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    More on Aries, the Ram

    Aries Aries, the Ram in the year 2001

    The Mysteries of Sex, Death and Other People's Money

    Mars, your dynamic life-ruler, glows balefully on the brink of your eighth house, as the old year fades and the new millennium stumbles towards Bethlehem to be born.
    The eighth house is related to taxes, debt, death, legacies, other people's money (credit; investments; insurances and so on) and the income you receive through your marriage or business partner(s). It describes your resourcefulness, and your ability to develop and use material assets as well as personal skills and abilities, particularly in joint ventures or partnership projects. The eighth house also governs sexual attitudes and behaviour, your responses to life's mysteries and all matters to do with the end of life.

    The Aries energy is intense and very focused under this influence. You'll be rabidly interested in sex, money and analysis, both financial as well as psychological. A partner’s income, joint venture, or jointly-held property is likely to require more attention than usual. You may be forced to collect debts and favours owed to you, or make arrangements for repayment of your own debts. Issues concerning insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money you manage for others may also demand more of your time and attention. Close attention to detail and enhanced awareness of subtleties mark all your physical efforts. Sexuality becomes more intense and focused for the randy Ram, but the deeper mysteries of life and death will occupy your mind to an unusual degree.

    A Mixed Year  Go to Top

    This is a mixed year for the Ram, some of it filled with certainty and advancement, the rest of it troubled by uncertainties and misleading cues. You Rams out there will also have to delve deep into your fears about your relationship with the wider community and with people in groups, societies or close associations. Do you really belong? In a way, the simple solution may be to go where the journey of this year takes you and travel with those who happen to share the road with you. Keep firmly focused on forward motion, but don't lower your head and charge. Rather just place one foot in front of the other and keep going. That way you can get to the goal at your real journey's end rather than getting lost by trying to go the way you think you should be going. Beware of false goals this year and don't stick to the set plan just because you've stubbornly decided to do so.

    Uranus (sudden changes; inspired ideas) and Neptune (deception; illumination) are well established in your solar eleventh house, that of friends, organizations, common interest groups and like-minded people. They call you to a destiny in the wider picture of this world. What part do you play that serves the whole? What mission are you on that sets you apart from the mundane round of things? Do you belong? Lilith, the dark Moon, also hovers in the eleventh house, charting her invisible course across the paths of Uranus and Neptune. Your own fear and distrust of people could be the force that is holding you back from everything you want. This is the year to find out this hidden truth.

    Mars, your Life-Ruler  Go to Top

    Fiery Mars is part of the reason for the bumpy ride in 2001 but, like other factors in the coming year, his blessings are mixed, so there will be a lot of good to come from the wanderings of the warrior as well some less fortunate developments. He begins the New Year for you in the brooding sign of Scorpio, striking a note of tension and uncertainty, but also one of appetite and desire. Be careful of letting your desires run away with you until after mid February when Mars changes sign. You simply may not know when to stop until you hit the immovable object... and this could have an unfortunate impact.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    Friends may change their spots and become opponents or even enemies this year. Some Rams will marry partners who already have children. Those from exotic places and different cultures will have appeal. Sexual attractions will be mysterious and intense.

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Career issues should be more stable this year, but your financial situation is likely to suffer some restrictions, due to forces beyond your control. You should, notwithstanding, receive the benefits you deserve, especially if your work involves travel, cultural pursuits or dealings with foreigners.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    You'll need to take care of your health in foreign parts. Watch out for Delhi Belly! Some illness among partner's relatives may be a problem. Repressed issues may surface, bringing psychological trauma. Take precautions and do not indulge in unprotected sex.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    The big focus this year for many Ariens is on other people's children and generally having a good time in groups. However, there may be an illness, or even a death in the family circle, so pay particular attention to the health of your parents. Beware of the potential for abuse or betrayal.

