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    Here Part III of a composite chart analysis:
    the soul connection between President Bill and Hillary Clinton

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    Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton: Part III

    This is a great position for partners wishing to do business together, and you will probably find it easier to pin down opportunities for material gained together. Mutual expression on the physical plane and through material objects, whether those you deal with in business or the special objects of beauty with which you enjoy surrounding yourselves, will be of great importance. In a love affair, the physical side of things will be of great importance; indeed, this position is often one that can make for great physical attraction, or at least the need to manifest the relationship in that form. Whether it be in business or love, the values by which you make judgments in your affairs will be very important and doing the right thing in the long run for yourselves, your children, and your associates will be a matter of critical pride and self-esteem and something you will not neglect for short-term gain. Tangible results will be the bottom line, and the main problems that might arise will come when you do not agree on what those values or tangible results should be...Final results, however, do have a certain persuasive power; so should you disagree along the way, you may look back on your accomplishments and find more to take pride in than you may have felt then.

    SUN conjunct MERCURY
    In a special way, your heads and hearts are in the same place in this relationship, and you will naturally know what the other is talking about whether you verbalize or not. But when you do put it into words, it will be well-expressed as well as sincerely delivered. This is a talent that can be taken for granted. However, there can also be a tendency to assume you have said the right thing. You let your intentions take control over your expressions without seeing them through...It's entirely a question of neglect, arising from applying assumptions you safely make between yourselves to others who don't share your background and information. Therefore, you may have to go out of your way to remember to say it all when you are addressing the outside world, especially when you have to put it in writing. Your communications skills have to be different for each person you are dealing with, something that is entirely within your reach.

    SUN square URANUS
    Instability is likely to be a chronic difficulty in this relationship, not because it doesn't have substance but because it is subject to sudden buffets like a truck crossing a windy bridge. In fact, the bigger and heavier the truck, the more windage it has and the more the risk. The same principle applies here. The more energy you put into the relationship, the more destructive potential it has when it gets blown off course. Although the shocks may come from within because of suddenly uncovered differences between you, it is just as likely to come from without, where unexpected circumstances turn up to throw things into disarray. What to do about it? Leave room for maneuvering when things go haywire and be ready and happy to follow where they lead. When you can't be in control, don't try to be, or you'll wind up going down in flames. Eventually, you will develop a sense of when change is in the wind and you will be able to control it as it comes on. Once it's already there it's too late to fight it, so roll with it.If you sometimes feel like you just can't deal with this sort of situation, look to some of the other qualities of your relationship that caused you to get into it in the first place and draw on them until the crisis has passed.

    SUN conjunct NEPTUNE
    There is a certain seductive quality about this relationship which is difficult to put your finger on, and that is both its appeal and its affliction. There is something here that makes you feel the opportunity to fulfill your finest fantasies and realize your highest ideals, yet when it comes to actual practice you will find you are often disappointed. This is not because of anything you do or don't do, (you will perform better than most) but because of impossible expectations. You wish for the very best from this union, and in so doing wish yourself right out of being able to get what you want. When this is a friendship or a love affair, you can find it operating on a very high, spiritual plane, with a lot of innate, intuitive knowledge of each other and what is going on. As long as you keep it on that level, it will be very rewarding. As soon as you start counting the tangible benefits of knowing each other and what you're getting from the relationship, you're more than likely going to start noticing the hole more than the doughnut. When you seem to be intolerant of each other, you are really just being hard on yourselves for not fitting into the way you imagine things should be. The solution is simple, but sometimes difficult to enact. Just let each other be the way you are, even if you aren't satisfied. If you really can't get what you need from each other, get it elsewhere and be done with it, without blaming each other. The real culprit is your own expectations, and reality is the cure.

    This is a substantial place for Mercury, as it is the house of substance, the tangible things and property of life, to which you will likely pay much attention. Not that this will make you rank materialists, but it will give you the ability and inclination together to understand and manipulate the solid realities of the world; from money and investments, to personal property and real estate. Knowing what to do with things will come a bit more naturally and your enjoyment of the things you own will be heightened. Naturally, this is an excellent position for a business relationship, as you'll be one up on the competition to start, as long as it is business dealing with the tangible and not the abstract. (For example, good for selling computers, not so good for designing software)...

    Unusual ideas and opinions abound in your relationship, and the trouble will not be a lack of original views but sorting out which ones are useful and which are just gratuitously different...It will be difficult to say no to what really looks like a good idea, but you will have to draw the line somewhere. Another manifestation of this aspect is simple argumentativeness - not in its purest form of argument for argument's sake, but honest dispute over what is the truth when in fact there is no reason to get into it so deeply. The fruitful approach to this is to know when to cut off discussion, to sense when you've got it honed down fine enough to be a reasonable facsimile of the truth. At first you may have to do that in a fairly arbitrary fashion, and you must be willing to accept your mistakes. In the long run, you will develop a precision that may astonish you, born primarily of your constant adjustments to reality judged between foresight and hindsight.

