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    Part 1 of a full relationship analysis:

    Prince Charles and Lady Diana

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    Charles Windsor & Diana Spencer: Part I

    Part One -- Planets and Aspects
    Each of us has every planet in his or her chart. Each planet symbolizes a different facet of life. In synastry, when we compare two charts, we look at the aspects (distance in degrees) between the planets of one chart and the planets of the other to determine areas of potential ease or difficulty. In general, sextiles and trines are easy aspects; squares and oppositions are challenging or dynamic aspects. Conjunctions can be either easy or difficult, depending on the planets involved...

    Common Aspects

    Sun sextile Saturn
    You are likely to bring out the practical side in each other. This allows you to see the importance of the responsibilities you share and to take on the tasks related to those responsibilities with a sunny attitude. In fact, you can work quite well together on all sorts of cooperative ventures and achieve a great deal as a team. This aspect is favorable for any situation where responsibility and discipline are needed. You are also likely to feel a good deal of loyalty to, and protectiveness toward one another.

    Moon sextile Moon
    When your Moons sextile one another's it's generally an indication of an emotionally compatible and supportive relationship. You are likely to share similar views on your family and your home, and you're also likely to feel comfortable in similar domestic situations. Because of this, the aspect is especially favorable for those who share living quarters.

    Moon trine Uranus
    There is likely to be something a bit different about this relationship that adds to its excitement and keeps you both interested. You can help each other spread your wings and try new things both together and as individuals. If you share a home, you are likely to have something of an open door policy regarding friends and associates, or else there is likely to be some other facet of your home life or living arrangements that differs in some way from the mainstream.

    Mercury trine Mercury
    Mercury is a neutral planet and has little or no impact on sexual attraction. However, between two people who are attracted to each other, a good aspect between the Mercury in each chart makes communications easier and can add to the richness of the relationship. The trine aspect is one of the best to have. It makes it easy for you to talk to each other. And it indicates that you probably either share harmonious ideas or are able to appreciate each other's point of view. Intellectual harmony and compatibility are likely with this trine.

    Diana Spencer's Planets Aspecting Charles Windsor's Planets

    Sun trine Mercury
    Your ideas and your ways of expressing yourselves tend to be in harmony. The Sun person is likely to take center stage, but the ideas expressed in the limelight are likely to be generated at least in part by the Mercury person. Because Mercury is a neutral planet, this trine indicates intellectual, not sexual compatibility. If this is a sexual relationship, the attraction factor is the result of other traits or aspects in the comparison. This trine does make communication flow more smoothly though, and usually indicates that you can talk over any problems that come up and work things out.

    Sun square Venus
    This square is typically an indication of attraction, although there may be some friction. Yet, this friction is usually mild and may only add to the sexual tension between partners, which ain't all that bad. The Sun person's assertiveness may occasionally be felt as pushiness by the Venus person and the Venus person may sometimes seem oversensitive to the Sun person.

    Sun opposite Jupiter
    This tends to be a generally harmonious combination, where both of you are likely to be indulgent toward the other. The only potential negatives brought out by this aspect: you may cut each other too much slack and tolerate or even encourage behavior in each other that most people would consider simply out of line.

    Sun conjunct Uranus
    This is likely to be a stimulating relationship, especially from the Sun person's perspective. The Uranus person's actions and/or point of view will probably surprise the Sun person. Meanwhile the Sun person, is likely to spur the Uranus person on to greater originality and inventiveness. This relationship will work best if both of you are prepared to give each other plenty of freedom and breathing room. If one or the other attempts to manipulate, cling or dominate, there can be anything from a minor rebellion to a complete break.

    Moon sextile Mars
    The sextile of Moon and Mars is often an indication of sexual attraction, especially, but not necessarily when the Moon person is female and the Mars person is male. You tend to bring out strong feelings in one another, and generally speaking, these passions will be pleasant, unless other chart indications negate this. You are also likely to be quite protective of one another, the Moon person in a nurturing or mothering way (regardless of sex) and the Mars person in a more assertive fashion.

    Moon sextile Jupiter
    This is one of those feel-good aspects that can really help cement a relationship, because you genuinely enjoy being around one another. You probably feel great benevolence, generosity and tolerance for each other , and will put up with flaws in one another that might drive you up a wall in someone else. You can cooperate on a variety of projects, especially those that involve beliefs, culture, principles or family, and can support each other's family and cultural values. All in all, this is an excellent aspect for domestic partners.

