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    Virgo, the Virgin

    Virgo, the Virgin Virgo, the Virgin in the year 2001

    The Quicksilver Messenger

    Quicksilver Mercury, your life-ruler, is the lord of change. Known both as the wise magician and the prince of thieves, he gleams in your fourth house of domestic issues, home and family, marking beginnings and endings as the old year fades away.
    Dualistic Mercury opens the astrological year in conjunction with the fixed star Etamin, awakening a liking for solitude, yet endowing good concentration and a fondness for esoteric and philosophical studies. Etamin also warns of dishonor, downfall and loss of prestige, so tread carefully along your path, which is likely to be directed to such things as real estate transactions, renovations or other matters related to your home or property. Family discussions, business transactions, and correspondence with or trips to visit relatives are stimulated. You may also be inspired under this influence to collect and restore family heirlooms, gather information on your family’s genealogy and other aspects of family history, or visit your childhood home.

    Your witty and communicative ruler gives the ingenuity of mind and mobility of limb that characterizes your sign. Virgo needs to move and think. Many great artists, writers, scientists and humanitarians are born under the sign of the Virgin and take her path of perfection and service. Mother Teresa, H. G. Wells, Don Bradman, Jesse James and Maria Montessori are just a few of the diversity of virgin talent. And, like all great talent, they show a streak of individualism and even downright perversity. It is just the same with your planetary ruler.

    Mercury the messenger finds his speedy and perverse path through the Heavens, by both racing forwards and then turning retrograde (going into reverse motion) three times during the solar year. When Mercury turns retrograde, day to day affairs of transport, communication, arrangements, appliances, decision-making and even thinking become complicated. It is best to avoid final decisions and signatures on documents at such times. Double check your schedules and appointments, service your car and put all important matters under review. These are good times for the virgin to take note of the fact that life will simply not go according to the script.

    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    Mercury spends most of February retrograde in your solar sixth house, showing briefly in the sign of Pisces before moving back to that of Aquarius. This could be a confusing time from the point of view of work and health. There may be delays and interruptions to what you’re doing, communications could be confused or equipment could fail in unusual circumstances. Don’t worry! It’s all only short term. There could also be unexpected developments or ideas from unusual people that will change your ideas or point of view. Watch your health and be careful of work-related accidents, especially in the second week of February. The 9th and 15th of February could be key dates for care, but watch also around the 4th and 5th of February. If your horoscope makes you sensitive at all to the first degree of Pisces, there could be ructions at this time. Be calm! Play safe!

    June brings another retrograde Mercury, but this time it is in the sign of Gemini and in your solar tenth house and confusion reigns around career matters, direction and dealings with people in authority. Try to see your way through any confusion by taking another approach or listening to different ideas. Appliances or technology could be a particular problem this time. If you feel like quitting, wait for the end of the month before you hand in your notice. If you feel particularly stressed, it’s time to do some deep breathing and meditation. Application of high energy solutions or impatience will only make things worse.

    The last retrograde Mercury for 2001 comes in October in the sign of Libra and in your solar second house. This brings matters of partnership and finance into focus. Work on communications with your partner or those with whom you work in close relationship. Sort out money matters with a view to careful management. Don’t overspend or over commit. Your values or attitudes about money and possessions in general could come up for examination as a result of disagreements with partners or changes in partnership matters.
    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    Relationships seem thrust upon you by force of circumstance, rather than your own volition. Cultural issues and travel are likely to stimulate romantic contacts, but as the year draws on, your relationships will be subsumed beneath your career and work commitments. Partnerships will flourish in the public arena; your partner will help you in your career. Beware of public disgrace through the actions of rivals.

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    It's time for a change and a big move forward in your career activities and public image. The influence of your parents could be beneficial. A change of job is very likely and general success is flagged, especially in public service, healing, alternative medicine and anything to do with small animals, birds, farming, mining and so on. Subordinates will make a valuable contribution.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Ups and downs can be expected. A serious illness may strike suddenly. Take precautions against allergies, especially while travelling. Spiritual investigations are favoured, but beware of cranky solutions. Your mother's health may become problematic.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Travel for family reasons is likely, possibly to do with resolving issues from the past. Pleasure may be found in faraway places. Be cautious regarding monetary dealings with kindred.

    Mercury Retrograde
    Periods of confusion affect
    • partnerships, legal confrontations, negotiations, work, health, employees Feb/Mar
    • career, travel, education, cultural pursuits, religious and legal issues Jun/Jul
    • health, self-image, partners, how others see you Oct/Nov.
      More on retro Mercury
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    Harbinger of ChangeGo to Top

    For some time now, Uranus and Neptune have been in the sign of Aquarius making their transit of your solar sixth house, bringing disruption and uncertainty to your day to day life. Uranus is the harbinger of change. Neptune signals the decline or gradual failure of old operations so that new methods and practices can form and take their place. There will have been changes in work and work routines, some already, more to come. You may have had to work in different situations and learn new skills. You may have even stopped work unexpectedly or you may have only worked erratically (this one is not easy to accept for the virgin). Retraining and new directions will continue to be important for many virgins.

