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      Sagittarius Info: Sagittarius the Archer | Relationships | Sexuality | Sagittarius Rising | Health
    Neil Giles
    Neil Giles is a storyteller, astrologer and historian. He is a novelist and journalist and has written for theatre, radio and television, as well as many articles for Astrology on the Web.

    His passion for mythology and the ancient traditions has led him on a journey through Astrology, Tarot, the Runes and the Celtic Ogham Script as a seeker and personal reader.

    He is the author of a number of works on Celtic and Teutonic spirituality, including Odin's Runes and The Oracle of the Trees.

    For Neil, the storyteller's path reminds us that while the wisdom of the past still lives, we can take wise action now and in the future. Always a traveller, Neil is at the moment living in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia.

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    Sagittarius, the Archer

    Sagittarius Sagittarius the Archer in the year 2002

    Complete the Journey...

    Giant Jupiter, monarch of the Heavens and ruler of your sign, rings the changes this year. He begins proceedings in Cancer and your solar eighth house, ready to complete a journey he began last year. Matters of joint finance and resources will be the focus, along with deeper issues of sexuality, the occult and the hidden forces of society.
    As August begins, Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo and your solar ninth house of overseas travel, foreign cultures and peoples, legal and religious matters and the higher mind. There are developments in the offing as the call comes for you to move forward, advancing your ideas and beliefs so that you can move into a new phase of life. You may be on the road of study or travel. Teaching or learning could be the theme and matters of law, religion or philosophy could become more important, setting new aspirations for you. There may be a swagger in your step and a new sense of drama or creativity as you go about your life. September may see you on the move or aspiring, especially creatively or spiritually. Make sure you have a clear head and a sense of proportion though. Too much idealism may unbalance your efforts. Unrealistic hopes or deception may take you on a wild goose chase. You can flourish under this influence if you extend yourself. It's a 'head in the clouds but feet on the ground' influence. Make the most of it.

    Jupiter moves forward in Cancer in the second week of March and turns retrograde in Leo in the first week of December. This is your optimum period for growth and expansion.

    Love and Money  Go to Top

    Sober Saturn continues the journey in the sign Gemini and your solar seventh house of partnership that he began in August of 2000. This puts the emphasis on responsibility with regard to partners and close associates. There may have been an increase in your obligations as far as your nearest and dearest is concerned. There may have been some kind of separation or a new phase of responsibility or commitment as your partner's life changed or he/she took on new duties or tasks. You may have had closer dealings with older people, especially family members or relations. These trends will continue this year as Saturn calls you to a new level of maturity in your close personal relationships.

    Venus the goddess begins the year in the sign of Capricorn and your solar second house of money and personal resources. The practical aspects of managing your financial life and stabilizing your position will be an important feature this year. For those of you in a partnership, then this will be a common focus or interest. However, as Venus also hovers in opposition to giant Jupiter, there could be something of a roller-coaster cycle to the year. You and your partner may not agree as the best way to go about improving your financial position. You or your partner may tend to overdo things or push the envelope in order to get where you want to go and thus you may stand to lose potential gains through extravagance or risk-taking. Joint ventures are favoured as long as they are carefully chosen and well managed.

    Relationships: the Journey to the Heart
    Sagittarians are especially magnetic this year. Deeply transforming relationships may be expected, with a karmic tinge that may bring you face to face with those with whom you have had past-life connections.Serious developments may also be expected on the partnership front. Marriage can come about as a result of travelling, correspondence, or to a relative. Your spouse is likely to be the source of your good fortune, so calm any impending ructions! Friends will stand by you.

    Career and Finances: Stake Your Claim
    Many hopes will be attained. Gain comes through parents, marriage, contracts, business and dealings with others, especially women and government. There may be trouble through competition, confrontation and theft, and gain through property and inheritances may be threatened by these. There is danger of loss through natural disaster, floods and storms, falling buildings, or illness perhaps due to a fall. Partner's finances may be a problem.

    Health: Balancing Your Energies
    Watch your diet and be sure to maintain a good health regime, paying particular attention to regularity and the laws of hygiene. Take good care whilst travelling.

