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    Aquarius's Moon:
    Aquarius Solar Festival [part 2]
    An Inspired Spontaneity at the Full Moon in Leo 2010

    Malvin Artley continues his exploration of the esoteric meanings of the Full Moon in Leo, examining the Sabian Symbols and aspects associated with this powerful Full Moon. This is Aquarius's Full Moon, as the Moon is full in the sign opposing the Sun, which took place on the 30th January at 06:19 UT (GMT), which is 1:19 AM EST in the US. The peak of the Full Moon in Sydney was at 5:19 PM, January 30.

    With this full moon and with the Aquarian energy throughout this year we will be given inspiration to serve more fully and when that inspiration comes—when the light within the sea of our own ignorance is more fully illuminated—we will find our lives changed, with another step further toward our own full enlightenment and with a fuller measure of wisdom added to the water urn we bear.

    The full moon took place yesterday at 5:19 PM AEDT (06:19 UT). There is a good deal of what we might call 'creative dissonance' in the full moon figure, as we will see. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun reads as follows:

    During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life. — 11 Aquarius

    The key note here as put forward by Dane Rhudyar is one of 'overshadowing', with which I would agree. In addition, however, I would venture to say that this symbol also points more toward the sorts of realizations one can experience during the 'silent hour' in meditative equipoise when one has completely merged with the higher nature—what Buddhists would call the union of clear light and illusory body—and moved beyond the senses and common appearances and conceptions in the mind. To me, this 'silent hour' is the deepest point of the meditative process to which one can attain, and it is in that place that inspiration, or realization, comes. 'Realization', in the terms we are considering here, means 'powers' (siddhis in Sanskrit) and to fully realize an aspect one's intrinsic spiritual power is certainly a life-changing experience. Once one has touched such sublime realizations there is no turning back with respect to worldly existence. The world is a very different place after an experience such as that. Even if what one experiences in their own 'silent hour' is a flash of an idea, even that has the power to create a profound motivation for change in a person. There is great potency in silence, where nothing is forced and surrender guarantees gain.

    The symbol for the lunar degree reads as follows:

    Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree. — 11 Leo

    There are two main aspects to this symbol that immediately come to mind here. Firstly, we have children playing, which is always a symbol of spontaneous innocent actions and play and, secondly, an aspect of powerful silence as we had in the previous symbol - the huge oak tree. One of my teachers, who has recently passed over, told me once about trees. I may have mentioned this in a previous letter. He said that if one wants to experience the profundity of silence, find an old-growth tree in a forested area (away from people, in other words), sit beneath it and 'tune in' on the consciousness (Yes, plants do have a sort of consciousness—a sentiency—and this is being debated among some Buddhists these days, even though it has been proven beyond doubt scientifically.). There is a profound stillness there. It is not from a lack of any consciousness on the part of the elemental ensouling the tree. Quite the opposite. The older and bigger the tree, said my teacher, the better. I have done so, and he is quite correct. One has only to clear one's mind and lay one's hand upon such a tree to experience this. We digress a bit here, though.

    Change, Mutation, Evolution

    The Sabian symbols are distinctly American, but they also seem to have also a universal quality to them. In our lunar symbol under consideration we are looking at a tree probably at least two hundred years old. The average life span for the white (American) oak is five to six hundred years. While this may seem a silly consideration and a contrived interpretation of this symbol, we should remember here that we are talking about the evolution of consciousness when considering the sign Aquarius and that we have juxtaposed in this symbol the very new, the fleeting but also the flash of inspired enthusiasm (the children playing on the swing) and the old, the powerful, time-honored and experienced, as represented by the oak. Oaks are fairly universally represented in symbolism as integrity, 'strength of fiber', endurance and protection. To my mind, this lunar symbol thus represents the enabling of the new, fresh and spontaneous through time-honored and proven means. Big trees to me have always had a sort of quality akin to silent sentinels and witnesses to history. The oak tree in this symbol can be seen to be bearing witness to the coming of age of yet another generation that it will most likely long outlive. This symbol is about change, mutation and evolution in the face of seemingly unchanging constructs or values.

