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    Gemini, the Twins

    Gemini Gemini, the Twins in the year 2000

    The Goddess of Fun

    Venus, the goddess of fun, shines in your sixth house as the old year fades and the new century is born. It's time you put some real harmony into your working environment.

    Your Geminian charm will work its magic this year by stimulating cordial relationships with colleagues or employees. An office romance, or major social event connected with co-workers may be on your agenda. Beautifying the work place is high on the list: anything from major renovation and redecoration projects to just putting fresh paint on the walls, installing background music and adding plants or art work to brighten the surroundings. A new diet and physical fitness program, or personal physical enhancements such as beauty treatments, a new hair style, dental work and cosmetic surgery are favoured. You'll be strangely attracted to organisational matters and the lure of a sharply dressed visitor from distant parts (maybe a consultant; maybe just a sleek charmer..!).

    At the solstice, Venus glitters in the malefic degree Serpentis, warning against unbridled lust, passion and desire -- especially for dashing foreigners and men (and/or women!) in uniform. In stressful square aspect to Mars, Venus is nevertheless in conjunction with Zubeneschamali, the North Scale, bringer of honours, wealth and success. This benefic fixed star can on occasions be the harbinger of tragedy and destruction, but the world will see extraordinary developments in the arts, sport, finance and entertainment under this influence. As the networkers of the zodiac, Gemini will be spinning the communicative web which can hold it all together.

    Pluto, the Dark Transformer

    Pluto, the dark transformer, has been working his will in your opposite sign Sagittarius for the last five years and this one is going to see the biggest transformation so far! Pluto and Chiron (the healer) form a rare conjunction which will purify the dreadful pain of commitment. Partners will be super-sensitive, so keep that cutting tongue firmly in your cheek. This aspect, which last burst on the world some sixty years ago at the height of World War II, occurs now on December 31 1999, in auspicious conjunction with Rastaban, the impulsive and honourable fixed star. This promises exciting times in sport, the arts, government and finance (Sydney Olympic Games take note!), yet shows that the new century will be healed through the transforming influence of astrology.

    With chatty Mercury, your life-ruler, joining him in the seventh house of partnerships and confrontation, the focus of your ideas and discussions turns to lawyers and legal matters, debates, contract negotiations, partnership or other alliances and joint ventures of any kind. Since your career seems to be leaping ahead, you'll need to keep control of the fine print. You'll be meeting various consultants and even more likely than ever to be sharing spontaneous conversations with retail clerks, bank tellers, those in line with you at the supermarket and any other people you happen to meet. There is a dark side, as in all manner of things this ominous year, as Mercury at the solstice conjoins the malefic fixed star, Sabik. You'll need to control wastefulness and lost energy, be wary of perverted moral attitudes and avoid the lure of those who find success in evil deeds. This especially applies to negotiations, the law, partnership issues and dealings with those with whom you are intimately involved.

    The Pain and the Passion

    Mars opens the year in conjunction with the malefic fixed star Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). With sensual Venus in square aspect on Serpentis ("the accursed degree"), this is a clear warning. Romantic escapades will be problematic at work and may see you heading for distant parts; dealings with foreigners, academics, artists and culture vultures will be very risky, though potentially profitable, and disruption may be expected to your travel plans. The month of May in particular will be very exciting for many Geminians, when disruptive Uranus reaches this unfortunate star, shortly before turning retrograde on the 25th -- just as he forms the difficult square aspect, first with Jupiter, then Saturn.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    The stars show this is the year of the office romance and the clandestine affair! more

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Good fortune comes to Gemini, both in relationships at work and a financial turn for the better. Your career moves in a happier direction and hard work begins to pay off. more

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Health issues this year are associated with sickness abroad, at sea, or while travelling. Partner's relatives may suffer illness and strain may come from too much study. more

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Travel is on the agenda for Gemini; financial issues will concern the family, with some potential for health risks to partners and their relations. more

    Mercury Retrograde Periods of confusion affect
  • career and public standing Feb/Mar
  • finances, investments, credit, personal values Jun/Jul
  • working relationships and health Oct/Nov. more
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    Go-Getters in the Golden CalfGo to Top

    Psychological analysis, or assessment and development of your talent and skills claim your time and attention until Jan. 19. Joint income may also be the subject of plans or discussions. You'll be busier than usual handling inheritance, tax or insurance matters, preparing investment analysis, or allocating funds for the repayment or collection of debts. Search the net for ideas on those research and investigation projects, or surgical procedures you may be contemplating. Mighty Mars boosts energy and enthusiasm all month for your career and other long range goals, while Venus makes you restless and keen to clinch the deals. The weekend of the 8th should be wild!

