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    Libra, weighing things up!

    Libra, the Scales Libra, the Scales in the year 2000

    The Goddess of Love

    Venus, your charming life-ruler, shines in your second house as the old year fades and the new century is born. It's a romantic year for Librans, but it's also time you put a real sense of balance into your financial life and reviewed your personal priorities and value systems.

    Finances, friendships and your personal set of values are going to be stressed over the coming year. Expect the urge to shop till you drop, especially on luxury items. More money than usual will flow on social or cultural events, as well as on your appearance and the charm (or otherwise!) of your environment. Resolving the issues of wealth and social status will occupy your mind, while joint income, shared investments and financial partnerships will also be a concern. Should financial matters be disrupted by disagreements, you'll need to play the peace-maker.

    At the solstice, Venus glitters in the malefic degree Serpentis, warning against unbridled lust, passion and desire -- especially for dashing foreigners and men (and/or women!) in uniform. In stressful square aspect to Mars, Venus is nevertheless in conjunction with Zubeneschamali, the North Scale, bringer of honours, wealth and success. This benefic fixed star can on occasions be the harbinger of tragedy and destruction, but the world will see extraordinary developments in the arts, sport, finance and entertainment under this influence. With Mars in your fifth house of romance, Librans can look forward to some wild times in the year 2000!

    Pluto and Chiron

    Pluto (the transformer) and Chiron (the healer) form a rare conjunction as the year begins. This aspect, which last burst on the world some sixty years ago at the height of World War II, occurs now on December 31 1999, in auspicious conjunction with Rastaban, the impulsive and honourable fixed star. This promises exciting times in sport, the arts, government and finance (Sydney Olympic Games take note!), yet shows that the new century will be healed through the transforming influence of astrology.

    The main issue is one of control and how the inner aspects of this urge (and thus its outer expressions) may be purified. Targets for purification and healing include creativity, ideas, methods and communications. Your thinking, self-expression and need to communicate become more serious and intense. You want others to accept your ideas, or perhaps some product you create or control. You may learn a language; how to operate computers, machinery and communications equipment; or develop other technical skills. Your need to control events and people in your immediate environment may extend to developing a greater interest in community affairs. Do not permit your desire to know about others to become obsessive, or prompt you to invade their privacy. Such actions will have a devastating impact on your relationships. Circulating and communicating holds the key to the control you seek and the karmic lessons you need to learn.

    Sensual Passions

    Mars opens the year in conjunction with the malefic fixed star Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). With sensual Venus in square aspect on Serpentis ("the accursed degree"), this is a clear warning. Romantic escapades will be problematic as competitive spirits are aroused. As long as you don't become unduly aggressive, nor let others get that way with you, the excitement and stimulation can lead to some brilliant adventures. Use this energy to burn off calories, accomplish tasks at hand and enjoy the opposite sex. Do not react physically to insult, nor get too obsessive chasing pleasure or revenge. Maturity is needed. The month of May in particular will be especially risky for romantically inclined Librans, when disruptive Uranus reaches this unfortunate star, shortly before turning retrograde on the 25th -- just as he forms the difficult square aspect, first with Jupiter, then Saturn.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    The stars show this is the year of pleasure, love affairs and adventures, with sudden bursts of excitement and passion! more

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Librans should benefit through pleasure, entertainment, speculation, young people and children. Career and public life bring honours and recognition. more

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Health issues this year are associated with quarrels and disagreements at work, with disagreeable women and physicians. Illness may arise through overindulgence in pleasure or sporting activities. more

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Progress and learning comes to Libra through travel and you may have journeys or relocation through beliefs and convictions. There may be a death in the family, with problems associated with the estate. Children will bring pleasure and prosperity. more

    Mercury Retrograde Periods of confusion affect
  • work and health Feb/Mar
  • career and public life Jun/Jul
  • finances, material assets, personal values Oct/Nov. more
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    Flattery and CharmGo to Top

    With Venus in Sagittarius from the beginning of January, flattery, charm and a sense of humour can be most persuasive up to the 25th. You should have no trouble gaining favours and you'll have pleasant relations with neighbours and those with whom you come in daily contact. If such contacts have been troubled, this is a good time to improve them. You may also have a greater urge to increase contacts or improve relationships with brothers, sisters, cousins and in-laws. You'll find that some of your best social opportunities these days are right in your immediate environment.

