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    Here is Part IV of a full relationship analysis:
    the tragic relationship between Prince Charles and Lady Diana

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    Charles Windsor & Diana Spencer: Part IV

    Diana Spencer's Planets in Charles Windsor's Houses

    This is the house of self expression. The sign on the cusp of this house is called your rising sign or Ascendant. It shows your self image, the face you show the world and how others see you...

    Uranus in House 1
    The Uranus person can be a shock to the system for the first house person. This is likely to be an exciting relationship that shakes up the first house person's self-image and actions. The Uranus person can help the first house person explore issues of personal freedom and break away from old patterns of behavior.

    This is the house of what you have, both in a tangible and intangible sense. It rules your possessions, your values and what you have to give sexually to your partner. When the planets of another person fall into this house, you are likely to experience the energies symbolized by those planets as having an impact on your sense of self-worth, your possessions, your material security or your personal value system.

    Mars in House 2
    The Mars person can do a lot to energize the second house person to be more aggressive and active in financial affairs. The down-side of this is that the Mars person may treat the other person's possessions as his or her own, or may encourage the second house person to blow money or resources. This is especially true when there are harsh major aspects from Mars to the second house person's chart. There is also the potential for disagreements over money and valuables.

    Pluto in House 2
    The Pluto person can help the second house person to be more resourceful and to focus more effectively on finances. There is a slight potential for resentment if the Pluto person tries to impose his or her own values on the second house person.

    The fourth house rules the home, real estate, your mother (and your mothering instincts), as well as home, domestic and family situations in general. It is also the house ruling your final resting place. Those whose planets fall in your fourth house will affect you on a deep level, and may arouse your protective and nurturing instincts. If the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter or Ascendant of another falls in your fourth house, you may make good housemates or domestic partners.

    Neptune in House 4
    Usually, this placement indicates empathy between you and a deep emotional or intuitive understanding. The Neptune person can bring beauty and creativity into the fourth house person's home. There is a slight danger that the Neptune person will be an emotional drain on the fourth house person or erode fourth house person's domestic/family situation, but this will probably only be so if there are harsh major aspects from Neptune to the fourth house person's planets.

    The morning after the partying of the fifth house, you've got to get back down to business, and that's what the sixth house is about. It rules work, health, service, worries, diet, dress, personal habits and other mundane, but necessary details of life. When someone else's planets fall into your sixth house, the energies of those planets will affect the way you respond to the above sixth house issues. If, for instance, someone's Saturn is in your sixth house, he or she might be an authority (Saturn rules authority figures) who you consult about health, such as a doctor; or he or she might be your boss at work.

    Jupiter in House 6
    The Jupiter person likely to have a positive effect on the health habits, dress and diet of the sixth house person. The Jupiter person can also benefit the sixth house person's working situation and expand his or her work prospects. There is a possibility of the Jupiter person encouraging the sixth house person to self- indulgence and over-optimism in these areas, if Jupiter makes any major hard aspects to the sixth house person's chart.

    Saturn in House 6
    The Saturn person can help the sixth house person focus on occupational responsibilities, but there may be too much emphasis on obligation and not enough on relaxation. This tends to promote an all work and no play scenario. It can occasionally indicate that restrictions or other problems in the relationship cause a detrimental effect on the sixth house person's nerves or digestion, but usually only if other factors support this.

    The seventh, also known as the Descendant, is the house of marital and other partners. It is exactly opposite the first house, which represents you. As the old saying goes: opposites attract. The seventh is also the first of the houses above the horizon in your chart, and is the beginning of that part of the chart which represents your dealings with the public. When the planets of another person are in this house, the energies of those planets will have an impact on your seventh house issues. For instance, if someone's Moon is in your seventh, that person's emotional make-up and nurturing instincts are likely to be in sync with those you would want in a partner.

    Moon in House 7
    This is one of the stronger indications of an emotionally based partnership. The closer the Moon is to the seventh house cusp, the more intense the emotions can be. Because you tend to have such a powerful effect on each other's feelings, you may be able to relate to each other's moods and emotions almost as if they were your own. This is a favorable placement for setting up housekeeping together.

    Friends, acquaintances, associates, associations, clubs, and virtually any other group you feel a part of are all matters related to the eleventh house. This is also the house governing your hopes, wishes and professional values (personal values are matters of the second house). When someone else's planets fall here in your chart, the energies of those planets will affect your reactions to eleventh house issues. For instance, if a friend's Pluto, the planet of power, falls in your eleventh, your association with that person can potentially bring you greater power and control.

    Venus in House 11
    You will probably enjoy a feeling of close friendship, in addition to any other relationship you have together. The Venus person can help the eleventh house person's social standing, help him or her achieve aspirations and help him or her advance through valuable associations. This comparative placement works best if both partners are willing to give the other plently of freedom and elbow room.

    This is the house of illusion, where things are not quite what they seem. Secrets, ideals, deception and self-deception, dreams, drugs, chronic illness, institutions and intuition are all matters of the twelfth house. Older astrology texts call this the house of self-undoing, but this is probably too negative a reading in most cases. It is true, though, that it is difficult to get a clear picture of what is going on in this house; so the energies of any planets of another person that fall into your twelfth are likely to be harder for you to understand than those falling in other houses. If, for instance, someone's Venus falls in your twelfth, you may find it difficult to see that person's flaws and you may respond to the person as if he or she were your ideal mate, whether or not this is objectively realistic.

    Sun in House 12
    With this placement, it may be very difficult for the twelfth house person to see the Sun person as he or she really is. There is some potential for the twelfth house person to over idealize, or to have unrealistic expectations of the Sun person, and to become disappointed as a result. There is also a slight potential for the Sun person to take advantage, consciously or not, of the twelfth house person, or to engage in some mild deception. Sometimes, the twelfth house person's intuitive understanding of the relationship is more on-target than a purely rational analysis.

    Mercury in House 12
    You may have some difficulty understanding each other's ideas in a purely intellectual way. However, this placement often compensates for the above by making it easier for you to communicate with, or understand each other on a subconscious or intuitive level. This placement often shows that the communications between you connect you in ways that are not apparent to others. The Mercury person's words can stimulate the twelfth house person's intuitive senses, but may also inspire feelings of guilt, uncertainty, and martyrdom. There is also the possibility of dissembling or outright deception in this relationship, especially if there are harsh major aspects between Mercury and the twelfth house person's planets.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew © Time Cycles Research

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