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    American Catastrophe: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5Future Trends

    American Catastrophe part 3
    – the planetary aspects

    Two planes crashed deliberately into both towers of the World Trade Center at mid-morning on Tuesday. Within the hour, both buildings collapsed, sending huge flumes of dust and smoke billowing throughout the island of Manhattan.

    Statue of Liberty In the earlier parts of this article, we looked at the effects of some of the fixed stars active in the attack chart. This section continues that investigation and expands the discussion to cover some other important aspects.

    We go on to consider the effects of planets and power points on the chart of the US, NYC and the US constitution.

    The major aspects in the
    chart of the First Attack are opposition between Saturn and Pluto and the opposition between the Moon and Mars, along with the inconjunct (quincunx) between Jupiter and Pluto.The Moon is also applying to the conjunction with the Dragon's Head (Moon's north node), a karmic power point in the chart which has the strength of a planet. Mercury is rising in conjunction with the ascendant and in partile (exact) trine to Saturn.

    In themselves these aspects are fairly unpleasant, but not enough to stimulate such a massive effect in the world. Their cumulative effect, combined with the stimulation of the fixed stars discussed earlier on the key charts of the USA, especially the chart of the US Constitution, the symbol
    par excellence of the Land of the Free, have set the scene for an extreme release of cosmic stress, violence, confusion, destruction and hatred.

    With regard to the chart of the US constitution, the attack Moon at 28 02 Gemini is void of course in aspect to constitution Uranus and applying to the conjunction with constitution Dragon's Tail (Moon's south node - karmic connections) at 01 10 Cancer and constitution Mars at 02 51 Cancer. This greatly reinforces the effect of the out-of-sign opposition to attack Mars at 1 26 Capricorn. The conjunction of attack Moon with constitution Mars awakens the natal constitution inconjunct from Moon to Mars and Dragon's Tail. This is a receipe for unpleasantness, to say the least.

    The Moon's Nodal Axis (the Dragon's Head and Tail) is a powerful karmic indicator, which when activated usually produces notable effects. The attack nodes are applying to the constitution nodes within a degree and a half of exactitude. Now attack Mars (violence, passion, action, warfare) is in exact conjunction with the node of the constitution chart. As the attack Moon crosses into Cancer, the 0 Cancer/Capricorn solar eclipse axis of June 21 is reawakened, along with the opposition to attack Mars and the conjunction with constitution Mars. It is a lot easier to look at the chart and see this for yourself, just remember to
    mark in the Fixed Stars.

    The trine from attack Mercury (communication; travel) to Saturn (karma; sorrows; retribution) involves the evil star Algorab and enables the successful fullfilment of the warlike act, which has come about through good chain of command (Mercury) careful planning and determined methods over a considerable time (Saturn), most likely involving foreigners, religious fanatics, intellectuals or artistic types (ninth house of constitution chart).

    This aspect is reinforced by a Grand Trine in Air Signs which includes the retrograde constitution Pluto at 14 Aquarius (remember attack Saturn is at 14 Gemini and attack Mercury is at 14 Libra. Now we are getting somewhere! Pluto is a death-dealing planet and one which, having broken through obstruction, creates a massive transformation which can lead to some form of significant regeneration. This Pluto is in conjunction now with the star
    Dorsum, the Wheel of Fortune and is retrograde, showing that circumstances, rather than intent govern his action.

    Remember attack Uranus (sudden changes; unexpected catastrophe) is in conjunction with constitution Saturn (karma; retribution; just deserts) and opposing the degree of the "Own Worst Enemy" as discussed earlier.

    Attack Neptune is retrograde in opposition to the evil star group the Ascelli and the constitution Pallas (the female warrior). Pallas rules how we face the issues of learning, creativity, politics, healing, alienation from relationships, competition, and the fears of success, so herein lies a challenge for both sides!

    This article goes on to consider the other effects of planets and power points on the chart of the US, NYC and the US constitution.

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    American Catastrophe: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5Future Trends

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