    You may have an urge to gain control over social events on the weekend of the 9th, or it may be that you are forced by circumstances to take complete charge. Either way, it is an excellent time to plan every detail of a proposed event so that it proceeds as smoothly as possible. Under this influence charm has great powers. There is danger, however, that idle flattery can be interpreted as a serious overture. Since there is no telling whether you will be the one who engages in such flattery or the one who misinterprets its intent, you must remain aware of the possibility of being on either side. This is a period for the use and understanding of strategy in manipulating the control and outcome of situations, and especially situations where the demands of social groups or diplomatic purposes must be well served. Artistic endeavors can be as controlled as they are powerful in their impact. Mighty Mars boosts energy and enthusiasm all month in the work environment, advising you to take steps to become more organised and to get your act under control, healthwise.

    Solar Eclipse  Go to Top

    Later in January the emphasis falls on Aquarius, your fifth house of romance, children and speculation. Spiritual matters, fantasies and ideals are active in your present environment. You may, for instance, visit those who are sick or confined or volunteer assistance to charitable causes. Be careful in whatever you do however. You are inclined to lose sight of reality , or, it may be that others purposefully (or mistakenly) hide the truth from you. But fun is on the run, as flamboyant creativity strikes! Mundane responsibilities seem tedious and uninspiring. You become rather more interested in fun and games than taking care of business, or other serious matters. Diets are thrown out the window in an orgy of self-indulgence; moderation is not the key-word of the moment. Even if not usually a sensualist, your capacity for enjoyment increases. You see children more as extensions of yourself than as individuals in their own right and you perceive their actions, whether good or bad, as being a direct reflection on you.

    Romantic encounters involve more ego-gratification than emotional commitment. Should your creative projects be criticized, or romance become difficult, your suffering arises more from the bruised ego than the broken heart. In early February, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun in Aquarius, but this will not be visible from most populated parts of the world. Nevertheless, the concentration of energies in Aquarius create fabulous and unorthodox opportunities, especially in speculative areas, matters to do with children and romantic trysts. This is a period of unique and sometimes unexpected change. You tend to be more unstable and impatient which makes it necessary to move with greater caution. That which is unusual or different becomes increasingly appealing. What once was a source of ego satisfaction may no longer provide such stimulation and you are apt to go off in a completely new direction to express your individuality. This is more of an ego awakening, a need for more freedom in expressing your skills and talents or finding new ways to use them. The changes you experience may not necessarily originate from inside yourself, they are more likely to be inspired by an event or an individual you encounter. The trigger for change may be temporary, but the influence is permanent.

    Diplomacy Needed  Go to Top

    In mid-February, Jupiter enters Taurus, your solar eighth house, as Mars enters Aries, your polar opposite. Joint income, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance, and the settlement of estate matters are all affected. The potential outcome is tricky, since circumstances can increase assets, as well as bringing situations which may diminish them through overestimation and extravagance. Requests for financial assistance are likely to be favoured. Progress and the growth of knowledge are easier to achieve with respect to analysis, investigation, or research. Enjoyment is apt to be felt on a much deeper level these days, and to spring as much from psychological satisfaction as physical gratification. Greater sexual enjoyment is also in the stars. Broader possibilities include gaining deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of sex, as well as other forces of nature.

    Ego-bruising opposition to your actions may emerge at this time, so concentrate on maintaining good relations with partners (and opponents!). You may not necessarily fail, but you'll need all of your legendary diplomatic skills to keep the ship on course. Others are not likely to support your leadership and they may directly challenge it. You must work hard to maintain vitality and enthusiasm, so keep your strength up! Male relationships may be strained, possibly by anger, or an overdose of competitiveness. This period is better suited to keeping a low profile and making plans. Avoid being in the sun too long; reduce activities that put a strain on your heart or spine, or that can result in injuries to your head or face.

