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    by Rob Tillett

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    CapricornCapricorn Daily Forecast for June 2023
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for June 2023 written by Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's
    Month in Brief.

    Go to TopFri Jun 1: Losing The Plot?
    Someone you care about could easily lose the plot today, which will lead to all sorts of ructions. Be patient - they aren't thinking logically or rationally, and are easily influenced by their emotions. Take care if you start to take on their persona, because it will be very tiring and drain you of energy. You'll also find that you keep chopping and changing your mind at the drop of a hat, which will mean others get quite impatient with you. Opportune colors are jade and mango. Lucky numbers are 21 and 38.
    Go to TopSat Jun 2: Indulge Yourself
    You feel like overindulging yourself today, and why not? Throw caution to the wind and gobble your way through a big bar of chocolate, or have a retail therapy session that leaves you reeling from the amount of money you've spent. There's a definite chance you could get carried away and tell a whopper of a story that has little resemblance to what really happened. What on earth has got into you? Uplifting colors are crimson and sienna. Lucky numbers are 4 and 16.
    Go to TopSun Jun 3: Feeling More Positive
    You're much more positive than you were yesterday, which is a relief for both you and me! At least this will help you to take action, instead of sitting around feeling helpless or panicky. Right now you're interested in philosophical, spiritual and religious topics, and hope that they'll help you get more meaning out of life and they'll reveal why you're experiencing your current problems. Fortunate colors are cream and russet. Lucky numbers are 13 and 2.
    Go to TopMon Jun 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
    Your feelings are running high under this Lunar Eclipse. It won't take much to make you feel as though you've reached a crisis, especially if you've been worrying about something and you now realize you can't continue to brush it under the carpet. Those secretly working against you may show their true colors. It's a relief to know that you have take action, but it also feels scary and you may not know where to begin. Don't be afraid to ask someone you trust for their help. Ideal colors are plum and avocado. Lucky numbers are 2 and 73.
    Go to TopTue Jun 5: Stay Calm
    You'll be pretty busy during the next couple of weeks, especially when it comes to being of service to others. There may even be times when you feel rushed off your feet, or you have to cram lots more activities into each day than usual. Do your best to remain calm and not get in a flap, nor to take your work home with you each evening. Soothing colors are pistachio and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 13 and 22.
    Go to TopWed Jun 6: Happy Days
    This is one of those happy days when it's easy to talk to whoever is around, and find something in common. If you're with someone who isn't exactly your favourite companion, it will be surprisingly easy to create a civil atmosphere. You can even discover a few of their good points, which will come as a pleasant surprise. Opportune colors are lilac and crimson. Lucky numbers are 36 and 8.
    Go to TopThu Jun 7: Nose To The Grindstone
    Put your nose to the grindstone and get on with mundane tasks today, because there'll be a lot of satisfaction in doing them to the best of your ability. It will help to be organized about this, so write down a list in order of priority. The focus of your ideas and discussions turns to lawyers and legal matters, debates, contract negotiations, partnership or other alliances, and joint ventures of any kind. Expressive colors are sable and peach blossom. Lucky numbers are 18 and 6.
    Go to TopFri Jun 8: Will I, Won't I?
    It's easier today to get on well with the people you see on a daily basis. For instance, you might have a whale of a time with some of your workmates, and you could even decide to go out on a spree some time soon. If you've cast a romantic eye on a colleague, things should spark up between you now... do you really think you should? Beneficial colors are fawn and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 3 and 44.
    Go to TopSat Jun 9: Fifty Percent
    Are you marvelling at the astonishing ability of certain people to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, yet hit the mark with astonishing regularity? After all, everybody's right fifty percent of the time. Take care you aren't bitten by the same tactless bug, because it will lead to some embarrassing moments... Advantageous colors are caramel and lavender. Lucky numbers are 9 and 65.
