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    Richard Giles, writer, astrologer and Feng Shui consultant, was born in Adelaide, South Australia, spending his childhood in sunny bliss in the climate of the City of Culture. The Vietnam war and conscription turned him towards another way of life. Spiritual journeys in Thailand, India and Indonesia with Buddhism and meditation led him to a new analysis of the world. He took up the study of astrology and more recently Feng Shui.

    Richard lives in sunny Queensland in the cool mountains in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, where he works as an astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner doing consultations and continues writing for various magazines and newspapers.

    2006: Year of the Dog
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    Chinese Year of the Dog

    2006: Year of the Dog [part 2]
    Your Year Ahead

    Richard Giles presents his Chinese horoscope forecast for the Year of the Dog in 2006. He looks down the timeline for all of the Chinese Zodiac Animals and gives the flavour of the year for each one. And you can calculate your Zodiac Animal with our free on line calculator!

    What's in store for each of the twelve animal signs in 2006, the Year of the Dog? The Dragon is the animal in the Chinese zodiac opposite to the Dog, and because of it also being square to the Ox and the Sheep, has what's called an 'earth penalty' with the Dog. People born in these years have to be especially careful in 2006. Earth clashing with earth means danger associated with earth disasters such as landslides, collapses or earthquakes. Therefore, for people born in these years, avoid spending large amounts of time in very earthy areas, such as mountains or deserts. The earth months this year occur in April, July, October and January. These will be tougher times for the above animal signs.

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    Please bear in mind that the Chinese year begins in February

    For people born under the Dragon, Ox or Sheep signs, it's good to wear a Rabbit pendant, which will help attract away the Dog, and minimise any negative influences this year. Whichever animal opposes the sign of the current year always has some trouble or lessons to deal with. The three animals that gain most from the year are the Tiger, the Horse and the Rabbit. Note I have entered the Elemental sign of each animal here. A Fire/ Earth year has troubles with Water, takes away from Wood, assists Fire but sometimes drains it, boosts Earth but sometimes overloads it, and has some problems for Metal.

    THE DOG (Earth): (1910, '22, '34, '46, '58, '70, '82, '94, 2006)
    This year is coming up the Dog year and it's a good one. Nevertheless, you need to keep an eye on your words and actions, as you may say or do things that follow you about for a while afterwards. You will be recognised for your work and abilities this year, but even so, you won't always feel totally at ease with it. Loneliness may be an issue and despite being surrounded by well wishers, it may not seem to be enough. Stay away from Sheep and Ox people this year in business dealings.

    THE PIG (Water): (1911, '23, '35, '47, '59, '71, '83, '95, 2007)
    Pigs always enjoy themselves and the Dog year is not going to supply those same feelings you're used to. What you feel you need is a good dose of fun and laughter. Take some time out and be aware that the year will not go your way every month. Make good plans for next year, as it's going to be your year. Keep your directions clear in 2006 and keep your focus.

    THE RAT (Water): (1912, '24, '36, '48, '60, '72, '84, '96, 2008)
    This will be a year when you feel out of tune with others in the world and the workplace. You probably need to make adjustments to the way you connect with others and then it will feel better. Stay peaceful and approach things from a relaxed standpoint. It will be easier.

    THE OX (Earth): (1913, '25, '37, '49, '61, '73, '85, '97, 2009)
    This is one of those years when you need to avoid Dog or Goat people because of the 'earth clashing' of signs in 2006. Projects you have on the go may suffer this year and your energies could slump. Don't share too many parts of yourself with others, as they may not respect it sufficiently. It's not your best year, so hop into the back seat, be detached and wait for 2007.

    THE TIGER (Wood): (1914, '26, '38, '50, '62, '74, '86, '98, 2010)
    This is a much better year than last year. The Dog and Tiger get on well so its a year for you to make it and to reap the rewards. Make sure you also put aside some profits from the year for future years. You will have fun and achieve, and events will generally support you well.

    THE RABBIT (Wood): (1915, '27, '39, 51, '63, '75, '87, '99, 2011)
    This year your fortune improves and 2006 will bring you benefits in the fields of new projects, endeavours based on teamwork and things to do with lifestyle, hobbies and creative relaxation. Another Dog person could help with all this. These plans and schemes will culminate best in 2007.

    THE DRAGON (Earth): (1904, '16, '28, '40, '52, '64, '76, '88, 2000)
    Not the greatest year for Dragons due to your opposition to the Dog across the zodiac. It could be more a year of endings and transformations than beginnings. Its also time to go through your possessions and get rid of what's not needed. If you have loose ends hanging about in your life, remove them asap. This is a moving on year with much sorting to do and the need for changes knocking at the door.

    THE SNAKE (Fire): (1905, '17, '29, '41, '53, '65, '77, '89, 2001)
    You are favoured by the Dog year, but in a way that's not what you expect. Your plans may not do what you have told them to do. By allowing things to flow outside your expectations you may add in a new dimension that hadn't occurred to you till now. Watch out for new romances because some of them may not be what you expect. The Snake can be a bit of a romancer, so be cautious this year.

    THE HORSE (Fire): (1906, '18, '30, '42, '54, '66, '78, '90, 2002)
    Another sign that benefits from the Doggie year. There are new directions for you and you will be recognised for your abilities and talents this year. Share your winnings and praise with others and be grateful. Teaming up with other Tigers and Dogs will be good for you. Enjoy yourself this year.

    THE SHEEP (Earth): (1907, '19, '31, '43, '55, '67, '79, '91, 2003)
    Not a great year for Sheep people as you are in the 'earth clash' with the Dog mentioned earlier. Make sure you always get the full story on everything you do, every contract you get into and every new person you meet so as to be clear on what's happening. Deception about some parts of your life could be an issue this year. Stay away from 'get rich quick' types of people. Seek good independent advice on any projects.

    THE MONKEY (Metal): (1908, '20, '32, '44, '56, '68, '80, '92, 2004)
    A year when you feel that not everything is going at the pace you'd like it to move. You need to calm down that Monkey curiosity and the need for stimulation. Be aware of relationship issues, as one may turn out to be not doing so well and you have to reassess there. Be honest with yourself and others and you'll be doing fine.

    THE ROOSTER (Metal): (1909, '21, '33, '45, '57, '69, '81, '93, 2005)
    The year of the Dog is not always to a Rooster's liking, and ideas you've been working on take unexpected directions. Obstacles emerge that you didn't expect and things turn around corners you didn't see. Avoid the need to speak out as strongly as Roosters usually do and you'll fare much better. Try to stay relaxed and impartial this year and be observant.

    Every sign is different and it's important to remember that each year the Chinese animal comes up, it can have one of five different elemental makeups. As an example, there are Fire Monkey years, Earth Monkey years, Metal Monkey years, Water Monkeys and Wood Monkeys. Each of these elements mean you react differently to the year, depending on what's in play in 2006. If your element clashes with Fire you may have a tougher, more challenging or testing year. And this does not mean you won't succeed – the challenge may be just what you need to make it.

    Best of luck with the year and may all the choicest blessings come to you.

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    Yin YangRichard Giles is a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer who is available in Australia for consultations on your home and business. He has been involved in astrology for 15 years and writes for several Australian magazines. He is also the director of the Earth Healing School of Queensland, running practitioner courses in Earth Healing and Geomancy. Click to contact Richard Giles.

    Year of the Fire Dog: part 1 | part 2 | FengShui Your House | Chinese Zodiac | Feng ShuiYour Year Ahead

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