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    Hola and hooray, my little airhead nobodies! The halls of incarceration had you in their stony grip at the end of last year, as we left you waiting breathless by the prison phone to see if your documentary on prison life will bring the success you long for!

    And thus it does! The phone runs hot. Mischievous Mercury and cranky Chiron conjoined in your solar twelfth house bring secret deals and discussions. As the respectable version of your film on prison life is politely received by the authorities at the Full Moon, your friends in the media prepare to show your exposť on the internet. They urge you to take the surreptitious delivery of a minicam so you can embellish this secret work with a 'live to air' broadcast on the web. They will interview you as you wander through corridors and cells, commenting in a typically smarmy and detached manner on all you see. And, as the guards and your fellow inmates are used to you talking to yourself, this will seem nothing out of the ordinary. Reality television from behind bars!

    Vamping Venus enters arrogant Aries as mischievous Mercury conjoins with nasty Neptune and, technologically, you're all set to go! WITHIN THESE WALLS is live to air and you, my little airhead imbeciles are the star.

    Come the New Moon in wretched Pisces, conjoined with revolutionary Uranus, the money rolls in as subscriber after subscriber logs on to the website. In a single night, you soar to the top of the ratings and you're soon clocking a 'six figure' sum of viewers. But, as is often the case with you, it seems a minor detail has been ignored. Your fellow inmates have access to the web themselves and it doesn't take long for them to realize the new program they're watching is you watching them. And, before you can say 'marauding Mars clashes with nasty Neptune', you find yourself surrounded, minicam and all, by large and hairy inmates who present you with an ultimatum. Either they get a share of the action and the billing or WITHIN THESE WALLS will have its first ever prison beating, live to air, and probably in the ablutions block.

    Before you can say 'mischievous Mercury enters wretched Pisces', you're talking money and deals at great a rate of knots. Will you talk your way out of this one? Click here next month and see. Ta! Ta!

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