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    Saturn Enters Virgo 2007
    How this transit affects the Sign Aquarius

    Saturn, slow-moving Lord of Karma, changes from one sign to the next every two and a half years, restructuring the foundations of our social awareness and karmic realisation. Each sign is affected differently, so in this article, Mary MacLean discusses the effects of this transit on the sign of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer.

    Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, by Lisa Iris. Click for more on Aquarius
    Aquarius Image by Lisa Iris
    Aquarius, the Water BearerAquarius, the Water-BearerReturn to Main Saturn in Virgo article

    Saturn in Virgo in the 8th house always seems to have a lot to do with money. Not your money, but partnership finances, mortgages, loans, and money you might receive from inheritance. It seems that during this period your issues with money from others will be tested. If your base is strong and you have dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's, any changes here will only make your base stronger. If your agreements are weak, then this will be a time of rebuilding and strengthening your current relationship with other peoples money

    This is also likely to be a period of personal evaluation with regard to being more resourceful, more willing to use your skills and abilities to contribute to your own independence, financial and otherwise. If you are forced to understand and responsibly handle debts, monetary assets and resources at this time, do these things willingly and well. It is the key to your future security.

    Mars Retrograde Phase

    Mars, on the other hand, is entering your 5th house and indicates a redefining of your relationships with children, investments, entertainment and love affairs. This is truly the creative house and in some way your creativity (either with children or whatever you happen to create) will get redefined. You may find yourself more involved with a child or assessing your relationships involved with this house. Speculative concerns are likely to generate unpredictable results.

    This is not an angular house but, if you have planets here, it will be important. Angular houses are more personal to you. This phase will bring out a good deal of passion regarding love affairs and how they have affected you in the past – and where they are heading. It seems that there is an adjustment needed in this area and by November 15, 2007, you should know what is needed. I would stay light until after Jan. 30th, 2008, as that is when your decisions become final and the changes are near completion.

    The Full Moon Eclipse (Aug. 28, 2007) at 446' of Pisces occurs in your 2nd house of health and everyday work. Wherever it occurs you will see changes and/or endings. Money, love, and values will be affected.

    A New Moon Eclipse (September 11, 2007) at 1825' Virgo follows in two weeks. A challenging era begins as this New Moon Eclipse occupies your 8th house of shared finances, sex, death and taxes. In essence, money from others will be important.

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