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    Jupiter, Lord of the Gods

    Jupiter Enters Scorpio
    a new stage on the Burning Way

    Every year, Jupiter changes from one sign to the next, setting the stage of human consciousness for the ensuing year. This year the change is from Libra to Scorpio, along the "via combusta", or "Burning Way", producing profound upheavals in the collective, especially at a political, financial and religious level (these are the areas mainly governed by Jupiter). Rob Tillett, one of the founders of Astrology on the Web, discusses the effects this new transit will have on the various signs of the zodiac.

    On October 25th 2005, Jupiter, the lord of the ancient gods, moves into Scorpio, the sign of the Scorpion, where he will bring some remarkable developments over the coming year. Jupiter in the heavens remains in each sign of the zodiac for approximately twelve months, taking twelve years to transit the entire zodiac. At the end of each of these cycles, matters must progress to a new level, or else they will fall away into obscurity and eventually oblivion.

    The Great Chronocrator

    These cycles of Jupiter, in coordination with the cycles of Saturn, the other "Great Chronocrator", or "Time Lord", direct the energies that have significant effects on the collective being, marked especially by the conjunctions between these two massive forces, but also by the sign changes, hard aspects and retrograde periods. The cycles of astrology are reflected in our daily lives, as well as informing the patterns of our human creativity, whether artistic or musical, social, political or financial. We are currently exploring a new cosmic phase, as the last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurred in May/June 2000 in Taurus, the sign of the Bull. The point of this conjunction, at 23° Taurus, will be re-activated by the conjunction of Mars on October 1, 2005, when Mars turns retrograde at 23° Taurus (there are a number of other powerful aspects on that day — see Mars Retrograde). Taurus is a Fixed Sign.

    This same point will be exactly opposed by Jupiter in Scorpio in the last week of October 2006, when Jupiter and Saturn are in partile (exact) square to each other — Scorpio and Leo both being Fixed Signs, as well as Taurus. The personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in Scorpio at that time, just as Mercury prepares to turn retrograde in close conjunction with Jupiter. The planets will therefore create a Grand Cross in Fixed Signs, because Neptune in Aquarius, the fourth Fixed Sign, will be only a few degrees away from the partile aspect. The Moon's mean node (the Dragon's Head) at 23° Pisces will also be in partile aspect, thus increasing the karmic pressure.

    The Burning Way
    The via combusta, or "Burning Way", extends between 15° Libra and 15° Scorpio and is considered to be an unfavourable area of the zodiac, especially for the Sun and Moon (Sun being in the debility known as its "fall" in Libra, while the Moon is in its fall in Scorpio). Jupiter is right in the very middle of this stressful phase when he enters Scorpio. Jupiter moved onto the via combusta in mid-December 2004. A few days later, we had the massive natural disaster known as the "Boxing Day Tsunami", when thousands were killed and millions displaced in Indonesia and other parts of South Asia. Many other natural and man-made disasters have featured in subsequent months, leading up at the time of writing to the horrors of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in the Gulf States of the USA. Jupiter effectively remains in this volatile area until mid-September 2006. This period, remember, will be followed by the Grand Cross outlined in the previous paragraph.
    A New Level

    Jupiter's entry into Scorpio will force the planetary awareness to rise to a new level, due to the awakening of this Fixed Grand Cross. The months ahead will be highly stressful and will also see major political and personal reorientations at every level. The specifics of this are beyond the scope of this article, but will be explained elsewhere on this site as the time gets closer.

    Jupiter, one of the most potent forces in our solar system, has been in Libra for the past year, creating all manner of issues connected mainly with finances, cultural pursuits, matters of the mind, communications, the law, politics, travel and interpersonal relationships. As Jupiter enters the sign of the Scorpion, matters to do with a more ardent, aggressive and self-reliant approach come to the fore, subject of course to the relative placement of this transit in your own chart. Jupiter here is enthusiastic, constructive and resourceful, with a practical, logical approach, especially to vocational matters. When Jupiter is afflicted, or when it presents difficult aspects to your own chart, it may bring loss and trouble through the indulgence of the sexual nature and love of rich and expensive foods, thus undermining your health, especially with regard to the heart. A tendency to be manipulative, however, does not favour friendships or associations.