    Mercury opposite Jupiter
    Your association with each other is likely to involve communication, ideas, study, travel and thought, as both Mercury and Jupiter are associated with these issues, but in somewhat different ways. You probably enjoy verbal jousting with one another -- at the very least, you are unlikely to be at a loss for words when together. You can enrich each other's experiences in travel, education, writing or other forms of communication, philosophy and culture as you tend to approach these activities from opposite, although usually compatible directions.

    Mercury sextile Saturn
    Favorable for business relationships of all kinds, this aspect makes you better able to work effectively together. It also helps you get more done together than either of you might be able to accomplish separately. The Saturn person can help the Mercury person turn his or her plans and ideas into concrete reality; the Mercury person can help the Saturn person think of clever new ways to actualize his or her objectives.

    Mercury conjunct Uranus
    This can be a dynamic intellectual combination, especially when it occurs in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Synapses are likely to be all afire when you two are together, especially if this is a very close conjunction (within a degree or two of exact). You can spur each other on to greater originality and inventiveness, but it may be difficult at times for either partner to completely relax with the other because of continual stimulation. You may share interests in areas involving intellect, communications or science. The only downside intellectually is that you may lack objectivity when judging each other's ideas and may therefore miss flaws that would be apparent to a neutral party.

    Mars trine Jupiter
    You're likely to bring out the joie de vivre in each other . You probably enjoy doing things together, especially involving sports, travel and outdoor fun. You can help each other take successful action and may be quite a bit luckier when taking careful risks together than either is alone. Just don't leap before you look -- this combination can make you overly optimistic.

    Mars conjunct Saturn
    This is often a difficult combination that can generate considerable frustration. The Mars person is likely to feel restricted, tied down and put upon by the Saturn person. First the Saturn person insists that the Mars person says "may I, " which the Mars person resents having to do -- and then the Saturn person says, "no you may not, " which really grates on those already resentful nerves. The Saturn person won't find this combination any bowl of cherries either. The Saturn person is likely to feel irritated, and perhaps feel his or her security is occasionally threatened by the Mars person's rashness and ill-considered actions. There is, in a worst case scenario, some danger of cruelty toward one another. But there is also a positive side to this conjunction that can manifest itself when the two people involved are mature, considerate and serious-minded. This aspect allows you to focus considerable energy on any problem you encounter together, and to have the stamina, discipline and stick-to-it-tiveness to see it through to a favorable conclusion. It really depends on whether the two of you are grown-up enough to handle this combination.

    Mars sextile Uranus
    You're likely to engage in unusual actions together and to support each other in activities that may involve adventure, idiosyncratic behavior and/or inventiveness. If this is a sexual relationship, there is the possibility of it being quirky or even a bit kinky in some way in its erotic expression, but only if the aspect is fairly close to exact and other chart comparison factors support this potential.

    Jupiter opposite Ascendant
    Rather than an opposition, this aspect works like a conjunction of Jupiter with the Ascendant person's seventh house cusp, the house of partners and important relationships. With Jupiter shining its benevolent glow in this area of the chart, there is likely to be much harmony between you, along with good will and mutual respect. You are likely to be generous toward one another, although you may sometimes promise more than you can deliver or expect more than is reasonable. But all in all, you will probably be tolerant of each other's minor flaws, indulgent of each other's hopes and ideas, and able to give each other enough room to enjoy life as partners and individuals.

    Saturn opposite Ascendant
    This operates more like a conjunction between the Ascendant person's seventh house cusp, the house of partners, and Saturn, than as a true opposition. Each of you will take your relationship with the other very seriously. You are likely to take on and share heavy responsibilities. You have a sense of loyalty to each other and there is a sense of purpose to the relationship. There is potential for clashes between you when your ego needs conflict with the obligations you feel toward, or the burdens you experience because of, the relationship.

    Neptune conjunct South Node
    Both of you may have difficulty seeing the other realistically, although this is not likely to be a severe problem as the influence of this aspect is weak. There's a slight potential (if the conjunction is within a degree or so) for acting out by one or both of you as a martyr or victim, or for other unconscious but emotionally draining behavior.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew Time Cycles Research
    To view the rest of the reading, click on the links. Part II Part III Part IV

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