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    Children and Pets

    Children, their interaction with us and our desire to have them (or not as the case may be!) are major factors in our lives. Astrology teaches that the stars and planets are a map to our personalities and a guide to our place in the world. An analysis of your horoscope can indicate the areas in which you are most likely to achieve a satisfying home and family life, including your capacity for marriage and children.

    The Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant or rising sign, along with the ruling planet, are good guides to character, family life and children, especially with regard to planets and signs governing the fourth, fifth, tenth and eleventh houses. The fifth house governs children (especially the first child), the seventh governs partner and second child, ninth governs in-laws, second marriages, third child etc. The eleventh house of your chart governs other people's children, so its ruler and planets therein will give clues, if you are an adopting parent.

    Pets can be a loving substitute for children for many, so modern astrology examines our relationships with animals and pets, too. Pets and other small animals are primarily governed in the horoscope by the sixth house and its planetary ruler.

    To get the full picture of your potential interaction with children and pets, click here to order your personal horoscope. To order a full analysis of your child's horoscope, click here. A child's horoscope also makes a wonderful gift for friends or family with young children!

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