    Venus is Dancing! Go to Top

    To sweeten the mix, Venus, your life-ruler, moves into your fifth house on the weekend of the 19th! If you'd like to put a little more romance in your life this is the time. Vacations, socializing, hobbies (and taking a few risks!) are very much in the forefront of your mind. Establish or improve relationships with children, strengthen rapport with a romantic partner and expand social contacts, especially on the weekend of the 26th, when Venus and Mars are dancing. Romantic, artistic or musical desires can materialise in a very physical way! Take advantage of situations and follow through until success becomes a reality. Others may offer positive proposals, any of which may turn out well. A dynamic role for you emerges: grab the chance. Should you play it well, the consequences are fortunate for all concerned. Watch for opportunities in co-operative efforts, diplomatic quests and legal suits. A good period for sports, physical fitness and work projects. Remember to curb that extravagance, or overindulgence in your pursuit of pleasure. Imagination and artistic urges are stimulated and can make it a period of successful creative endeavour, either on your own, or with a partner.

    Work Focus Go to Top

    With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, circumstances may well bring a big shakeup of relationships at work in the early weeks of March, especially once Pluto turns retrograde on the 15th. Pay extra attention as you focus on schedules of tasks and responsibilities related to your own work, as well as to those who may work for or with you. Your daily routine is filled with an increasing number of details, messages, and information, which can easily become disorganised under this influence. Whether or not your focus is on employment, you will or should be more concerned with organization, methods, and planning in general. Another potential concern may be gathering information about health and physical fitness or consultations with professionals in these areas.

    As March draws to a close, energy intensifies as Mars crosses the border into your eighth house, part of the massive concentration of cosmic heavyweights gathering in May. You'll be concentrating on sex, money and financial as well as psychological analysis. A partner's income or jointly-held property may require more attention than usual. Collect debts and favors owed to you, or make arrangements for repayment of your own debts. Issues concerning insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money that you manage for others also demand time and attention.

    Venus in your seventh house during April brings a period in which partnerships are heavily emphasized. The potential is good for establishing new partnerships and joint ventures. Resolve disagreements, for legal matters, contract negotiations, public relations and other confronting situations emerge.

    The Grand Mutation Go to Top

    May sees a gathering of all the major planets in the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus, your solar eighth house, emphasising shared investments, joint ventures, insurances, inheritances, sexual assignments, matters to do with end of life and the like. Only the three outermost, transpersonal planets are elsewhere. This certainly is the year of change, as Jupiter and Saturn now form the Grand Mutation, their final conjunction in an earthy sign for hundreds of years. Some astrologers hold that this is really the first light of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This massive conjunction at 22 Taurus opposes the fixed star Unukalkhai (Alpha Serpentis), which at 22 Scorpio was associated with the gigantic earthquake in Turkey after the solar eclipse of August 1999. Unukalkhai was rising over Istanbul at the point of greatest eclipse. It will be setting at the end of May.

    Uranus glowers in his retrograde station during May 2000 at 20 Aquarius, in conjunction with the malefic fixed star, Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). This squares both Saturn and Jupiter, the aspect being partile (exact) just days before their Grand Mutation. Unusual or nontraditional social contacts, romantic encounters, organisational meetings, as well as proposals for partnership or other alliances are in the air. Sieze the chance to be a part of something outside of yourself, while still retaining your own individuality. Under this influence you may be more egalitarian when it comes to accepting (or judging) others. Others bring out this humanitarian attitude in you, while you are also able to inspire it in them. You may, for instance, unexpectedly begin a new romance, or just as suddenly break off with a romantic partner. You may encounter unusual or nontraditional romantic situations or partners. Attitudes and activities related to children, speculative ventures, and the pursuit of pleasure may be suddenly reversed or significantly altered. Your social life and social contacts can follow the same unpredictable path; there may be sudden periods of increased activity and interest, as well as periods when there is a total lack of anything going on or complete disinterest in socializing on your part. Your artistic and creative talents are vulnerable to the same unstable pattern. You may experience a preference for the unorthodox or avant garde in art, music, or design. A key element has to do with outside forces over which you have no control.

