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    Go Back  The Irksome Journeys of October 2003    Go Forward
    Salutations, unhappy crab-type things! How are you, O tiresome items of seafood on the menu of life? Last month we left you with burgeoning fortunes but with the screech of train wheels resounding in your sensitive crab-type ears! Is your new railroad in jeopardy from the very moment of purchase? Well, let us study the book of vile and bitter prognostications for ominous October and see!

    Of course we all know that the transit of sober Saturn through your sign (or indeed anyone's) is a path fraught with tragedy, misery and the responsibilities generated thereby. And so it is in the days ahead. The screeching of metal last month heralded an irritating mishap with one of the very trains of which you are now part owner. No real damage is done but the safety of the line is called into question and the angry travelling public wants to find someone who is accountable for their trauma and distress, in a very real and fiscal way.

    As the great Sol Invicti clashes with sober Saturn and cranky Chiron, your life becomes one long round of enquiries and investigations as you navigate between associates at work and sponging relatives at home. Mercury the messenger moves into Libra and you complain to said spongers about their selfishness and lack of desire to help about the house. Venus the goddess enters Scorpio and you begin an affair with a Russian born occultist with a gambling problem. At the Full Moon in imbecilic Aries, you have a confrontation with a repressed but bad-tempered female in a position of power. You're now in such a bad mood that you storm back home and evict the sponging relatives, threatening them with the minions of the law if they don't close the door behind them when they go.

    As jolly Jupiter wrestles with nasty Neptune, you find the rail tragedy is beginning to cost you a small fortune, but your new lover is winning a greater fortune on the ponies. Thus, the gambling problem may not be a problem after all. The great Sol Invicti and Mercury the messenger move into gloomy and obsessive Scorpio, bringing a New Moon in that odious sign. You decide to have a flutter at the track yourself, in part to relieve the frustration of your situation. After all, you're on a custodial sentence. You're part owner of a railroad that's being sued. Your domestic and family life is in chaos. And you are by nature a neurotic mess, addicted to worrying about security while upholding an invidious set of values more suited to the kings and queens of middle Europe. Nobody thinks your lives are fun, my insufferable sea creatures! Least of all me!

    However, back to the tale of your misery. You have several big wins and this cheers you immensely. But then, sober Saturn turns retrograde and you begin to worry the winning streak may end and you'll lose everything you've gained. As Mercury then clashes with nasty Neptune, you become vague and disoriented. Your mind wanders! It's as if you've fallen into a trance, my little sea creature nitwits! You hear a voice, talking as if from underwater. It's your Russian lover, urging you to place all your winnings on a rank outsider in the last race of the night. If you win, it's a 'six figure' sum. If you lose, it's zero for your efforts, with bigger bills looming as a public, hungry for the liability dance, chooses you as a partner. You sweat profusely. Your limbs weaken. The money slips from your fingers, into the waiting hands of the dark servants of the great game of chance.

    It's Halloween, little crab type things! You've bet everything on a long shot and the starting gates are down! Will this be a hellish night or a hallowed one? They're off! Click here next month and see what happens!

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