    Home and Away: Family and Children
    Family property matters could well occupy much of your attention, particularly if you receive an inheritance. Your children may profit through gifts from older family members, especially grandfather. Take care and avoid confrontation whilst travelling: do not look for trouble. Parents' health could be a worry.
    Mercury Retrograde
        Periods of confusion affect
    • Jan/Feb: mental state, education, short distance travel, sales, neighbours, siblings, immediate environment
    • May/June: partnership matters, marriage, negotiations, contracts, joint ventures, legal disputes, open confrontation, health, work.
    • Sept/Oct:friends, associates, hopes and wishes, career income, professional standing
      More on retro Mercury
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    Your financial state may benefit from family money or joint resources, thus altering your position dramatically. Whatever your position or circumstances, work together with your partner on a simple and achievable plan of financial betterment. Concerted effort and responsible action will improve things by degrees. Sudden fluctuations with regard to finances may come because of outside influences. The emphasis is on a strong working relationship, rather than the whirl of romance, though with Jupiter in your solar eighth house you and your partner may discover a new level of deep desire with one another.

    For the single centaur, this may be an uneven year. You may be frisky but not inclined to stable effort with regard to your love life. Your focus may run much toward matters of your own life and you may not be inclined to take the demands of a new relationship very seriously. For some, there may be meetings or connections that run on intensity or even compulsion. For others, this year may be a search for pleasure. Try not to overdo it. For those of you who do become involved, avoid becoming financially entangled too quickly in any new or growing relationship. There may be hidden consequences.

    Home and Family  Go to Top

    Mighty Mars begins the year in Pisces and your solar fourth house of home, family and emotion, making tension with powerful Pluto in your own sign as he does so. Your year in domestic or emotional matters might be marked powerful or significant developments that alter the expected course of things. There could be disruptive change or even an ending at some point. An important arrival or departure may usher in a new cycle. Some of you may experience conflict around emotional matters. Others may have to deal with conflict in the home.

    There might be dramatic events or changes that affect you personally and thus alter the course or pattern of domestic life. Some of you might be called to expansion or even complete transformation in this sector of your life as changing circumstances open up new vistas or close old ones down. Some of you may have to put in tremendous effort to change of transform your domestic environment. Others may be troubled by dramatic changes with regard to weather or climate that will affect the home. While some of these circumstances might be challenging, the presence of Pluto in your sign gives you the power to meet changing conditions with strength and resilience.

    Work and Health  Go to Top

    Care and maintenance are the important themes for the coming year. With Pluto in your sign, you have strength and resilience but these may be needed to meet challenges. Make sure that you maintain yourself through effective self-care routines as you go about the business of exerting the tremendous strength of body or will that Pluto demands of you. Centaurs born from December 7th to 10th may be most strongly affected by the transit of Pluto this year. If you keep things ticking over, then you should keep well in this area, unless there are dramatic conditions to be dealt with. The months of May and December might be the most testing, as well as the time of the lunar eclipse in November that we will look at later on.

    Career Matters  Go to Top

    Study, travel and development of the higher mind and its abilities constitute the best avenues for expansion, especially in the last five months of the year. This period calls you to the understanding that if you want to get ahead and bring change into your life, you must upgrade your skills, your knowledge and your sense of what you're doing. As we have seen, Saturn continues his movement through Gemini and your solar seventh house of partnership so mature interactive relationships that represent a new way of relating and communicating with others on a 'one to one' basis is the ongoing theme.
    Mercury Retrograde  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde (reverse) motion three times a year for about three weeks each time. This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't. When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again. A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie and help us with damage control or the mending of things. Double check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things.

    The messenger's first retrograde cycle for the year comes in Aquarius and your solar third house, beginning in mid January. You will really need to be up to the mark as far as communications are concerned. Be clear in what you say and make sure that you listen to what's being said. Travel plans for this time may need to be altered or you might suddenly find yourself travelling when you didn't expect it. Arrangements may have to be changed so be as flexible as you can. New ideas may present themselves for discussion and new possibilities may emerge. This can be an exciting and interesting period of change as long as you give things time to emerge. There could be unexpected communications or changes with regard to siblings. The messenger moves forward again after February 9th.

