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    Part II of a full relationship analysis:
    the tragic relationship between Prince Charles and Lady Diana

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    Charles Windsor & Diana Spencer: Part II

    Charles Windsor's Planets Aspecting Diana Spencer's Planets

    Sun square Moon
    While this can be a problematic combination, it also seems to produce attraction, as it is one of the more common aspects between couples. There may be clashes between the Sun person's need to assert his or her ego and the Moon person's emotional needs. There is also the potential for one of you to dominate and overshadow the other; often, but not necessarily, the Sun person. However, when the attraction is strong enough -- which it often is with this aspect -- people usually learn to get past the potential for misunderstanding and grow as individuals and as a couple through dealing with the challenges posed by this square.

    Sun opposite Venus
    Often an indication of romantic attraction, this aspect is considered especially potent if the Sun person is male and the Venus person female (the reverse is still plenty potent , however). This relationship may broaden your horizons as you introduce each other to art, entertainment, music and social activities that may in ways be opposite to what the other is used to, but pleasant nevertheless. There are a few potential negatives, although these are generally not particularly upsetting. The Sun person may occasionally feel that the Venus person is overly emotional; and the Venus person may sometimes view the Sun person as somewhat arrogant and domineering.

    Sun square Mars
    There is plenty of potential for clashes and competitiveness here as each of you feels your ego is on the line every time you have a disagreement. You must learn to channel your assertive tendencies into positive activities in order for the relationship to run smoothly. Agree to disagree, but don't take the other's position as a challenge to your own; just change the subject or the scenery and accept the other's right to an alternate point of view. If diplomacy doesn't work, don't let issues smolder between you. Air your points as clearly as possible, then kiss and make-up. (That's the upside of this square. You guys are probably great at kissing and making up. ) You can also grow tremendously as individuals if you can learn to accept that -- even if you don't agree with it -- your partner's view is as valid for him or her as yours is for you.

    Sun square Uranus
    Dynamic, stimulating, challenging and perhaps a bit unstable generally describe relationships with this comparative aspect . You can incite each other to new adventures, new risks and new activities; but you may also see each other as competition -- and may go too far in your attempts to one-up one another. It may be somewhat difficult to cooperate with one another as one or the other may see it as a challenge to his or her freedom and autonomy.

    Moon sextile Mercury
    You are likely to be able to talk out any emotional difficulties between you because of the affinity you feel with each other on deep and intellectual levels. The Mercury person's words are especially likely to affect the Moon person's feelings, while the Moon person's emotional responses will probably inspire the Mercury person's thoughts. If other aspects between the charts support this, you may find you have something of an intuitive connection, and can recognize what the other is feeling or thinking without requiring verbal or physical clues.

    Moon trine Mars
    This trine usually indicates that you have powerful feelings toward each other. It also contributes to sexual attraction. While virtually all of the Mars/Moon aspects can show attraction, with the trine, the resulting relationship is likely to be much smoother, with fewer of the pouty, emotional scenes typical when these planets contact each other by conjunction, opposition or square. While the Mars person may take the role of the dominant partner, this will usually be by mutual implicit agreement. You are both likely to have a well-developed sense of protectiveness toward one another and can provide what the other lacks and needs. With this trine between you, you're also likely to be able to get a great deal accomplished around the home together.

    Moon square Jupiter
    This can sometimes indicate overblown emotions or a tendency to encourage one another to be emotionally indulgent. There may be a touch of insincerity in the emotional expression between you or perhaps just oversentimentality. In any event, this is not a particularly troublesome square as a rule.

    Moon square Saturn
    There is likely to be some restriction of emotional expression in this relationship, and probably some real emotional frustration. You may feel like there is an obstruction to your getting truly emotionally intimate with one another. Your timing may be off or there may be other situational factors that simply get in the way. Often this square indicates a relationship where there is a considerable feeling of emotional or family responsibility and obligation, but too little joy from the pairing. You may also bring out each other's fears and pessimism.

    Moon opposite Midheaven
    This is not so much an opposition as it is a conjunction of the Moon placement with the Midheaven person's fourth house cusp, the house of home life and domestic issues. It is favorable for people who live together, as there is a shared sense of family ties and emotional bonding. You can nurture each other's emotional needs, and are each likely to turn to one another for comfort and protection from the outer world.

    Mercury square Jupiter
    This combination can produce a lot of talk - sometimes quite grandiose - but rarely produces an equivalent amount of action (or, at least, action of any consequence). Other than the tendency toward wasting time and energy in discussions that go nowhere, this is not a particularly bothersome square.

    Venus conjunct Midheaven
    This is an excellent aspect to have betwen two people who are involved in professional or business dealings together. The Midheaven person may provide the Venus person with greater security while the Venus person's social contacts and social skills can help advance the Midheaven person's status and professional ambitions.

    Mars trine Uranus
    Dynamic relationships where there is a magnetic sexual attraction often have this comparative aspect. You are likely to enjoy many adventures with each other and to do things together that separately you might only daydream about. The Mars person can give the Uranus person the necessary boost in energy to actualize his or her inspired ideas; the Uranus person can show the Mars person how to direct his or herenthusiasm in creative and innovative ways.

    Mars conjunct Ascendant
    Sometimes it's passionate, but sometimes the fever raised by this combination is simply a headache. This conjunction can make for instant attraction, but it can also inspire competitiveness between the two of you. Neither of you is likely to know exactly where and when to put the brakes on. There is the potential for too great an emphasis on taking action, without enough thought given to the outcome of that action. This can lead to conflict between you, especially if you're prone to placing blame on each other when something goes wrong.

    Saturn conjunct Pluto
    As Pluto spends so many years in one sign, this aspect is more significant for showing how the Saturn person relates to a whole generation than as a one-to-one relationship indicator . If the conjunction is close -- within a degree or two of exact -- it can indicate a bond between you centered on achievement. However, there is a slight potential that this will manifest in struggles between you for control and authority.

    Saturn conjunct North Node
    This is not a particularly potent influence, but you may notice a tendency to disagree over the relevance of your social and emotional life. The Saturn person may create too confining an atmosphere which can stifle the Node person's emotional expression.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew Time Cycles Research

    To view the rest of the reading, click on the links. Part III Part IV

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