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    Virgo, the Virgin
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    2010 Horoscope Forecast
    Virgo the Virgin in 2010 
    financial developments, with partnership potential

    Saturn, measurer of effort in the sign of Libra will demand change with your handling of money, your spending and your holdings this year while Pluto, Lord of the Underworld will urge you on the path to a new lifestyle or fresh creative efforts or ventures and perhaps a romance or romantic renewal. Jupiter will spread good cheer through new companions or advance the cause of someone you love or are close to—that's if you're not being taken in with flimflam or false promises from a shyster pretending to be in your corner. Take risks but don't be too trusting. In the wheel of great events, there's a turn of consequence for you.

    On a smaller scale but just as important, the year begins with Mercury in reverse in Capricorn and your solar fifth house, striking sparks with Mars, also in reverse, but in Leo and your solar twelfth house. There'll be wobbles, excitement of the unexpected sort and an ambush or two as you roll into 2010. There'll also be confusion, misunderstandings or delays with lifestyle or romantic matters. Give things a chance to brew rather than flying off the handle or racing to the rescue. You'll have problems or even a contretemps with a first child or a romantic partner but, once again, give them time. There will be delays or a blockage with creative work or you'll need to take extra care with safety if you're involved in vigorous or demanding recreational activity. The main thrust of this will be to get a focus on what you're doing that is inessential or unhelpful—or what you're not doing that you need to add to the pot. It will also be, with the closeness of the tension with Saturn in Libra, that the lifestyle imperative and the financial resources are ill-matched. It's time to make some magic to get what you want. Mercury moves forward on Jan 15 (right on a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn), emerging from the shadow on Feb 4.

    This will be a year when old dreams or schemes, perhaps failing or even forgotten will finally come into form. You'll take an unexpected direction, find yourself amid a mishmash of communications or among a web of people from the past, turning up or getting in touch unexpectedly. Nothing will go according to plan but the unplanned diversion might well be the one that takes you closer to your goal in time. With Mars reversed in Leo, realize that you'll have to wait for your dreams to come true or face opposition from an unexpected quarter. Shape your secret plans or dreams but let the momentum of others carry you to Mar 10 when Mars moves forward. Money will be better then and you'll work on the foundations of something new. A real leap ahead follows on, as the warrior planet at last emerges from the grip of Leo and rolls into your sign on Jun 6. You'll be fired up!

    The joint is jumping in your solar seventh house as Jupiter, Lord of Fortune, rolls into Pisces on Jan 18. For some, a partner or close associate will receive a promotion or enjoy an elevation of status while, for others, there'll be opportunity or good fortune that comes through newly-made connections, or perhaps a new partner. Someone you meet or form an association with will really alter the circumstances or the direction of your life. People of academic standing, or from other cultures, will home in, bringing a special kind of magic. However, you will also deal with people who exaggerate, are extravagant or go OTT at the drop of a hat. If you've met someone new and are not sure where it's going or where you stand, watch for signs of indulgence so you don't get your fingers burned. You may come into a close relationship with a teacher, or someone who brings that extra something special into your world. Professional people, legal people, or academics will make their presence felt; you'll draw from their experience or skills in order to alter or uplift your own situation.

    Advantage or possibilities will come from a close connection, but you'll have to be watchful as to where you're going and how you're going to get there from Apr 7 when Saturn, the Measurer of Effort, returns to your sign. A push and pull or a shakeup of the foundations of your thinking or practices comes as Jupiter and Saturn move through their opposition, Jupiter joining revolutionary Uranus as he moves along the latter stages of his journey in the sign of the Fishes. There'll be nine kinds of magic, or seven kinds of powerful change, as you roll into the midyear on the threshold of a new adventure.