    Mercury Retrograde
    Periods of confusion affect
    • concealed things, institutions, secrets, friendships, associations, career income Feb/Mar
    • mental state, education, short distance travel, sales, neighbours, siblings, immediate environment Jun/Jul
    • partnership matters, marriage, negotiations, contracts, joint ventures, legal disputes, open confrontation Oct/Nov.
      More on retro Mercury
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    Lusty Voice in Cosmic Choir  Go to Top

    But as to New Year's Eve itself, just as you're raising your lusty Ram's voice in a chorus of Auld Lang Syne, Mars makes a square (intense encounters, conflict and accident) to mysterious Neptune in the sign of Aquarius. Firearms, ferries, chemicals and sex could be haunting the misty cosmos of your social milieu, the latter two being par for the course on most auspicious occasions. If you're going to party on the harbour, then take your water wings as tension between Mars and Neptune often bodes no good for those at sea. A shipboard reading with a psychic could send you swimming for dry land in entirely the wrong direction. If you're an old sixties rager, don't let the water in your hookah overheat. And remember, one pina colada too many will be just that. Here we have the essence of one of this year's important themes... don't overdo it!

    The coming year sees Aries the pioneer searching for something beyond his or her grasp. Reach out to the unknown, but don't get lost in the frustrations or uncertainties of such a journey. This could be the year in which the spiritual path will call you or some spiritual experience will move you deeply. The invisible world is going to touch you, so just find your way with it, step by step. Be careful of deception in the actions of others and know that if you yourself deceive, it's going to bounce back on you most unpleasantly. This is not an accident prone year, but if any Rams (especially the March born ones) do come a cropper, it's going to be a beauty, with a measure of the unexpected or unusual thrown in. Take all necessary safety measures (including the water wings) and focus on defensive driving, swimming and flying. Be especially careful when lighting the barbecue or the fire for that life-changing sweat lodge.

    A lunar eclipse on January 10th could shake up your home and family life a little, due to pressures at work or clashes with people in authority or authoritarian bodies. Play it cool, or take the risk of losing your peace of mind at the very least -- or even suffering financially. Don't stress! If you take on the world here (and what Ram doesn't try this every now and again), you'll lose. This is an unfortunate time for any romantic double-dealing, so make fidelity the watchword for any Rams in close relationships.

    The Warrior in Water and Fire  Go to Top

    After this flash of interrupted moonlight, Mars then goes on his merry way, keeping up a cycle of Ram-style ructions until well into the month of February. After Mars and Neptune have introduced the New Year like an underwater firecracker, the warrior planet then goes on to dance with Mercury the messenger and revolutionary Uranus, both in Aquarius, from January 19th. The week that follows could be one of high drama for all you Rams out there. Revel in the ruction and upheaval, taking it all in your stride. There will be disruption in the wider groups around you. Take note of exactly where you stand when the dust settles. If you're planning a coup, January 22nd and 26th might be dates to highlight on your calendar with your best red texta. Otherwise, just sit back and watch fireworks of every other kind erupt around you. Firearms, triggering devices and the short fuse are all indicated. At the very least this will be a time of surprises and unexpected developments. The key to it all might well be to just go for it and count the cost later. Either that or keep your head low.

    Just after the dance with the messenger (Mercury) and the revolutionary one (Uranus), Mars then changes partners and opposes Saturn, the arbiter of structure, making his last sober stroll through the sign of Taurus. Tension, conflict and hard work when there might be an easier way could be the themes that emerge in the first week of February. Keep focused but don't let your health suffer through overwork or exhaustion. You might be challenging those in authority or being challenged by them.

    The Giants' Dance  Go to Top

    This is the year of the good with the bad and so here is some more of the good. January 25th sees Jupiter and Saturn come out of retrograde (reverse) motion and begin to edge their way forward again. The shackles that have bound you with regard to money and career development or change should start to loosen from hereon in. Jupiter will be moving forward in your third solar house from now until mid July. This is a time of expansive communications, development of ideas and keen and enthusiastic contacts. You will make headway with new projects or business ideas, with the neighbours and even with brothers and sisters. Jupiter will get you up and keep you out there and every Ram will get his or her serve of this enthusiasm by turns. Expansion is the keyword so take the risks and expend the energy.

