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    Future Trends: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5American Catastrophe
    1. A fact which reflects the fixed nature of US Government practices -- fixed election dates, fixed terms, etc,. This is so because the Government was instututed on Nov 15 1777 under the fixed sign of Scorpio -- time uncertain, so noon is used.

    2. The previous Clinton administration (Jan 20 1997) had a Sun-Uranus conjunction (Uranus entered Aquarius in January 1996). One of the main concerns of the administration was updating computer systems in readiness for the year 2000 and making government services available on-line. In short, much innovation and reform of a technical nature occurred and this carried over to the wider society. All this was largely responsible for sustaining economic growth during the period. And, further in keeping with the basic meanings of Uranus, this period of Clinton's presidency was not without its excitement and upsets, both at home (the Lewinski scandal) and abroad (embassy bombings, missile strikes, and the air war against Milosovic's Serbia). It is the other tight aspects between Sun-Uranus and Mars-NN opposing Saturn-SN, Mercury-Venus, and Pluto which explain the details of the above, which we won't go into here. However, it is worth noting that Neptune made its first sojourn into Aquarius from the end of January to late August 1998 before finally entering Aquarius in late November. Thus, Neptune was conjunct this administration's Sun when: the Lewinski scandal broke (July 28th); two US Embassies in East Africa were bombed (Aug 8th); the US hit back with missile strikes in the Sudan and Afghanistan (Aug 20th); the US and Britain hit Iraq with missile strikes (Dec 17th). Even then, people were struck by the fact that life was imitating art, especially the movie 'Wag the Dog'. This seems to be one effect of Neptune in Aquarius.

    3. Brady (1998: 188-190) stresses the point that Algol has long been associated with the Gorgon's Head and stands for outraged feminine demonic force as well as feminine passion and intensity.

    4. Mars in hard aspect to Saturn is often referred to as the 'death axis'. At worst it represents concentrated destructive energy outwardly expressed as brutal violence. Mars in Scorpio adds ruthlessness and the urge for wilfull destruction. Mars/Saturn square Mercury represents murderers, news of mourning and bereavement, thoughts on separation and death. In square to Uranus, brute force, sudden separations or deaths; sextile Pluto, brutality, the rage or fury of destruction, murder, the death of a great many people; and, trine Venus and sextile Moon, callousness, depression, separation or death of females (Ebertin, 1972: 156-157).
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