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    2010 Horoscope Forecast
    Cancer the Crab in 2010 
    the travel bug bites

    This year brings a trio of the cosmic crew to work on you! Jupiter, the expansive Lord of Fortune will open up the wider world through exotic or far-reaching explorations, also striking a spark with career. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, will test you in the region of human relations, urging an intense and transformative process in the department of 'up close and personal', both with people and in the process of relating 'one to one'. Last, but not least, Saturn, the Measurer of Effort, will move you into new areas with home, family or domestic matters, altering the foundations of your personal life. Watch also for a dazzling burst from revolutionary Uranus and a round of 'to and fro' in the general cosmic mayhem.

    Pluto continues a journey through Capricorn and your house of partnership, testing you to the core in what you have, what you feel and on the 'how' and 'who' of close relations. Pluto began his venture into the sign of the Goat in January, 2008, moving out and back, then at last laying the indelible stamp in November 2008. This year, out of the mists or fires will come powerful forces for change, ones that'll remould your nature and being over time, as they remould relations with the people with whom you're close and on whom you depend. For some, this will mark the end of a cycle in close relationships, whether that be through a dramatic alteration or a natural and cyclical closure. There will be a karmic aspect to your dealings with partners or close associates; you'll need to settle the issues or the ground between you, laying ghosts so you're free to open new pathways—or actually increasing your commitment so you're enriched by a relationship that truly sustains you. This will be in business or in romance and some of you will be inexorably drawn to an individual or a situation, one which teaches you to give or make personal exchanges in a new or different way.

    Make a beginning, call time on an event, but don't get caught in the middle wondering which way to jump. This transit demands honesty, not just the wielding of power, wealth or resources. If you're prepared for a risk, strip everything that's inessential and begin again. If you value what you have, enrich and renew it. If you're at a door, step boldly through. Intense or powerful people will set their sights on you, for one reason or another. You'll have a suitor or a rival, or you'll draw attention or interest because of someone else's preoccupations or concerns. Make sure you don't find yourself acting out what others seek, or think they need. For some, there'll be a magnetic connection in romance, but remember, such a presence will come with a cost. People will test you, or ask things of you that will challenge the boundaries of what you know or what you're accustomed to doing. Someone close will set out on a journey, leaving what has been the safe or familiar place you once shared. For some, there will be a life-changing relationship, or a shift in the nature of personal relations.

    Jupiter, the Lord of Fortune, glides into Pisces on Jan 18, opening the corridors of your solar ninth house. Overseas travel, advanced studies, legal concerns, new horizons and a wider view of the world... all these will grace the stage of your life, except for a brief period from June 6 until Sept 9, as giant Jupiter steps forward into fiery Aries and your solar tenth house of profession. For the balance of the year with Jupiter in Pisces, you can play your luck, take an opportunity or swim outwards in an increasing spiral of horizons, exotic ideas and humorous or educated converse. Whatever details seem to ensnare you, there's a big wide world out there, one that carries a solution to nagging problem. You'll find yourself bound up with details, or troubled by the test of tricky associates or frustrating regulations and red tape late in May. Sort it detail by detail, but play your luck as well. Those of status will assist.

    Along with Jupiter and Pluto, Saturn, the Measurer of Effort, is the third major player on the Crustacean stage, beginning the year in Libra, sign of the Scales and your solar fourth house and calling for change of an enduring or determining nature in the realm of home or family. As Saturn in Libra rides hard into an ongoing square with Pluto in Capricorn, the evolutionary or transforming imperative is strong. Close relations will require a new abode, or a change in or around the abode will alter the nature or operation of partnerships. The investment of others or shared moneys in a 'home' situation will be set to alter, either by increase or decrease. There will be a new 'shared' venture, or a decision to go it alone.

    2010 Cancer Love and Money Love and Money  Go to Top

    Venus the goddess sets the tone in Capricorn after a crossing with Pluto, so personal relations will ask where you stand, what you have or want to give to others and who you are or aren't in a relationship. The business of personal relations will feature, demanding a sense of what you owe and what you're still obliged to do. Don't try to fight destiny if you know there's a responsibility you have to see out. Not all of this will necessarily be joyous, but there will be real vigour and juice in personal relations if you make the commitment. For those single, such a new commitment will become the centrepiece or heart of life in time. For those in a relationship, one way or another, pressure or desire will push for a new cycle in your romantic life and partnership. If you really want what you have, don't window-dress to make the changes, get down to the nitty-gritty of love and money to renew your passion for your life together. An external event may push for such changes, or they may grow by means of your own determination. You may somehow have to rebuild from the ground up.

