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    Rob Tillett has been an astrologer for more than three decades.
    In previous incarnations a poet, musician, magician, healer, dramatist & composer, he is the editor and publisher of Astrology on the Web and has written many articles on this website.
    Rob lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia.

    Scorpio, the Scorpion. Click for more on Scorpio
    Scorpio, the Scorpion
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    2010 Horoscope Forecast
    Scorpio, the Scorpion in 2010 
    a romantic and mysterious year

    Happy New Year, Scorpions! Passionate Mars, your traditional life-ruler, begins the year already retrograde in proud Leo, the sign on your solar mid-heaven, the astrological house of your career and public image. This signifies some potent turnarounds in your career and life in the polis, so to speak—and some remarkable developments later in the year when Mars and Venus combine for a lengthy period in your sign. Moreover, Jupiter, mighty lord of the ancient gods, enters his night-sign Pisces this year, sparking optimism and an ego-boosting expansion of your love-life, your relationships with your children, and speculative developments in whatever form appeals to you.

    Dark Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, a scorpionic force if ever there was one, starts the year in Capricorn, bringing you up against the need to overcome and transform obstructions to your communications and the expression of your ideas. Your thoughts, your self-expression and your need to communicate become more serious and intense. You want others to accept your ideas and information or perhaps some product that you create or control. You may learn a language; how to operate computers, machinery, and communications equipment; or develop other mechanical or design skills. You feel a deeper need to control the events and people in your immediate environment—and this may extend to developing a greater interest and participation in community affairs. The urge to know all about others can become obsessive, so remember not to invade their privacy. This sort of prying may satisfy your curiosity, but can have devastating impact on your relationships. Circulating—getting around mentally as well as physically—is the key to the ultimate control you seek, and the karmic lessons you need to learn.

    Beginning the year in the dying degrees of Aquarius—signalling the movement of your life to a new level and completing the work of 2009—mighty Jupiter powers forward into Pisces, first breaching the ramparts of your fifth house on January 15, just as Mercury straightens out after a retro phase, then rolling into Aries on June 6th. This turns your attention to your working routines and will see you prospering and possibly needing to hire some help. Your health is likely to improve too. Excellent opportunities will present themselves during these heady weeks, even after Jupiter turns retrograde on July 23rd, returning to Pisces once more on September 9th. This is a good time for sorting out anything which has been occupying your mind, especially in the days around August 17th, when Jupiter opposes Saturn, a major celestial event.

    Issues from the past frustrate your personal growth, and progress at work under this aspect. It may be a time when you are expected to give back some of the prosperity or success you have gained to help others get ahead. The problem is apt to be that even if you are willing, you may simply lack the means to do so—at least for the time being. You need to confront what is hidden, whether deliberately or inadvertently, consciously or subconsciously. Face your fears and worries, or circumstances will insist that you do so. Resolve the issues dear Scorpio, or you'll weaken your happiness and productivity. Argumentative Mercury is stationary, preparing to turn retro on the 20th in healing Virgo, so be as flexible as you can, and don't count on others to solve your problems, even though friends and co-workers may wish to help. Mars and Venus are conjunct on this day, weaving around each other like two horny snakes. If you have been enjoying a secret affair, it is likely to be exposed, or become more intense, or both. This will be a good thing, as Mars and Venus will be in Scorpio during September and October, when Venus turns retrograde in your sign.

    Jupiter remains retro in Pisces until he turns direct again on November 18th, the same day as Venus turns direct in Scorpio. The week or so on either side of this date is ideal for making or implementing decisions regarding your love life, your creative ideas, especially those with some risk attached and where you will be heading in the months ahead. Venus too turns direct on this date, so it's definitely the time to make decisions about relationships, especially if you have been enjoying a passionate dalliance with a profoundly simpatico figure in the preceding weeks.

    2010 Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    Mars, your life-ruler, hot and heady star of passion and action, and Venus, sensual feminine planet of desire and relationships—the cosmic powers of love—both turn retrograde this year: Mars in dramatic, egocentric Leo, your house of career and public image, and Venus in intense, sexy Scorpio, where she is in her detriment, meaning her most sensual and indeed avaricious side tends to come forward. Later in the year, Venus and Mars meet in Libra (the sign of Venus and the detriment of Mars), then cuddle up together in Scorpio, the sign of Mars and the detriment of Venus. How's that for a contretemps!