    Growth and Expansion

    Jupiter rules our potential for growth and expansion on many levels: physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural, along with the accumulation of material assets, power and status. He rules our optimism and aspirations, including our interests in faraway places, travel, foreigners, academic and artistic types, cultural endeavours such as publishing, higher education, structured personal development, healing, government and religion. Jupiter is a risk-taker, so also rules gambling and speculation, adventure – and moving into unknown territory.

    Luck and wellbeing are primarily governed by Jupiter, known as the Greater Benefic (Venus is the Lesser Benefic). When well-aspected, the Thunder God brings superb opportunities for expansion and success. Poorly aspected, he generates over-confidence and foolhardy actions with little care for the consequences.

    Here is a brief outline of the effects on each sign as Jupiter enters Scorpio for a period of twelve months. Remember to check the forecast for your rising sign too, for a more balanced reading. To calculate your rising sign, click here.

    Scorpio, the Scorpion Scorpio, the Scorpion

    Your personal magnetism increases, as Jupiter's cavalcade rolls into your sign. Your uniqueness as an individual comes firmly to the fore and you become more focused. You will seek pleasure, advancement, executive honours and be inclined to travel. It's time to implement decisions regarding personal image and health. If you have less than optimum control of your appetites, you will find yourself going to excess in the pursuit of their satisfaction, so watch that you do not overeat, or get too heavily involved in other sensual pursuits, especially uncontrolled sexual indulgence.

    Sagittarius, the Archer Sagittarius, the Archer

    Scorpio stands for your twelfth house of secrets, sorrows and sub-conscious motivation. As Jupiter is your life-ruler, you can succeed in behind-the-scenes or otherwise solitary activities, even mystical or astrological studies. Some benefit may be obtained through connection with hospitals, fraternal or charitable institutions. If well-to-do, you will be inclined to donate to institutions that minister to the poor and needy. Even if you don't have much cash, you'll feel the urge to give some time to help the maimed, sick and otherwise unfortunate. Any benefits or gains may be hidden, or at least not as obvious to others as might normally be the case, but you definitely need to pay attention to your spiritual development, issues connected with institutions, partner's health and concealed matters in general. Avoid gambling and careless improvidence — though if you are in the entertainment business, you will benefit. The realm of the ocean may also attract you, whether as a field of study or as a hobby.

    Capricorn, the Sea-Goat Capricorn, the Sea-Goat

    The coming year is one in which you should set your sights on the achievement of your hopes and wishes, career developments and anything to do with other people's children in your life. Your income from career should expand. You can expect some financial assistance from friends and associates, but beware of parasites who lack abilities, but who may become envious and secretly work for your downfall. Matters related to clubs or associations will benefit from positive action over the coming months, so join in and work with a will. Jupiter warns that you should be content with what the world sends you and if you owe friends money, repay it.

    Aquarius, the Water Bearer Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

    Your ambitions expand over the coming year and a great deal of good fortune is likely to come your way. Now is the time to focus on your career and public image, as the cosmos is on your side. You can bring career plans to fruition and it's a good time to find a public forum to display your intellectual talent. Your qualities will draw people of high social standing and enable you to secure influential positions in church, state, law or public appointments. If your chart concurs, you may amass great wealth and take a prominent part in the stock exchange, banking, shipping, mercantile affairs or trusts essential to the public welfare. Be sure to maintain an upright character, as any flaws will also be magnified.