    It may be difficult to get a grip on your finances in this relationship so it will make a better personal than professional union. It is not that you cannot make money together, but it will always be a mystery as to how to go about it. Tried and true methods will tend to fail you, while going off on a risky hunch can sometimes pay off better than the most carefully calculated and devoted hard work...When you do have to take action on financial affairs together, let one or the other of you be in charge so you have a better shot at defusing this potentially problematic area created by the relationship itself...

    You may find that your relationship is blest with a charming gift of the gab, a natural ability to put positive expression into words, which makes you pleasant company and draws around you a pleasing circle of acquaintances...In a professional capacity, this will give you a leading edge in any field that requires a good face: advertising, public relations, diplomacy, or any form of business where personal relations has a high priority. It also allows you an ability to clearly express and articulate what you want and consider beautiful and desirable, which is a major step in getting it. This manifests on the emotional level as a natural ability to communicate your feelings in a positive and fruitful manner. It may only be problematical where you try to accentuate the positive in a manner that buries the unpleasant side of problems that require facing up to. Nevertheless, leading with the favorable side of issues is always the best start...Your relationship thus brings out the best in yourselves and in others, who appreciate you showing them their best side.

    VENUS trine URANUS
    Although you may find that this relationship stimulates you to indulge in original and perhaps unusual tastes, you will also find it to be an eye-opening and rewarding experience which opens new worlds of personal satisfaction. It's like discovering a whole new cuisine and finding that eating is a new adventure again. For you that will extend to any kind of pleasure you choose to indulge in, which will make life a continually renewing quest for what refreshes the senses and gives you a bracing sense of life on the edge. But unlike those who take risks to get their thrills, you will know just how far to push it so that you get the most enjoyment with the least potential risk or conflict about what you are doing. This will mean a lot of mutual tolerance for different kinds of self-expression on both your parts, and that will be part of the natural equation that develops between you. It would be well if others could develop your technique for getting the most out of life, and anything you can do to pass along how you do it will be a deed well done which will come back to you in times ahead. Talents are more than gifts, they are responsibilities which can sometimes be overlooked, not out of selfishness, but because you don't realize how good you are at what you do.

    Your relationship is likely to develop a strong center to rely on, but not one which you passively lean on for security. Rather, your solidity comes from an ever-growing and expanding awareness of what you have in common at the most basic levels. You are most likely to find maximum creativity at home or in a home-like environment where you can call up the totality of your relationship with ease, surrounded by your own creations and supported by a friendly and familiar base of operations. Professionally you may find that this strong internal and rather private wellspring of creativity will suit home-grown business opportunities such as mail-order marketing, work-at-home computer station projects, and the like. The more control you have over all aspects of your development together, the more fruitful it will become and the more rapidly it will grow. Personally, you will want to surround yourselves at home in an atmosphere where generosity and expansiveness are the order of the day. Nevertheless, there will be a certain exclusivity about the relationship in which, in creative affairs, your home is your castle and you are at your best when home alone, when operations get underway without having to spare the attention (and distraction) that others will tend to bring with them into your private control space. There is a time to share without, but a more importanttime to share within.

    Figuring out what is OK, whether you're going too far or not far enough, and just how normal or appropriate your actions are can be the source of endless struggle in this relationship. Basically, there is a problem with limits here, based less on reality and more on insistence and concern for the issue itself...Getting the balance right between propriety and originality is important, but it can be overdone, and you are likely to overdo it. When one or the other of you feels impinged upon, back off. Be ready to go your separate ways now and again rather than get into disputes over what the joint regulations are to be, as that will devolve into a pointless spiral that benefits no one. You will find, in time, that whatever either of you does will work out in the end and that too much insistence on mutual interference will have been counterproductive.

    JUPITER square PLUTO
    This is kind of a do-or-die aspect and as a result you will want to keep yourselves out of confrontational situations or any place where making a space for yourselves requires going to extremes. Underneath this aspect is a fear of not being allowed to develop and grow in the way in which you would like to, though that is not how it manifests. Instead, the first result will be trying to take excessive control of your development and having too much concern over your own future. Free will is fine, but you're not God, and you may find yourselves going for godlike decisions in order to protect your individual or joint interests. When you go for big, you are likely to overdo it out of worry that someone else will do it bigger...Furthermore, when you insist on pressing your case, the chances are others (or each other) will back off, so don't be pushy. In the long run, if you hold back and don't try to constantly move in for the kill, you will find you have developed an incredibly powerful sense of how to control the future. A great deal of it will come from knowing when to relinquish power that, in fact, you don't really have.

    There is a certain amount of excess in this relationship that you may want to restrain from time to time, although this generates a great deal of enthusiasm about what you are and what you do. You are likely to be gung-ho about each other and whatever it is that your relationship becomes identified with, which can give you a lot of pleasure and will make you noticed wherever you go together. You will perhaps make your points a bit too strong and a bit too long, which not only wastes your personal resources in repeating yourselves when you should have gone on to something else, it also can have the reverse of the effect intended and turn people off. Essentially, once you've sold someone your bill of goods, drop the sales pitch and move on...Economy of motion is highly to be desired.

    Written by John Townley © Time Cycles Research

    To view the rest of the reading, click on the link. Part IV
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