    Count the pennies, monitor spending, and budget according to the real income stream as the year begins with Mars retrograde in Leo. There may be delays or wrangles over money. There may be a hurdle to cross. Be cautious and balance what you have against what's required. Expert advice from an unusual source, or radical strategies, will serve and March 10 will see Warrior Mars move ahead, stirring the ashes back into life.

    Watch for the period from October 8 as Venus in Scorpio shifts into reverse in your house of recreation, romance and lifestyle. You'll reconnect with an old flame, or you'll find you're back at the threshold of a past venture or creative project. Prepare for a frisson in personal or romantic relations, or concerns with money or social life. One way or another, the sailing won't be smooth. Children may feature, especially females. You'll have to wait out the absence of a partner, or stick about during a delay with payment or fruition. Don't push for a gamble to pay off at this point unless the dividends are well overdue and duly merited. You'll have stirrings with sexual or romantic life that can't be fulfilled. Some of you may be restless or frustrated in emotional or social life, or you'll withdraw from a current involvement or watch someone step back from you. Give matters time and wait for a shift in focus, as the goddess rolls back into Libra on November 8, bringing delays, concerns or social or romantic uncertainty to the household or family. You'll have to deal with a difficult or testing individual who'll have a sharp tongue, or a determination to stay in control or exact a toll. The goddess moves forward on November 18, restoring what for some will be no more than a natural hiatus or break with matters fiscal, social or romantic.

    2010 Cancer Home and Family Home and Family  Go to Top

    A shift with the mood or standing of the domicile or family will have far-reaching consequences, setting a high-water mark for the tides of change. With Saturn in Libra, expect new responsibility through home or family brought about by changes in close relations: changes powerfully determined by the clash of Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn, reprised at the beginning of February and again on August 21. There'll be renovation, relocation, work at or on the home, changes in fiscal management or structures related to home ownership, changes in agreements or deals with partners or close associates-or simply a new era in domestic life.

    You'll want to rise up the scale via your holdings, or you'll opt for a quieter personal life with less public or professional involvement. Someone at home may require additional care or attention. A shift emerges with responsibilities or dependence over a change in health, romance or finance in someone you're close to. On Jan 13, Saturn moves into reverse, finally returning to Virgo on Apr 6.. Your house of travel and communications will be in for one last dose of the serious stuff. Sort the bits and bobs of past dealings, then return to domestic or familial business on Jul 20, as Saturn returns to Libra, set for the long haul.

    For some, ancestry or family origin will be in the frame, while for others a return to the old stamping ground will be in order. You may travel back to a point of origin for nostalgic reasons or sentiment, or there'll be pressing reasons or responsibilities that call you to do so, as you attend to family or personal business. One way or another, the ethos around origins will become a point on the compass, whether you wish to return to an anchor from the past or whether you seek to break a pattern you've been caught in, consciously or otherwise. It's time to know something of who you are, through the people you've been close to in the passage of your life.

    2010 Cancer Work and Health Work and Health  Go to Top

    Connections, opportunities for expansion or change, study and travel will be the means to gee up the work sector. Look to the wider view or big picture from January to June and again from September to the end of the year. Be methodical from April 6 as Saturn returns to Virgo and your solar third house. It's time for a tidy up, a stoush with officialdom or a review of deals, contracts, associations or business involvements. Is there anything ready for finalization? Is there anything that still nags and resists your best efforts to put it in order? Wrestle and wrangle until it falls into place, though June and July will stimulate you with pioneering ideas or surprise possibilities that will run alongside the completion of the old. Issues with travel or communication will re-arise, reprising elements of 2009. By July 20, Saturn turns a lock on the door, closing the books on past ventures or endeavours, and altering the focus in the world of business and contacts to return attention to home life or family matters.

    While April to July will be testing for the nerves or mobility matters, the real test of health this year is with the stress of deeply emotional concerns and the process of 'long term' or enduring changes. With eclipses touching your sign and that of your opposite, Capricorn, you'll be looking at changes with diet or routine that'll come as a consequence of changes with partners, home life or career. Be sure that whatever alters, it does so to improve the quality of nurture and sustenance that you enjoy. Ensure rest or time off is a regime you enforce to take a break from the demands at work or in the domicile. Measure the impact had by people or situations that you're involved in, and measure off time for 'you' against that. Sometimes the pressure you're under will be apparent, but at other times, it will creep up on you; so keep a gauge and schedule times to let off steam or unwind.

