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    Go Back  The Irksome Journeys of November 2003    Go Forward
    It is with the most excruciating of personal agonies (a specialty of mine) that I greet you again, my little Scales type lunatics. Welcome to the month of nasty November! Welcome to the vile and bitter prognostications thereof!

    Last time we left you about to return to the world of animal porn while at the same time making a sortie into the world of animal liberation. Thus it seems that both sides of your paradoxical nature are taken care of yet again. As a raft of asinine planets performs illicit heavenly congress in a welter of insufferable aspects, proceedings get underway. Your porn flick is released on the web to titillate the perverted palates of a gleeful and salivating public while you, as Venus the goddess enters odious Sagittarius, go on a lecture tour to solicit funds for the upcoming film on animal rights.

    The great Sol Invicti clashes with nasty Neptune and the filthy lucre in your bank account grows to such a gargantuan extent that you hire an individual of questionable morality and practices to hide a little of what has become an embarrassing personal fortune. However, come the Full Moon and a lunar eclipse in purblind Taurus, you find this individual has done exactly what you asked by stealing most of your money. And well hidden it is!

    You call in the minions of the law and agents of private detection. In the midst of this private furore, a public furore erupts. Your porn flick is given cinematic release and your animal rights comrades are determined to picket the premiere. They want you to speak at the rally outside, then lead a determined effort to close this vile show. But what's this, little airhead nitwits! Your porn bosses want you to arrive at the premiere in a stretch limo, with nothing but shocking pink animal pelts to conceal your beautiful buttocks. What a conundrum! After all, in the debate between shocking pink and a politically correct point of view, no decision is easy. What will you do, addlepate fashion victims? How can you make such a choice?

    Come the New Moon and a solar eclipse in snivelling Sagittarius, you do the only thing possible. You start rumours of assassination attempts, fake a car crash and, as Venus the goddess enters lugubrious Capricorn, run away and hide in your bedroom, with your hands over your eyes, thus ensuring no one can see you. At least, not until next month, little Scales type lunatics! But what then! Click here and see!

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