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    Pisces, the Fishes

    Pisces Pisces, the Fishes in the year 2001

    Shifting Sands

    There are big changes and subtle inner shifts in the year 2001 for those born under the sign of the Fishes. Work and career matters are in for big changes as are the areas of home and family. But all the while there is a secret music playing inside you, calling you to something different, something new and unknown.
    If you look down the lists of the famous people born under the sign of the Fish, while you do find scientists and sports people, what you will find most of are artists, writers, musicians ... people who excel in the creative arts as well as the mystic and the spiritualist. This does not mean that you’re somehow obliged to pick up a brush and paint or don a turban and start reading the tarot cards (why not however?). What it means is that Pisces and her ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are the powers of the zodiac that bring us in touch with the infinite, the unknown, the hidden, the world of the unseen that seems enticingly in reach, yet somehow beyond our grasp. What are you doing for yourself creatively? What new paths have you opened for your spirit to try?

    For several years now, Uranus, the planet of revolution and individuality, and Neptune, planet of the intangible, have been in the sign Aquarius, making their transit through your solar twelfth house. Neptune is your own ruler and it is drifting softly through your native house, that of the twelfth. There it opens the lid to the unconscious, releasing the misty vapours, the creative urges, the spiritual desires -- but also the uncertainties and fears that lie deep within you. These last years will have brought an uncertain journey, but the thing to rely on is that no matter how uncertain it seems as you try to make your way, you really are going somewhere.

    The New Year Begins  Go to Top

    It would be best to begin the New Year in a quiet and considered manner. Spend some time just with close friends, enjoying the ambience of their company. You may not really feel like doing this, however. Some of you may feel charged up and ready to go. Others may feel frustrated and discontented, ready for a bit of anything to break the monotony. Whatever these urges move you towards, it may be little more than illusory relief. The quiet time will be best. Over-indulgence, or any kind of deception, could lead you down a difficult road at the New Year. Alcohol, drugs and large bodies of water will not mix well at all. Any Fishes who are on the move and travelling overseas need to be especially careful.

    As the first week of 2001 unfolds, things ease off a little and social exchanges become important and enjoyable. You'll feel radiant and at ease with others, though the lunar eclipse of January 10th may bring some changes to your circle of friends or close family members. Any old secrets that come to light at this time are likely to affect people around you and their relationships quite strongly.

    January 25th sees two of the giants of the Heavens, Saturn and Jupiter, come out of their retrograde phase and begin to move forwards again. This will over time ease some of the pressure you have been feeling with money, business and communications generally. With Saturn still in Taurus in your solar third house for the next few months, focus on whatever learning needs to be completed: take a good long look at how your attitudes and opinions have changed over the last few years. If they haven’t changed at all, then you could be headed for difficulty on any new roads you choose for the future. Let go of any ingrained stubbornness (Pisces stubborn! Never!) around your fixed belief system. Life has been trying to teach you that all things change and all things pass. Allow yourself to finish the lessons.

    Confusion Reigns in February  Go to Top

    Early born Fish should watch the beginning of February, which arouses confusion and confusing communications. It may be a time when you to start by racing ahead, then stop, withdraw to consider and then begin everything again later on. Don’t take anything at face value at this point, double check any arrangements and stay away from final decisions or the signing of vital documents until the month is over. All this hoo-hah is due to the agency of Mercury, the messenger planet. He turns retrograde (reverse motion) early in February and throws a spanner in the works of communications and devices generally. If you get the odd breakdown or burnout, don’t be surprised. The main thing is not to get concerned. In particular the New Moon in your sign of February 23rd is fraught with tension and upset, especially in matters related to business and travel. Take it very gently at this time. Focus on the dreams of what is to come rather than the things you can’t get going now. Overall this month, give yourself a little extra private time. Withdraw and take it easy. Review your thoughts and feelings. This phase will pass as all things do.
    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    The pursuit of love could prove exciting, yet spiced with danger this year as the Moon dances with the malefic South Scale and Venus squares off for a punch-up. Artists, academics and those of unorthodox habits will set your heart racing. Deep issues are likely to be drawn from the darkness of your subconscious, yet you will remain strangely detached. Shipboard romance and fun with foreign friends are definitely in the stars for some...

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    There's a stack of action in your house of career and public image, so the gestatory changes of last year may come to fruition in this. Undertake a serious revamping of your public image, including looking for a way to ramp up your career. You must confront obstacles blocking your path to success which could very well be caused by your own ego, pride, greed, self-indulgence or overestimation. Avoiding such pitfalls will reduce the negative potential. If you are prepared to act, you will pass the tests with flying colors and obtain your goals in the process.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    A feeling that something is somehow out of joint is likely to be with you this year. Your partner's health is under pressure, being subject to sudden ups and downs. Older people, notably your parents (or partner's relatives) suffer the resurgence of old ailments. Take care travelling and on overseas voyages. You may be subject to persecution for your beliefs, especially if you have published them.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Children will bring pleasure and may travel this year. They will expand your knowledge and may become preachers, artists, academics, explorers, or scientists. A change of residence or renovation is likely. The health of older people will be a worry.