    Culture Vulture  Go to Top

    Mars bounces into Gemini early in May, and physical efforts turn to higher education, religion, politics, travel, cultural pursuits, foreign languages, writing and publishing. Other categories can just as easily arouse your interest and physical participation-- speculative ventures, sports, court decisions, a second marriage, and activities or relations with in-laws. Broaden your spiritual and intellectual horizons.

    The transit into Gemini of Mercury on the 15th, the Sun on the 21st and Venus on the 26th signal a fascination with travel, faraway places and cultural pursuits, especially during the last week of the month. The Gemini New Moon in conjunction with Venus and in opposition to Pluto on Jun. 2 shows a fabulous potential for romance! There is every likelihood of a dark assignation with a sexy stranger, or a fillip with a fascinating foreigner!

    Career Minded  Go to Top

    June and July seem somehow more fated, with the three transpersonal planets retrograde, but the entry of Venus, Mars and the Sun into tenacious Cancer between the 17th and the 22nd makes the solstice even more potent than usual. Your personal magnetism and physical charm is enhanced. Partners or other allies are supportive, helping you attain personal goals and improve your self-image. In turn, you may be willing to extend your cooperation.You can easily dominate the romantic scene. Just don't overdo it and turn the whole situation into little more than the pursuit of ego-gratification. Your public reputation, or what others think of you, comes to the fore. You assess the role you play in the world at large and, to a certain extent, how that role is affected by family responsibilities. Whether your primary work is raising a family, pursuing a career, or a combination of both, you make a difference. Relationships with parents, supervisors and other authority figures (not to mention your attitude toward government regulations) can suffer under this influence, as you seek to promote your own goals and reputation. Assert control of your own destiny; aim high; do not let failure discourage you from working toward the recognition you deserve, especially since those conditions are likely to grow from your present efforts.

    The romantic potential at the end of the month is high. You can be a master of disguise -- become whatever others want you to be -- and get away with it. For theatrical, artistic, and even spiritual purposes you can be very inspiring. Romance, promotional activities and joint ventures are intuitively in synch. A wonderful period to seek a more glamorous image, to photograph and be photographed, to dance or learn to dance, to participate in social events that benefit a charitable or religious organization, and to take a vacation by the sea.

    Interesting and Fortunate  Go to Top

    Jupiter crosses into Gemini at the beginning of July, bringing an interesting and fortunate period, with many opportunities for success and personal growth. Circumstances may broaden your intellectual horizons through higher education, advanced training, study or the use of foreign languages, or long distance travel. Expand your spiritual awareness, political interests, and cultural appreciation. Success is also possible if you are involved in writing, publishing, arts and entertainment (especially theatre and dance), finance and investment, advertising, or promotion. The health and /or job prospects of a parent or in-law may be improved. Court decisions tend to go your way, but you should resist a tendency to over-confidence. You may succeed in games of chance, but control the urge to extravagance and unbridled risk-taking.

    Social Success Go to Top

    August brings pleasure and satisfaction for Librans, especially with friends, organizations, and children. There is an other-centered focus, which is quite complementary to your nature. However, Mars overloads your schedule, making it necessary to place some restraints on all the fun. Control that temper! You may also be concerned with just what is (or is not) making you happy. Go after what you want, and get rid of what you don't want. Creating your own opportunity to show off your talents is also likely to lead to success. You can create the good life and move up the social ladder.