    Mercury's second retrograde cycle takes place in Gemini and your solar seventh house from mid May, bringing communications with partners and close associates right into the frame. There may be change or unexpected developments in this sector of your life. You may have to review your situation with your partner and make new plans or take on board new ideas. This period could present a big change or even a crisis of some kind as the month comes to an end and Saturn and Pluto play out the last phase of their cosmic wrestling match on the Lunar Nodes. Powerful events or circumstances in the wider picture could take a hand in the development of your life from this point. Wait until the end of the second week of June to get a clear picture of what to do next.

    The final retrograde cycle of the messenger comes in mid September as Mercury moves into reverse motion in Libra and your solar eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes. You may be revising your plans or going through changes with regard to friends and associates. Make sure you get the right end of the stick in matters of communication and make sure you work to see the other person's point of view. People who have been important in your life may be on the way out or new ones may be coming in at this time. This process could eventually bring change in your working life or in your responsibilities. Revise your plans. Dream new dreams. Take advice or gain a new perspective from someone around you.

    Lady Moon  Go to Top

    Your Full Moon comes on May 26th, bringing a lunar eclipse. As the Sun and Mercury the messenger form a conjunction in Gemini and your solar seventh house of partnership, there may be tensions or communication problems with your nearest and dearest, and also with partners or close associates. There may be a necessary end to a personal cycle of habit or behaviour on your behalf. There could be changes that affect your home life, or the lives of children or women around you. There might be a revelation from a partner or close associate. You may need to review old issues between you and your nearest and dearest, especially those that involve communication and information or ideas.

    Your New Moon comes December 4th, bringing a solar eclipse. You may have to begin a new cycle or start a new course of action as something old comes to an end. There may be tensions or conflicts that affect you and your network of associates. Older, more personal connections may pass and new connections may come in via partners or close associates. Fresh plans will need to be made because of changes or changing moods with regard to partners. If you set off on a new course for yourself, it may be at a cost.

    Eclipses  Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

    The New Moon in Gemini and your solar seventh house comes on June 11th, bringing with it a solar eclipse. As sober Saturn forms a conjunction with the Sun and Moon and the Lunar Nodes while opposing powerful Pluto, this could be a challenging time. There might be an end of some kind in a cycle of partnership matters. Powerful events or outside influences could affect the course of your life. You may have to take a course of action because of a partnership matter or because of the needs or desires of your nearest and dearest. It may take time for the shock waves from this to settle.

    A lunar eclipse comes with the Full Moon in Cancer and your solar eighth house on June 24th. Matters of joint finance may be affected by some kind of ending. Family money may change hands or need to be handled or managed in a new way. Your desires may be affected by the needs of others or the responsibilities inherent in your financial situation.

    A lunar eclipse comes with the Full Moon in Taurus and your solar sixth house on November 24th. There may be changes with regard to working routines and you may need to pay attention to matters of health. As this also places the Sun in Scorpio and your solar twelfth house, there could be revelations of previously hidden feelings. These may come from co-workers or an unexpected source. You may be tired and need to withdraw. Stand back from matters at this point until you get some insight into what's actually going on.

    Footnotes to the Year  Go to Top

    Venus the goddess turns retrograde in Scorpio and your solar twelfth house in early October. This marks a period of necessary withdrawal for the centaur. Some of you may be called to care for others because of difficult circumstances or ill health on their part. For others, you may be slowing down and caring for yourself because of changes in your own health and conditions. For some there may be changes or even losses or separations of some kind in the sphere of those you know and love. The important theme will be to come to grips with the spiritual insight and understanding that allows you to accept the course of any change. Others might find themselves in some unsought or unexpected attachment or entanglement, emotionally or financially. Take time and care to come out of anything that has roped you in.

    Even when Venus the goddess moves forward again, as she does in late November, she forms a conjunction with mighty Mars in Scorpio and your solar twelfth house. These two then travel together for some weeks in December. Creative projects and spiritual teachings or development are highly favoured at this time. However, it will be important to make sure you remain a little distant or detached from things. Overall, this period from October to the end of the year would be a very poor time for any kind of secret or shady dealings. Stay away from any secret or illicit relationships at this time as they will generate strong repercussions. Some of you may find yourself drawn to a new spiritual path or commitment. Others of you may find yourselves drawn to work in or become part of an institution or some kind of larger organization where your efforts are made quietly in the background or behind the scenes.

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    Updated: Wed, 11 Sep 2002
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