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    Aquarius Info: Aquarius the Water-Bearer | Relationships | Sexuality | Rising
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    Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, Body Art by Rudy Everts
    bullet Relationships: The Journey to the Heart
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    2011 Horoscope Forecast
    Aquarius, the Water-Bearer in 2011 
    broadening your horizons

    Happy New Year, Aquarius. You are one of the lucky signs in 2011, as Jupiter and Saturn, the two Great Chronocrators, or Time Lords, are well placed for you this year. On the 22nd of January, Jupiter, Lord of Fortune, will enter fiery Aries, your third solar house of communication and travel, urging you to connect with people overseas. Whether on the phone or via the web, or even in face-to-face conversations, you will be busy communicating with the world to get your message through.

    Jupiter in your third house will also tempt you to go on a trip to foreign lands in order to discover or study new cultures and languages. So get yourself ready. Expansive Jupiter here will encourage you to get a bigger or faster car, after you discover that your car (if you have one) has become inadequate or too old. With or without a vehicle, Jupiter will increase the number of trips you make locally too.

    Additionally, Jupiter in Aries is a very good time for all Aquarian students. Studying should be quicker and easier, and as a result all pupils are expected to do better in school, especially in the first five months of the year.

    On the 5th of June, Jupiter will move into Taurus and thus turning the focus to everything related to the home base. Some of you will consider moving to another house, or another country, and others will return to their mother country after a long stay abroad.

    The majority of Aquarians will expand their residence by increasing the space inside their homes, alternatively a handful of you will buy a piece of land or a new place to call home. An unresolved dispute concerning a property could go to court for arbitration in 2011 or 2012.

    In general, you will all be urged to take on the responsibility of caring for a home or a mother. By the way, your mother (or any motherly figure for you) will play an important role in the second part of 2011.

    So much for Jupiter, the mighty king of the ancient gods. In 2011, stern, structured Saturn moves through your house of travel, cultural pursuits and higher education, spotlighting issues related to these matters. These will definitely need careful long term planning, as there are many obstacles you need to consider. As for higher education, Saturn will demand hard work and commitment from you to your studies, otherwise they will not succeed.

    Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart Go to Top

    You will be lucky in love this year, Aquarius. Your house of sex, fun and pleasure will be energised and sometimes crowded from the 1st of June until the 3rd of August, so it will be a sizzling time for you! It will be the perfect time to go on a vacation, jump into bed for some passionate bliss or even to tie the matrimonial knot.

    2010 was the year of money and income for you. You should have made your money then, because in 2011, the situation is not so clear with regard to your cash. Nothing indicates that you will lose money, but nothing says you will make a lot, either.

    If you made good investments in 2010, then the situation will continue to improve. If not, then don't expect any sudden changes in 2011, although the two months after your birthday are promising.

    Deceptive Neptune will visit your sector of money for five months and we don't feel too good about that transit, because it could mean that you may be led into making a (seemingly) very good purchase, and thus could fall for an act of fraud. Or you could be deluded, or even wrong about the reality of your own financial capabilities.

    Family members, friends or anybody else could be asked for financial aid by late August and in September. More money is expected to come from different supportive sources starting mid-November.

    Home and Family Home and Family Go to Top

    Home and family as we discussed earlier will be highlighted in the last seven months of the year. A group of you will be very concerned about their parents and will feel a deep attachment to home and relatives.

    Most of you will enjoy wonderful times with your family. However, an minority will experience extra burdens in caring for their homes and families. Others will relocate, or buy a second house, or will restructure their houses for a more convenient use of space. In that context, work is expected to begin any time after mid-May.

    Be warned: nagging or criticism from your mother, wife or other important female may increase this year - and prove very irritating. Jupiter's stay in Taurus could see you at the mercy of these two, or any other feminine authority figure.

    Work and Health Work and Health Go to Top

    The eclipse of the 1st of July will fall in your house of Work and Health, dear Aquarius. Unfortunately, there will be many adverse aspects to this eclipse coming from Saturn, Pluto and Uranus which imply unpleasant effects on your physical condition and your work.

    Curiously enough, the same eclipse will fall under the protection of healing Jupiter and spiritual Neptune. These two planets will give you a chance to overcome the eclipse, so our advice is to treat any illness symptoms as soon as you feel them especially before and after this date.

    Some of you will schedule an operation around this date to relieve an old ailment. Don't worry, the operation will be successful. However, you should all be very cautious while driving or using all means of transportation, as the aspects indicate an unexpected failure or mishap.