    Sensual Venus in ambitious Capricorn is conjunct dark Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, at a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer as the year begins. Mars is already retrograde in Leo, so you may be touchier than usual when others impinge on your territory, challenge your authority, or question your methods. Whether you stick to your own way of doing things, or decide to follow the suggestions of others, your desire for personal accomplishment will be very strong this year—especially during the Mars retro phase, which ends on March 10, although he remains in Leo till June 7. You seek ego-gratification from the final result of your efforts, not from the methods you used to accomplish it. Tension may rise when dealing with males, especially in the public or career arena. Under this influence, the success of your efforts is likely to be delayed as a consequence of actions that are unnecessarily aggressive or too hasty. If you find a way to restrain these tendencies, you will accomplish far more than you'd anticipated.

    Mars turned retrograde in Leo on December 20, 2009, and will remain retrograde until March 10. Mars stays in Leo until June 7th, a long stay, since Mars only turns retrograde once every two years and two months or so. This makes it an important but trouble-prone phase where your actions will affect your future. You work hard to get attention from the public and those with power and influence and, although you may not necessarily desire to call attention to yourself, your efforts will gain public attention one way or another now. Energetic or dramatic individuals, perhaps from your past, or with old connections to you, figure strongly. Mercury also turned retrograde on December 26, so communications may go haywire in the local area, where equipment will be subject to breakdowns and calls, texts etc be missed or misunderstood. So if you are expecting to make progress this year with siblings, neighbours or family members, be sure to get the facts straight. Again, realisations, "aha!" moments, and relationships from the past are likely to emerge.

    The South Node moving slowly through Cancer all year indicates an intense desire to finalise or complete an emotional connection, especially one with a spiritual, cultural or educational component, or one with a person from a different background or country from your own. Do not hang back from taking charge of your own destiny. Relationship is calling you, resonant with karmic echoes from a time when emotional comfort and nurturing came from a deeply ingrained belief system that explained the world and your place in it. The challenge will be to release your emotional grip on ideas, concepts and souls that once had intense meaning but now simply need to be resolved and released. It's by no means easy to deal with these relationships when they come out of the blue, but this year they are likely to represent the termination of karmic threads, rather than beginning anew.

    The end of May and beginning of June create quite a remarkable set of developments as Saturn turns direct in Libra, your twelfth house, just as disruptive Uranus enters your sixth, swiftly followed by giant Jupiter on June 6. This period marks a distinct turning point, for unstable developments may see concealed hostility come forward in the work environment, or you find that people have been secretly making life difficult for you. If you are married, your spouse may suffer some health problem, possibly requiring hospitalisation.

    Mars in Virgo between June 7th and July 29th turns your energies to friends, organizations, and children, especially those who are not your biological offspring but are in your life. The sorts of things you do during this phase will emphasise the role you play in the lives of others: as parent, lover, friend, spouse, or club member. Your schedule may become overloaded, making it necessary to place some restraints on your busy agenda. Mars here can make you more aggressive and critical toward others, losing patience when things become too hectic or don't proceed as planned. You may also be concerned with just what is or is not making you happy. Go after what you want, and get rid of what you don't want. Dual attractions perhaps based in a fascination with sexual gymnastics, or occult connections that arose earlier in the month turn to a more satisfying emotionally deep and spiritually fulfilling feeling, as Venus enters emotional Cancer, urging you to form connections with those of a different culture to your own, and to travel.

    Mars strides into Libra, glowing there between the end of July and September 14th while Venus is in Libra too, so you'll no doubt feel the pull of a secret or concealed attraction. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Libra on August 20th, just as Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo, so single Scorps will feel the force of this potent dynamic, which may involve someone from the past. Or married you may be, but the encounters will be delicious and best kept hidden, if you want your marriage to survive. But then, you're good at that! If you are partying (it's a Friday) be ready for some fantasy-fulfilling action.

    On September 8th, Venus slips into sexy Scorpio, just as Jupiter moves back into communicative Pisces in his retro phase. Mercury turns direct on the 12th, then Mars, the mighty Warrior, joins Venus in his night-throne, Scorpio, just as Pluto, the dark lord of transformation, turns direct after months of retro motion in Capricorn. This creates plenty of action in your love life. A friend may wish to become more—and then some! Mars rejoices in Scorpio, where his best qualities are expressed, and with Venus slowing there in preparation for her rare retro phase, your personal magnetism, always intense, will add an order of magnitude to its mystical power.