    Overall, health will not be good for you at times in this process of transition. You may be suffering from allergies, debilitation, unusual health conditions or even a mystery illness that strikes suddenly or unexpectedly. While such things can be powerful obstacles on the path of your life, they will also push you into new realms of healthcare with changes in diet and the nature of the treatment you seek being important. Some virgins will have taken a new road into alternative practices. Some of you will have sought new ideas and beliefs to gather focus for your life, adopting unusual practices or making sudden changes. For those who have stayed on the same old road, the ties could be wearing thin.

    Added to all of these things, Pluto, the transformer, has been hammering away at the lives and destinies of virgins born up until September 5th, bringing explosions, separations, rifts and endings. It could seem that enough is enough for your average everyday virgin, but this is not necessarily so just yet. Virgins are marvellous and resourceful workers who can turn their hand from the creative/inventive to the practical/mechanical with ease. Yet your sign carries a lot of inner tension and nervous energy that can make you brittle under stress. If you learn to cope with the changes by developing a new elasticity and a small measure of inner peace, there is nothing you cannot accomplish over the next few years for you are coming to a time of fruition.

    Jupiter and Saturn: Wealth and CareerGo to Top

    January 25th sees two of the giants of the heavenly dance, Jupiter and Saturn, both begin to move forward again after the retrograde phase that followed the grand mutation of May last year. This sets in motion a most auspicious cycle for the virgin as far as career is concerned and thus it also bears on the matter of money. Jupiter is now established in the sign of Gemini in your solar tenth house, offering opportunities for advancement or for new directions. This could be the year of promotion or the new job if you have put in the groundwork as regards where you want to go. If you haven’t, then take an opportunity to change midstream or redirect your energies. Remember that the virgin is an able learner who can adapt very quickly to new circumstances or new demands. Both teaching and learning have their part to play in your development for the year ahead.

    Communication and communications technology will be important areas to develop or improve. But remember that Saturn is now lagging behind Jupiter and is still in the earthy and practical sign of Taurus until April 21st. Keep your focus on direction through learning until that time and watch the finances still. Good planning and management will bring good rewards in the end. With Venus beginning the year in Aquarius in your solar sixth house, put your money into yourself and your own endeavours, rather than looking to investment to change your circumstances. You are your own best investment this year and when Saturn enters your solar eleventh house later in 2002, the rewards will come. And much of the reward will be due to the efforts you have made either alone or on your own behalf and backed by your own decision-making and resources.

    Love and Relationships in 2001Go to Top

    Solitude and the solitary pursuit will be a good focus for the virgin this year. The time you put into yourself and your own needs will serve you best in the end. Every Virgo is something of a hermit anyway, in that each of you will have a very private part of your nature which you are reluctant to share with anyone, unless your natural discernment has checked out the situation thoroughly.

    For the single virgin, don’t go looking for love. It is likely to find you suddenly and unexpectedly if you want it. Get about your own business and your path will cross with an enticing opposite when you least expect it. For the Virgo in a partnership, there could be some ups and downs this year, most of them connected with mundane or working matters. Surprising developments could overtake you or your partner. Once again, take time for yourself in any relationship. Without it you could end up feeling stretched too thin and lonely, no matter who else is around you.

    Pluto, Chiron and MarsGo to Top

    We start proceedings for 2001 with Mars (action, instincts & courage) in the sign of Scorpio and in your solar third house. No sign is better suited to bring the hidden passions of the Virgo to the surface than that of the brooding and intense waters of the scorpion. The warrior planet in your third house will want to put you out there and doing, though there can be a tendency towards conflict of ideas or opinion.

    If you’re getting together with siblings then keep a reign on that sharp tongue of yours (the virgin can speak to the point when she wants to!) or you could find yourself in an ongoing family discussion! Also, Mars starts the year in hard aspect to Neptune in Aquarius, so the best New Year for you could be a quieter one, away from the influence of those doing the hard partying and drinking. Give your ‘auld lang syne’ a touch of the spiritual search by spending it with like-minded people. Mars colours the month of January with some disruption as he touches off the fuses of Mercury and Uranus so be prepared to ride out the changes as they come. From January 13th to 22nd is a key time for change, unsettlement or upheaval.

    The Lunar EclipseGo to Top

    January 10th brings an eclipse of the Moon in Cancer in your solar eleventh house. Eclipses bring interruptions or endings, so there could be some changes in the friends or associations around you, especially if the friends made through family or the children of friends are involved. This may somehow come to involve matters of your home and your own family. Search out new connections and look to them to bring new associations and ideas into your life after this time.

    Pluto, the TransformerGo to Top

    Also as the New Year gets underway, Pluto is moving into hard aspect for those virgins born from September 5th to September 9th, so the first six months of the year could really push some of you towards change. There will be challenges to be met and coping with stress will be an important factor. The blessing with your sign is that you can learn to do anything once you make the decision to begin. Be careful of health and well being at all levels. For the Virgo generally, Pluto is stirring up matters to do with home and family, and therefore perhaps is bringing old emotional issues from the family and family history. These will need attention and there can be powerful realizations and even the healing of reconciliation and forgiveness.

