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    Asperitus Casting Runes

    Asperitus Casting Runes...

    Nhill, holy city

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    Go Back  The Irksome Journeys of October 2003    Go Forward
    Great gods alive and dead, little hairdressing types! Last month we left you on dry land without a penny to your name, but in the company of an old love renewed. What torment and torture can I bring to your otherwise empty and meaningless lives this month? Why, I'll tell you. Stand ready now for the prognostications for ominous October, and vile they are indeed, for I am Asperitus, enlightened being and oracle of bitter truth. And who are you? Puling pussy folk, masquerading in Lion's manes! Apply a cold compress to your fevered brows and read on!

    The great Sol Invicti clashes with sober Saturn and cranky Chiron so you race about town trying to fix up your financial woes, talk to minor officials who won't cooperate, get stranded by unexpected delays on public transport and catch a rather nasty cold. As Mercury the messenger enters Libra, you continue the frustration of what you've been doing but now you're on the phone from a sickbed, ranting at the gallery of uncooperative persons with whom you have to deal to sort out your financial woes.

    Venus the goddess moves into Scorpio and you move your lover in with you, stealing a few passionate moments when you can from amongst the welter of business dealings. Come the Full Moon in imbecilic Aries, you throw caution to the winds, go to the races, bet everything you have left on a rank outsider and win a fortune. You spend the next few days attending to your debts and telling everyone to whom you owed money exactly what you think of them as you pay up. Jolly Jupiter wrangles with nasty Neptune and you and your partner decide to take a new path with financial matters.

    The great Sol Invicti and Mercury the messenger move into Scorpio and you use your winnings to buy 'spy cam' equipment. Come the New Moon in that odious and gloomy sign, you set up the cameras to secretly study the private lives of every minor official in banking and finance that has ever irritated you with petty criticism and failed to accede to your wishes.

    When sober Saturn goes retrograde, you study their lives, save the tapes and wait to make your move. Mercury the messenger clashes with nasty Neptune and you contact each and every one. You threaten to put their lives 'live' on the net, also showing highlights from salacious past activities, unless they make available the money you need to pursue your business concerns.

    Suddenly, little leonine ninnies, you're as rich as Croesus! But will this do you any good? Click here next month and we shall see!

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