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    Go Back  The Jittery Journeys of March 2004 Go Forward
    Hooray to you, my little piscatorial nightmares! How's everything in the sea of sorrow and confusion that is your constant habitat? No, don't tell me! I can see nothing at all has changed. Last month, we left you standing on your head whilst in prison, learning the ancient Asian art of yoga from a fellow inmate. This month, what will we find? Why, let's consult the vile and bitter prognostications to discover just that!

    Mighty winds roar through the prison complex as you and your newfound teacher stand on your heads, but the two of you are undisturbed by them. A wretched Full Moon comes in idiot Virgo as jolly Jupiter and mischievous Mercury cavort in unseemly fashion. You're in a vortex of spiritual power now, standing inverted as guards and inmates look on in wonderment. Mischievous Mercury clashes with underworld Pluto! Lugubrious Saturn moves forwards! The lock on your cell door falls magically open. You and your teacher walk through the corridors, into the yard and then to the streets beyond. You're free as little fishes in the sea. None can stop you. None can say you nay!

    The aura of spiritual radiance that blazes from your person is nothing less than astounding and should be studied by science. The headstand has summoned a great spiritual power for you to use. Promise to use this power only for good, my little neurotic miseries!

    Mercury enters arrogant Aries and people throw money at your feet. You collect it, of course! But not for yourselves, little fish-faced twerps! Oh no! You and your teacher are going to build a centre devoted to the art of the headstand and thus turn the world on its head. As the Equinox brings a New Moon in arrogant Aries, the money piles up and you add to it some of your own fortune. Marauding Mars moves into insufferable Gemini and the building work commences as common building types and working persons rush about hither and thither with plumb lines, hammers and nails and whirring concrete mixers. Oh how noisy and 'unspiritual' it is, even though so necessary to the next part of your plan! And, as the great Sol Invicti clashes with miserable Saturn, much planning is being done. So much as to give you a headache. But a quick dose of the headstand and all is well! Marauding Mars wrestles with idiot Uranus and, from the earth itself and all the building shenanigans, a mighty premises begins to take shape!

    Will all go as you plan? I think not if the past is anything to go by. Click here next month and see!

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