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    The Gospel of Grandpa: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | Ganesha, the God | Amazing Encounter

    A leading astrological researcher, based in Hyderabad, India.
    Ram says: "Like every one else, I too am a traveller adrift in this journey of life, in the quest for the Truth. Circumstantially, I am a graduate in Mathematics and worked as a computer analyst programmer for 15 years before giving up all commercial activities to take up full time astrological research, which I have been doing for more than a decade now."
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    The Gospel of Grandpa [part two]
    may all beings live in harmonycobra

    Ram concludes this article by noting the way that all things happen at their accorded time and the way that all creatures fit into the natural world. Ram presents Grandpa's list of the astrological rulerships governing the animals and their apparent characteristics or traits.

    To make matters more interesting to the children, he went on to identify the various animals and birds that are associated with the planets and signs that form the basic parameters used in astrological correlations. The threesome soon found themselves making a list of such connections. Grandpa would shrewdly punctuate the list making process with little anecdotes that would convey the idea of kindness towards all beings.

    One such anecdote was the familiar identification of stealth and slithery behavior with snakes. He said that it is sad that a common trait of a class of beings — the snakes — is equated with a set of humans whose actions can be explained in the light of these traits. Furthermore it is the snakes that are persecuted and subjected to cruelty in the mistaken and illogical thought that they personify such behavioral patterns in humans.

    Though the death of the baby bird made grandpa too a little sad, he welcomed and accepted this happening as a catalyst that made him explain to the children the facts of life and made the children to begin to tread the path of becoming compassionate and understanding beings. Grandpa thought “if the process of drawing up a list of animals and their associated planets and signs, could bring about a change in my grandchildren's perception, it may perhaps do so with other children as well”. And so he decided to distribute the list to whosoever that was interested!

    MercuryRosella ParrotCatBudgerigarSandpiperKingfisher
    SaturnHeavy DogDonkeyBuffaloElephantCrow
    The list above has been compiled from three texts from a set that are generally claimed to be source books for vedic astrology as it is practised today. The names of these texts are Phaladeepikaa, Saaraavali and Uttara Kalamrita.
    Birds in general are attributed to Mercury. There is no specific mention of any particular species. Similarly, quadrupeds in general are assigned to the Sun in addition to the specific animals. Carnivores in general are assigned to Mars, in addition to the ones specifically mentioned. And you will see even specific life forms upon which celestials have multiple jurisdiction.

    It has to be remembered that such associations between animals, birds, insects and planets have been established on the basis of the perceived traits of these beings. A peacock is identified with vanity, an elephant with lethargy, a tiger with ferocity. The planets and signs represent these traits and not the animals themselves. A peacock for instance may not consider itself to be superior to a lowly little bird bereft of extravagant plumes. It may even consider its long colorful tail to be hindrance for flight! An elephant is not slow by choice. It is slow because of the way nature has created its body.

    Grandpa did say that humans, or for that matter all beings, are born with certain traits and that we sport them for life. If this is so, then perhaps cruelty and kindness too are traits that are unchangeable and beings born with them are stuck with them. They have no choice too. Also, cruelty and kindness are relative to the situation. There may be instances where it may be cruel to be kind and others where it would be kind to be cruel.

    However, regardless of the correctness of the above arguments, whether considered philosophically or scientifically it stands to reason that all life forms have evolved from the same source and we are all part of a single universal family. And this is reason enough to show compassion to all forms of life.

    May the gospel of grandpa spread! May all beings live together in harmony!

    Here ends the first chapter of this story. Go to the next chapter of the Gospel of Grandpa

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    The Gospel of Grandpa: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | Ganesha, the God | Amazing Encounter

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