    Lord of Karma Go to Top

    Saturn, Lord of Karma, enters Gemini on August 11th, restimulating the Grand Cross aspect of the August 99 solar eclipse. The emphasis until mid-October focuses very much on broadening your intellectual horizons and reaching out for new experiences. You may be required to confront past disappointment, failure, or neglect in these areas. However it can also mean you will get a second chance at something. If choice or circumstances prevented you at an earlier time from receiving an education or specialized training, engaging in cultural pursuits, or having a more active interest in religion or politics, this period may allow you to do so. A second marriage, in-laws, or a court decision may also have an important role to play in what happens. Long-distance travel plans may be delayed or circumstances surrounding such travel become more serious in one way or another. Under this influence your responsibilities may increase, especially if your work is in education, computers, publishing, broadcasting, promotion, advertising and direct-mail. You may also be concerned with the job or health of a parent, or other family member.

    Fabulous Potential!  Go to Top

    With Venus in Libra in early September, in good aspect to Saturn and Jupiter, this is a splendid time for long term success! It pays to make the effort to exert your personal influence. The charm of your personality, willingness to cooperate with others and sense of humour make a big difference. Indulge in a new hair style, beauty treatment, or other ways to boost your looks. Seek to establish solid, long-lasting relationships during this period. Romance and friendships are based on mutual commitment and responsibility, along with love and affection. Others are attracted to your maturity and accomplishment. Endeavours involving formal agreements, diplomacy, contracts, or other legal matters produce long-lasting, successful results. Your efforts to bring organization and stability to social groups will not go unrewarded. Others will favour your promotion. It's a lucky time, especially around the 9th, when I'd buy a lottery ticket or two if I were you. The whole month is good for Librans, however, with the New Moon in your sign on the 27th bringing a splendid, if spooky, set of opportunities for pleasure and sensual excitement.

    Saturn Retrograde  Go to Top

    Saturn, Lord of Karma, is at his station all month in conjunction with Alcyone and the Pleiades. He turns retro on the 12th. Beware of injuries, especially to the eyes, through accidents or violence and trouble with the opposite sex. Jupiter is in conjunction with Aldebaran, a royal star which brings ego-based conflicts. Jupiter too turns retro in opposition to Pluto (at the end of the month). These aspects may bring disruptions to your travel plans and difficulties while travelling, especially if you are in a politically unstable area. Retrograde planets tend to generate the events that seem more fated, less under our own control than they do when direct. So the world seems to have a mind of its own.

    Awkward Aspects  Go to Top

    Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde in the middle of October, just as Venus moves into Sagittarius and Saturn retrogrades once more into Taurus. This is an awkward time. Forget about romance, fun and games, instant gratification, and the well-fed feeling that comes from dining sumptuously. There are few if any pleasures to be had now without also incurring responsibility-- and, in the end, perhaps all you may really get is the responsibility. Others may regard you as too serious, too old, too formal, or too inflexible. This is not a favorable period to ask others for their opinions, cooperation, or assistance. Go it alone. Do not take unnecessary risks of any kind because Lady Luck is not on your side. If something good does come your way, hold your breath and hope it will still be there in the morning. Paper work, writing, meetings, and discussions are likely to involve finances, so scrutinise the fine print! Transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures, and comparison shopping should be on your agenda, but expect some problems through missed appointments, confuse schedules and general lack of attention. You need to discuss, perhaps even defend or reassess your priorities and values.

    Energy Flows Like Lava  Go to Top

    As Mars enters Libra in the first week of November, your competitive spirit is roused. You become more aggressive and combative than normal. You may be less patient and more restless. Many of your physical activities are directed to satisfying personal needs and goals. Consciously or subconsciously you seek to bring everything into your world rather than the other way around. If you have an accident or experience illness at this time, it is apt to involve your head or face. Be careful when handling sharp objects and hot or explosive materials.

    Fun and Frolics  Go to Top

    Librans are on a roll again, as Venus brings romance and good fortune once again, especially around the 13th. Look forward to a fabulous December and a great new year ahead!

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    The stars show this is the year of pleasure, love affairs and adventures, with sudden bursts of excitement and passion! February and March in particular are hotspots for romantic enjoyment and good times.