    Children Swing

    The long and the short of the blending of these two symbols is that we have before us with this full moon period the opportunity to bring about change through inspired action and to bring about better conditions as a result. There is also the methodology of either sitting in silence to bring the needed insights and to 'have a play' with whatever comes in the process, using tried and true methods.

    The key features of the lunation figure are as follows: The Sun is conjoined with Venus, opposed by a lunar conjunction with retrograde Mars. We find a regular aspect pattern—an interlocked pair of quintile triangles involving Neptune, Saturn and the South Node in one triangle and Saturn, Neptune and the North Node in the other. Additionally, the Moon/Mars conjunction is biquintile to Pluto. The other major aspect to consider is the quincunx between Jupiter and Saturn.

    Beginning with the full moon axis, the Moon/Mars conjunction is a classic quarrelsome aspect, giving great independence of spirit, a quick mind and the fighting instinct. This aspect has figured large in the charts of many US presidents and public officials, for it denotes an ability to push through obstacles, to argue a point well, a determination to succeed and a love of debate. It is one of the 'success aspects' and is perfect for spontaneous action and the putting forward of one's agendas. The Sun/Venus conjunction is the polar opposite to the Moon/Mars conjunction. Sun/Venus gives allure and magnetism, high idealism, a love of finery, glamorous influence over people and the ability to attract money, whereas the Moon/Mars gives the ability and drive to work for money. This confluence of planetary energies is a great one for any sort of financial work. On the sexual/romantic side, however, it introduces a turbulent note, although it strengthens the passions and emotions. The tendency here is for financial excess, and one might well wonder if the State of the Union speech just given by Obama reflects this sort of financial dynamic. I feel a setup coming here in terms of financial markets, to be reckoned with mid-year. Venus/Mars in opposition makes people extremely self-willed and independent and adds a note of disharmony in human relations.

    A Strident Moon

    The stress introduced by the configuration with the full moon axis is somewhat exacerbated by a sesquisquare between Uranus and Mars, also semisquare to the Sun. This is a strident full moon, although the spark of romance and people coming together is strong in the air. This will introduce those 'opportunities for growth' which will come later and bring the sparks of inspiration needed to move us forward out of 'the tried, the true, but the stuck' scenarios in which we may find ourselves. Aquarius and Leo together can both be highly materialistic in their mundane/worldly expression. This full moon will serve to jolt people out of complacency, especially for those people who have planets or angles at around the 11th degree of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). So, while it may be good for new financial dealings, the thorn with the rose here is that one needs to be very mindful not to overspend and to plan carefully - in other words, resist the 'allure of the moment'. As for 'affairs of the heart', be wary of the flush of excitement in the presence of what might seem to be exciting possibilities. There is an additional warning with regard to financial matters in this chart, and that is with the quincunx between Jupiter and Saturn, which has a tendency to breed mistrust and restricts the free flow of ideas and money.

    Speaking of Saturn, it is in a very tight square with Pluto, which also can affect financial structures, restricting them further, but this aspect is more about the changing of the guard and the bringing down of old orders. It is a background energy in this chart, but it should scarcely be ignored, especially because it is so tight. This is about power struggles, and introduces the incoming Year of the Iron Tiger, which will be revolutionary in its scope. The seeds of change are being sown strongly with this chart. And, we will see the effects of these changes more fully when Saturn leaves its shadow area in September, and when it squares Pluto in late August for the final time this time around.

    The preceding paragraph brings us to a consideration of the quintile triangles, both involving the Nodes, Saturn and Neptune. The combined effect of these three factors points to fraud, deception, confusion in one's environment and confusion about where other people stand on issues, all of these in a worldly sense. This is not very palatable stuff. Quintiles bring disruption in front of insight and because of creative force, which always shakes up the old order in its path. Here is where we get a better picture of the how the Sabian symbols for the lunation degrees might be activated or come about. For those people who will not sit quietly or use established and well-proven means for finding their insights, crises will do it for them. 'Creative'—a term with which quintiles are intimately associated—often means, in a way, disruptive.