    Solar Eclipse  Go to Top

    Long distance travel, international business, or diplomatic endeavors, cultural events, court decisions, higher education, advanced training, study or use of foreign languages, religious or political interests, publishing, direct-mail promotions, or advertising whizz around your head as Mercury bounces into your ninth house. Increased correspondence or discussions regarding a second marriage, in-laws, or a relative's health or job are in order too. In early February, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun in Aquarius, but this will not be visible from most populated parts of the world. Nevertheless, the concentration of energies in Aquarius create tensions with your in-laws, perhaps stimulating the urge to travel a very long way away, to learn a new language, or take some disruptive action of your own! This urge can be beneficial, but watch what you say, for breakdown in communication can lead to final separations under this influence.

    Hidden Benefits  Go to Top

    In mid-February, Jupiter enters Taurus, your solar twelfth house, as Mars ascends his day-throne, fiery Aries, your solar eleventh. Any benefits or gains you make during this period may be hidden, or at least not obvious to others. Maybe you'll be given a raise in salary, but not the title or recognition that should have accompanied the promotion. Avoid indulging in self-pity, laboring under the burden of unnecessary guilt, or using guilt as a weapon to get others to do what you want. You flighty Geminians can develop inner strength and power through expanding your psychic energy, intuitive ability and overcoming hidden fears and worry. If you need help, it is likely to arrive just in time to save the day and it may come from hidden or unexpected sources.

    Eternal Conundrum  Go to Top

    Friends, organizations and children (especially those little darlings for whom you have responsibility, but who are not biologically your own) take front stage. Activities in general lead away from you as an individual and focus on your role in the lives of others. Your schedule may become overloaded, making it necessary to place some restraints on the number of activities and people you decide to accommodate. Do not lose patience when things become too hectic or don't proceed as planned. You may also be concerned with just what is or is not making you happy. You should go after what you want, or get rid of what you don't want. Wants versus needs, the eternal conundrum...

    With Mercury retrograde in your mid-heaven, circumstances may well bring a big shakeup of partnerships and personal relationships in the early weeks of March, especially once Pluto turns retrograde on the 15th. This is a time when you are likely to seek, or be given, a public forum of some kind in which to express your ideas or share your knowledge and skills. Communications with superiors, clients, and a parent should be carefully examined and all the i's dotted and the t's crossed. Compliance with government regulations, or those imposed by some similar authoritative agency could be problematic.

    As March draws to a close, Mars crosses the border into your twelfth house, part of the massive concentration of cosmic heavyweights gathering in May. Past actions, good or bad, may catch up with you. You may accomplish more by working alone, but in any case you'll want to keep your business to yourself. This may be the most positive way to make use of the available energy. You can explore and develop inner strengths, and gain a deeper understanding of your childhood conditioning, subconscious mind, fears, and dreams. There may be some increased interaction with the activities of charitable organizations, hospitals, prisons and institutions concerned with minorities and the underprivileged.

    Mercury and Venus in your eleventh house during April bring increased communication with friends and happy associations with organisations. Children also make their presence felt. The social aspects of romance may also be on your agenda these days. Joining organizations and participation in group activities can be very rewarding.

    The Grand Mutation Go to Top

    May sees a gathering of all the major planets in the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus, your solar twelfth house. Only the three outermost, transpersonal planets are elsewhere. The twelfth house describes the private and hidden side of life; your subconscious mind, dreams, the past and those who wish you harm or work against your interests. Sorrow, disappointment, loss, solitude or confinement, hidden fears and worry can surface under this influence. It also has connection with the job or health of your marriage or business partner. This certainly is the year of change, as Jupiter and Saturn now form the Grand Mutation, their final conjunction in an earthy sign for hundreds of years. Some astrologers hold that this is really the first light of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This massive conjunction at 22 Taurus opposes the fixed star Unukalkhai (Alpha Serpentis), which at 22 Scorpio was associated with the gigantic earthquake in Turkey after the solar eclipse of August 1999. Unukalkhai was rising over Istanbul at the point of greatest eclipse. It will be setting at the end of May.