    Go to TopSun Jun 10: The Best Medicine
    The atmosphere is heated between you and a loved one, or colleague today. There's really no need to fall out when you fail to see eye to eye over a philosophical or moral argument, or there's a clash over working practices. Try not to let the situation escalate until it becomes more dramatic than it really is. Come on! Where's that sense of Goaty humor? See the funny side, and encourage the other person to have a good laugh about it as well. Harmonious colors are smoky oyster and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 22 and 5.
    Go to TopMon Jun 11: Work Expands
    Your work may require more travel, or advanced training in the year ahead, Cap. As Jupiter swings into Gemini, you may hire others to work for you and your relationships with co-workers and underlings are expanded in one way or another. Keep your sense of self-importance well in hand. You may acquire a pet or increase your activities involving a pet, or the breeding of small animals. Opportune colors are pistachio and azure. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
    Go to TopTue Jun 12: Take It Easy
    You don't have as much energy as usual, so why not drift through the day, rather than doing anything too strenuous? If you can, treat yourself to a massage or explore complementary therapies that appeal to you. Or, try this: buy a coloring agent (the color must appeal to you), and fill a bath with warm, scented oil (ditto), and add a few drops of the color extract. Place candles safely around the bath and scatter flower petals in the water. All's that's missing is you. Stir gently. Healing colors are pale blue and ochre. Lucky numbers are 26 and 62.
    Go to TopWed Jun 13: Tune In
    It's easy to tune into the moods of the people around you today, because you intuitively know what they're feeling. This will be very useful if you've got to talk to someone and you're wondering how to do it. You could also be interested in reading about ways of boosting your health or improving your diet, such as going organic or taking a course of vitamins. Revealing colors are kiwifruit and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 5 and 36.
    Go to TopThu Jun 14: Wise Sea Goat
    You're in a practical mood today, but you never lose your sense of fun. Rascal! In the course of a conversation with a loved one, you find that you're giving lots of advice, or allowing them to profit from your experience in some way. You could also act as a sounding board at work for someone who wants to know whether they're doing the right thing or not. Fortunate colors are lime and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 40 and 42.
    Go to TopFri Jun 15: Brainwashing
    A person close to you is very persuasive today; really quite determined to plant some of their ideas in your head. Watch out for anyone spouting propaganda or who has an axe to grind, because they'll do their best to brainwash you. Powerful colors are bright red and jet black. Lucky numbers are 19 and 6.
    Go to TopSat Jun 16: Powerful Atmosphere
    A powerful atmosphere develops between you and a certain someone today. Today's events will bring you closer together. Perhaps it's just what you've been waiting for, if you really fancy this person. If you're tempted to do some comfort eating, take it easy if you're supposed to be on a diet. Fortunate colors are silver green and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 18 and 78.
    Go to TopSun Jun 17: Chatterbox
    Let's hope you don't have much to do today, Capricorn, because it could be difficult to fit it all in. That's because you're likely to spend a lot of time chatting to whoever happens to be around. The phone might ring more often than usual, or you could get a mountain of emails that need to be answered. If you aren't the chatterbox, it will be a workmate or friend who doesn't know when to shut up. Creative colors are sunflower yellow and lapis lazuli. Lucky numbers are 40 and 68.
    Go to TopMon Jun 18: The Big Splash
    There's a burst of extravagance today. Do you want to splash out on something you can look forward to, such as your next holiday or a weekend break? Why not? Thoughts about whether or not you can afford it won't even enter your head, because you'll be so busy imagining what a wonderful time you're going to have. Go Goats! Fortunate colors are ginger and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 21 and 69.
    Go to TopTue Jun 19: New Moon
    Today's New Moon acts as a catalyst for your daily life during the coming fortnight, introducing you to new situations and people. A new colleague, client or friend appears on the scene, which livens things up considerably. If you're fed up with the daily grind, this is the perfect opportunity to liven things up in some way or even to revolutionize them completely. Uplifting colors are violet and brass. Lucky numbers are 3 and 74.