    Saturn and Neptune

    On the more spiritual side, Saturn and Neptune with the Nodes bring regulated spiritual activity, an objectification of insights and practices and the cementing of spiritual realizations within one's nature. This is fabulous, spiritually, but it is not without attendant need for surrender of any sort of controlling behavior in one's personal life, and most people hold on to control for dear life. There are issues from the past that will come up to dog one under this influence, but I again need to stress that the opportunities for spiritual advancement here are tremendous. The Mars/Pluto biquintile will only help to ensure that those needed crises are precipitated. Mr. Obama is going to have his hands full. This biquintile is transiting over his natal Sun as we speak.

    There is very little else to cover in this chart. The only other aspect of major import is the applying sextile of Jupiter to Pluto, which aids finances and adds a tone of penetrating insight into whatever sphere of life it touches. It also gives the ability to work with large groups of people and influence over the masses of a positive sort. If one is trying to further spiritual practice and insight, this is a beautiful chart for that. For those who will try to further their power issues or personal gain, it is a fraught chart and will serve toward a bit (or a lot) of ego dissolution, which in the end is a good thing anyway.

    Take Time to Reflect

    Every time I return to the States I drive by and say hello to my old friend, the oak tree. It is still there. I spent many enjoyable and reflective hours among its supportive branches. It was a sentinel to a significant part of my youth and I received many inspirations for projects during the times spent there, away from the cares of home and school. I felt still and at peace there. I miss it sometimes. This letter reminds me that I should spend more time in wooded areas and return to a more peaceful state periodically, quite aside from meditation. We all tend to lose touch with nature in modern life, especially if we live in the cities. I will always remember the peace I felt around that tree, as well as some of the conversations I had with myself in those times. Some of those even amounted to religious epiphanies—alone, just myself and the elements. It is strange to look back on the significance of what shapes one's life. Sometimes we never know who are friends are until a long time after the event.

    In the year to come we will all need time for our 'silent hours'. The world will be an increasingly chaotic place this year as we move toward ever-greater revelations. Greater light is preceded often by greater chaos, but it is only chaos as we perceive it. We are learning to control the elements at a feverish pace now. Even the power that drives the engine of the Sun is a significant step closer to being realized, as I saw in the paper the other day. Nuclear fusion has been called “the great saving force”—the cure for our energy woes and a release from our dependence upon oil, as well as the energy that will allow more time for people to sit in silence, releasing us from a great measure of economic dependency.. The marvels of science are Aquarian in their inception and scope, the solid demonstration of the power of the united group mind, aided greatly by the profound insights of the gifted few. All we need is silence to gain the insights, for it is often only when we move past the focused mind that insight comes, but we need to focus to get us there.

    Take time for yourselves and spend time in silence, whatever that means for you. Untouched places in nature are a great help. Leave the phone at home and just be with yourself. You will be glad you did. In fact, even just turning off the phones and media for a couple of hours every day will introduce a new rhythm and put us more back in touch with ourselves. We get too distracted with what are, on the whole, meaningless affairs and pastimes. By the bye, digital televisions are a terrible addiction—worse than the old CRT versions. Most of all, seek out like minds and focus on something for the greater good, again, whatever that means for you. In our united effort, and only in that way, will the ills of the world get solved, and in subsuming our own desires we will find our own ills melt away. It is the Aquarian way, my friends, and it is the way of the future, being demonstrated for us now.

    May silence and peace be yours,
    31 Jan 10

    This is the end of the article.

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    Yin YangMalvin Artley is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests in those fields are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism.
    He sends out periodic emails about astrological happenings and developments. These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list please let me know. If you feel inspired to pass them on please do so, but do so without alteration or charge. They are sent to people of many persuasions, not just astrologers. Blessings. Click here to subscribe to Malvin's periodic letters.

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