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    Capricorn Greetings, O ye of the hursuit persuasion. Now gloomy Saturn and lunatic Uranus will meet in conflict in noxious November, so you will join a foreign language class, purchase a car that runs on water or bump into people in the street due to being distracted. You plan your holidays for Heidelberg or Athens or Lyons, but find you won't be able to get a taxi to the airport. You buy a villa in a spa town, smuggle small animals or lease a market stall and sell nuts.

    You'll take a course of study, but abuse your teachers or behave like a lout during lectures or tutorials. You learn the signs of a secret organization of gangsters, sailors or drug-dealers. You will join the military or the police and arrest people on the street, locking them in the brig of an ancient ship. You'll meditate nude on a mountain and preach the virtues of freezing to death.
    Everything will go wrong at work, especially where communication is concerned. You'll argue with co-workers or the public and hit someone that annoys you.

    You see ghosts, watch old Tyrone Power movies and drink yourself to extinction as a Full Moon comes in Sagittarius. You apologise to anyone you've insulted and, as vamping Venus and the great Sol Invicti slip into slimy Cancer, you'll marry the first person you meet that'll have sex with you. Egad! Will you wake up from this ill-starred dream? Click here next time to find out.



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