    Uranus glowers in his retrograde station during May 2000 at 20 Aquarius, in conjunction with the malefic fixed star, Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). This squares both Saturn and Jupiter, the aspect being partile (exact) just days before their Grand Mutation. Common goals or dispute resolution will progress, but most likely only by letting others do their own thing independently, then bringing all the separate efforts together. You may decide to continue your education, or take advanced training -- or just as suddenly end such activities. You may suddenly begin (or end) travel abroad, or dealing with those of another race or culture. A second marriage presents unstable conditions, as do activities and relationships with in-laws. Court decisions tend to have unexpected or unusual outcomes, or be reversed. Broadcasting, writing, publishing, advertising, marketing, religious and political activities are still other areas targeted for change. Your ideas and methods may suddenly become more independent, or avant-garde. Outside forces over which you have no control should prove to be the deciding factor. Changes may, at least in part, be triggered by the actions of those around you, new people you meet, or situations you never expected to encounter. Keep your cool!

    Irresistible You  Go to Top

    Mars springs into Gemini early in May, arousing your competitive spirit and inspiring you to be more aggressive than usual. You love to give others the impression of being very busy, but you may be less patient and more restless. Personal needs and goals take the focus. Take care with sharp objects and hot or explosive materials, especially near your head or face. Imaginative solutions can emerge as Mars trines Neptune in the second week of May, but keep your eyes open for deception. Avoid fanatic and obsessive ideas, misplaced idealism and unrealistic schemes. Greater spiritual awareness, loftier ideals and inspiring cultural pursuits come to the fore. Transportation on or over water may take on dangerous aspects at times.

    The transit into Gemini of Mercury on the 15th, the Sun on the 21st and Venus on the 26th signal more communication and an irresistible you, especially during the last week of the month. The Gemini New Moon in conjunction with Venus and in opposition to Pluto on Jun. 2 shows a fabulous potential for romance! If you are already involved with a loving partner, you can deepen the relationship and overcome some of the deeper obstacles that may have been bugging you recently.

    Financial Issues  Go to Top

    June and July seem somehow more fated, with the three transpersonal planets retrograde, but the entry of Venus, Mars and the Sun into careful Cancer between the 17th and the 22nd makes the solstice even more potent than usual. Paperwork, writing, meetings and discussions are likely to involve finances. Transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures and comparison shopping should be on your agenda. Circumstances may require you to discuss, or perhaps even defend or reassess your priorities and values. You may be inspired, for example, to give more physical organization to your bank and financial papers. Go through bills and accounts and take some sort of action to resolve debts, assets and income. You'll want to boost your funds: working overtime, seeking an additional job, or doing whatever is necessary to earn money. You'll also be looking to hold on to something or someone worthwhile, as you reset your priorities. Under this influence you seek ways to stimulate or increase your physical energy, since you may have more of a tendency to view energy itself as a valuable commodity.

    Expand Your Status  Go to Top

    Jupiter crosses your ascendant at the beginning of July. One of the main sources of pleasure these days is yourself. Appreciate your uniqueness as an individual, your physical appearance and the various facets of your personality. Under this influence you may have more of a tendency to overdo it in the effort to impress others -- perhaps what you are really trying to do is impress yourself. People may get the impression you have a higher status or importance than may really be the case. You gain a much better understanding of yourself and can explore ways to become even better. Control the tendency for overindulgence and to put on weight. Resist the temptation to go overboard and your efforts will generate a much healthier self-image. Your father's influence becomes prominent.