    The story unfolds at speed from there, as revolutionary Uranus on May 27 and giant Jupiter on Jun 6 put on the spurt into fiery Aries, opening doors, firing fresh initiatives or bringing impossible feats within reach with your financial situation or holdings. Expect the rocketing acceleration of change, or the spark of possibility, with what you have and what you can gain in new ventures, or with investments. A sudden stroke of fortune could turn your situation around. Money will certainly be in the frame, but the best strategy for making it, keeping it, or using it to make more, will be to understand yourself, who you are and what you want. For some, there'll be a journey into esoteric or occult knowledge and perhaps a teacher who will lead the way, or open the doors of the mind.

    Get set for a transformation of your lifestyle, romantic life or life direction as Uranus and Jupiter hover on the edge of a square to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, on his journey through Capricorn and your solar fifth house. There'll be important changes with children, lifestyle, creative ventures or projects, recreation or romance. What comes will come with a sudden surge, or a ride on a dramatic wave of change. However, the process slows from there as Uranus hits reverse on Jul 5 while Jupiter does the same on Jul 23. On Aug 14, Uranus moves back to Pisces and your solar seventh house and Jupiter performs similarly on Sep 9. Reconfigure the ebb and flow of life in partnership or close association and set your sights on an even more vigorous exploration of unknown climes in 2011.

    2010 Virgo Love and Money Love and Money  Go to Top

    For those in a relationship, someone close will undergo a shift of status (or luck) that'll open doors for both of you. There'll be a celebration, a sabbatical, travel, study or a new horizon. You'll seal your relationship in a ceremony, or you'll take a new path together. It's also possible you'll meet someone new, who'll alter the course of your present relationship by urging you to seek a horizon, or enter new climes. One way or another, you will celebrate the possibilities of change that life offers. For those single, you'll find yourself with a new romantic connection that offers opportunity, or an advance not open to you before. Someone will provide the stimulus of knowledge by which you can advance. That someone may also open your eyes to places or possibilities you didn't know existed. Both knowledge and fortune are to be had for a Virgin that seizes the day. Be mindful though, as it's also possible you'll meet someone who is wasteful, extravagant, or keeps secrets. Remember, it can be a failing of yours to compensate for the lack of action in someone close by taking things on yourself. Avoid that like the plague! Married or single, you'll find yourself looking opportunity in the eye with new business partnerships, partners, or ventures that show the way or lead it. Do the business!

    As Venus the Goddess begins the year in Capricorn, fresh from a crossing with Pluto, romance and lifestyle will be the order of the day. You will seek to make an end with the past or past connections, burying your dead, laying ghosts and leaving the past behind for fresh fields and pastures new. With all that in mind, where does money fit into the plan?

    Saturn, the Measurer of Effort, waits in Libra, squaring Pluto and urging you towards the threshold of change with finance and lifestyle. This is not about changing your job or your tasks as you would change your clothes; this is about fashioning a new lifestyle from the foundation up that sees you with the freedom, or the independence, to operate as you wish. Creative projects, new ventures, or the unfoldment of your special skills or knowledge will be the key to start the engine. In the wake of the union of Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, your solar sixth house, on Feb 16, let the new light call. As Mars moves forward in harmony with Saturn on Mar 10, you'll give form or structure to new undertakings, though the period from April 7 to Jul 21 will see you fiddling and fixing to finally settle past matters, or put the outstanding details in place. You can make the money you need to make, when armed with resolve and partnered with those who have your interests at heart. It's important to remember that the Lunar Eclipse on New Year's Eve 2009 will have knocked a few friends off the Christmas card list, or deleted some contacts from the address book.

    Keep an eye on the period from Apr 20 to Jul 20 as Chiron slips into Pisces and your solar seventh house. Someone new or unusual will appear on the scene, or you will find yourself in an uncharacteristic or unfamiliar situation with someone you're close to. Health or intimacy will be an issue as you seek new ideas and practices that will turn around your thinking and actions. For some, a new and unusual relationship will begin. This will either get underway full steam ahead, or there'll be a harbinger as to where you're set to go in the future. You'll engage in therapy or healing around relationships.

