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    Astrology & Health: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | Herbs | Humours | Vital Force | Health

    action chart action chart
    action chart action chart
    Figure 2:  The Bee Sting Chart

    Astrology and Health:
    an introduction to decumbiture [part 3]

    To demonstrate the astrology of decumbiture in action, please see the Bee Sting Chart in Figure 2, where a simple incident of a bee sting created a very precise moment in time for basing a decumbiture.

    I had been studying medical astrology for most of a morning when I decided that it must be lunchtime. However when I saw the kitchen clock, I realised that it was too early for lunch. I decided instead to return to my studies. Precisely at that moment the kitchen door burst open and in rushed one of our herbal dispensers. She dramatically exclaimed, "Dylan, Dylan I have just been stung, what shall I put on the sting?"

    She had been outside gathering lime flower blossoms to make into a tincture, when she was stung by a bee on her right hand, precisely at the tip of the index finger. Closer inspection revealed the sting embedded in her finger with the venom sacs still pulsating and injecting the venom into it. I immediately pulled the sting out with my finger nails and then rushed to get an onion. I quickly cut the onion in two and pushed her finger tip into one of the halves.

    Onion is a very effective remedy for bee and wasp stings when it is applied immediately after the incident. After two minutes all pain and swelling had gone from her finger tip. When I resumed my studies I suddenly realised I had noted the time just before the door burst open. This proved to be a particularly fascinating moment in time.
    Analysing the Decumbiture
    For the purpose of illustration for those who are unfamiliar with astrological concepts, the sequence of signification in this chart has been simplified by using letters of the alphabet. Please look for the letters in sequence in Figure 2.

    The ascendant (A) is 950' Libra. As Venus (B) rules Libra, her placing at 2731' Leo in the 11th house indicates the dispenser.

    The 6th house cusp (C) is 1757' Pisces. As Jupiter (D) rules Pisces, he signifies the dispenser's disease. Appropriately Jupiter is located in his own sign at 2251' Pisces, in the 6th house of illness. Additionally the 6th house also traditionally rules work, while its ruler Jupiter according to Nicholas Culpeper rules lime trees (tilea europea). Furthermore the 6th house also rules small animals, so Jupiter is the significator for the bee. This signification is particularly appropriate since bees are also traditionally ruled by Jupiter.

    Jupiter is mythologically King of the Gods who acts out his authority by throwing down thunder bolts from the heavens. Bees have long been noted by bee keepers to be particularly sensitive to thunder storms. At the first flash of lightening they immediately fly back to their hive, hence they are seen to be under the rulership of Jupiter. This combination of symbolism reflects the dispenser in her work was harvesting lime flowers when she was stung by the bee that caused her dis-ease.
    Anatomical Sequence
    Anatomically the sequence of the twelve houses reflects the parts of the body connected with Zodiacal signs. So that the first house through its association with Aries is also connected with the head. The second house is connected with the neck and shoulders, and so on through the sequence, finishing with twelfth house and the feet.

    Since the
    3rd house cusp (E), linked to the arms and hands, is found at 231' Sagittarius, Jupiter (D) also rules the dispenser's hands. This combination of symbolism very precisely links the disease with her hand. Furthermore Jupiter's location in the Western hemisphere (placed to the right of the 4th/10th axis (F/K) – at 1244' Capricorn/Cancer) of the chart specifically indicates that her left hand is diseased.
    Mars and Saturn
    Stings are naturally ruled by Mars, the fiery god of war. Mars (G) is located at 1754' Capricorn separating from a sextile (60) aspect to Jupiter at 2250' of Pisces. Its retrograde or backward motion accentuating the separation between the Planets. This separating aspect suggests the bee going off to die leaving its sting in the dispenser's index finger.

    A detail further reflected by
    Saturn (H) at 344' Sagittarius also retrograde in motion and placed (conjunct) at the 3rd house cusp. The arrows of Sagittarius the archer additionally suggest stings and burning. Saturn retrograding on to the third house cusp also reflects the sting firmly embedded into her finger. Jupiter's hot and moist nature located in the Water sign Pisces is particularly descriptive of the inflammation and swelling associated with stings.
    The Sun and Moon

    The Moon (I) cosignificator of the disease, located at 1247' Leo – a Fire sign, indicates the burning pain she must have felt with the sting. As Leo is also associated with theatre, this placing of the Moon is also descriptive of the dispenser's dramatic entrance through the door.

    The 7th house cusp (J) which rules the physician is 950' Aries, since Mars (G) rules Aries I am thereby shown by Mars. Despite its retrograde motion, Mars is strongly placed in Capricorn the sign of its exaltation, indicating I was in a good position to cure the patient.

    The 10th house cusp (K) shows the medicine. As the 10th house cusp is located at 1244' Cancer, the Moon rules the medicine. The selection of the onion as a remedy was entirely appropriate as onions are traditionally under the dominion of both Mars and the Moon. Since the Moon is in the Fire sign of Leo, the hot and dry temperature of the onion can be seen to counter the swelling indicated by Jupiter in Pisces (cold and moist).

    There is a powerful mutual reception (a relationship between two Planets occupying positions of each other's rulership, whereby they can symbolically swap places) between the Sun and Moon.

    The Sun (L) is placed at 1659' Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. Correspondingly, the Moon (I) is placed at 1247' Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun. Both of the luminaries are located in the 10th house of medicine and healing. Since the Sun generates the vital force and the Moon circulates it around the body, this is a particularly potent indication of the dispenser's speedy recovery.

    The most compelling detail of this decumbiture chart once more returns to Jupiter ruling the dispenser's hands (3rd house cusp) and her disease (6th house cusp). The index finger on which she was stung is traditionally associated in cheiromancy with the energies of Jupiter, hence the name Jupiter finger!

    Here endeth the lesson.

    Astrology and Health:
    A Beginner's Guide by Dylan Warren-Davis.
    Published by Headway: Hodder & Stoughton
    ISBN 034070518 3   84 pages
    To order your copy click here!

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