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    Frequently Asked Questions about Astrology, Mandalas & related topics

    Many people write in to us at Astrology on the Web with questions about Astrology, Relationships, Mandalas, Health, Career and more technical issues. While we are always ready to answer your queries, some questions are often asked, so here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions, which might be useful (and reduce the daily flood of email to your fave rave astrologers.....)

    1.  How long does it take to get my chart and interpretation?Usually around 21 days, but some are done sooner and others later, depending on the workload. We still have real human beings doing the work here. They are trying to replace us with robots, but no luck so far.... Overseas orders may take longer.
    2.  I need an urgent answer. Can I get it sooner?Urgent orders can be attended to more quickly on request. Super-Urgent orders can be attended to within 24 hours for an extra fee of $30.00
    3.  Can I get my chart and interpretation by email?We can supply our reports by email, if required. They are sent as email attachments. Large attachments however are sometimes trashed by email gateways and some clients have difficulty getting them to work. Make sure your inbox is refreshed and your spam filter allows us to be whitelisted.
    4.  I want a forecast of the trends for my year ahead, but I do not need a daily transit report. Is this available?You can request an Annual Update to your chart. This costs $149.95
    5.  You include up to three questions with a Birth Star Chart & Full Interpretation. I have some extra questions. Can I have these answered?We will answer extra questions for $30.00 per question, over and above the charge for the other services you have requested..
    6.  I have a question, but do not require a chart with full interpretation. How can I get my question answered?We will answer your question (without a full interpretation) for $40.00 for the first question and $30.00 for each additional question.
    7.  I do not wish to pay by credit card over the WWW. Is there another method of payment?You can either fax, phone or mail us the credit card details (you can print out the order form), or send us a personal cheque or money order. We also accept Paypal. Do not send cash in the mail. Email us for more details of other payment methods.
    8.  I want to order from you, but I need time to pay. Is there a time payment method, or can you bill my credit card in bite-sized chunks?The short answer is yes. Please request time payment when ordering.
    9.  I found some of the astrological terms in the interpretation a bit confusing. Can I request a clarification, or further information, once I have already received my order?Yes. Please feel free to phone, write or email for clarification. We also have a detailed glossary on our website.
    10. I want to have a personal one-on-one consultation with you. Is this possible?Yes. Personal consultations can be arranged, either face-to-face or over the telephone. At this stage, we only have face-to-face consultations in Bowral, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Adelaide, Australia. Personal consultations can also be arranged in Tampa, Florida, New York, NY, and San Francisco CA from time to time. Workshops and groups are also available by appointment.
    11. You say the Personal Mandala is individually created, even though you have never met me. How is this possible?At a deep level we are all intimately connected. Our accomplished psychic personnel can tune in to your wavelength through sacred geometry, psychometry and other esoteric methods.
    12. Can the stars help with my health? Yes. Astrology is a unified and deeply holistic system which addresses all aspects of human life, including healing.
    13. I feel that I am passing through a kind of spiritual crisis, Can I get guidance through the stars?Yes. Astrology is part of the deep healing and understanding process which enables us to achieve personal growth and spiritual understanding.
    14. Can the stars tell me if this person is the right one for me?Yes. Relationship analysis using the various astrological methods is an excellent way of finding the meaning and direction of relationships.
    15. Do you send out free horoscopes by email?Not at this stage, although we are looking at increasing our automation in some areas.
    16. Can I learn astrology from you?Not at this stage, although the teaching of astrology is one of the items on our agenda a little further down the track.
    17. Will I ever have children?Astrology can show whether you are likely to have children and whether they will thrive. A relocation to a more favourable area can sometimes stimulate another aspect of the horoscope that will remove blocks to certain sides of life, such as having children. Astrology can be a valuable tool in finding the right time and place.
    18. Can astrology help me with my career?Yes. Astrology can be very useful in matters of career, work and finances..

    A birth chart reveals the key to self-knowledge, especially concerning our often conflicting inner drives and energies. It shows how these energies operate at the level of the psyche. The chart also describes the way we perceive and approach particular areas of life, such as relationships, finances, career and health.

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