    From Oct 8, Venus moves into reverse in Scorpio, bringing a hiatus, a delay, or even a withdrawal in your dealings with the outside world. Step back from an external role, or from interaction with the public or a public situation. It will also be that familiar contacts, females especially will be absent from your usual interactions. For some, the reverse of this will be the case for, if you have been away from public interaction for some time, you'll return to such duties or involvements, stepping back into a past role. There'll be a change in relations with siblings or neighbours, perhaps something of a feud or ill-feeling that brings a division or a stand-off. It could also be that someone is simply absent for a time. If there is ill-feeling, don't let it build. You'll deal with troubled or frustrated people, females especially, playing the agony aunt or dodging the bullets. Prepare for a change with work or business contacts, educational or travel-related connections or you'll simply deal with absences amongst the usual run of associates. You may step back from public or external interaction to take a break or deal with an interim period. As the Goddess returns to Libra on Nov 8, dealings with people over money will come under the umbrella of this reversal and income or spending will be on the list of matters to be discussed and sorted. Nov 18 sees Venus move ahead once more.

    2010 Virgo Home and Family Home and Family  Go to Top

    With these last years in mind and with the domestic or personal phases you have been through, many of them involving significant changes or endings, you'll come into this year knowing how you want to live—and determined to put yourself in that place. You may lack the means, but, if you set your mind to it, it will come. You may lack the connections, but opportunity or luck will favour you this year. This is the year, not for a lifestyle block, but for a lifestyle home.

    With Pluto in Capricorn and your solar fifth house, there'll be changing relationships or new patterns with your children, for those who have them, or for someone else's, for those who don't. The oldest child will feature in particular. The important thing is for you to set the ground and make the rules by which the domicile works. Your home will need to be something or do something, not just be a repository for those who want to live there while you wipe the surfaces and pick up the clothes. Thinking, talking and duty or responsibility will get things going from Apr to Jul. From there, it's up to you and those with whom you're close to hammer in the nails, or lay the stones.

    2010 Virgo Work and Health Work and Health  Go to Top

    There's a mystic element to the union of Neptune and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your solar sixth house on Feb 16. Who knows where this will lead or take you? For some, a new interest in health will alter your path, with new skills or engaging practices to learn. For others, either the creative urge or disillusion with current circumstances will turn your head in a new direction. If there's something you truly aspire to, this is the year to follow the light that calls, no matter what. There'll be lots happening in the space about you, so it will be important to judge people to their depths and not just take them with a teaspoon of hope or at face value. Avoid dishonesty or poor self-understanding in others.

    Your daily routines will involve dealings with spiritual and artistic folk or people gifted in the healing arts. You'll work with people and their health concerns. One way or another, practices in work or health are marked for change and, if you've followed the behest of Jupiter in Aquarius in this last twelve months, you will have learned new disciplines or garnered information that will have prepared you for a new regime. There will be no logic or practical reasons for what you want to do now, but that isn't the point. The point is to follow on the road of what you believe to be your true calling. Health concerns, or changes at work with someone around you, will set new tasks for you to undertake on a daily basis.

    2010 Virgo Career Matters Career Matters  Go to Top

    In many ways, the notations for work or health will apply to career aspirations, setting you on a new path or summoning you with a new sense of vocation or practice. However, there is something else at work in the alchemy in 2010, as both revolutionary Uranus and Jupiter, Lord of Fortune fire up in Aries in the midyear for a few brief months. Where this will touch your career sector will be twofold.

    Firstly, finance is in the frame and you'll either simplify your financial obligations in pursuit of that lifestyle you want, or you'll step up to the task of making money by using money, rather than going about the process through the sweat of labour or attention to the task. Over these next years, you'll think differently about money and people, seeing yourself and your life from a different perspective.

    Secondly, the psychology of behaviour and the hidden matters of life and power will become more fascinating and an area of interest. In time, some will look to significant training or retraining for a marked change of direction. Some of you will play the markets, whether to win or lose is in the lap of the gods and your acumen. What is important is the oldest aphorism of all—know thyself!