    Mercury Retrograde
    Periods of confusion affect
    • health, personal wellbeing, self-image, secrets, motivations Feb/Mar
    • home life, domestic issues, authority figures Jun/Jul
    • joint ventures, taxes, partner's funds, credit, sexuality, end of life issues Oct/Nov.
      More on retro Mercury
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    For Love or MoneyGo to Top

    March and April bring a focus on money and financial matters. Venus, goddess of love and the delights of the dollar, turns retrograde in the sign of Aries and in your solar second house. Have a good look at any working financial arrangements, especially those of a joint or partnership nature. Perhaps you need to go it alone at the moment. Perhaps it’s time to use your money in a different way. You need to invest in yourself and your own efforts more. Overall, this is a period to be careful with money. If you’re starting a new venture, make sure you have investigated it thoroughly and that it’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Otherwise, stand back and give any new possibilities a long, hard, second look. Such economic contemplations might lead quite naturally to those on the state of your love life.

    For the Pisces in a relationship, this could be rather a turbulent period when you will need to rebalance how much you do for yourself and how much for your partner. You and your partner might be a bit at odds with one another, or it may be that life is simply not granting you the time you need to be together. Friendships, family or work seem somehow blocking or interfering with your personal life. Decisions need to be made. You might both benefit from a bit of spice and a fresh start. Make an effort at renewal, especially in the physical and fiscal areas. For the single Pisces, it could be a good time to withdraw and give some thought to what you really want. Is there an aimlessness in your lovelife that is essentially unsatisfying? The important thing is to re-evaluate the situation. Who are you looking for and what do they have that you want? For all you Pisceans, married, with partners or single, your professional or working circumstances will have a bearing on any decisions you make. Older people or those in authority will provide a good source of advice or guidance. Foreign or European people may be connected or involved with your situation, or pivotal in any decisions that you make.

    Home and FamilyGo to Top

    On April 21st this year, Saturn, one of the giants of the Heavens and the arbiter of form, structure and the responsible approach, moves into Gemini and the fourth solar house of your chart. Your home, emotional security, family life and the sense of your roots come into focus. While Saturn transits do not necessarily affect us with any great suddenness, this is nonetheless a time when you will begin to make change at an emotional and domestic level. The change may take months to begin and several years to complete, for the movement of Saturn needs to be measured in years. You may undertake anything from renovations, improvements or extensions to the family home to a complete shift of home base or to a deeply reflective look at the past.

    With giant Jupiter also in your solar fourth house until mid July, the emphasis could be on improvements or upgrading. If you need a bigger house, if that little cottage in the mountains or by the sea calls you, then this could be the year. With Jupiter in Gemini, it will be best to explore your options thoroughly. Get different quotes, look down different avenues, or at different ways of doing things. When Jupiter and Saturn bring their influence to bear simultaneously, it’s important to balance enthusiastic expansion against a realistic idea of what is affordable. The most important thing is that you come through this two year cycle with a new sense of security about the future, for you are setting new foundations for the years to come.

    Under this influence, you'll be stimulated to move into a domestic phase of your life, or move out of one if the emotional situation you are in no longer nurtures or supports you. Dear Pisceans, you may decide to go back to your roots, either for a visit or a long term stay -- or even for a permanent relocation. Saturn in the fourth house urges us to look back on where we come from, in order to know ourselves better in the present. If the old hometown calls you, if the home country beckons, answer the summons. If parents or children want to visit, invite them. If you need to touch base with them, then do so. Sometimes just reconnecting with the past and looking back on the journey we have made becomes instructive. In this day and age of electrifying change, of moving forward at all costs and trying to put the past behind us, Saturn reminds us that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. The key to the changes you need for the future will be found in the past. Do not be afraid to look back. Give yourself time to reflect on you, your feelings and what makes you feel secure and why.

    Pluto, Chiron and MarsGo to Top

    Since 1995, Pluto the transformer has been in the sign of Sagittarius, creating stress, enforced changes and some new directions for those born early in the sign of the Fish. As 2001 begins, it will be the turn of Pisceans born from the March 4th to March 9th to feel the pressure that pushes them through the gate of change. Fateful circumstances, endings, separations, powerful obstacles, change of life direction are the features that characterize the more challenging transits of this god of the underworld. Such forces seem for a time to conspire against us, yet when the action is over, hindsight tells us that we learned a great deal and have grown through the process of change. Sometimes the change is simply no more than a sustained pressure that we have to deal with in order to survive. At other times it will cut a lot deeper than that.

    The pressures are squarely placed for sensitive Pisces in the solar tenth house, that of career, vocation, dealings with people in authority and society as a whole. You are in a process of redefining who you are through work, vocation and the role that you play in the society in which you live. There will be changes of work for some of you, and for others, in fact, a completely new direction that can be found through study or travel. But it is not simply a matter of career, it is the much deeper concern of how you take authority in situations and what authority you have that flows from the core of your being. Can you take charge of your life? If there are problems here then come right back to the emotional stuff that makes you up. This will be reflected for you in your family life, your home and the emotional patterns through which you operate.