    Venus in Scorpio is darkly alluring, so with macho Mars there too, many a moth will be burned in your flame. A jealous love nature, intense passionate emotions, and a love of sensation, luxury and pleasures will be the flavour of the month. A surge of vitality flows over you, associated with a stronger identification with masculine energy. Ego is the guiding force behind many of your physical actions, as you really go for what (or who) you want. This phase may generate an act of great courage, an aggressive push to get ahead, an enthusiastic endorsement, or a demonstration of your integrity and principles.

    Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 8th, conjunct the jealous and dangerous fixed star Zuben Algenubi (the South Scale). Sexual exploits will therefore follow during the retrograde phase, which lasts until November 18, when both Venus and Jupiter both turn direct, a big relief, as these two are the fortunate planets—and we need to feel as though our world is (more or less) under our own control... Remember that the Venus shadow period lasts until December 21, the solstice, when the Sun enters Capricorn, boosting your energies for the party season.

    2010 Home and Family Home and Family  Go to Top

    Saturn rules your domestic environment, and spends most of the year in Libra, your twelfth house of secrets. Saturn in the twelfth house tends to bring a secluded life, and less contact with the public. This conflicts with the influence of Mars in your mid-heaven, but even if you do prefer to work secretly, or unobserved, the pressure of public life will pull against your domestic concerns. It is good for success in an official capacity in public institutions, asylums, hospitals or prisons, but you may find it difficult to receive recognition for your achievements. You must confront any negative situations, learn from them, let them go and move forward with determination.

    If you have a partner, he or she may suffer from some chronic affliction, especially between January and May, while Saturn is retrograde. Saturn returns briefly to Virgo between April 7 and July 21, which will allow you to resolve issues that have arisen in the past and have been bothering you for the past three years or so. Trust the flows and processes of life. The resolution of the issues will be found in approving of yourself and trusting life's processes as righteous opportunities.

    Jupiter is in your fourth house of home and family, which is also the house of new beginnings, at the turn of the year, but crosses into Pisces on January 18. Saturn is already retrograde, so there may be some hidden reason why real estate sales, or selling the family home is delayed, but the chances are you've already sealed the deal. Once Jupiter enters Pisces, your children will become a major focus if you have any, and romantic involvements will emerge, leading to marriage for some later in the year.

    Overall, family life will be beneficial, except for the possibility of partner's illness. You will also be rewarded in some way for previous sacrifices.

    button Work and Health  Go to Top

    Mars, not only your life-ruler, but the planetary lord of your sixth house of work and health, starts the year retrograde in your mid-heaven, your house of career and public image. Mars rules acute conditions: this will stimulate headaches, fevers, inflammation, or a flare-up of chronic illness, notably heart, back and circulatory concerns. Avoid conflict and argument with males in the light of the public arena, as violence and accidental injury lurk beneath the surface. The intense phase is between December 20, 2009 and March 10, 2010, though the shadow phase lasts until May 17. There will be plenty of things for you to do in the way of physical exercise and work—on the job as well as around the house, and you may need to hire others. The flow of physical energy can make you more aggressive or competitive concerning your career, right up until the first week in June. Be ready to confront problems and seek a solution, but don't fall for the tendency for angry outbursts or rash actions.

    Jupiter and Uranus both make a brief foray into Aries between the end of May and the beginning of September. This gives us a foretaste of what will become a bigger deal next year in 2011 and in the case of Uranus, over the ensuing seven years. Jupiter is the greater benefic, so wherever he spends some time receives good fortune in one shape or another. Your work and daily responsibilities expand during this period, perhaps requiring more travel, or advanced training. You may hire others to work for you at this time, and your relationships with co-workers are expanded in one way or another. Keep your sense of self-importance well in hand. Although there is certainly an excellent chance that your work will be recognized and handsomely rewarded, do not take your job or any aspect of it for granted. You may acquire a pet or increase your activities involving a pet, or the breeding of such animals. Though there is no guarantee you will actually pursue it, your interest concerning health and physical fitness may increase, but it is more than likely you will take your health too much for granted. Should circumstances require you to seek medical care or advice, you may be fortunate in finding excellent physicians or other professionals to help you.

    Thanks to Uranus, this will be an unstable work phase. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed outside the home, or occupied with other tasks and daily responsibilities. You are likely to change jobs or work habits during this period. You may be the one to initiate changes in your work, or quit a job because of a need for greater independence. You may be fired unexpectedly, or offered new employment by others. Your work at this time may be of an unusual or nontraditional nature. Activities and relationships with those who work for or with you are subject to change and separation.

