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    Go Back  The Oracle of Bitter Truth for June 2001    Go Forward
    The book of rulerships is a masterwork of astrology that describes in considerable and almost interminable detail the objects, practices, professions and events ruled by the signs, planets and houses of the Zodiac. With regard to the centaurs, we find, under the letter 'p' as it happens, a formidable array of pursuits. You and you alone are the purveyors of philanthropy, philosophy, politics, prayer, preaching and preachers, priests, professors, prophecies, prophets, publications and publishers.

    Do you notice a theme emerging here, little centaurs? That highly volatile combination of word volume with strong opinion may account for why you never shut up and constantly ram your beliefs and judgments down the throats of everyone standing within earshot. Well, in light of such a nasty (but entirely justifiable) slur on your character, you may well find the upcoming month of June something of a hardship. With the formidable gathering of energy in Gemini and your solar seventh house of partnership and close relationships, and with Mercury the messenger about to go retrograde (reverse motion) in that selfsame sector, more than a few people will have something to say to you. And, failing to listen to what's being said (an activity you're fond of) will be a perilous venture.

    The month opens up with a power struggle of titanic proportions as the great Sol Invicti wrestles with underworld Pluto, turning the arena of relationships into a minefield of stress and tension. Then Mercury the messenger adds confusion to the pot by turning retrograde (reverse motion) on June 4th. You might be fighting with your parents (remember, they moved back in with you last month) over who gets the remote control. You can settle that easily by giving it to them but hiding the batteries. Then your ex-partner comes back, demanding to take away all the household furnishings she/he bought and paid for. This seems okay until you realize it involves the bed and the CD player. With retrograde Mars opposing retrograde Mercury you could:
    1. Negotiate an effective win/win compromise (oh yes, and then we woke up).
    2. Start shouting and throw things.
    3. Start an amusing monologue about firearms (Mars/Mercury), scaring everyone with your ice cool demeanour (muffled laughter is included with this suggestion).
    Or you could do what you usually do which is sulk, this time locked in the bedroom so at least she/he can't have the bed. Your parents decide they can't stand living with you anyway and leave with your ex-partner, taking the television with them. This doesn't really matter as there was nothing on that you wanted to watch. When the FULL MOON comes on June 6th after crossing the path of underworld Pluto, and Venus the goddess moves into Taurus, you form an instant obsessive relationship with someone at work you've known for years. On June 12th, with mighty Mars opposing giant Jupiter, you forge a plan to get married and save some rain forest or wetlands. This is occurs while the two of you are bonking massively at an orgy at the home of one of your useless and decadent friends.

    However, in mid June, with Venus the goddess squaring mystic Neptune and the great Sol Invicti and Mercury opposing Chiron, you just get her/him back to your place (at least the bed's still there) when your parents and your ex-partner arrive to confront you with all your past misdeeds. You try to send them away, claiming there isn't time for this as it would take at least half of the third millennium (the sense of humour you're renowned for). However, your ex-partner spots the work colleague and presumes (quite unfairly!) that the two of you must have been having an affair all along.

    On June 18th, with the great Sol Invicti conjoining with Mercury the messenger, she threatens litigation, wanting to sue you for the family home. When the great Sol Invicti moves into the sign of Cancer, bringing the
    NEW MOON and a solar eclipse, you find yourself standing in the street while the parents and ex-partner take possession of your home, bed included this time. You move in with your new partner. Then, when Mercury the messenger goes direct on June 28th, your parents mail you the remote control and some new batteries in an attempt to heal the wounds between you. You throw it away as they've still got the television. When Venus the goddess squares revolutionary Uranus on June 30th, you break up with your new partner because she/he keeps asking you to shut up and listen to her/him for a change. You start sleeping at the office and looking for a new job.

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