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    Experience Festival: A Global Smorgasbord of Ancient Wisdom

    Love and Light At the 'Experience Festival' in the 'Golden City' outside Madras/Chennai in South India, August 2-8, 2003, the participants will have a unique introduction to ancient wisdom from around the globe. The intent of the festival is based on the belief that humanity in ancient times were more able to live in profound happiness, heal illnesses, develop extrasensory perception and even reach spiritual enlightenment.

    Themes of Knowledge

    The Experience Festival will feature workshops within various themes of knowledge such as Ayurveda, Kabbalah, Vaastu, astrology, the Mayan calendar, Vedic Art, mysticism, enlightenment, and much more. There will also be all sorts of playful activities such as music, singing, dancing and creation of collective art.

    Experience Festival

    The Experience Festival will take place in a beautiful and serene surrounding, at the outskirts of a jungle and national park.

    During the festival, participants can choose from as many as twenty activities during one single day. There will be workshops dealing with enlightenment, pitfalls for the seeker, etc. Mysticism and how to develop mystical abilities is another subject that is likely to attract great interest. There will also be workshops about parenting and women's movement from a spiritual perspective and a range of other topics. All topics will be lead by a person coming close from the source of knowledge.

    World University

    Immediately after the Experience Festival, from August 9-17, the World University will start its first program of courses. The World University is an initiative of the Golden Age Foundation who is also co-creating the Experience Festival together with the founders out of Sweden. The first courses in the World University will take place during the nine days immediately after the Experience Festival, August 9-17, and in the same location.

    For more information - please see http://www.experiencefestival.com or send an email to [email protected].
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    Updated: Saturday, 11 June 2011

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