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    More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

    Scorpio, the Scorpion Scorpio, the Scorpion in the year 2000

    The Goddess of Love

    Venus, the goddess of love, shines in Scorpio as the old year fades and the new century is born. Exert your influence this year, Scorpio, for Venus shines on you!

    Charm, willingness to cooperate and a sense of humour will make all the difference. Indulge in a new hair style, or beauty treatment. It's time to smarten up your act: your physical appearance can have as big an impact as your personality. The emphasis this year is focused squarely on relationships, partnerships and how you fit in with the world of the other.

    At the solstice, Venus glitters in the malefic degree Serpentis, warning against being overwhelmed by passion and desire. In stressful square aspect to Mars, she is nevertheless in conjunction with Zubeneschamali, the North Scale, bringer of honours, wealth and success. This benefic fixed star can on occasions be the harbinger of tragedy and destruction. The world will see extraordinary developments in the arts, sport, finance and entertainment under this influence. Scorpio, of course, will be in the forefront, imposing order upon the pandemonium and finding spiritual growth through the transformation of profound upheavals from the collective subconscious, as the world deals with repressed passions, violence and ethnic cleansing.

    Pluto and Mars, your life-rulers

    Chiron (the healer) and Pluto (your dark ruler) form a rare conjunction which will open deep wounds, so that the festering depths may be cleansed and healed. This aspect, which last happened sixty years ago at the height of World War II, occurs on December 31 1999, this time in auspicious conjunction with Rastaban. This impulsive and honourable fixed star promises exciting times in sport, the arts, government and finance (Sydney Olympic Games take note!), yet shows that the new century will be healed through the transforming influence of astrology.

    Mars, your passionate life-ruler, opens the year in conjunction with the malefic fixed star Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). With sensual Venus in square aspect on Serpentis ("the accursed degree"), this is a clear warning. Romantic escapades will be troublesome and damaging to your self-esteem (or the self-esteem of your partner); financial speculation will be very risky, though potentially profitable, and disruption may be expected in the home and family. The month of May in particular will be very stressful for many Scorpions, when disruptive Uranus reaches this unfortunate star, shortly before turning retrograde on the 25th -- just as he forms the difficult square aspect, first with Jupiter, then Saturn.

    Passion in the Pleasure-Dome

    Mars enters your fifth house of romance, children and speculation in early January, where he engulfs your lovelife until mid-February. You'll dance in the pleasure-dome this month, while speculative ventures, entertainment, social events, or a vacation claim your enthusiasm. Creative juices flow and romantic notions get physical. Your inspired imagination surges in an artistic direction. Children's activities demand your time and attention. Take care that physical aggression does not take over. Unpleasant, even dangerous consequences may arise from overindulgence and risky adventures.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    The stars show this is the year of personal magnetism, charisma and sexual chutzpah! more

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Your prestige on the career front may be affected by some personal deception or betrayal. more

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Health issues this year are associated with jealousy, envy and insensitivity. Overwork and stress pose a serious problem to your heart or spine, especially during the first half of the year. more

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Family and domestic issues will generate a lot of stress, especially in May, when the Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter exchange thunderbolts! more

    Mercury Retrograde Periods of confusion affect
  • romantic and speculative ventures Feb/Mar
  • cultural pursuits, travel and education Jun/Jul
  • personal efficiency and self-image Oct/Nov. more
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    Solar EclipseGo to Top

    In early February, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun in Aquarius, but this will not be visible from most populated parts of the world. Nevertheless, the concentration of energies in Aquarius create tensions in your domestic environment, perhaps stimulating a change of residence, or difficult relations with your father and other authority figures, which will need to be resolved in the run-up to the Grand Mutation at the end of May. In any case, it's a time for the ending of old feuds and a new beginning in your relationships with those at home and family members in general.