    Be mindful though that Saturn is trailing behind joyful Jupiter, so the Ram still has to be careful where money is concerned. Work on finances and resource matters under the auspices of taskmaster Saturn until the last week of April. Whatever needs to be sorted, paid off, re-negotiated or completed financially, do it before the Sun moves into Taurus. After that, Saturn moves into your solar third house, calling you on the path of learning. Think study! Think re-education! Think deeply! Move toward areas of growth and development that will bring about a rethink! This continues the cycle in which your attitudes and opinions will be challenged. Remember, you weren't born with a developed set of attitudes and values (no matter what everyone else says!). They were formed by your encounters with life. Spend time examining where they came from. Is change needed? The Ram never likes to admit he's wrong, but when he does give in, it's generally whole-hearted. Go about the process whole-heartedly. And watch your health in that last week of April. If the body is showing wear and tear after the transit of Saturn in Taurus these last two years, do something about it! Learn how to care for yourself properly.
    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    February also brings Mercury the messenger in retrograde motion. He spends the bulk of the month travelling backwards through your eleventh solar house. Confusion and poor communications could throw a spanner in the works life where friendships and associations are concerned. Group activities too come under the microscope. No permanent damage done here, but you could have more than the normal share of minor inconvenience. Appliances and transport are always under pressure during a retrograde Mercury. Get it serviced if you can. If you can't and it blows, so be it! Try not to make vital decisions while Mercury is retrograde. Put matters under review and wait for the dust to clear. And if this leaves all you Rams gasping for breath, hang on for the next bit. Mars is about to change sign and partners yet again, showing the fiery warrior at his best, but also most difficult.

    Bop Till You Drop!  Go to Top

    Mars moves into Sagittarius in mid February, spreading flame and strong belief as he strides ahead. You might feel vibrant and ready for anything now. Take some exercise. Run, swim or just head out into the night and bop till you drop. Freedom of movement will be an important theme to put into practice at this time. But Mars immediately opposes Jupiter, setting the scene for hot debate and clashes of opinion. You might have to make up your mind which side you're on, even if you never wanted to take a side in the first place. Or you might find yourself speaking out vociferously on the issues you feel strongly about. If you want to speak up, then take the flak. There is pressure here that will force the Rams to examine their opinions and beliefs, a cycle that will continue herefrom, taken up later by other planetary influences. Watch too that the impossible dream you're chasing isn't, in fact, just that ... impossible! Don't waste any time on unrealistic expectations now!

    Mid March sees the conjunction of Mars and Pluto (the transformer) in jaunty Sagittarius. Make an end or some new beginnings. Overseas climes, foreign friends or connections, study, the higher mind, the law, religion, publishing and writing ... any of these might call you to the new beginning. If you answer the call then expect that the journey that will take longer than you think at first.

    Looking Back To Go Forward  Go to Top

    On March 9th Venus, planet of relationships, shared energy, love and money turns retrograde in your own sign and thus in your first solar house. Venus is an important balance point for the Ram, so pay attention. The Love Goddess turns retrograde in harmonious aspect to planet Pluto, the transformer. If there is something from the past that needs mending then mend it. Make a new start with old friends, children, partners and lovers if a new start is needed. The retrograde internalises energy, bringing us back to inner matters and issues from the past. This can be a time of great benefit and relief as old ghosts may be laid to rest. The energy for business and doing could be erratic for a time though, experiencing the urge to both push ahead and pull back. There could be rapid surges forward followed by displays of reluctance. Your usual exuberance in social exchanges could be missing or mistimed. Pull your horns in!

    The sign of Aries, all about forward motion, does not easily accept the inhibiting in-turning of its fire. Deal with this period patiently and rewards will come. Young people in the Ram's life might be much troubled at this point and seek to set out on new paths. Give them room to do so. It will be important though to protect your flock at this time, so if other connections have to go by the board then so be it! Overall this can be a very beneficial time, if you use the healing of matters from the past to make the path forward.

    New Moon in Aries  Go to Top

    The New Moon on March 25th emphasises all these themes. This is a very fortunate time to renew or reinvigorate old associations. Either that or form new ones, especially with women or younger people. Make your plans in secret, for hidden influences could work in your favour now. Scheme and dream a little and get those juices flowing: creative projects begun at this time are highly favoured. Working groups or partnerships where the influence of women is strong will also be beneficial. The important thing is to cultivate whatever you begin, so that it can develop in its own good time. Just don't be in a hurry to pick the fruit from any new trees.

