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    Aquarius, the Water-BearerAquarius in Relationships

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    Aquarius, by Boris Vallejo
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    Charming, exciting and unpredictable, yet somehow strangely detached from the proceedings, you are one of the zodiac's most eccentric personalities. Your powerful intellect propels you into original thought and desire to take things to the limit in all manner of offbeat directions. You definitely look for the unusual and challenging, while at the same time seeking romance, tenderness and understanding in your relationships.

    Aquarius, a masculine sign, is adventurous and not averse to the thrill of risk-taking. No timidity for you! Your optimism and positivity, combined with idealism and the need to break new ground can lead you into quite unfamiliar territory – not that this bothers you, for you are willing to follow any new lead to its conclusion. Your sex-drive is not unduly strong, but your need to explore and be stimulated sometimes gives others the impression that your desires are rampant!

    Be that as it may, you are open to all forms of experimentation (in the search for new knowledge) and the field of sexuality and relationships is no exception. Even though deep down you seek security, your love of originality and exploring unusual new fields of endeavour gives you an attraction for partners with interesting, unconventional minds (and bodies). I might add that if their sexuality is unconventional too, you'll more than play along – at least until you've extracted a new chapter for your own personal x-files..

    Your emblem is the Water Bearer, pouring the water of originality, idealism and consciousness onto the parched earth of materialism and dullness. You stand at the vanguard of original thinking and tolerance, so you are not averse to seeking partners from other cultures, or other races. Your freedom is extremely important and you hate to be tied down, although, because your mind may be absorbed in some challenging study, you may not notice infringements to this rule for some time. When you do notice, you may react explosively and head for the door.

    Aquarius is a fixed sign, but you are not stuck in the mud. You can seem to be rather impersonal, but this is because you are immersed in painting the bigger picture. Your deepest needs are for a satisfying and complementary relationship, which gives you freedom and tolerance along with both mental and physical stimulation. With the right person you are a passionate, uninhibited and understanding lover and partner for life.



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