    2010 Cancer Career Matters Career Matters  Go to Top

    Change at home, change in partnership or close associations and change with career will all be a part of an interrelated pattern in 2010, one shift affecting another and passing the parcel so to speak. However, midyear will light a fuse or open an unexpected door to a burst of incandescence and a fiery vision of the future as your professional matters, dealings with authority or status undergo quick changes or a u-turn. This will come as an impact experience or a bold new plan. Uranus, ruler of acceleration, awakening, reversals and radical shifts bounces briefly into fiery Aries and your solar tenth house on May 27, hovers on the brink of something new before hitting reverse on July 5, then slips back to Pisces, his more familiar residence in the last seven years, on August 14. A new tangent, unusual situations, excited or excitable people, 'out of character' behaviour, or a radical scheme will crackle and spit sparks, especially for the early born Crustacean.

    Be ready for a contretemps, 'off the wall' development or an inspirational new direction. However, stress will be high or the adjustment process rapid fire, as you surge forward or get pulled from the familiar. You'll cross swords or throw in your lot with a fiery individual, pioneer an original venture, or shake up the foundations of what you've been doing. A startling or unpredictable turn of events will push you to the unknown territory of long term change. Jupiter also does a quick flit into Aries from Jun 6 after his journey through the watery sea of Pisces; people of status, studies, overseas links or travel, legal concerns and high words or exaggerated responses, are all going hammer and tong, as changes with prime relationships push you into changes with home and career. The smell of something new is in the air, opening unexpected doorways in the years to come. Jupiter reverses in Aries on July 23 then returns to Pisces on September 9. 2011 calls!

    Mercury the Messenger Mercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde motion three times a year for about three weeks each time. This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't. When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again. A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie and help us with damage control or the mending of things. Double check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things.

    At the bell of New Year, Mercury is already reversed Capricorn and gripped by Warrior Mars, with his tail turned in Leo. Expect a hitch or glitch in communications with people close. There will be problems with schedules or arrangements, or you'll just find it difficult to get a point across. Listening to others will be a test, so make sure you don't fail at the first effort and lose patience. A backlog waits to be heard, requiring understanding at first and a remedy. If you're in dispute, you will need to cool off or stand back. It could be that money or control of resources is an issue between you and someone else. Make sure you're working to a deal. Remember, there will be pressure here through the year, as your house of partnership is like a cosmic traffic light, with eclipses turning it on and off as Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, presses forward inexorably on his journey there. If you want a new cycle in close relationships, lay the ghosts and alter the way you operate with people.

    Mercury's second reverse motion cycle starts in Taurus and your solar eleventh house on Apr 18. Issues arise with communication, affecting friends, groups or community involvement. Whether it's failed or altered arrangements, little will go according to plan. There'll be mixed messages, or you'll be at odds, or get the wrong end of the stick. You'll return to a past interest or activity or, conversely, the general run of involvements will be suspended or delayed. Expect a change in interests or concerns, or your activity level may just fall away. Money or love may somehow be at the root of any problems, or you could just be at a loose end, wondering which way to go for the company or interests that excite. A downturn will be a precursor to potent changes with home, professional life or close personal relations. If you're managing different sets of concerns, you'll find it harder than usual to keep them in balance. Watch for a fallout with a friend and do what you can to set it right. Mercury moves forward on May 11, emerging from the shadow on May 29.

    It's serious business this time, as Mercury's third retrograde phase for the year begins in Virgo, your solar third house of communication and travel, on August 20. It'll be lunatics in traffic and haywire communications or equipment; there's little you can do about the loonies other than drive safely, but you can get the car or other items serviced or repaired, especially if such action is overdue. Be ready for testy words or late communications with siblings or neighbours. Don't let a misunderstanding grow; take time and care to get a clear message across. You'll be at odds with minor officials, or find travel schedules or patterns are subject to change or disruption. If you get a whizz-bang offer from a new phone provider, study conditions and costs carefully. From a practical viewpoint, experts, consultants or authorising people will be absent when you need them most, or you'll find that deals or schemes will be put on hold or hit shaky ground. If you're thinking education or trying to bend your brain around necessary info, be sure you have all the relevant facts and figures. Don't change any pin numbers unless you absolutely have to; review your methods and organizing skills to see if there's a better way to run things. The lesson of Virgo is that there is a right way and a wrong way. Mercury moves forward on September 12, emerging from the shadow on September 27.