    With Chiron, the healer’s planet, also in Sagittarius in your solar fourth house for this year, the stories of your childhood may need to be spoken or seen again in a new light. Close family members may come from overseas or you may travel to meet them. You and your children or your parents may come together again and resolve old matters or you may come to the point of choice about different roads. Pay attention to your dream life, especially from May to July as there could be significant dreams that will reveal matters of both the past and the future to you. The Virgo always has strong psychic or precognitive ability although often you virgins don’t trust your intuitive sense enough and try to back it up with the analytical. Trust your intuition more, especially after any emotional clearing that comes in the midyear.

    On a mundane level, these influences could bring issues of study, travel and overseas visitors to the fore within the pattern of your home life. Domestic routines may need to be altered or become more free-flowing in order to go with the pattern of changes. Freedom will certainly be emphasized as a key emotional issue. The freedom to do, the freedom to express, the freedom to make change ... all these could touch your life with an intensity that will build up inside you so that you can create the point of change for yourself.

    Retrograde MarsGo to Top

    From mid February, when Mars changes sign from Scorpio into Sagittarius, moving into your solar fourth house, all of these factors will intensify. Beware of creating or accelerating conflict while Mars is in the house of home, emotions and family. His sojourn here will last until the end of the first week of September due to a retrograde phase that he enters on May 12th. Be especially aware of these issues around the time of the Full Moon in your sign on March 10th. A lot of light can be thrown on the fact that one of your strengths, the insistence on analysis and the correct way of doing things can also be a strong self-destruct technique when it comes to matters of emotion. Pushing things away because they are not right or not done correctly (in your eyes) might be an emotional defense mechanism that keeps you from facing some truths about yourself and your past. This transit of Mars combined with that of Pluto and Chiron will make these months both intense and eventful as far as your emotions and home life are concerned.

    The Solstice and the Solar EclipseGo to Top

    There is a powerful solar eclipse of the New Moon that combines with winter solstice on June 21st, followed by a lunar eclipse on July 6th. These two can combine to free up your creative powers and help you find a place within the wider scope of your social surrounds. Old matters relating to children (for those who are parents) could be sorted out at last, but not without some cost. For the rest, you have the power to clear up career blockages through the ending of old emotional patterns that have flowed from family experience. There won’t be a complete picture yet, but things could end by being several degrees better. Get talking, get writing, get doing ... old issues can be sorted so that new practices can be put in place. This may have a strong effect on work circumstances, providing you with a needed boost in where you’re going or helping to bring an old cycle to an end.

    Giant Jupiter is now moving through the sign of Cancer and your solar eleventh house, casting a protective influence in the form of friends, associations and like-minded groups. This could heighten a deep emotional need to find the people and the social structures where you really feel comfortable and belong. Early born virgins in particular will feel a little of Jupiter’s famous good fortune coming their way.

    Breaking Free and Moving ForwardGo to Top

    If you’ve done the necessary work, there can be a feeling of moving forward after Mars moves out of retrograde in July. If you get your home and emotional life in balance, then your working life can move ahead in leaps and bounds. The trick is to get things sorted bit by bit rather than trying to solve anything wholesale. With Saturn in Gemini in your solar tenth house, figures in authority still seem to be the key but the real question is there to be answered now ... how do you yourself take authority in situations and deal with those who place themselves in authority over you?

    As a child, the Virgo can often have difficulty with their parents, whether there is a strong or forceful influence there or if there is a weak or absent influence in that area. On the one hand, the Virgo likes to watch the behaviour of older people in order to copy what they do and thus learn for themselves what is right. On the other hand, the Virgo needs a lot of independence of action in order to learn how to do things on their own. This is not always an easy balance for parents to grasp. Now is the time for all you virgins to put to work all that you have learned about yourself as an authority figure. As we said earlier, Saturn promises a fruition point for all your effort further down the track. And with Mars in Capricorn from the first week of October, your efforts will be favoured though it will be wise to bear in mind the influence of Mercury retrograde. Mixed blessings and delays but keep up the good work!

    Another Year, Another YuleGo to Top

    December and the end of the year come with a few fireworks. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all charging through the sign of Sagittarius at various times, you could be forgiven for thinking that the world is populated by space cadets who don’t seem to know the best way to do anything (for some virgins this is an ingrained belief anyway). So it may seem that things are disorganized and not getting anywhere. Don’t despair!

    The reliable sign of order and structure, that of Capricorn, is set to take the scene by degrees. But then, with Mars in Pisces, relationships could heat up or flare up, leaving your personal life in something of a turmoil. Try to transmute the energy of dispute into that of accord by recognizing differences of pattern and process, then make the most of the big heat. You could find yourself at a point of crisis and facing crucial decisions come the New Year. It might be time for an old relationship to go or a new one to come. Step out boldly whatever is required.

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