    Exciting Month  Go to Top

    August is usually an exciting month for Gemini. More than the usual deluge of communications and activities flows in your direction, especially regarding siblings and neighbors. Swamped with information and ideas, you can still come up with plenty of your own. Travel and transportation are highlighted and can involve anything from concern with public transportation to planning or taking a trip, or the purchase and sale of a car. You may develop new skills with machinery or computers at this time. Other projects to get into include writing, design, as well as arts and crafts geared toward business enterprises, or which serve a definite function rather than just a way of passing time. Now you are apt to be more of a doer than a thinker-- eager to turn ideas into physical reality, more than ready to speak your mind. If words will not suffice (perish the thought!!), you will not hesitate to use physical means to express yourself. Should unfortunate elements enter the picture, you may be tempted to get physical in your anger and frustration, or become the victim of those who do. Rash action now can cause accidents, especially burns, cuts, or mishaps while driving.

    Lord of Karma Go to Top

    Saturn, Lord of Karma, enters Gemini on August 11th, restimulating the Grand Cross aspect of the August 99 solar eclipse. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does with the present. You will be confronted with yourself. Look in the mirror and ask yourself who is to blame for your physical appearance, your personality and your self-image. Whether you have put much emphasis on these things, or whether you have neglected them, it's a fair question. After you get through blaming childhood experiences, conditioning, or whatever comes to mind, you arrive at the moment of truth -- ultimately you are the one responsible. You are the one in charge of keeping your body fit and your appearance in good shape. You are responsible for your own behavior, attitudes and reactions to responsibilities. Only you can seek to understand and correct a poor self-image, as well as any personal flaws. Now you can grow into a more mature, productive individual with a definite idea of where you need to go. There is an additional warning. This influence can cause you to worry too much, not only about yourself but about everything else as well. To make matters worse, you are likely to be given extra responsibilities of one sort or another at this time. Be patient, Take care of things, but keep a moderate attitude or you'll spoil the real progress you can make during this period.

    Pluto turns direct on the 20th, although he hangs around at 10-11 Sagittarius in conjunction with Rastaban for months. This is of course good for astrology, but creates turmoil in the Geminian breast. Partnership and legal issues come to the fore and obstructive difficulties seem almost insurmountable at times. The underworld can flourish under these conditions, so beware of crime and injuries through impulsive actions.

    Fabulous Potential!  Go to Top

    With Venus in her own sign Libra in early September, in good aspect to Saturn and Jupiter, this is a splendid time for long term success! Keep your eyes peeled in the social setting; you'll get a clear idea of what is meant by body language. The subtleties of human interactions can be used to the advantage of the careful observer. Others will be attracted, should you exhibit an aura of self-possession and control. You can turn the tables on the past. Although there is no guarantee you will regain control of something that was lost, or change a past failure into success, you may now gain something equally valuable to make up for it. Establish solid, long-lasting relationships in the first week or two of the month, especially around the 8th and 9th of September. Mark these days! There's no telling what good thing can happen under this fortunate influence. Try your luck at the races and other sporting events, or with lottery tickets. You could be the winner in a beauty or photography contest, or emerge the favourite in an audition. Artistic and musical ventures are successful. The recognition you deserve for your efforts in writing, publishing, advertising, higher education, politics, religion, direct-mail promotions, long distance travel, dealing with those of another race or culture and foreign languages is likely this month. You are favoured in court decisions and other judgments. Of course, when there is too much of a good thing, overindulgence, wastefulness, exaggeration or physical laziness can prevent you from gaining the true benefits of this fortunate aspect. Romance and friendships now are based on mutual commitment and responsibility, along with love and affection. Others are attracted to your maturity and accomplishment. Formal agreements, diplomacy, contracts, or other legal matters produce long-lasting, successful results. Your efforts to bring organisation and stability to social groups will not go unrewarded. Others will favour your promotion.

    Saturn Retrograde  Go to Top

    Saturn, however, is at his station all month in conjunction with Alcyone and the Pleiades. He turns retro on your ascendant on the 12th. Beware of injuries, especially to the eyes, through accidents or violence and trouble with the opposite sex. Jupiter is in conjunction with Aldebaran, a royal star which brings ego-based conflicts. Jupiter too turns retro in opposition to Pluto (at the end of the month). These aspects may be damaging to your health! Retrograde planets tend to generate the events that seem more fated, less under our own control than they do when direct. So the world seems to have a mind of its own.