    On The Move! Go to Top

    In mid-February, Jupiter enters Taurus, your solar seventh house, as Mars ascends his day-throne, Aries, your solar sixth. Now things really start to move -- this is no time to work or spend time alone and out of touch, for benefits come through social interaction. Other people, especially a partner or other allies, bring stimulation, broader knowledge and new experiences for saucy Scorpions. Existing partnership alliances and joint ventures will be stimulated, while new unions under this influence also have great potential. This success flows on to consultations, legal matters and contract negotiations; it aids your search for assistance and cooperation in any field. Resist that tendency to take anyone, especially a partner, for granted! Do not exaggerate the outlook of a relationship or joint venture, nor overestimate the assistance you may receive from others. Things do seem somewhat less than designed to increase your prosperity. Your father, or other prominent male, is not favoured. There is a run on your material assets: you'll tend to assist the wrong people, and waste energy in worthless endeavours. Those who would like to help you are powerless themselves, or blithely steer you in the wrong direction. Grandiose ideas and get-rich schemes are unlikely to deliver, no matter how well-intentioned they are. Of course, this is not to say you have no choice at all: a conservative attitude may keep you from falling out of the boat. Victories do not emerge now without some compromise of your principles, or self-esteem. You will probably not be able to remove any forces that oppose you, which only leaves you the option of finding a way to work around them, or with them.

    However, there will be plenty to do in the way of physical exercise and work in February and March -- on the job, as well as around the house. You'll have so much on you may even need to hire some help! The oh so physical energy of Mars can make you more aggressive and competitive concerning work, co-workers, or employees. When problems develop, you either confront them with a will and seek a solution, or give in to outbursts and rash actions. Mars makes the fortunate trine aspect to Pluto at the beginning of March, so people at work should have a beneficial and energising effect on your finances. Circumstances may well bring a big shakeup of personal value systems in the early weeks of March, especially once Pluto turns retrograde on the 15th. You may be required to get a medical and dental check-up. Headache, fever, inflammation, or flare-up of chronic illness can be expected. On the positive side, you'll be inspired to get into a fitness program to shape up that flabby bod. Check with your doctor, or other health professional before you start. Enthusiasm can easily get out of hand. If you are not used to exercise, be careful not to do yourself some dreadful damage!

    As March draws to a close, Mars invades your seventh house, part of the massive concentration of cosmic heavyweights gathering in May. Energy and enthusiasm focus your partnerships and other alliances, cooperative efforts and interaction with others. People stimulate you to physical action; getting things done now will be more difficult by yourself than with partners. Even if you want to be left alone, others will find a way to intrude in a suitably physical fashion. In most situations they'll make the first move, leaving you to react. More than one open confrontation is on the cards.

    The Grand Mutation Go to Top

    May sees a gathering of all the major planets in the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus. Only the three outermost, transpersonal planets are elsewhere. Taurus is your polar opposite, representing marriage, partnerships and open enemies. This certainly is a year of big changes and confrontations, when Jupiter and Saturn now form the Grand Mutation, their final conjunction in an earthy sign for hundreds of years. Some astrologers hold that this is really the first light of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This massive conjunction at 22 Taurus opposes the fixed star Unukalkhai (Alpha Serpentis), which at 22 Scorpio was associated with the gigantic earthquake in Turkey after the solar eclipse of August 1999. Unukalkhai was rising over Istanbul at the point of greatest eclipse. It will be setting at the end of May.

    Uranus glowers in his retrograde station during May 2000 at 20 Aquarius, in conjunction with the malefic fixed star, Castra (destruction; uncontrollable temper; malevolence). This squares both Saturn and Jupiter, the aspect being partile (exact) just days before their Grand Mutation. The strongest potential is for instability and unpredictable developments related to your home, domestic environment and family relationships. Circumstances may bring a sudden change in residence, while family relationships themselves are a target for upheaval. The distance between you may be altered geographically, emotionally, or for other reasons. You need to become more independent of family ties and responsibilities -- or alternatively you may extend your family circle to include non-relatives. New cycles of action can abruptly begin, or come to an end, the outcome being vastly different from what was anticipated. A key element features outside forces over which you have little control. Drastic or unexpected changes may, at least in part, be triggered by the actions of those around you, new people you meet, or situations which arrive out of the blue.