    Your health and physical status is vulnerable to the same unpredictable pattern as your work. You may explore unorthodox health and physical fitness methods. The influence of others will be key.

    Saturn's influence has as much to do with the past as it does with the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. This year, with the Lord of Karma in your twelfth house, you must confront that which is hidden from others, either deliberately or inadvertently, consciously or subconsciously. You must face your fears and worries, resolve issues from the past that continue to weaken your happiness and productivity, and deal responsibly with loss and disappointment. If you have taken refuge in self-pity and unnecessary guilt in the past, you now have the responsibility to rid yourself of these destructive habits.

    You may be required to assist a family member experiencing a serious health or work related difficulty. The most positive features of this period suggests that you will be rewarded for any previous sacrifice and deprivation you sustained, or lonely confinement you endured, in order to achieve a major goal.

    Saturn rules chronic conditions and moved into Libra at the end of October 2009. Saturn turns retrograde on January 13, moving back into Virgo on April 8. This may restimulate chronic problems, especially those affecting pessimism, hypochondria, nervous disorders and obstructive conditions in the bowels. Blood afflictions and arthritic conditions, especially of the fingers, may re-emerge. Maintain a positive attitude and remember that Saturn's job is to point out obstructions and obstacles, so that we may become healed through overcoming them. Saturn turns direct in Virgo on May 20—a good time to implement structured, time-delineated plans regarding your personal happiness and the achievement of your hopes and dreams—returning to Libra on July 22.

    2010 Career Matters Career and Finances  Go to Top

    Jupiter is the planetary ruler of your personal finances, and Mars is the ruler of your career. Jupiter opens the year in the final degrees of Aquarius, so if you have been in process of selling your home, or improving it, you should do well. January 18 sees Jupiter cruise into Pisces, boosting your capacity for enjoyment for most of the year, and inclining you to take more chances than you otherwise might. So watch your waistline, especially between January 18 and June 6! There is no guarantee that you'll win the lottery, but you will long to possess the good life, and the get feeling that prosperity is within easy reach. As a result, you may purchase more luxury items, take more expensive vacations, and buy fancier or more expensive clothes. You will feel more creative, romantic and willing to take a chance. If your career is in a creative field, this can be a period of great success.

    Jupiter ventures into Aries on June 6, remaining in the fiery sign of the Ram until September 10. This is a good time for improving your routines, boosting business and you may even need to take on extra help, but it could take some surprising turns, with Uranus also popping in for a visit. After September 10, Jupiter slips back into Pisces again, turning direct in motion through the zodiac on November 18, as Venus turns direct after a period or retro motion in Scorpio. The week or so on either side of this date is ideal for making and implementing decisions regarding romance, relationships, children and speculative ventures.

    Relationships and contacts with children may be greatly expanded under this influence. Romance can blossom, or in its wider application, can enhance the quality of your life in general. You are more willing to take risks, and for the most part, should emerge on the winning side of the chances you take.

    Mars begins the year retrograde in Leo, the sign governing your career. This means that issues from the past are likely to dominate, and you will need to put a great deal of energy into your career this year, especially up until June 6, when Jupiter enters Aries, followed by Mars diving into the pure land of Virgo the day after. These first six months will boost your public standing, mainly through your own efforts, but also with the aid of more powerful men, whose own careers you may be helping in one way or another.

    Mars enters Scorpio on September 14, just as Pluto turns direct, so this is a particularly potent time for you. Venus, who is not only the Queen of Hearts, but also the holder of the purse strings, is already in Scorpio at this time and will turn retrograde conjunct Mars on October 8. This phase is therefore very intense indeed, and will see major emotional and financial developments, as discussed in the preceding sections.

    2010 Mercury the Messenger Mercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde motion three times a year as a rule, for about three weeks each time. This year sees Merc travelling in reverse four times, which is unusual. The retro phase marks a time of confusion and misunderstandings, which can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for—and didn't. During the retro period, and even for a week or two before and after, in the Mercury Shadow, we need to be aware of this tendency. It is best to put off major decisions, or signing crucial documents and agreements. It is not exactly wise to make important decisions while Mercury is retrograde, since it is likely they will be clouded by misinformation, poor communication and careless thinking. Mercury is all about mental clarity and the power of the mind, so when Mercury is retrograde these intellectual characteristics tend to be less acute than usual. Make sure you pay attention to the small print!