    April, May and June are times of extraordinary activity, as the Grand Mutation in your solar eighth house stirs up some dark sexual urges... Unexpected disruptions in your lovelife are a feature of the month of May, but with your ruler Venus in her night-house of Taurus for most of the month, sensual excitement and stimulation will be everpresent.

    Jupiter moves into Gemini in July. Travel and cultural enjoyments are the flavour now. Serious developments emerge as Saturn too moves into your ninth house in early August, so stay out of war zones. The Lord of Karma remains there for some eight weeks before diving back into your eighth. With Venus and Mercury in Libra most of the month, your personal magnetism will be high and you'll be receiving scrumptious love letters and long, lingering phone calls.

    Mercury retro in Scorpio foreshadows financial hazards after mid-October, as Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, bringing some degree of reconciliation with neighbours and close relatives. It gets more exciting in November, as Mars cruises through Libra and December, with Venus in Aquarius is likely to bring a romantic smorgasbord! Look forward to a busy holiday and a boost to your financial interests for the year 2001!

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim  Go to Top

    Librans should benefit through pleasure, entertainment, speculation, young people and children. Career and public life bring honours and recognition.

    The big focus this year is on shared finances, joint ventures and partner's funds in general. The Grand Mutation occurs in May in your eighth house. The eighth house is related to taxes, debt, death, legacies, other people's money and the income you receive through marriage or business partner(s). It describes your resourcefulness, and your ability to develop and use material assets as well as personal skills and abilities. The eighth house also indicates sexual attitudes and behaviour.

    This said, with the Full Moon at the solstice on your mid-heaven, this year is likely to bring big career developments, especially in dealing with the public. At the same time, something of a tug-of-war develops between desires and emotional needs and your practical ambitions. Those in charge may make impossible demands without knowing, or perhaps without caring what dislocation it may cause you. Trying to appeal to them on emotional terms will only result in a waste of your time and energy. Nor are you likely to be successful in direct confrontations with family or female associates.

    Overall, its a good year for Libra, with lots of financial and other benefits, especially through children, speculative activities and joint ventures. Investments should pay off, especially in technology stocks. You may receive an inheritance.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies  Go to Top

    Health issues this year are associated with quarrels and disagreements at work, with disagreeable women and physicians. Illness may arise through overindulgence in pleasure or sporting activities.

    Mars in Pisces during January 2000 brings the need to control aggression, especially with colleagues and employees. Get a medical and dental check up now if you have not recently had one. There is potential to experience headache, fever, inflammation, or flare up of chronic illness. Why not begin a program of physical fitness, because this is an auspicious time to do so. Be sure to consult a physician and other health experts before you start. Under this influence enthusiasm can easily get out of hand. If your body is not used to regular or vigorous exercise be careful not to overexert yourself.

    Violent confrontations are possible from mid-February to late March, so maintain a positive and conciliatory attitude, especially with women and partners. Opponents will be especially combative, so play the peacemaker. Sexual exploits can bring upheavals while Mars is in Taurus, from late March to early May.

    Danger while travelling can be a problem from May to mid-June. Late September through October is also a time of potential trouble, especially with respiratory ailments and injuries to hands, arms and shoulders. Saty out of war zones. Be mindful of your health through to the end of the year and do not place yourself under unnecessary pressure.

    Home and Away: Family and Children  Go to Top

    Progress and learning comes to Libra through travel and you may have journeys or relocation through beliefs and convictions. There may be a death in the family, with problems associated with the estate. Children will bring pleasure and prosperity.

    Older family members may have health problems and, with the Grand Mutation in your eighth house in May, shared financial matters, such as an inheritance, insurances and other investments must be dealt with. Collecting debts and dealing with estates will generally be beneficial, but probably not in May.

    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    Mercury retro gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.

    Periods of confusion affect
  • work and health Feb/Mar
  • career and public life Jun/Jul
  • finances, material assets, personal values Oct/Nov.
  • Read more on retrograde Mercury.

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