    Livelier Energy  Go to Top

    Mars leaps into Gemini early in May, bringing a livelier energy to your social life. The focus turns to sex, money, financial and psychological analysis. A partner's income or jointly-held property may require more attention. You may be forced to collect debts and favours owed, or make arrangements for the repayment of your own debts. Imaginative solutions can emerge as Mars trines Neptune in the second week of May, but keep your eyes open for deception. Issues concerning insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money that you manage for others demand more of your time and attention. Intriguing possibilities develop along the sexual front: the physical act itself, counselling, or surgical procedures. The transit into the eighth of Mercury on the 16th, the Sun on the 21st and Venus on the 26th signal more communication and a sexier you, especially during the last week of the month. The warning against being overwhelmed by passion and desire is now more sharply articulated, as your inclination turns to multiple sexual interactions. Circumstances will determine where and what you actually do, but close attention to detail and enhanced awareness of subtleties mark all your physical efforts.

    Broaden Your Horizons Go to Top

    June and July seem somehow more fated, with the three transpersonal planets retrograde, but the entry of Venus, Mars and the Sun into romantic Cancer between the 17th and the 22nd makes the solstice even more potent than usual. It's a horny week! The energy-filled atmosphere thrusts your enthusiasm in so many directions it's hard to predict your course of action. Physical efforts focus on higher education, religion, politics, travel, cultural pursuits, foreign languages, writing, and publishing. However, other categories can just as easily arouse your interest and physical participation -- speculative ventures, sports, court decisions, a second marriage, or relations with in-laws. The most positive way to approach this is to use the emerging circumstances as a way to broaden your spiritual and intellectual horizons.

    Shared Financial Issues  Go to Top

    Jupiter enters your eighth house at the beginning of July. Joint income, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance, credit and the settlement of estate matters are affected to some extent for the rest of the year. Forecasting the outcome is tricky, since it includes the potential to increase assets, as well as the threat to diminish them through overestimation and extravagance. Requests for financial assistance, however, are likely to be favoured. Keep a firm hand on your credit cards, especially those you share with a partner, spouse or other family member. Progress and the growth of knowledge are achievable during this transit through analysis, investigation, or research. Enjoyment comes at a much deeper level, as much from psychological satisfaction as from physical gratification; greater sexual enjoyment is to be expected, especially towards the end of July, when the opportunity will arise to fulfil some of your wildest fantasies.. Nevertheless, the broader possibilities of this aspect include gaining a deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of sex, as well as of the other forces of nature.

    Critical Month  Go to Top

    August is usually a critical month for Scorpio, and this is no exception, especially when others impinge on your territory, challenge your authority, or question your methods. Whether you stick to your way of doing things, or decide to follow the suggestions of others, your need for personal accomplishment is very strong. You seek ego-gratification in the final result of your efforts, rather than the methods used to get there. Tension may rise when dealing with male companions or co-workers. Under this influence, the success of your efforts is likely to be delayed through unnecessarily aggressive or hasty action. Having found a way to restrain these tendencies, you will accomplish far more than anticipated. Take precautions in your physical efforts, in order to avoid injuring your head or face, or putting too much strain on your heart and spine.

    As energetic Mars crosses your midheaven, the difficult aspects associated with the solar eclipse of August 1999 are awakened once more, in a final closing volley. Notwithstanding, Mars boosts your enthusiasm for your career and long-range goals, so you are motivated to take actions which affect your future. You work hard to get attention from the public and those with power and influence. Although you may not necessarily desire to call attention to yourself, your efforts will gain public interest in one way or another. Even if you have no access to a public forum, the urge to make others notice what you are doing bubbles up. Your more or less public actions may be carried out on behalf of another person, or a cause in which you believe. Activities involving superiors or authority figures are stimulated and you may either do a lot of extra work with your boss, or for the government, or those in authority. Largely because of your efforts, a male relative or authority figure may receive recognition or enhanced status at this time.