    Mercury's first retro cycle begins on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2009, in Capricorn, the Sea-Goat. Business projects (especially sales), contacts with siblings, correspondence, educational meetings, neighbourhood activities, errands, or travel are thrown into disarray, thanks to the failure of some to note the details carefully in a diary or notebook—or just the bad weather. Information and ideas are flowing, but gossips will spread rumours, so watch what you say and who you say it to. Cars and other vehicles, computers, phones or mechanical and electrical equipment tend to play up, perhaps from overload! Getting out and about will be the key to gaining the control you seek, but with Mars and Merc in reverse, expect obstacles to appear at every turn. This can bring figures from the past into view, possibly marking the start of a reborn romance. The Divine Messenger turns direct again on January 15, at the Capricorn New Moon, which is conjunct the benefic planet Venus, so you might find love at the local. It's a good day to start over, but remember that the shadow phase lasts until Feb 4.

    Mercury's second reverse motion cycle begins in Taurus, the sign of the Bull, on April 18th. You can expect some discussions with lawyers and concern with legal matters. Partners will be picky, so be sure to get every detail very clear in your mind and check the fine print. Debates, communications with partners, contract negotiations, and joint ventures of any kind can see confusion unless you have everything marked out for all to see. The dates and times of consultations should be carefully checked. Mercury moves forward on May 11th, with the shadow lasting till May 29.

    Mercury's third retro cycle begins in Virgo on August 20th. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Libra on this day, so the urge to express passionate feelings is strong, especially in a concealed romance, or secret attraction. Unfortunately, the Moon is square this conjunction so there are likely to be some serious misunderstandings, if you are not careful. Issues with communication with friends and associates may delay trips, or interfere with the realisation of your cherished dreams. Travel with children, especially children who are not biologically yours but for whom you have responsibility, is particularly subject to problems. Be sure that all your arrangements are clear and that everyone knows where the tickets are. Disruption can occur in clubs and associations, as activities such as fund raising, membership drives, or newsletters can suffer crossed wires. Mercury moves forward on September 12th, and Pluto moves forward on the 14th, so the pressure for control should begin to ease. Remember, the Mercury shadow phase lasts till Sep 27.

    Mercury's fourth and final retro phase begins on December 10, 2010, in Capricorn again. A lot of issues from the past have emerged during the past twelve months, concerning your hopes and dreams and relationships with friends and associates, and now is the time to finalise them. Be sure to make your position clear, lest some misunderstanding get you in deeper water than you'd like. Plan travel well in advance, and be sure to have the agendas confirmed in writing. Don't leave things till the last minute, especially Christmas and New Year arrangements. Mercury returns to direct motion in Sagittarius on December 30th, with the shadow phase dogging your footsteps until January 18th. Have a cool Yule!

    2010 Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon  Go to Top

    Your Full Moon comes at Wesak, the annual celebration of the Buddha, this year on April 28, though it's usually in May, thus spreading its power over a longer period. That's the cosmos for you. Wesak is named for the legendary convergence of the Buddha, the Christ and other Masters at Wesak in the Himalayas, during the Buddha Moon each year in May. This spiritual flame is celebrated throughout the world, including via pilgrimages to the Himalayan valley. The Scorpion Moon is a pressure cooker this year, but in a good aspect to Pluto, suggesting that transforming alliances with neighbours, siblings or in your local area will overcome the potential obstructions. Communication will be difficult, even misleading, so hold your fire today and wait till the Moon makes eyes at Jupiter on April 29. Thus the spiritual power of this Moon is likely to be awakened through misunderstanding and even conflict. For the Scorpion who may have a more down-to-earth viewpoint, we can say that the May Moon on the other hand is associated with a beautiful aspect to fortunate Jupiter and to surprising Uranus, the cosmic force of originality and disruptive movement, just before Uranus makes his move into dynamic Aries, the sign on the cusp of your sixth house of work and health—after seven years in intuitive Pisces.

