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    Greetings, nightmares out of hell! How is the life of an insectoid travesty these days? No doubt the three Bs are still in place, those of embezzlement, betrayal and body parts (of an unmentionable nature)?

    And speaking of unmentionable body parts (just consider that for a moment), I am reminded that last month, we left you in the throes of passion with a Swedish tourist who had once been your prisoner. Love had caught you out, little stings-in-the-tail! Will the snare be stronger than you know? Why, let us consult the vile and bitter prognostications for morbid March and see.

    As vamping Venus moves into cloddish Taurus, you and your loved one are infatuated. Yet the creative fever is also upon you and as the Full Moon comes in unspeakable Virgo, cavorting with jolly Jupiter and mischievous Mercury, your master work (a novel that will turn humankind from god) flows from your frenzied fingers. What a joy it is, I'm sure, for us to behold you consumed by these twin passions. No doubt we will sleep safer in our beds for knowing you are thus occupied.

    Mischievous Mercury enters arrogant Aries and clashes with miserable Saturn and you find yourself exhausted, nay depleted from long hours of labour. The great Sol Invicti clashes with underworld Pluto and your funds are similarly depleted by the single-minded efforts. However, as vamping Venus wrestles with nasty Neptune, you wrestle with your loved one and find yourself restored by the feverish embrace of love.

    Come the Equinox and a New Moon in idiot Aries, the new regime of work is established but your health begins to suffer from these exertions. Marauding Mars enters nitwit Gemini and your solar eighth house and the sexual contortions of you and your lover would shame a team of acrobats.

    But what's this! Great gods alive and dead! The great Sol Invicti clashes with miserable Saturn and a thought about higher matters enters your exhausted brain. If the only thing supporting the writing of this book against the deity is the power of you and your loved one in a passionate embrace, doesn't that present a problem? After all, don't those who speak for the deity witter on about love all the time? Isn't love the power they see at the centre of all things divine? If love alone is feeding you, then isn't the deity in the picture somewhere or at least behind the scenes?

    By my little brown bottle, scorpion twits! Are you in fact sleeping with the enemy? You begin to wonder! You begin to worry! Your health begins deteriorating even further under the weight of this crisis. Your loved one mops your fevered brow and says that she/he will rush to the chemist and get the very things you need to restore your ailing body and spirit. You lie there in froth and torment until she/he returns and holds a bitter tasting but soothing liquid to your lips. Sleep takes you as the little death does take us all.

    You awaken as marauding Mars and idiot Uranus grind their gears in a cosmic traffic jam. You try to stretch your aching limbs but cannot. Great gods alive and dead what's this? The very manacles that held your Swedish lover hostage now hold you. The very expertise that tied the gag has tied the one that is now around your own mouth. You are hoist on your own petard! Caught in a snare of your own devising! For your quondam lover now stands there with a crooked grin. Your captor!

    I'm feeling faint now. These exertions have depleted me! Click here next month to read of the nasty fate that awaits your insectoid hide!

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