    Lord of Karma Go to Top

    Saturn, Lord of Karma, enters Gemini on August 11th, restimulating the Grand Cross aspect of the August 99 solar eclipse. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does with the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. The emphasis here is on joint income, or whatever assets and status you have gained through marriage or business partnership, inheritance, investments and property you own or manage and finances related to debt or debt-collection. The tax collector will cast his long shadow if there has been careless attention, or deliberate attempts to evade or mislead him in the past. Death is another focus of this influence. It does not necessarily imply your own demise, or even that of a family member or friend. Some aspect of death, however remote, may come to remind you of the need to appreciate life. This is a period of personal evaluation, with regard to using your own skills and abilities to contribute to your independence, financial and otherwise. Understand and handle debts, monetary assets, material and nonmaterial resources at this time. If you do these things willingly and well, it will be the key to your future security.

    Pluto turns direct on the 20th, although he hangs around at 10-11 Sagittarius in conjunction with Rastaban for months. This is of course good for astrology, but creates turmoil in the Scorpion's breast. Financial issues come to the fore and obstructive difficulties seem almost insurmountable for some. The underworld can flourish under these conditions, so beware of crime and injuries through impulsive actions.

    Fabulous Potential!  Go to Top

    With Venus in her own sign Libra in early September, in good aspect to Saturn and Jupiter, this is a splendid time for long term success! Valuable secrets come to light. Establish solid, long-lasting relationships in the first week or two of the month, especially around the 8th and 9th of September. Mark these days! There's no telling what good thing can happen under this fortunate influence. Try your luck at the races and other sporting events, or with lottery tickets. You could be the winner in a beauty or photography contest, or emerge the favourite in an audition. Artistic and musical ventures are successful. The recognition you deserve for your efforts in writing, publishing, advertising, higher education, politics, religion, direct-mail promotions, long distance travel, dealing with those of another race or culture and foreign languages is likely this month. You are favoured in court decisions and other judgments. Of course, when there is too much of a good thing, overindulgence, wastefulness, exaggeration or physical laziness can prevent you from gaining the true benefits of this fortunate aspect. Romance and friendships now are based on mutual commitment and responsibility, along with love and affection. Others are attracted to your maturity and accomplishment. Formal agreements, diplomacy, contracts, or other legal matters produce long-lasting, successful results. Your efforts to bring organisation and stability to social groups will not go unrewarded. Others will favour your promotion.

    Saturn Retrograde  Go to Top

    Saturn, however, is at his station all month in conjunction with Alcyone and the Pleiades. He turns retro in your eighth house on the 12th. So there's a sting in the tail of all this excitement. How Scorpionic! Beware of injuries, especially to the eyes, through accidents or violence and trouble with the opposite sex. Jupiter is in conjunction with Aldebaran, a royal star which brings ego-based conflicts. Jupiter too turns retro in opposition to Pluto (at the end of the month), but at least Mars and Pluto, your life-rulers, are direct for your birthday! Retrograde planets tend to generate the events that seem more fated, less under our own control than they do when direct. So the world seems to have a mind of its own. Read more on retrograde planets.

    Mars enters Virgo on the 18th, heralding a big boost to the energy you can put into your dearest and most cherished desires over the next couple of months . Friends, organisations and children, especially those who are not your biological offspring but for whom you may have responsibility, motivate your actions. The energy leads away from you as an individual and involves the role you play in the lives of others: as parent, lover, friend, spouse, or club member. Your schedule may become overloaded, requiring some restraints on the number of activities and people you can accommodate. You may also get more aggressive towards others, losing patience when things become too hectic or don't proceed as planned. You'll be concerned with just what is (or is not) making you happy. You are stimulated to go after what you want, or get rid of what you don't want.

    Venus enters Scorpio on September 25th, igniting a delicious glow of personal magnetism and charisma. Here is the potential for some really mystical experiences! You'll need to forgive some flaws, however, in order to reach the peak of pleasure! You may be more vulnerable to false flattery and likely to suffer disillusionment, so this isn't the best time to make agreements or get involved socially, romantically, or legally. Though casual social or romantic overtures may be rejected, the rejection may be a lucky stroke for everyone concerned. The only real danger is adverse reactions to drugs or alcohol.