    Go to TopWed Jun 20: Just Gorgeous
    A certain naughty person is mean and moody today. Whether or not this individual is gorgeous as well is not the point, and not one that you can safely answer at the moment. Bursts of bad temper are in the air, and he or she doesn't seem to care who's on the receiving end of it. Try not to catch the bad mood. Behaving like a spoilt brat is no solution to the issue. Favorable colors are ebony and blood red. Lucky numbers are 6 and 77.
    Go to TopThu Jun 21: Who Are You?
    Your identity is closely connected with your relationships during the next four weeks, as the Solstice marks the entry of the Sun into your seventh house. Who are you? If you're already in a committed relationship, you will believe that it says something about you, and you'll also believe that you're sending out certain messages if you're on your own. You excel at teamwork now, even if it's only a temporary arrangement. Favorable colors are sea green and salmon pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 10.
    Go to TopFri Jun 22: Clever Cappies
    It's a good day for lateral thinking, so clever solutions to any problems are there if you look. Approach a problem from a new angle and you could suddenly crack it. If you're out and about you could have a very interesting encounter with someone you weren't expecting to see. Opportune colors are lilac and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 4 and 69.
    Go to TopSat Jun 23: Meaningful Projects
    Get cracking with projects that have a lot of meaning for you, Cap. Put your heart and soul into them. Nothing is worthwhile if it doesn't fully engage your interest, and you'll get fed up if you think you're wasting your time on trivial or tedious activities. However, that doesn't mean you can afford to ignore them. Beneficial colors are lapis lazuli and aqua. Lucky numbers are 36 and 65.
    Go to TopSun Jun 24: Joyful Heart
    Looking at life with a smile on your lips and a joyful heart? A sense of optimism will carry you through the day and help you to make the most of everything. However, you could get quite restless, especially if life is a little on the boring side. Why not do something different to brighten things up? Auspicious colors are ochre and apricot. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.
    Go to TopMon Jun 25: Rather Fraught
    Life is rather fraught today, as Saturn stations. Other people are being difficult, so don't let it start to get you down. If tempers are frayed and a row seems likely, use it as an opportunity to thrash out any current problems that need urgent attention. Don't get so irritated that you make damaging or hurtful statements that you later have to retract. Auspicious colors are amethyst and mahogany. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
    Go to TopTue Jun 26: Joint Income
    Psychological analysis, or assessment and development of your talent and skills demand attention as Mercury heads into Leo. Joint income may also be the subject of plans or discussions, as will inheritance, tax or insurance matters. Preparing investment analysis, and allocating funds for the repayment or collection of debts are in the frame. Seek information with regard to research and investigation projects, or surgical procedures you may be contemplating. Favorable colors are american oak and pale blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
    Go to TopWed Jun 27: Venus at the Station
    The Moon activates your tenth house of career and status today, placing you under pressure as Venus turns direct after weeks of retro motion. Now is the time to make decisions about your life. It is time to start asking yourself what will make you feel more fulfilled in your career, relationships and finances at work. It takes a lot of courage to follow your heart, but you'll be glad you did. Ideal colors are bronze and apricot. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
    Go to TopThu Jun 28: Pleasant Surprises
    Life is full of pleasant surprises today. You could bump into the very person you were hoping to see, or hear from an old friend out of the blue. This is a super day for introducing some changes, such as altering part of your daily routine. You might also get the urge to do something unusual or unconventional. Favorable colors are lapis lazuli and orange. Lucky numbers are 4 and 10.
    Go to TopFri Jun 29: Sociable Day
    It's a very sociable day, with plenty of opportunities to catch up on the latest gossip. Why not get in touch with a friend on the spur of the moment and suggest meeting up? This is also a good day for taking part in a discussion because you'll find it easy to voice your opinions. Expressive colors are mango and lime. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
    Go to TopSat Jun 30: Harmless Escapism?
    Today is ideal for some gentle and harmless escapism, dear Capricorn. A quick shopping trip might do the trick, or you may prefer to have some time to yourself in relaxing surroundings. Romance is in the air, so perhaps you can disappear into a private little world with you- know-who. Soothing colors are brown and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 23 and 11.
    More Daily Forecasts on line soon!

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