    The Wounded HealerGo to Top

    Chiron orbits our solar system between Saturn and Uranus. Some astronomers hold that Chiron is in fact the nucleus of a burned out comet rather than a planet at all. This could be quite appropriate, for the symbol of Chiron is the mythical centaur: a great warrior and herbalist who died by the agency of a poison he had made, but was unable to cure; the flame of skill that flared too high then burned out. Comet or planet, Chiron, since his discovery in the seventies, has filled a great gap in the astrological map in the process of understanding how we operate when hurt and how we heal. Chiron is at present in the sign of Sagittarius, having crossed paths with Pluto in 2000 for the first time in many decades. Now he has set out on a whole new cycle of growth and development. It is this cycle that is activating the solar tenth house for all you Fish out there. Chiron in Sagittarius has strong links with the soul and the search for freedom, so it is important for Pisceans to be asking how the work you do fulfills you and sets you free. Whatever it is that you feel you need, freedom through artistic expression, economic power, lifestyle, love, family and children... this is the year to seek it out. It is important too not to simply look at what you want, but rather also look at what it is within you that prevents you from having it. How are you your own worst enemy on the path of what you seek?

    The Dark MoonGo to Top

    With Lilith, the Dark Moon, in your solar twelfth house, look for any destructive feminine traits (regardless of sex) within yourself and hidden influences from the past. After August 21st, Lilith will be in your own sign and moving through your solar first house. There will be no hiding from how you manage to shoot yourself in the foot now. It will be there in front of your eyes or those around you will be reflecting it back to you. Lilith is held to be an orbiting cloud of dust hidden from our view by the Moon. It is to her that we look for the self-destruct mechanism. Once found out and acknowledged, you can pass on to the joys you are seeking, as Chiron in Sagittarius calls you to a vocation that is determined by your deepest beliefs. You will have no time in your life anymore for work that doesn’t uplift you. And if you do get caught in such a mundane spiral, then your health will suffer.

    Retrograde MarsGo to Top

    Mars, the warrior planet, is in Sagittarius and your solar tenth house from mid February and for much of 2001 after an early stint in the much more sympathetic sign of Scorpio. This move into a fire sign will fire you up and get you moving, though do watch out for accidents in this period. Tension between the Sun and Mars (Pisces vs Sagittarius) is not always conducive to safety. Extra care will work wonders. Mars spends such an unusually long term in the sign of Sagittarius because he turns retrograde (reverse motion through the zodiac) on May 12th and stays that way until July 20th. This is a period where you could struggle at work, find yourself in conflict with authority or in difficulty over travel arrangements or with people of different cultures or races. This is a time that demands patience. Once again it will pass, but the important thing is that you don’t try to force the pace for this period. After mid July you could leap ahead again, but until that time, bear your cross gladly; otherwise frustration and temper, either in yourself or others, will simply get out of hand and you will have to go into damage control mode.

    The Solstice and the Solar EclipseGo to Top

    Once again, confusion reigns in June because of a retrograde Mercury, this time in the sign of Gemini so it will hit your solar fourth house, the doings of home and family and the respective lines of communications therein. Focus on clarity and surety of touch, making sure that everyone else at home has understood what you said. It may be easy here to confuse that fact that you know what you mean with the idea that therefore everyone else should. A powerful solar eclipse right on the Solstice may affect matters of family and children quite strongly. There could be challenges and disruption: someone close to you may decide to go their own way. This could also affect your creative output, or you might simply find that this is down anyway. Don’t get caught in the trap of saying or doing something you'll regret, for regrets will come in July if you’ve overstepped the mark.

    Ride the Roller-Coaster!Go to Top

    The last months of the year may seem to whizz by you. The Full Moon in your sign on September 3rd could bring not only a wealth of activity and profits, but also losses due to unforeseen circumstances and even an unexpected betrayal. Be discerning as to whom you trust. Overall though, the volume of things should offset any developments of this nature. The month of October brings yet another retrograde Mercury, this time in the sign of Libra, bringing confusion and perhaps a time of re-evaluation to matters of partnership and joint financial involvement. You may find yourself reflecting once again on some of the issues that were prominent in March and April. There may be profound but perhaps disturbing insights into the sexuality and motives of both yourself and others. Take the whole of October to let things come clear before you take any decisive long term action.

    Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer and in your solar fifth house, urging you on to growth, expansion and enjoyment for the balance of the year. Just remember to take sober stock of where you are after November 3rd, when the giant planet turns retrograde. Don’t keep forcing things ahead after this time. Early December may be confused or disorganized, especially around work and professional matters. Pace yourself with this and just try to pick your way through any difficulties. Mars gives you a charge after December 8th by moving into your own sign. It may lift you or it could make you cranky. If you’ve been going too hard you might well pay the price here. Watch the coming of New Year’s Eve. With Mars in Pisces squaring Pluto in Sagittarius right on the bell of 2001, you’ll be much better off watching fireworks rather than taking the risk of becoming a pyrotechnic display all by yourself. This especially applies to those Fishies born from March 4th to March 10th.

    Overall, 2001 can be a powerful year for self-discovery and moving ahead in career, artistic and spiritual matters. Make the most of all opportunities to stop the grind and find something new. Good luck!

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