    Awkward Aspects  Go to Top

    Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde in the middle of October, just as Venus moves into Sagittarius and Saturn retrogresses once more into Taurus. This is an awkward time. Partnership and contractual matters, or anything to do with legality and conflict should be scrutinised very carefully now, for your heart is likely to be elsewhere.

    As the Sun prepares to dive into Scorpio on the 23rd, Saturn causes the strange feeling that something is out of joint, leading at the end of the month to a fortunate trine between Mars and Saturn. Time seems to expand to suit your needs. The maturity and experience behind your actions is the key to their successful outcome. Should you fail to apply such wisdom, you may still benefit from the actions of those who do. This is a most favourable influence -- not just for the potential success of your efforts, but because they are likely to produce meaningful, long-lasting accomplishments. It is an auspicious time to initiate projects geared toward bringing benefits at a later time in your life.

    Behind the Scenes  Go to Top

    As Mars enters your twelfth house of secrets and seclusion in the first week of November, past actions, good or bad, may catch up with you. Use your intuitive abilities, increase your spiritual awareness, investigate dreams and the occult -- and carry out as much as possible behind the scenes. Exactly how some task is accomplished may not be apparent, nor does it have to be. The successful result will be clear enough to make everybody happy. Some of the most successful activities involve the arts and entertainment (especially dance), photography, charitable institutions, drugs, alcohol, oil, gas, marine life, water sports, or ocean cruises. Up until just before Christmas, you may prefer others not to observe your activities, either because these efforts actually concern secret matters, or because you may accomplish more by working alone. Even if you do not need to take covert actions and circumstances do not force you to be alone, it may be the most positive way to use the available energy. You can explore and develop inner strengths, gaining a deeper understanding of your childhood conditioning, subconscious mind, fears and dreams. Increased involvement with charitable organisations, hospitals, prisons, and institutions concerned with minorities and the underprivileged is favoured.

    Blast of Energy Go to Top

    As the year draws to a close, Mars barrels into Scorpio, energising and enlivening you for the Christmas/New Year celebrations and bringing a welcome boost as the new year hoves into port. A physically active holiday period arouses your competitive spirit, making you more aggressive, even physically combative. You may be less patient and more restless and your physical activities aim to satisfy personal needs and goals. Accident or illness may involve your head or face. Be careful when handling sharp objects and hot or explosive materials.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    The stars show this is the year of personal magnetism, charisma and sexual chutzpah! Danger glows from the depths, as Venus and Mars engage in a deadly tango of passion and compulsion -- but you're no stranger to these emotions. This is a year of big changes in your lovelife and your assessment of your values, as Chiron and Pluto meet for the first time in sixty years. New Year's Eve, with the Moon in sultry Scorpio and the Sun in horny Capricorn, should be wild! When Mars blazes in Pisces, from Jan. 5 to Feb. 12, the romantic motor will be firing on all eight for Scorpio. Venus too dives into Pisces and your fifth house of romance, children and speculation from Mar. 14 to April 7, so you can expect some poetic fancies (and good luck!) to develop around this time.

    April, May and June are times of extraordinary activity, as the Grand Mutation in your solar seventh house of partnership, marriage and open confrontation bring all manner of risings from the deep. You will need to make some allowances for your partner, or be more circumspect in the search for love, if unattached.

    Jupiter moves on into Gemini (your solar eighth house) as a cure for the summertime blues. This should really liven up your lovelife! Watch out for the dreaded love triangle though, especially should money be involved. Serious developments, perhaps including a commitment, emerge as Saturn too moves into your eighth house in early August. Joint ventures are favoured now. The Lord of Karma remains there for some eight weeks before diving back into your seventh. Saturn turns retro on Sept. 12 and Jupiter turns retro at the end of the month, so, if a triangle has developed, be prepared for a confrontation by mid-October. Venus and Mercury enter your sign in late September, bringing scrumptious adventures, love letters and long, lingering phone calls.

    Mercury retro in Scorpio foreshadows romantic hazards after mid-October, as Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius. The Sun enlivens your sign from October 23, giving you extra pizazz and charisma to deal with the inevitable confusions that can develop under retro Mercury. Unusually awkward karma will emerge in November, as circumstances seem to throw up problems in your relationships and partnerships.