    Mars enters Virgo on the 18th, heralding a big boost to the energy you can put into your home and family over the next couple of months. Physical activities and concerns are likely to involve your personal possessions, home or domestic arrangements, family relationships, family-owned property or business and real-estate transactions in general. More enthusiasm for doing things as a group may encourage an increase in family activities. You may be inspired at this time to rescue or restore heirlooms. If you have been thinking about a new business venture, or achieving some physical goal, this is a time when you are likely to put such plans in motion. In case there are negative circumstances at work during this period, it would be a wise idea to make sure your household insurance is in effect, check your home for possible fire hazards. Watch your step to prevent falls, cuts, and others mishaps around the house, and go out of your way to avoid angry domestic scenes.

    Awkward Aspects  Go to Top

    Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde in the middle of October, just as Venus moves into Sagittarius and Saturn retrogresses once more into Taurus. This is an awkward time. Partnership and contractual matters, or anything to do with legality and conflict should be scrutinised very carefully now. Matters that you thought were securely concealed may pop up to haunt you and secret activities or clandestine relationships will be troublesome at this time.

    As the Sun prepares to dive into Scorpio on the 23rd, Saturn causes the strange feeling that something is out of joint, leading at the end of the month to a fortunate trine between Mars and Saturn. Time seems to expand to suit your needs. The maturity and experience behind your actions is the key to their successful outcome. Should you fail to apply such wisdom, you may still benefit from the actions of those who do. This is a most favourable influence -- not just for the potential success of your efforts, but because they are likely to produce meaningful, long-lasting accomplishments. It is an auspicious time to initiate projects geared toward bringing benefits at a later time in your life.

    Peel Me A Grape Go to Top

    As Mars enters your fifth house of romance in the first week of November, the pleasures of life beckon, as you lazily pick the best of the grapes from the bunch. Admirers seem to dance forward just to peel them for you. Speculative ventures, social events, and entertainment or a vacation seem just the thing to occupy your mind. Creative juices flow during this time and romantic notions come to delicious fruition. Inspiration and imagination spark artistic endeavors. Activities related to children can claim your time and attention. Physical aggression can run high and you must avoid the unpleasant, even dangerous, consequences of overindulgence and risk-taking adventures.

    Workaholic  Go to Top

    As the year draws to a close, Mars advances into your sixth house, energising the hectic Christmas/New Year celebrations. Circumstances may put you in a position to hire others. The flow of physical energy is more aggressive and competitive concerning work, co-workers and employees. You may be required to get a medical and dental checkup, if you have not recently had one. The likelihood of headache, fever, inflammation, or flare up of chronic illness is high, especially under pressure from extra work. The positive potential, however, can mean you are inspired to begin a program of physical fitness. Be careful not to overdo it if you do.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    The stars show this is the year of the office romance and the clandestine affair! Chiron (the healer) and secretive Pluto (the transformer) meet for the first time in sixty years, this time in your seventh house of partnerships and open confrontation. Issues to do with partners will occupy your attention over most of the year in one way or another. Partherships and marriages will take on a more open aspect, with the potential to take great strides in spiritual development. Affairs with dashing foreigners, or in distant, romantic places are quite likely too.

    April, May and June are times of extraordinary activity, as the Grand Mutation in your solar ninth house stir up the urge to travel and see the world. Relations with in-laws could be problematic, but you'll have a lot of fun spreading the good cheer around, especially if you are culturally or intellectually inclined.

    Jupiter moves on into Gemini as a cure for the summertime blues. This should really expand your self-image! Serious developments emerge as Saturn too moves into your first house in early August. The Lord of Karma remains there for some eight weeks before diving back into your twelfth. With Venus and Mercury in your fifth house most of the month you'll be receiving scrumptious love letters and long, lingering phone calls. Venus and Mercury enter your sixth house in late September, bringing improved relationships at work, perhaps even assignations behind the filing cabinet. Saturn turns retro on Sept. 12 and Jupiter turns retro at the end of the month, so be prepared for a confrontation in law or with partners by mid-October.

    Mercury retro in Scorpio foreshadows romantic hazards after mid-October, as Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, bringing some degree of reconciliation with partners. It gets more exciting in November, as Mars cruises through Libra, your house of romance, although you can be threatened with overwork when Mars enters Scorpio just before Christmas on the 24th. Look forward to a busy holiday and a boost to your working relationships for the year 2001!

