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    Tables of Hours: Rulership | Magical Names | Attributes | Hidden Energies of Hours

    The tables in this article reveal the planetary rulerships of the hours, as well as the traditional, quabbalistic names and attributes assigned to each magical being and the days and hours over which they have dominion.

    Click to view the Tables:
    1. Table of Rulership
    2. Table of Magical Names
    3. Table of Attributes

    To return to the beginning of the article, click here:
    Hidden Energies of Hours.

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    How To Use These Tables:

    Example: Find the properties of the hour 12 noon to 1 pm on Tuesday:
    1. Look in Table 1 under "Hours from Midnight to Midnight"; find 1

    2. Compare "Hours from Sunset to Sunset" on the same line and find the number (in this case 8, indicating the 8th hour of the day)

    3. Compare the column headed "Tuesday" and find the name "Mars", showing that it is under the dominion of the planet Mars

    4. Look in Table 2 under the number 1 and find the name of the hour (its magical name is "Beron")

    5. Compare the column "Tuesday" and find that the ruler of the hour is the angel "Zamael"

    6. Look in Table 3 and find that Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars, archangel Khamael, angel Zamael, metal Iron and colour Red.

    Note to the Tables:
    Serious students should note that there are risks in using this information and nothing should be undertaken without appropriate guidance. Most of the more arcane constituents of the relevant rituals are no longer necessary for School members, because of the increasingly powerful control of the elements that is developing within the organisation. All the same, it is certainly useful to be aware of the planetary correspondences, should one be planning any significant event.

    The information given here is mainly based on information found in a manuscript, translated from the Hebrew into Latin by Rabbi Abagnazar, usually known as The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon. S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers translated it from the French of Abbé Arles into English in his excellent book: The Greater Key of Solomon, (edited by L. W. de Laurence, published in Chicago, 1914).

    Other sources include The Secret Doctrine and lsis Unveiled, by H. P. Blavatsky; various works by Eliphas Levi, Franz Bardon, Israel Regardie and others too numerous to list.

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