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    Here is Part III of a full relationship analysis:
    the relationship between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

    To see the synastry chart in a separate window click here.
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    Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn: Part III

    Part Two -- Planets in Houses
    This section is concerned with where the planets of one partner fall in the houses of the other, also known as comparative house placement...

    Goldie Hawn's Planets in Kurt Russell's Houses

    This is the house of what you have, both in a tangible and intangible sense. It rules your possessions, your values and what you have to give sexually to your partner. When the planets of another person fall into this house, you are likely to experience the energies symbolized by those planets as having an impact on your sense of self-worth, your possessions, your material security or your personal value system.

    Mars in House 2
    The Mars person can do a lot to energize the second house person to be more aggressive and active in financial affairs. The down-side of this is that the Mars person may treat the other person's possessions as his or her own, or may encourage the second house person to blow money or resources. This is especially true when there are harsh major aspects from Mars to the second house person's chart. There is also the potential for disagreements over money and valuables.

    Saturn in House 2
    The Saturn person can help the second house person be more serious and responsible regarding all manner of tangible and intangible values. This influence extends not only to financial and business matters, but to personal ethics and principles as well. Occasionally, this placement indicates that the second house person's resources may be limited, or financial losses may be incurred, as a result of association with the Saturn person. This is generally true only if Saturn makes harsh major aspects to the second house person's planets or if other major chart factors support this.

    Pluto in House 2
    The Pluto person can help the second house person to be more resourceful and to focus more effectively on finances. There is a slight potential for resentment if the Pluto person tries to impose his or her own values on the second house person.

    The fourth house rules the home, real estate, your mother (and your mothering instincts), as well as home, domestic and family situations in general. It is also the house ruling your final resting place. Those whose planets fall in your fourth house will affect you on a deep level, and may arouse your protective and nurturing instincts. If the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter or Ascendant of another falls in your fourth house, you may make good housemates or domestic partners.

    Jupiter in House 4
    This tends to indicate that you will have a generous, tolerant attitude toward one another in domestic situations. The Jupiter person may be overly indulgent or overly-protective of the fourth house person. You are likely to share similar family values or ideals regarding family and home.

    Neptune in House 4
    Usually, this placement indicates empathy between you and a deep emotional or intuitive understanding. The Neptune person can bring beauty and creativity into the fourth house person's home. There is a slight danger that the Neptune person will be an emotional drain on the fourth house person or erode fourth house person's domestic/family situation, but this willprobably only be so if there are harsh major aspects from Neptune to the fourth house person's planets.

    Some astrologers refer to the fifth as the party house, and it's an apt description. The fifth house presides over entertainment and fun of all kinds; including romance, gambling, parties, creativity and pleasure in general. It is also the house of children, and may describe certain traits of your first child. When the planets of another fall into your fifth house, the energies of these planets will have an affect on what you do, think and feel about fifth house issues. If someone's Sun falls into your fifth house, for instance, you may be attracted to that person as a romantic partner or as someone to simply go out and have good times with.

    Sun in House 5
    The fifth is generally considered the "party" house, so with this placement, you are likely to enjoy each other's company, especially when sharing pleasurable activities together. This combination is favorable for people who want to have children together, but equally favorable for those who simply like to go out to the movies, a concert or a restaurant with each other and have a good time. The Sun person can stimulate the fifth house person's creativity and gregariousness and will know how to make him or her laugh and smile. If either of you is particularly attractive, your partner will probably enjoy showing you off on his or her arm.

    Venus in House 5
    This placement is favorable for romantic relationships and is a strong indication of sexual attraction. You are likely to enjoy similar forms of entertainment and to be well matched socially. The Venus person may very possibly appeal to the fifth house person as the answer to his or her desires. If you have children together, you will probably spoil them and/or shower them with somewhat extravagant gifts.

    The morning after the partying of the fifth house, you've got to get back down to business, and that's what the sixth house is about. It rules work, health, service, worries, diet, dress, personal habits and other mundane, but necessary details of life. When someone else's planets fall into your sixth house, the energies of those planets will affect the way you respond to the above sixth house issues. If, for instance, someone's Saturn is in your sixth house, he or she might be an authority (Saturn rules authority figures) who you consult about health, such as a doctor; or he or she might be your boss at work.

    Mercury in House 6
    There are both positive and negative potentials to this placement. On the positive side, the Mercury person's ideas can influence the sixth house person to achieve better health, physical fitness and/or fashion sense. On the negative side, each of you can be excessively critical of the other. This placement tends to be more favorable for partnerships that deal in details and organization, provided other chart factors support it.

    This is the house of illusion, where things are not quite what they seem. Secrets, ideals, deception and self-deception, dreams, drugs, chronic illness, institutions and intuition are all matters of the twelfth house. Older astrology texts call this the house of self-undoing, but this is probably too negative a reading in most cases. It is true, though, that it is difficult to get a clear picture of what is going on in this house; so the energies of any planets of another person that fall into your twelfth are likely to be harder for you to understand than those falling in other houses. If, for instance, someone's Venus falls in your twelfth, you may find it difficult to see that person's flaws and you may respond to the person as if he or she were your ideal mate, whether or not this is objectively realistic.

    Moon in House 12
    This comparative house placement has both positive and negative potentials. On the positive side, you are each likely to have a sixth sense about the other's moods, feelings and emotions. However, rational communication about these issues may elude you. You may keep a great deal hidden from each other, either by design or because you have difficulty making yourselves clear to one another. The twelfth house person may misinterpret the Moon person's feelings or may worry needlessly about losing the Moon person's affection. There is a slight danger that one or both of you will indulge in guilt trips, dissembling, martyr-like behavior or downright deception. There is also the potential for emotional disappointment.

    Uranus in House 12
    The Uranus person can potentially have a disruptive effect on the twelfth house person's subconscious, but may also stimulate his or her imagination and creativity. There is a slight danger of encouraging each other in unrealistic or eccentric attitudes or ideas.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew Time Cycles Research

    To view the rest of the reading, click on the link. Part IV

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