    Your New Moon is on November 6. Jupiter again receives a beneficial aspect from the Moon, so the general effect is good; although Mercury is under pressure in your Sign, which can see some delusion on your part, or deception as to the true issues at stake. Benefits tend to flow from broader societal interests, rather than personal ones; so it's a good time to discuss hopes and aspirations, join organizations, and expand your circle of friends. Success is indicated if you are involved with scientific and technical projects, computers, travel by air, international finances, or sociological issues. Make sure the situation is quite clear in your mind, as Neptune's influence tends to cloud the issues.
    Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle, or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon affect matters connected with home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children, and with the public at large. Both may affect your health.

    The year begins with Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in emotional Cancer on Dec 31, New Year's Eve 2009, waving an emotional but delightfully cultured goodbye to a year which for many of us has been little more than a disaster. The passionate Scorpion may be inclined towards a public display of feeling, with retro Mars rising in Leo at the time of the eclipse. Don't be too impulsive, or jump to conclusions, especially regarding travel, connections with foreigners, religion, or putting your ideas out there, as these could be the wrong ones. Mercury is retro too, opposing the Moon, so the travelling Scorpion is liable to experience troubles and problems, especially with transportation. Vivid dreams, even visions for some, are likely thanks to difficult aspects to Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, but no matter how emotional you feel, resist making an ill-considered change in religion—or you'll be subject to criticism, even censure. Misunderstandings can lead to trouble up until the Solar Eclipse of January 15, when retro Mercury turns direct again.

    An annular Solar Eclipse comes with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 15th, when the light is partly blocked, so the eclipse is widely visible, though not in the US, Western Europe, or Australia, sadly. Still, your mental processes will be energized and keen to make a break with past knowledge, discovering new realms in the process. Communication is the key, as you get busy planning projects, attending meetings, and taking short trips. Buying a computer, new car, or communications equipment, or upgrading your present systems may well be on your agenda. Social activities with siblings and neighbours are in the wind and you may find yourself assuming leadership in community affairs. Be more assertive in self-expression, but avoid the delusion that your own ideas and opinions are the only ones worth listening to. It is in your best interests to turn each situation into a positive learning experience. Remember, you need to deal with difficulties in these areas, because the eclipse cycle won't let you get away with it; the cosmic spotlight is focused firmly on this zone all year. It really is time for a new beginning, so that you can take advantage of a delightfully exotic, cultured and possibly exquisitely spiritual vibration of the year, once fortunate Jupiter enters Pisces on Jan 18. Romantic inclinations can soon be realised. Home will be where the heart is, as Venus enters Aquarius on the cusp of your fourth house that same day, but some conflict arises between your career goals and your family feelings.

    A Lunar Eclipse comes with the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 26th, stimulating or finalising a change in your local situation, or with brethren or neighbours. The movement of the eclipse cycle has been focusing heavily on travel, foreign affairs, education, spiritual awareness, neighbourhood affairs and relationships this year, ever since the Lunar Eclipse in creative Cancer on New Year's Eve. Even your in-laws are affected, if you have any. Tread carefully this month in these areas, for on the day of the eclipse, Mercury and Jupiter are under severe pressure. Tardiness or mechanical failure can be the cause of frustration in travel. The truth is that, in spite of whatever snags develop, much can actually be accomplished, especially if you avoid jumping to conclusions, acting with too much haste, or believing you already know the answers. You had better prepare for a big transformation in your mode of communicating, expressing and indeed convincing others of the value of your ideas this month, leading up to the Solar Eclipse which has more positive aspects for communication.

    A Solar Eclipse comes with the New Moon in Cancer on July 11th. Good news should come regarding work or health, but routines will be subject to change or a cyclical ending, especially given that Jupiter is preparing to turn retrograde in fiery Aries on July 23rd. New interests or activities will stimulate you to take action to attain your personal goals. Career income should improve, or you'll want to do something about it. Friendships, associations and memberships will take on a new life. Travel plans receive a kick along, but could wind up taking you somewhere unexpected, perhaps for business reasons.

    A Lunar Eclipse comes with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 21st, the Solstice, awakening an unexpected outburst or upset over money, inheritance, or financial matters, for the eclipse is square to disruptive Uranus. Children and love interests are unpredictable now. Mercury and Jupiter are both under pressure, just as they were at the Solar Eclipse in June, so this should bring matters that have been bubbling beneath the surface to a very visible head. Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign on your second house of personal finances, sparking confusion in what you really value. Resist the urge to sign on the dotted line, especially for major contracts, or travel arrangements, until after the end of the month. Prepare yourself for a power struggle with family members and neighbours or local figures, who are likely to get the wrong end of the stick, or claim that you have!


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