    It gets easier in December and really picks up when Mars enters Scorpio just before Christmas on the 24th. Look forward to a lively holiday and a boost to your personal magnetism for the year 2001, which will be better than 2000, according to the stars!

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim  Go to Top

    Your prestige on the career front may be affected by some personal deception or betrayal. However, prospects are good for changing direction, especially now that Jupiter has turned direct. Relationships with colleagues and employees take a turn for the better and any confrontations, especially with partners, should be more easily resolved after Jan. 12, when Saturn too turns direct.

    Mid-February will see an energising of your working life as Mars enters your sixth house for a bit over a month. Your feelings however will be rather mixed in March, as unorthodox issues arise, probably connected with home and family. Pluto too turns retrograde, so expect financial matters to take on a life of their own!

    April sees you with head down and tail up at work, in more ways than one! There'll be flirtatious goings-on in the workplace, but busy Scorpions need to build on the fortunate energies that are with you as the Grand Mutation in May approaches. May will bring matters to a head regarding family and partnership issues. Avoid confrontations with partners and try to stay out of the law courts.

    Do not expect to gain financially through marriage, however, as Saturn cools out the eighth house from late June until beyond the end of the year. You may suffer in some way then because of a partner's concern with earning an income, or if you marry for money or status under this influence, you will come to regret it. An inheritance, or legacy may be lost or become more of a burden than a boon. The credit monster will try to devour you now, if you let it. Take out some decent insurance on your treasured possessions, before June, or you may lose the motivation to do so and so lose the valuables! Nevertheless, keep a good eye on the premiums and choose a reputable agent. You can develop solid values, trustworthiness and the ability to manage your resources responsibly this coming year.

    Mars on the mid-heaven brings energy and drive to career activities in August and September, and financial gains may develop after mid-September. October sees issues bubbling beneath the surface and things behind the scens will be problematic. October's Scorpio new Moon conflicts with Uranus, presenting you with some sudden and probably unwelcome choices. However you can be inspired to make some wonderful changes, especially in your domestic arrangements as well as your career now.

    For the remainder of the year, you can expect various ups and downs until Christmas when Mars surges into Scorpio, bringing a dose of the vitality you have been missing.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies  Go to Top

    Your own health issues this year are associated with jealousy, envy and insensitivity, whenever they raise their ugly heads. Tone down aggression and promote an impression of harmony and co-operation. Anxiety and troubles at home, or domestic issues create a lot of stress for you to deal with. Your father's health may be threatened through change or worry. Expect discouragement at the hands of authority, rules and regulations, endless delays and other frustrations.

    Your leadership, integrity, honesty, or generosity may be challenged by those who are older, or in positions of seniority. Your vitality and willpower are either lacking, or too ineffective. Remember: you gain nothing at this time without the loss, either now or in the future, of something more valuable. Overwork and stress pose a serious health problem to your heart or spine, especially during the first half of the year.

    Home and Away: Family and Children  Go to Top

    The travel bug bites this year, particularly long-distance or overseas travel and emigration. Anything of an overseas character and anything connected with your marriage or business partner's relatives also attracts your attention. The trend, of course, relies on the monthly influences. With legal issues, seek a compromise solution rather than taking matters to extremes. Sometimes religious or spiritual issues will be thrown into prominence, bringing increased personal interest and progressive changes in these areas.

    Children's interests will be very prominent during January and the first two weeks of February, with a specially loving and creative time between mid-March and early April. August brings them to the foreground once more, especially those who are not biologically your own, but for whom you have some special affinity or responsibility.

    Family and domestic issues will generate a lot of stress, especially in May, when the Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter exchange thunderbolts! Your father's health may be threatened through change or worry. May will bring the opportunity to resolve differences with partners and family issues in general will be on the agenda.

    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.

    Periods of confusion affect
  • romantic and speculative ventures Feb/Mar
  • cultural pursuits, travel and education Jun/Jul
  • personal efficiency and self-image Oct/Nov.
  • Read more on retrograde Mercury.

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