    Mars Retrograde  Go to Top

    As April begins, Venus is deep in retrograde motion and Mars is becoming sluggish, preparing for his own retrograde station in mid May. When the warrior planet goes backwards, it's hard to get things going forward. Retrograde Mars begins on May 12th and will hold until mid July, producing a period of frustration and even bouts of explosive impatience. It won't be just the Rams jumping up and down because things aren't moving fast enough. The world might seem to have a dose of that old Aries impatience. The importance of these next three months is especially emphasised as Mars turns retrograde in conjunction with Chiron, the healer's planet. Once again, look back to the old wounds. Are they healed? Are the hurts put to rest? If the answer is "no" both times, then go to work and change that. Deep-seated anger that reveals itself in excessive frustration or impatience will have its roots in restrictions placed on freedom, or in lack of acknowledgment for individual identity and beliefs. Search deep inside yourself for the hurt. There is time.

    The Solstice and the Solar Eclipse  Go to Top

    June will hit the Ram with a dose of the astrological topsy-turvies! Firstly, Mercury turns retrograde in your solar third house, hitting communications, transport and matters in your locale for a six! Take care and work that little bit extra hard to get things clear, double check all arrangements, try to keep the peace with noisy neighbours and don't be one yourself. Then we have a solar eclipse right smack on the solstice.
    Ructions or arguments could well erupt into your life at this point, affecting home and work. The affairs of one may spill over into the other, so if you don't handle this carefully, something or someone will be lost. Deep-seated fears could float up to the surface here and could well become the source of your undoing. Whatever it is that threatens to end at this time, don't take up the challenge unless you're sure you want it to go. Problems may be more to do with communication than you think. On the other hand, if one door closes here, then this is the time to go for the impossible. You'll probably have nothing left to lose if you're prepared to go right out on a limb.

    Mid July sees Mars out of retrograde. You're off the leash again and ready to fire. As Mars moves forward, he is opposing Venus in Gemini so there could be issues of sexuality and finance to sort out. Work on the male/female balance within in you if you're not doing well with the opposite sex. Money could be uneven at this time, so watch the purse strings. Use active exchanges and interactive systems to keep money buoyant and working for you. This could also be a good phase in which to make decisions about where you stand on issues of social justice. Be committed.

    Early September ushers Mars into the earthy sign of Capricorn. Stoke up that Aries furnace to achieve your goals at work. Jupiter moves into the sign of Cancer in your solar fourth house at this same time so make sure you keep the domestic focus strong. You could be moving or at the very least upgrading and improving the residence. Make the family home a stronghold, but be careful of a tendency to overreact in matters of emotion. Make decisions that will improve the quality of your life. Jupiter and Mars are setting themselves to battle matters out as the year rolls on, so make sure you don't squander all your gains in pleasure and dissipation.

    Full Moon in Aries  Go to Top

    October 2nd brings a blazing Full Moon in the sign of the Ram that will either propel you to new heights or send you crashing down. Remember! What happens here is a function of your efforts. You will harvest exactly as you've sown. But just as the Moon sheds her light on everything you've worked for, so does a retrograde Mercury in Libra in your solar seventh house bring some confusion to the picture. Relationships, people you're close to, partners in all sorts of ventures... These areas will need your attention and matters may not be clear until the month comes to an end. Work your way through any confusion by means of clear and patient communications.

    November begins with Mars bounding through the sign of Aquarius, bringing stress and confusion in the first week followed by some ructions and upheavals around the last week. Romantic attachments could be under fire here as relationships begin and end with blinding rapidity. If you're attached, ride out the bumps. If you're unattached, you might find yourself in and out of love before you can blink twice in succession. Better to take a good long look at things than leap off the precipice at this point. Watch the purse strings as well. Holding onto money could be like eating soup with a fork.

    Yule 2001  Go to Top

    December and the approaching Yule see Mars in Pisces, your solar twelfth house of hidden enemies and self-undoing. Withdraw from the fray a bit and give yourself time to catch your breath. Don't put off what's important though. Mars in the twelfth house has a way of doing everything but the most necessary task. Take some time to examine your self-destruct button and look at how you can be your own worst enemy. The success that seems just around the corner still is. December's shift of Chiron into Capricorn brings you to the brink of new vistas. Here you can see clearly the enemy within that opposes your success and finally befriend him. Happy Christmas ... but wait! The coming New Year's Eve brings Mars square to Pluto. Is this intensity or what! A foreign affair! Auld Lang Syne on the Nile! Maybe just a "go for it" party! Let off steam by all means, but don't go off like a rocket. Be a success in the New Year, not a statistic from the old one.

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