    2010 Virgo Mercury the Messenger Mercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde motion three times a year for about three weeks each time—and this year he starts off already retrograde in Capricorn, as already noted. This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications, especially concerning children, romance or speculation. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't. When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again. A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie and help us with damage control or the mending of things. Double check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things.

    In the body of this year, Mercury hits a second reverse motion phase in Taurus on Apr 18. You'll be looking at communications, plans for study or overseas travel or legal issues and wondering what happened or you may be searching for a further horizon you did not know you'd need to find. You'll have to alter where you're going or how you'll get there at short notice. You'll simply be waiting on the news or information you need. Events in the big picture, unexpected ones, will alter what you can or can't do. Problems with culture or language may hinder your progress or your dealings. Academia or the elite will be hard to understand, or hard to get in touch with. However, all is fixable with time and patience, as the harmony of earth signs will serve the situation or ease difficulty. It'll only be a matter of waiting or patience. Be prepared for a blow-up or a sharp course of action in the last week of Apr. As Saturn and Uranus once again wrestle in their opposition cycle, you will need to review close relations as a consequence of changing plans for the future, or a clash of view or beliefs. Learn to speak someone else's tongue, or see things from their point of view. Talk is the remedy, once the tension blows away. Mercury moves forward under favourable influences on May 11, emerging from the shadow on May 29.

    Mercury's next retrograde cycle comes in your sign, beginning Aug 20. You'll stumble with words or ideas, or you'll find relations with physical objects are not straightforward for the moment. You'll have cause to review the situation in personal relations or attachments and will find poor communication or a misunderstanding is the cause behind the cause of any problems. For some, there may be a perfectly simple break in contact while for others there'll be a remedy required or a bridge to be built. You may be uncertain or frustrated over what you want from relationships and something will need to be talked over so you feel you're heard. Past connections or communications will resurface and, with Mars and various in tension with Lady Moon and the Lunar Nodes at the start, money or lifestyle will be at the heart of disputes or confusion. An old debt, long overdue may at last be paid or claimed. You'll look to a change with presentation or activity to sort yourself out, but this isn't the time to make it, just to plan it. Set yourself for a new launch when Mercury moves forward on Sep 12, emerging from the shadow on Sep 27.

    The last retrograde cycle for the year starts on Dec 10 as the messenger reverses in Capricorn. Once again, lifestyle, romance, recreation, creative projects and children will be in the frame for problems with arrangements, communications, unexpected events or a reversal of the expected situation. Watch 'you' and safety if you're engaged in extreme or vigorous activities. Be careful or sensitive with communications involving lovers and kids. You'll also need to monitor the activities of the latter for safety. Celebrations or occasions may not go according to the plan and this is not a time to organize a big do or food for the multitudes unless you really have your act together and room to move. There'll be a block or delay with creative projects or ventures, so be patient and look to the reasons. You may feel tired or exhausted and unable to continue at the accustomed pace on either of these roads. Once again, wait for the air to clear and don't over-commit or sign on the dotted line. It'll be hard to make arrangements or plan, due to communication difficulties or to the absence of crucial people. Shared schedules may not make the needed alchemy to get the show on the road. Arrangements for dinners, outings or entertainment may have to be bent into a new shape. Cruise along, say goodbye to something that hasn't worked out and watch the messenger slip back to Sagittarius and put the focus on home family and personal life on Dec 18 before moving forward on Dec 30.

    2010 Virgo Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon  Go to Top

    Your Full Moon comes on Feb 28, dancing with Jupiter in Pisces alongside the Sun. It's a sweet or 'swept away' time, with strong feelings or excitement in the air. The workplace will be abuzz with activity or communications as your plans seem to take shape or begin to gather real momentum after a long hiatus. There'll be direct connections, gatherings or meetings with professional or qualified people, or you'll be involved in a celebration or a get together on behalf of someone close to you. Your loved one or a close associate will introduce you to new or exotic people; overseas links or other cultures will be involved. Status or authority comes with those present. You'll have the opportunity to see where you stand on your own two feet.

