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    Here is Part IV of a composite chart analysis:
    the soul connection between President Bill and Hillary Clinton

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    Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton: Part IV

    Your emotional reactions to each other and to others tend towards the expansive, positive, and creative. Your first response will be to develop new and bigger concepts that will include all of what you have experienced and some extra for what is yet to come. This makes you very adaptable and capable of taking on new emotional situations by enlarging your outlook to contain everything that the situation presents. This will give you the ability to theorize expansively and to determine a way to include every possibility that might arise. You will find you are very flexible and have little difficulty with whatever situation arises. When it comes to dealing with the details of what you have accepted in general, it may be another ball game. Emotional situations you encompass in theory may be more demanding when you get to it and their details may not be consistent with your previous, broader views. Many of such problems will be solved by your ability to take things yet one step further, to pursue the adventure of your lives and go on to the next evolution of experience where previous experience has not offered all you conceived. Emotional hope and new horizons will keep your eyes ever uplifted, so your potential is ultimately unlimited. As you have much to learn, you will also have much to teach and will find yourselves in that position of privilege among your peers. If there is a responsibility here, this is it. Do it well.

    MOON opposition VENUS
    Getting what you want out of each other and the relationship may be a little tricky at first. In fact, your first reaction will tend to get you in trouble and be counterproductive to your gains. Then, sometimes, you get what you want but your heart isn't in it, and it doesn't feel right. The odd thing is, you really are on the same wavelength, and you only need to do some fine tuning to get it right. You need to realize when it comes down to the details that you are not the same and don't really want the same things exactly, but you complement each other in just the right places and it makes the two of you exude a kind of grace and charm not necessarily found in either one of you alone. This makes this a wonderful personal relationship and an effective professional one as well. Once you get the hang of it, good things and people will tend to gravitate toward you. Watching you do your thing is like watching a good baseball team toss the ball around - grace, skill, and ease, with one talent bouncing off the other and feeding the next. It does take practice to get it right, and every now and then you'll have an off day, but most of the time you make it look easy, the sign of true accomplishment.

    MOON sextile URANUS
    You have a unique channel between you which can unlock emotional discovery with a kind of ease denied to most others. Whether it be within the bounds of a sexual relationship, friends or business associates, you will not be afraid to try out new directions for expressing your emotional or sexual desires. What is a particular blessing about this position is that while others often get in trouble when they skirt the edge of what is considered normal or acceptable behavior, you will be able to do it with ease, almost as if no one noticed you doing it. That is because you don't feel threatened by or guilty about your actions, and as a result others won't pick up on any bad feelings. Allow yourselves these little excursions to the edge when they seem appropriate and do not try to force yourselves to do something out of the ordinary. The strain will begin to show and there will be trouble. In the end, therefore, it's not so much what you do but the spirit and feeling in which you do it that determines whether it has something to teach and be enjoyed. A natural and safe sense of freedom of exploration is yours to rejoice in and to be a model for others to see how it can be done with innocence, joy, and safety.

    You will likely find yourselves to be physically in tune with one another, so you can read your next response before it happens. You just know you are going to feel the same way about something, and you do. In many cases, not a word will have to be spoken as your body language will say it all. In a love relationship, of course, this is everything to be desired, where emotional response dovetails so neatly with physical action and appearance. It is also very good professionally, because your responses are so consistent and in tune with each other that it is quite apparent you may be relied upon and will not contradict yourselves under fire. Thus you will find it easier to rise on the ladder of success, as you don't struggle about climbing it. Emotional expression will run high as it has easy physical outlet, and it will also run smoothly as there is nothing to get in the way. You will always find yourselves accepting of and responsive to each other's and other people's emotional needs, and you may find yourselves more than once a shoulder to cry on because no one else will listen. It will not be a burden for you, either, as you have more than enough strength and feeling to shoulder the weight.

    Responsibility and reward are the key concepts behind the Moon's north and south nodes and the houses where they fall you will find to be the classrooms of life where your most important lessons may be learned. A concentration on the tenth and fourth houses means that circumstances will repeatedly bring you back to a focus on public and private life, where one begins and the other ends, and how they reinforce each other or conflict. The emphasis will be on the public side, and as a professional relationship this will prosper, as you find increasing opportunity to make commitments outside the home. The problem will be to see that it doesn't get out of hand and you find yourselves driven your exterior connections because you have taken on more than you can handle. This can be particularly damaging on the home side, where surprises both good and bad await you and will require your attention when they appear. If you don't have the time to spare for reworking and mending on the inner front, you may find your support lines crumbling and you no longer have the backing to continue on the public front. It can be a tricky situation to balance, mainly because it is unpredictable and you don't have access to the kind of control you would like to maintain. But then, that's what learning is about, and once you have discovered what you came together for, the lesson will be a fruitful and profitable one.

    You may find you attract an unusual and stimulating set of friends by being together, perhaps much different from what either of you run into on your own. What makes them special is not the usual qualities of mutual interest, but quite the opposite. It is how they are different, quirky, and original that gives them their appeal, mainly because you see parts of yourselves here that you may not express but would like to experience. In short, they bring out the offbeat and original in yourselves and allow you to more fully experience your own potential. You will also find that because your own standards for friendship and what you want out of people and life are somewhat different from the norm, your expression of them will be intermittent, primarily because of the vagaries of opportunity. Nevertheless, quality and not quantity, is what is important here, and you will find quality is worth waiting for. It will be important that you don't cling to each other or to friendships that may be rare and irreplaceable. The nature of things here is change and freedom, so let each other and all those near you spread their wings and fly. When you each have room to march to your own drummer, you'll find yourself side by side when the music is right, which is the time you will want to be there.