    Workwise, some of you will submit their resignation (for various reasons: new job, travel, or after a verbal clash), while others will simply be absent following of a physical malaise.

    Career Matters Career and Finances Go to Top

    Career matters should unfold in a nice, easy manner in 2011. If you have plans for your advancement, then go ahead and implement them now, as they should come to fruition by October. Nothing is expected to go wrong in this regard, although a T-square will form by late October, but we see that as absolutely circumstantial.

    If you find yourself tense during that month or the next, try to cool off any way you can. Avoid resorting to deception to buy more time or divert pressure, as we do not recommend that. Be patient, for the phase is transitory.

    Mercury the MessengerMercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into his retrograde phase three times a year as a rule, for about three weeks each time. The retro phase marks a time of confusion and misunderstandings, which can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for—and didn't. During the retro period, and even for a week or two before and after, in the Mercury Shadow, we need to be aware of this tendency. It is best to put off major decisions, or signing crucial documents and agreements. It is not exactly wise to make important decisions while Mercury is retrograde, since it is likely they will be clouded by misinformation, poor communication and careless thinking. Mercury is all about mental clarity and the power of the mind, so when Mercury is retrograde these intellectual characteristics tend to be less acute than usual. Make sure you pay attention to the small print! When Mercury is moving in forward motion, we expect things to turn out well, but when it is retrograding, thinking, communication and travel are often found to go wrong.

    Mercury will retrograde three times this year. The first time will be in your house of travel and communication, so this will affect you strongly. You don't to have to worry though... Firstly, you should send your car for a checkup and then be sure to drive carefully between the 30th of March and the 23rd of April, for this is when Mercury will be retrograde. Secondly, you would be well-advised to abstain from signing any contract before checking and double-checking all the details. Thirdly, be sure to express your ideas clearly. What you say and what people understand could prove to be two different things.

    The second retrograde period will start on the 3rd of August and will end on the 26th of the same month. This one will happen in your house of partnerships. Wedding plans could face delays, and again don't sign any legally binding document unless it is checked thoroughly.

    The third retrograde phase will be in your house of friendships. This one will last from the 23rd of November until the 12th of December. During this time, be sure not lose a dear friend over a few words you say in anger that you will regret later on.

    Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon Go to Top

    Your New Moon will be on the 3rd of February. It will be a very fortunate time for you, Aquarius, as four planets in your sign will receive the blessings of Saturn, your traditional planetary ruler, on that day. Things will be take a better turn for you, especially if you were feeling down in January.

    All decisions, initiations or personal decisions are favoured while the Moon is crossing your sign on the 3rd and the 4th of Feb. and you can expect good news regarding your travel plans.

    Your Full Moon occurs on the 13th of August. This Moon will be of concern to those entering any legal partnership, whether marital or business. It will probably show you the mistakes you are about to make! Be careful, as it is not a time for major decisions, because deceptive Neptune has moved back to your sign in retrograde motion by that time.

    If you are planning to sign a contract, we advise you to postpone that until Mercury's retrograde period is over.

    EclipsesEclipses Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon affect matters connected with home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children, and with the public at large. Both may affect your health.

    The first solar eclipse will occur in Capricorn, your twelfth house, on the 4th of January, a time of solitude for you. Travel is not recommended around that date, and if suffering from a mental condition, remember to visit your doctor and have your medication checked. Be watchful of people plotting against you at this time.

    The second partial solar eclipse will be on the 1st of June in your house of pleasure and this one is positive. You could meet someone very interesting and start a very passionate romantic affair or you could participate in very pleasant occasions, locally or abroad.

    A total lunar eclipse in Gemini on June 15 will create emotional upsets with friends and lovers. Children may also be obstreperous, due to emotional insecurity that they feel.

    The third solar eclipse of July 1st will be followed by a lunar eclipse on July the 15th. At this stage, you will have to take extra care of yourself. Don't put off any medicine that you are on or neglect any symptoms, and you will be fine.

    The fourth solar and lunar eclipses will occur on the 23rd of November and the 12th of December while Mercury is in a backward motion. This one is likely to affect your mood, as you will suddenly feel sad or demotivated; some of you will lose a friend through quarrels, travel or even death. Be extra careful as this eclipse could also mean losing a large sum of money, especially if it is someone else's.

    That's it for 2011 dear Aquarius! Hope we've been a help. Don't forget to follow us up on the monthly and daily forecasts for more details.


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