    Pisces, the Fishes Pisces, the Fishes

    Jupiter is your life-ruler, so now is the time to plan vacations and to decide on any cultural, religious, or educational matters that you have been considering. Jupiter in Scorpio stimulates your optimistic side and brings forward your naturally kind-hearted disposition. A second marriage, or issues to do with in-laws and relatives of your partner can be satisfactorily organized now. The coming year will be an interesting and fortunate period for you, one that includes much potential for success and personal growth, especially coming from decisions you set in motion now. Avoid overdoing things and stay out of the law courts if you can. Religious or spiritual awakening is more than possible.

    Aries, the Ram Aries, the Ram

    Financial gain is to be expected through marriage and partnerships. Avoid overconfidence when taking on loans or other forms of debt, as the lender tends to be favoured. Joint income, sexuality, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance and the settlement of estate matters are areas affected, so these matters are likely to come into the foreground in months ahead. You will be inclined to investigate the occult and other hidden subjects that are related to life's mysteries. Your sexuality is likely to take a deeper form of expression than that to which you have been accustomed.

    Taurus, the Bull Taurus, the Bull

    Get out and about, as this is a year when you will be inclined to form successful partnerships, or even get married. Court cases, legal decisions, partnership issues and any open conflicts are likely to find favourable outcomes. Partners and allies provide stimulation, broader knowledge and new experiences for you. Female Taureans will be attracted to men who remind them of their fathers.

    Gemini, the Twins Gemini, the Twins

    Good health is indicated for the Twins. The nature and scope of your work and daily responsibilities will also expand during the coming year, but do not overestimate your own importance. Your work may require more travel, or advanced training. It's a good time to streamline your working routines and relations with subordinates can also be improved, though you'll be happiest when unsupervised. Avoid procrastination and overeating, as these will be detrimental.

    Cancer, the Crab Cancer, the Crab

    Good news for the Crabs! Jupiter in Scorpio gives you a sociable and pleasure-loving year. It improves your love life, boosts investment opportunities and creates happier relations with children. A good thing all round, really! However, do not be overly confident in gambling or speculative activities, as you will be inclined to take big chances.

    Leo, the Lion Leo, the Lion

    Jupiter's transit of Scorpio promises comfortable, peaceful and agreeable domestic relations and harmonious family surroundings. The coming year marks the beginning of a twelve-year cycle of learning and new experiences in one form or another. Decisions you make now, especially those influenced by people you meet will be catalysts that inspire you to start new ventures of one sort or another that affect the next twelve years. It's the best time for real estate and home improvement decisions, or perhaps selling up and relocating to a more desirable residence.

    Virgo, the Virgin Virgo, the Virgin

    Expect new educational opportunities and popularity among your brothers, sisters and neighbours with Jupiter in Scorpio. Success comes through developing your mechanical skills, travel, or promotion. Communications and travel increase, widening your circle of contacts and encouraging the exchange of ideas and information. It's the ideal time to implement plans for creative writing, publishing, education — and communicating with your siblings, if you have any. Do not however allow yourself to become careless or lazy, or you will create a lack of respect among members of your immediate family. Think well before taking action, as from time to time you will be inclined to rash and imprudent acts, or exaggerating the truth. Seek treatment for repetitive stress injuries.

    Libra, the Scales Libra, the Scales

    This can be a year of great material prosperity, as you can make sensible decisions about the proper allocation of your resources. It brings the opportunity to travel, or trade in foreign goods and services as a means of livelihood. You will become even more stylish, as you are tempted to spend big on your appearance. Your personal priorities and values are being redefined, but remember that under this influence money is the source of pleasure – which is fine if you can afford to spend it!

    Keep in mind that Jupiter turns retrograde on March 3, 2006, then returns to direct motion through the zodiac on July 6. The week or so either side of these dates will be excellent for making decisions about the matters outlined under your sign's forecast. The most difficult times will be when Jupiter and Saturn are square, forming the Grand Cross discussed in earlier paragraphs.

    In general, Jupiter in Scorpio will be better in the new year, but is awkward this time around due to the current and impending pressures on the Fixed Signs. The Fixed Signs are, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

    This concludes the article.

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