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim  Go to Top

    This year brings the valuable influence of friends in high places. You can act on those ambitious ideals you have been harboring and you'll do well through associations and other people having your welfare at heart. Prospects are good for your finances and the realistaion of your most cherished hopes and wishes, now that Jupiter has turned direct.

    Mid-February will see a turning inwards as Mars enters your twelfth house for a bit over a month. Your feelings however will be rather mixed in March, as unorthodox issues arise, probably connected with home and family. Pluto too turns retrograde, so expect partnership and marital matters to take on a life of their own!

    April sees you with head down and tail up at work, in more ways than one! There'll be flirtatious goings-on in the workplace, but busy Geminis need to build on the fortunate energies that are with you as the Grand Mutation in May approaches. May will bring matters to a head regarding family and partnership issues. Secret issues will emerge into the light. Avoid confrontations with partners and try to stay out of the law courts.

    July sees Jupiter in Gemini for the rest of the year, so you'll be feeling very expansive and prosperous. In early August, Saturn struggles into Gemini, but turns retrograde on the first degree, bringing sobering restrictions and health problems until October.

    Do not expect to gain financially through marriage, however, as Saturn cools out from late June until beyond the end of the year. You may suffer in some way then because of a partner's concern with earning an income, or if you marry for money or status under this influence, you will come to regret it. An inheritance, or legacy may be lost or become more of a burden than a boon. The credit monster will try to devour you now, if you let it. Take out some decent insurance on your treasured possessions, before June, or you may lose the motivation to do so and so lose the valuables! Nevertheless, keep a good eye on the premiums and choose a reputable agent. You can develop solid values, trustworthiness and the ability to manage your resources responsibly this coming year.

    Mars brings energy and drive to local or neighbourhood activities in August and September, as your communicative energies hot up. Financial gains may develop after mid-September, especially through real estate. October's Scorpio new Moon conflicts with Uranus, presenting you with some sudden and probably unwelcome choices. However you can be inspired to make some wonderful changes, especially in your domestic arrangements as well as your career now.

    For the remainder of the year, Jupiter's influence in Gemini should be generally excellent, especially in November and December, when Mars in Libra brings lots of good things your way, especially if you are pronbe to romance or speculation.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies  Go to Top

    Health issues this year are associated with sickness abroad, at sea, or while travelling. Your partner's relatives may suffer illness and strain may come from too much study. Your mental health is under pressure, especially through relationships at work and abroad. You may experience some difficulty or loss through small animals and trouble through colleagues and employees.

    You must face your fears and worries, resolve issues from the past that continue to weaken your happiness and productivity, and deal responsibly with loss and disappointment. If you have taken refuge in self-pity and unnecessary guilt in the past, you now need to rid yourself of these destructive habits. It is not a period in which to expect others to notice or applaud your struggles and successes. These are private affairs and meant to be handled on that level. Significant inner strength and understanding are gained from such efforts, and you emerge better prepared to deal with present and future circumstances. You may be required to assist a family member experiencing a serious health- or work-related difficulty.

    Home and Away: Family and Children  Go to Top

    The travel bug bites this year, particularly long-distance or overseas travel and emigration. Anything of an overseas character and anything connected with your marriage or business partner's relatives also attracts your attention. The trend, of course, relies on the monthly influences. With legal issues, seek a compromise solution rather than taking matters to extremes. Sometimes religious or spiritual issues will be thrown into prominence, bringing increased personal interest and progressive changes in these areas.

    Children's interests will be very prominent during early January, especially those who are not biologically your own, but for whom you have some special affinity or responsibility. A specially loving and creative time may be had with the kids during September, when Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are in good aspect.

    Family and partnership issues will generate a lot of stress, especially in May, when the Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter exchange thunderbolts! Your partner's health may be threatened through change or worry.

    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    Since lively, communicative Mercury is your life-ruler, his periods of typically two-faced retrograde motion affect the Geminian soul more than most. Mercury retro gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.

    Periods of confusion affect
  • career and public standing Feb/Mar
  • finances, investments, credit, personal values Jun/Jul
  • working relationships and health Oct/Nov.
  • Read more on retrograde Mercury.

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