    Your New Moon on Sep 8 will bring about a process of review, or a return to the activities or connections of an earlier time or phase. Mercury is in reverse in your sign at this point, urging you to think about where you're going, what you're doing, how you act or engage and how you get on with or communicate with others. It's time for a fresh start in the wake of this point. Revise the methods or techniques of presentation or action. Take a beat from earlier skills or take the advice of someone you're close to. You'll need to do a little listening, taking in information and the views or feelings of others. Somehow or other, you'll need to refresh or revise the situation with an important relationship.

    Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun tend to affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

    A Solar Eclipse comes at the New Moon in Capricorn on Jan 15, setting your finger to the edit button as far as lifestyle, romance or recreation is concerned. Dealings with a first child may feature for some. As far as lifestyle is concerned, it'll be important to see clearly what's excess to requirements and has to go. Though this isn't a potent blockage of the light, you will nonetheless need to set aside what doesn't serve or step back from involvements or ventures that are going nowhere or wasting your energy. What can you do that's good for you? For the singles, is there a romance that isn't going anywhere? For all, is there an activity or project that's not worth the candle? Strip away what's surplus to requirements and start afresh. With certain activities or connections, a hiatus or delay will right itself in time. If so, leave things to their own devices.

    There'll be a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in Capricorn on Jun 26, when the mood will be intense as Lady Moon hovers side by side with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Endings or beginnings will be in the frame. Lifestyle, romance, recreation and involvements with friends or groups will be the main arenas for the action, or the inaction, as the case may be. Females, intense people, domestic matters or family will feature in a departure or change that affects the way you're living. Food or diet may also come into consideration, as will children. One thing will go, so that another is free to flourish. For instance, better health will be a trade-off against a dietary indulgence or a lack of recreational activity. Either that or you'll have to suspend a favourite activity to keep up commitments or involvements with friends, groups, or even the wider community. Shake up the pieces of the lifestyle puzzle and see what falls to the floor. Prepare for a break or hiatus affecting romantic life; there's a change in your life with a child, especially the first.

    The big guns in Heaven boom as a total Solar Eclipse comes on Jul 11 with the New Moon in Cancer. With a favourable aspect to Mars in your sign at last, and with Saturn now returned there, this could shift a blockage or end an embargo that's been holding you back, or keeping your endeavours under wraps. Expect an end with a friend, a group activity or a community involvement. Something will pass, because it's at the natural conclusion of a cycle, or there'll be a slam dunk finish because of powerful or dramatic circumstances. This is part of a series of changes to your solar fifth and eleventh houses running through the year. You'll reshuffle the deck of lifestyle or romance, drawing new cards or discarding old ones to suit the changes you're making or have to make with lifestyle. Romantic life will enter a new phase, exiting past cycles; relations with lovers or children will be part and parcel of the process of alteration. Something or someone is set to go or change completely, a end that will leave a mark on the cycle of your life. Practices with recreation or food could also be earmarked for change at this time.

    A total Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in Gemini on Dec 21 sees changes, disruption or an end with responsibilities, professional concerns or dealings with authority. There'll be an end with a professional link or to a line of communication with responsibilities or career dealings. A talkative or active individual (perhaps too much so) will be away from the scene, or off altogether. You may drop tasks or duties where communication, movement or quick response is part of the deal. You may enter a quieter space, seeking more from your personal life, or you may find yourself on the outer with professional activity. This will mark the final phase of an ongoing change or concern. Watch health and energy here with the nervous system or stresses, as you may be pushed to the limit or beyond it. Is there too much pressure from the demands placed on you by others, or by dint of your position? As Mercury is retrograde in your solar fourth house at this point, the push and pull of public and private life will determine the outcome or the changes involved. Problems or shifts at home or in the family will lead to a shift with responsibilities or in career. There will be a reconfigure with the balance of personal and professional life due to a change, an absence or an ending.


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