    Mercury's final reverse phase begins in Capricorn on December 10, sending communications wonky with partners or close associates. Be ready for disagreements, and problems getting a message across or keeping up with schedules and arrangements. There'll be a need to go over past matters; you'll need to do more listening than talking. A break or interruption to relations may be brought about by unexpected circumstances, or a trying situation. Roll with the blows until you get things back on track. Review how a relationship in romance or business works and restructure your approach or methods. Test yourself by making sure you're hearing what's being said rather than assuming you know. Take an opportunity to stand outside the usual exchanges, or wait patiently through a break to ensure you know what's going on. Don't take things as read. The Messenger slips back to Sagittarius and your house of work and health, turning the focus of communication or travel concerns to daily life and the routines thereof. The solution to a personal matter will simply be an organizational or practical one. Mercury moves forward on December 30, sending you into 2011 with a few things sorted.

    2010 Cancer Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon  Go to Top

    While technically, according to the calendar, there's no Full Moon in your sign in 2010, Lady Moon rides high just as the old year turns, bringing a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the Crab. You'll find you're out of puff as the New Year begins, bringing minor setbacks with health, an alteration in the family group or close relationships or perhaps a crucial shift in image, mood or presentation. Watch for a low at first and don't push the celebrations too hard, especially with indulgence that'll put that sensitive stomach at risk. Shed a little in the 'bad habit' department. You'll see disruption with close associates and a glitch or hitch that'll lead to an end unless it's well-handled or understood for what it is. With Mars and Mercury playing the fool with tails turned at this point, you'll be in the midst of chaos where money and close relations are concerned. Use that soft and sensitive underside to divine what needs doing, smooth the bumps or bruises and apply the remedy of tender care for something or someone of value. Perhaps it's just yourself that needs it.

    Your New Moon comes with a total Solar Eclipse on July 11. This will mark the end of a cycle of activity or involvement, as you somehow change direction, passing from old lines of contact or involvement to something new. This will be a sought after outcome or a function of events that wield greater power than you do. This may also wipe you out as far as health or energy is concerned so be sure you're not caught burning the candle at both ends or generally overdoing it. Any of that could bring you to a screeching halt. A contact that is both personal and business will reach a natural severance or have the cable cut. Something must pass to give you the fresh start you need, even if you don't know that you need it. This is ideal for change with diet, habits or personal patterns, as well as a shift or revamp with image, style or presentation. If you're going to do something different, be a different species of Crab to do it. As Uranus hovers in Aries and your solar tenth house at this point, you may be shaping up for a new career, whether you know it or not.

    Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

    January 15 brings a New Moon in Capricorn and a Solar Eclipse in your house of partners and close associates. With Venus the goddess riding this blockage of the light, there'll be some disruption or a change of state in personal interactions and you'll find that a familiar face will be absent, or there'll be high emotion in the air. Back issues are on order with past encounters; you'll need to go over a story, or listen to someone else's version of events. Plans or arrangements with someone close may simply not work out, as schedules clash, communications go awry, or unexpected events intervene. Take it all in good part and work around the off-key notes. Verbal exchanges will feature or there'll be an absence that leaves words unspoken. Gossip or poorly relayed info will colour events if you let it. Allow the mood to pass with time and don't take everything you hear as gospel.

    June 26 brings a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in Capricorn, making change or an end with personal life, affecting close relations, food, home, family or females. The influence of another will set in motion change for you. You'll come to a cyclical end in involvements, business wise or emotionally. You may face intense opposition or interest from someone close and find you're pushed to a decision. You'll find yourself in conflict with a strong or controlling figure, or you'll encounter an intense or demanding individual who changes the tenor of your desires or personal relations. A strong figure may leave an emotional or family group. With Jupiter putting his oar in, a change affecting home or home life and legal concerns or overseas links will feature. Don't be swayed by or caught up in exaggerated responses, or extravagant reactions. Keep a cool head and wait to see how the cards fall before you decide to play a hand.

    Your New Moon comes with a total Solar Eclipse on July 11. This is discussed in the preceding section.

    December 21 brings a total Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in Gemini and in your solar twelfth house. Take care with health at this point. If you're tired, rest. If there's a minor concern, take a remedy. You might be tilting at windmills or putting effort into projects or people that don't serve you. Work on communications and see where you stand. Watch for confusion or a deception. There'll be an outburst of emotion from someone near, coming out of the blue, or revealing things you didn't expect to hear. Realizations or conversations call new ideas (or changes of mind) into the frame. Search out new prospects by stepping aside from past interests or connections. This marks a break in current relations, or the end of a cycle, affecting or altering work, health or daily routine. Something said or done casually or by chance will leave you gasping. Creative or spiritual inspiration will set you on a new path, leaving the old behind.


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