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    Relationship Analysis

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    Here is Part IV of a full relationship analysis:
    the relationship between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

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    Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn: Part IV

    Kurt Russell's Planets in Goldie Hawn's Houses

    The third house is involved in communication, basic schooling and training, siblings, neighborhood, community activities and extended family. When another person's planets fall in your third house, the energies symbolized by those planets will have an impact on the issues of the house. For instance, if a friend's Venus (the planet of romance, relationship, emotion, art, luxury, among other things) falls in your third house, your emotional response toward this person might be in some way similar to what you would feel toward a sibling, or you might communicate emotionally with one another.

    Sun in House 3
    Your relationship may be centered around communication, but whether this is idle chatter or a deep exchange of ideas will depend on the sign this placement occurs in and other chart factors. The Sun person can stimulate the third house person to think, write, negotiate, plan and otherwise keep the flow of ideas going. You're likely to enjoy staying busy together --taking short trips, learning things and a general buzzing around town. Even if this is a sexual relationship, there is the possibility that the third house person will relate to the Sun person, at times, as if he or she were a sibling.

    Mercury in House 3
    As the third house is the natural home of Mercury, this comparative placement generally makes the two of you intellectually compatible. You are likely to communicate with each other easily and often, possibly to excess, if other factors support this. If there are any major harsh aspects between Mercury and the third house person's planets, your conversations may be tinged with sarcasm, criticism and teasing.

    Jupiter in House 3
    The Jupiter person can help the third house person expand his or her intellectual, educational and communication horizons, and to add depth to his or her ideas. The third house person can keep the Jupiter person on track with details and organization when the Jupiter person begins to get too expansive or scattered. You tend to be good traveling companions and are likely to enjoy discussions and other forms of communication with each other.

    The fourth house rules the home, real estate, your mother (and your mothering instincts), as well as home, domestic and family situations in general. It is also the house ruling your final resting place. Those whose planets fall in your fourth house will affect you on a deep level, and may arouse your protective and nurturing instincts. If the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter or Ascendant of another falls in your fourth house, you may make good housemates or domestic partners.

    Venus in House 4
    This placement can be an indication of deep emotional empathy between you. It is very favorable for those who share a home together. The Venus person can have a soothing effect on the fourth house person's feelings. The fourth house person can make the Venus person feel cared for and at ease. You tend to enjoy home-based activities together and focus on creating a pleasant domestic environment. The Venus person is likely to beautify the fourth house person's domestic scene.

    Mars in House 4
    The Mars person has the potential to stir up or upset the fourth house person's family or domestic situation and feelings. This is often a difficult placement for those living under the same roof as the Mars person can be selfish or argumentative about shared domestic responsibilites. The placement works best when you're doing something active regarding home or real estate together.

    The seventh, also known as the Descendant, is the house of marital and other partners. It is exactly opposite the first house, which represents you. As the old saying goes: opposites attract. The seventh is also the first of the houses above the horizon in your chart, and is the beginning of that part of the chart which represents your dealings with the public. When the planets of another person are in this house, the energies of those planets will have an impact on your seventh house issues. For instance, if someone's Moon is in your seventh, that person's emotional make-up and nurturing instincts are likely to be in sync with those you would want in a partner.

    Moon in House 7
    This is one of the stronger indications of an emotionally based partnership. The closer the Moon is to the seventh house cusp, the more intense the emotions can be. Because you tend to have such a powerful effect on each other's feelings, you may be able to relate to each other's moods and emotions almost as if they were your own. This is a favorable placement for setting up housekeeping together.

    Uranus in House 7
    Often found in exciting, electric, but less than stable relationships. Your relationship is likely to involve some sort of untraditional or unusual circumstances. This placement is typical in shotgun weddings and Mexican divorces. For the relationship to work best, you must give each other plenty of freedom and accept each other's quirks and differences.

    The eighth house deals with a host of intense and weighty issues: death, obsessions, repression, jealousy, taxes, joint resources, inheritances and other people's possessions. It also represents what you want or need sexually. When someone else's planets fall in your eighth house, the energies of those planets will have an impact on how you think, feel and act concerning eighth house issues. If, for instance, your rich old Great-Uncle Harry's Jupiter falls in your eighth house, he might bequeath you a generous inheritance in his will.

    Pluto in House 8
    This is Pluto's natural house and its position here intensifies its effect. This placement can indicate that relationship concerns itself with Plutonian issues including joint resources, sex, death and inheritance, and transformation. There is likely to be a lot brewing beneath the surface with Pluto in this position, and there may be some subtle, unacknowledged power struggles as well.

    The ninth house is directly opposite the third in your chart and represents a higher order of some of the issues governed by the third house. Foreign travel or other long trips, higher learning, philosophy, culture, religion, law and book publishing are all matters related to this house. When the planets of another person fall into your ninth house, the energies of those planets can affect how you respond to ninth house issues. For instance, if a friend's Uranus, the planet of innovation and surprises, falls in your ninth, he or she might introduce you to a new philosophical system or a new way of thinking about situations or events; or he/she might be the perfect traveling companion for an adventurous trip.

    Saturn in House 9
    The Saturn person can help the ninth house person get serious about, and take practical concrete action to achieve scholarly, cultural or idealistic goals. There is a slight potential for incompatibility of beliefs, opinions or ideals; or of rigidity in beliefs that can create a gulf between you. If there are major harsh aspects from Saturn to the ninth house person's chart, the Saturn person may intentionally or unintentionally limit the ninth house person's access to education, cultural activities or travel.

    Achievement, professional life, authority, status and ambition are all governed by the tenth house, also known as the Midheaven. This is also the house that represents your father, just as the fourth house represents your mother. (Please note: in some families, where the mother was the dominant parent, or the father was the greater nurturer of the two, the house rulership works better in reverse, with the fourth representing the father; the tenth the mother. Usually, however, the traditional rulership works best. ) When the planets of another person fall in your tenth house, the energies of those planets will affect the way you respond to tenth house issues. For instance, if someone's Mars, the planet of competitiveness and aggression, falls here, you might find yourself in professional competition with him or her.

    Neptune in House 10
    The Neptune person can encourage the tenth house person to be idealistic in career and business matters. This placement is favorable for partners whose professions involve creativity, imagination and inspiration. There is a slight danger that the Neptune person can be a drain on tenth house person's ambitions or status, but this is probable only if there are major hard aspects from Neptune to the tenth house person's planets.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew Time Cycles Research

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