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    Part II of a full relationship analysis:
    the relationship between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

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    Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn: Part II

    Goldie Hawn's Planets Aspecting Kurt Russell's Planets

    Sun trine Mercury
    Your ideas and your ways of expressing yourselves tend to be in harmony. The Sun person is likely to take center stage, but the ideas expressed in the limelight are likely to be generated at least in part by the Mercury person. Because Mercury is a neutral planet, this trine indicates intellectual, not sexual compatibility. If this is a sexual relationship, the attraction factor is the result of other traits or aspects in the comparison. This trine does make communication flow more smoothly though, and usually indicates that you can talk over any problems that come up and work things out.

    Sun trine Jupiter
    This trine is one of the most harmonious aspects and shows great benevolence between the two people involved. You are likely to be generous to each other, and to be able to forgive and forget, when necessary, as you would with virtually no one else. You're also likely to help keep each other's spirits high. While you can encourage each other and support each other, you may be unwilling to acknowledge or deal with negative issues when they come up, which is the only real down side of this aspect.

    Sun sextile Saturn
    You are likely to bring out the practical side in each other. This allows you to see the importance of the responsibilities you share and to take on the tasks related to those responsibilities with a sunny attitude. In fact, you can work quite well together on all sorts of cooperative ventures and achieve a great deal as a team. This aspect is favorable for any situation where responsibility and discipline are needed. You are also likely to feel a good deal of loyalty to, and protectiveness toward one another.

    Moon square Mercury
    This square can indicate an occasional clash between the intellectual, rational and other mental doings of the Mercury person and the emotional life of the Moon person. The Moon person may sometimes feel the Mercury person is shallow, unfeeling or overly critical. The Mercury person may feel smothered by the Moon person's tendency to emotionalize situations. You each may have difficulty understanding the other's approach to domestic issues. There's also a tendency with this aspect to nitpick at each other or get overly emotional about insignificant comments or events.

    Moon sextile Venus
    This sextile is favorable for any kind of emotionally-based relationship and often indicates a strong emotional rapport. People with this comparative aspect between their charts tend to have great empathy for one another and are likely to be particularly considerate of each other's feelings unless there are some strong negative factors in the comparison that contradict this. You will tend to support each other emotionally and help to bolster each other when one or the other needs sympathy or reassurance. You're also likely to work hard together to create a harmonious, comfortable and asthetically pleasing home.

    Moon square Saturn
    There is likely to be some restriction of emotional expression in this relationship, and probably some real emotional frustration. You may feel like there is an obstruction to your getting truly emotionally intimate with one another. Your timing may be off or there may be other situational factors that simply get in the way. Often this square indicates a relationship where there is a considerable feeling of emotional or family responsibility and obligation, but too little joy from the pairing. You may also bring out each other's fears and pessimism.

    Moon conjunct Ascendant
    This is a favorable combination for any close relationship as the Moon person can identify with Ascendant person's method of projecting him or herself in the world and the Acendant person will feel at ease and understood around the Moon person . Relationships with this aspect are often focused on family ties or concerns.

    Mercury trine Venus
    You are likely to have harmonious or compatible tastes in art, literature and any communication-based entertainment. You will probably enjoy socializing together and are likely to feel comfortable with each other's acquaintances and associates. Usually, this trine indicates ease in communicating emotions unless there are other, more powerful negative indicators that contradict this reading, either in the comparison or in one or both of the individual charts.

    Mercury square Jupiter
    This combination can produce a lot of talk - sometimes quite grandiose - but rarely produces an equivalent amount of action (or, at least, action of any consequence). Other than the tendency toward wasting time and energy in discussions that go nowhere, this is not a particularly bothersome square.

    Mercury sextile Neptune
    Because Neptune spends so many years in each sign, everyone born within a few years of each other will have Neptune in more or less the same position. This sextile is therefore more significant as an indicator of the Mercury person's response to an entire generation than as a trait in a one-to-one relationship. If the aspect is within a degree of exact, it can mean that you share compatible views on idealistic and spiritual issues. There is also the potential for an intuitive link between you, especially if this is supported by other aspects between your charts.

    Mars sextile Saturn
    You should find it fairly easy to cooperate in constructive acts--and find them satisfyingly productive as well. Together, you can be more resourceful, practical and successful in the activities you engage in than either might be alone. The Mars person can help the Saturn person be more forceful and courageous; the Saturn person can help Mars person be more disciplined and to focus his or her energy for maximum impact.

    Jupiter conjunct Neptune
    Because Neptune spends so many years in one sign, aspects to this planet are more significant as a generational than a personal relationship indicator. If the aspect is close -- within a degree or two -- it can show shared ideals and dreams combined with the optimism to attempt to actualize them. This conjunction may also bring out more of the other's compassionate and charitable natures. The potential negatives: you may encourage each other in unrealistic practices and ideas; if either of you has psychological problems, they can be accentuated through interaction with each other.

    Jupiter sextile Pluto
    Because Pluto spends so many years in each sign, everyone born within a few years of each other will have Pluto in more or less the same position. This sextile is therefore more significant as an indicator of the Jupiter person's response to an entire generation than as a trait in a one-to-one relationship. If the aspect is within a degree or so of exact , you can have a powerful positive effect on each other's ability to get ahead in the world. You tend to bring out each other's drive and ambition in a positive, usually principled way.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew © Time Cycles Research

    To view the rest of the reading, click on the links. Part III Part IV
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