and good fortune once again, especially around the 13th and an unorthodox or less-than-traditional partnership or alliance may be on the agenda. Romantic or social contacts present the inspiration just before Christmas to adopt unique methods to achieve common goals. The social scene can inspire the spirit of egalitarianism. This is a period for establishing friendship and coordinating group activities. People seen as different or eccentric may be the very individuals you find appealing. In turn, others may be attracted to you for the very characteristics that make you different or unique. Art and music are unlikely to follow traditional lines. Look forward to a fabulous December and a great new year ahead!

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    Friends and partners receive most of the attention, at least for the first half of the year. After that, your sex life really begins to expand! February and March are hotspots for romantic enjoyment and good times, but July through to December sees Jupiyer boosying your chances in the romantic stakes.

    April, May and June are times of extraordinary activity, as the Grand Mutation in your solar fourth house stirs up the urge to make a new beginning. Unexpected disruptions in your lovelife are a feature of the month of May, but with Venus enthroned in her night-house of Taurus for most of the month, sensual excitement and stimulation will be everpresent.

    Jupiter moves into Gemini in July. Romance, children, gambling and good times are the flavour now. Serious developments emerge as Saturn too moves into your fifth house in early August, so be prepared to make the commitment. The Lord of Karma remains there for some eight weeks before diving back into your fourth. With Venus and Mercury in Libra most of the month, your personal magnetism will be high and you'll be receiving scrumptious love letters from afar and long, lingering phone calls from exotic strangers, artistic types as the lure of the unknown becons.

    Mercury retro in Scorpio foreshadows career snafus after mid-October, as Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, bringing some degree of reconciliation with friends adn associates, as your hopes and wishes receive the thumbs up. It gets even more exciting in November, as Mars cruises through Libra and December, with Venus in Aquarius is likely to bring a creative extravaganza! Look forward to a busy holiday and a boost to your material interests for the year 2001!

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim  Go to Top

    Aquarians gain through education, writing, speculation, brothers and sisters, local identities and short journeys. Possessions multiply through business, public works, or fruits of the earth.

    The big focus this year is on your personal presentation, your personality and self-image, particularly as it relates to home and family issues in relation to career and public life. The Grand Mutation occurs in May in your fourth house. The fourth house describes your residence, domestic environment, and family members, especially your father (although it can also strongly indicate the nature of your mother). It indicates the beginning as well as the end of various cycles in your life.

    This said, with the Full Moon at the solstice in your sixth house, this year is likely to bring big developments at work, especially in dealing with the women and the public. At the same time, something of a tug-of-war develops between desires and emotional needs and your psycholigal and subconscious motivations. Those in charge may make impossible demands without knowing, or perhaps without caring what dislocation it may cause you. Trying to appeal to them on emotional terms will only result in a waste of your time and energy. Nor are you likely to be successful in direct confrontations with family or female associates. People may be working against you behind your back.

    Overall, its a good year for Aquarius, with lots of financial and other benefits, especially through children, friends and associations, speculative activities and romance. Investments should pay off, especially in technology stocks. You may receive an inheritance or change your residence.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies  Go to Top

    This year brings some severe illness, especially through anxiety and troubles at home. There may be secret sorrows, confrontation with partners, romantic issues, jealousy and problems with institutions, such as government, hospitals and prisons. The eclipse of the Sun in early February occurs in conjunction with Uranus, so this could be a time of serious stress for your health.

    Domestic and career issues can bring upheavals while Mars is in Taurus, from late March to early May, while danger through sexual exploits and unwise speculation can be a problem from May to mid-June. Uranus is retrograde in your first house from May to mid-October, so guard against lowered vitality and sudden afflictions during this lengthy period, especiually from mid-September when Saturn too is retro.

    Mars in Cancer during late June and all of July 2000 brings the need to control aggression, especially with colleagues and employees. Get a medical and dental check up now if you have not recently had one. There is potential to experience headache, fever, inflammation, or flare up of chronic illness. Why not begin a program of physical fitness, because this is an auspicious time to do so. Be sure to consult a physician and other health experts before you start. Under this influence enthusiasm can easily get out of hand. If your body is not used to regular or vigorous exercise be careful not to overexert yourself.

    Violent confrontations are possible from August to mid-September, so maintain a positive and conciliatory attitude, especially with women and partners. Opponents will be especially combative, so play the peacemaker.

    Late September through October is also a time of potential trouble, especially with respiratory ailments and injuries to hands, arms and shoulders. Be mindful of your health through to the end of the year and do not place yourself under unnecessary pressure.

    Home and Away: Family and Children  Go to Top

    Honour comes through science, literature or travel and success in foreign affairs, with many journeys and most likely a relocation. You get closer to children and find friends through them.

    Older family members may have health problems and, with the Grand Mutation in your fourth house in May, upheavals in the household, surfacing of problems from your childhood and difficulties with family members is likely. Issue of priority arise between family and career obligations. With Jupiter in the fifth house from July on, the interests of children are helped, whether your own children, or the children you may have responsibility for, but who are not your biological offspring.

    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    Mercury retro gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.

    Periods of confusion affect
  • finances, income, assets, personal values Feb/Mar
  • work and health Jun/Jul
  • career, political and public life Oct/Nov.
  • Read more on retrograde Mercury.

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