    This is a difficult position for Saturn, or any other planet, as it is a place that is difficult to access and therefore difficult to get troubles that may arise out into the open. In this case, it means that the factors that restrict your relationship and may serve to undermine it can easily go unnoticed until they have done irreparable damage...You will have to have a lot of other indicators of good communication and tolerance to overcome the difficulties which can arise here and a lot of commitment to making the relationship succeed. If you take it lightly, it will take you down for sure, and unpleasantly at that, leaving you both with a bad taste in your mouths. So enter with care and a willingness for what may seem at times like thankless sacrifice, and you may find permanent worth here and you will certainly learn your limitations and get a new light on your own inabilities to read another's motives as well as you thought. Be willing to lighten up in those areas you thought were the most serious and this position can be turned to a plus, but only after lengthy and determined devotion to your purpose.

    SATURN sextile NEPTUNE
    There is a kind of austere idealism represented here, one in which you are determined to strive for, but aren't going to kid yourselves about either. What you can do, you will, and you are likely to be willing to sacrifice and go without in order to achieve what you think is right, both for yourselves and others...There is a kind of no-nonsense feeling about achieving what you think ought to be, a paring down of the fantasy side and an insistence that you stick to results, even if there is less to be had. That same attitude will carry over into the professional world, where you are likely to have little tolerance for windy fantasies and empty dreams. If you're sure it can be done, you'll go ahead and make sure that it is. If not, leave it to the storybooks and get on with dreams, however small, which you know you can turn into reality. It's a bit of a stark aspect, but it can be a breath of fresh air in a world of hype and empty promises.

    SATURN conjunct PLUTO
    This is a somewhat dread aspect, in that it combines the two most-feared planets of restriction and death in the same place. But they have to be somewhere, and at least you've got them all tied up in one spot so you know where they are. Therefore it will be important to note what house and sign they fall in so that you can see the area and styles in which they manifest themselves. Those will be areas where you will meet your greatest trials and also display your greatest determination. Where you find fear and defeat, restriction and frustration, there you will also find your finest hour, the battles you make it through when you were sure there wasn't a chance...It's one of those things that looks better in hindsight, the experiences that strengthen the relationship and make it more resilient - if it doesn't kill you in the process. Just remember there's a tomorrow and its rewards come from making it through today.

    This is a serious relationship, that is to say one which you take very seriously whether or not anyone else does. The chances are, however, because of the gravity which you give to it, others will also follow suit. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways, some significant and gratifying, others not so nice. Because Saturn is restrictive, it will mean that in this relationship you manifest your inhibitions and in general your conservative side. Where those inhibitions are based on realistic caution and experience, this can be a very protective situation and can make the relationship quite staunch and unassailable... the longer you are together the more difficult it will be to split up, or the more solid the relationship will become, depending upon how you look at it. Saturn's lasting quality will manifest itself, so if you don't think it's likely to work out, get out quickly before it traps you and pulls you down. On any account, you will likely express yourselves in a rather taciturn manner, or at least be perceived by others to do so, and it won't hurt to lighten up a little whenever the opportunity presents itself so as to achieve as balanced a view of things as this position will allow.

    Any power conflicts you may have (and everyone has some) need to be watched out for and brought to the surface as soon as they occur... When they catch you unaware, they can be very destructive and confrontations for seemingly no reason at all can blossom into full-scale wars that could never have been predicted in advance, mainly for lack of early warning reconnaissance. On the other hand, once you decide to focus on the exploration of the unconscious sides of yourselves, that will become a driving force that will not only make up for previous neglect but perhaps tip the scales in the other direction. However you look at it, the unconscious side of the relationship, particularly where conflict may be concerned, will likely have an important part in what you experience. If you are only related professionally, the same principles will apply, but will manifest themselves in the possibility of the real concern of danger or attack from unknown or unexpected quarters. Although this can become a bit paranoid and get a bit obsessive from time to time, it is still all too often based on reliable instincts and a proper sense of self-protection. Protect your backs.

    PLUTO conjunct ASCENDANT
    This is potentially a very powerful relationship and one which can run away with you if you are not careful. It will seem to you that you not only have the world to conquer together, but you are obliged and compelled to do so. This will make for a tight relationship as you feel you are on some sort of mission together and that sort of comradeship is hard to beat. The problem comes from judging the nature of your mission, its practicability, and what you are willing to do to accomplish it. If you are not specific about your reasons for being together, it will be easy to fly off in all directions and dissipate the natural intensity you possess, getting nothing done in the process. Finally, when you are pointed to something that really can be achieved, it will be important that you avoid going about it too ruthlessly, brushing others aside in the interests of what you believe to be a greater goal. It can be very easy to believe that the end justifies the means, which it may not, at least from another's point of view. Having attended to all this, however, you have here the opportunity to do together things that will transform yourselves and the world around you, leaving things very much changed after you have passed by.

    Written by John Townley © Time Cycles Research
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