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    Go Back  The Jittery Journeys of June 2004  Go Forward
    Hooray, little hairdressing types! Greetings and welcome to the month of jaded June. Last time we left you, lapsing into unconsciousness, at the mercy of your mother, a therapist and a large number of irritable siblings, disgruntled ex-employers and a gaggle of ungrateful friends. And, great gods alive and dead, they were all telling you what they really thought of you! You and your ridiculous hair and your flashy clothes!

    So, what do the vile and bitter prognostications hold this time? More of the same, I’m afraid! Tremble in your tiny pussy boots, my feline things! For here they come! At the Full Moon in loathsome Sagittarius, we find you yet again at the mercy of your mother and begging to be left alone. Your friends stand about you in a circle, commenting on every aspect of your character, appearance and personality they can think of that displeases them (that tirade alone would put paid to the balance of the month). Vamping Venus eclipses the great Sol Invicti whilst retrograde in your solar eleventh house and you begin to feel the strength falling from your muscles and the very fibre draining from your bones. You accept their mindless criticisms and agree to make changes in yourself and your appearance so as to appease their relentless unkindness.

    By my little brown bottle, it’s a terrible thing, puling pussies! They dress you in dollies clothing and put ribbons in your hair. They make fun of you and taunt with childish ditties and remarks of a personal nature! Great gods alive and dead! I don’t know how you can bear it! Even here in Heaven we can hardly keep from laughing, those of us who are awake or sober, that is!

    But it’s all about to change, isn’t it! Oh yes! For a moment, you see, you had forgotten that you have the Power. But, as the great Sol Invicti crashes into Cancer, bringing on the Solstice, the beast that lurks within you awakens once more. Under a raft of odious aspects by a gaggle of hideous planets, the power of ‘you’ surges to the surface.

    Marauding Mars enters your sign and you rise from your bed of woe and, with a single terrifying glance, bring all who taunt you to their knees! Vamping Venus goes direct and you sweep these lesser life forms aside and set off into the streets in search of new and truly loyal friends.

    Will you find them, my little hairdressing vanities? Click here next time and see!

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