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    Here is Part II of a full composite interpretation:
    the soul connection between John Lennon and Paul McCartney

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    John Lennon & Paul McCartney: Part II

    Saturn is usually considered the bugbear among planets and has an evil reputation that it only partially deserves. It is associated with restriction, contraction, dearth, debilitation, and a host of other adjectives that add up to not getting what you want. That is, however, only partly true. It might be better to say that it describes extreme delineation, concreteness, and finality - reality in the most concrete sense. Much of our lives are comprised of hopes, plans, desires, dreams, wishes, and expectation, and Saturn describes what actually becomes of them. So in such a goal-oriented, future-driven society as ours, what actually happens is all too often a disappointment, the result of failed unrealistic expectations. Thus, Saturn in the composite chart is where you both get down to brass tacks and determine (or have determined for you) what actually is to any other planet, it will not touch every aspect of the relationship and so you are free to be selective if you know what areas it is either supporting or restricting. You want to know what the bottom line is everywhere, however; and that is what Saturn will tell you...If you recognize early what the downsides and the support pillars of the relationship are, you can use one to stand on while you either avoid or make repairs upon the other at your leisure. If you do not, ignorance is the ally of the dark side and it will have much greater power to pull you in and cripple you. Find your foundation stones early, so your house will not be built upon sand; and, in time, your temple will rise to the skies.

    This relationship will not criticize...too aggressively, but rather prefer to do it...with a requisite amount of diplomacy. A gradual, gentle approach can often get you much more than more direct, hostile moves, even when the latter might seem more in order...The only problem might come when quick economic measures are in order... since you are accustomed to doing...[things] an orderly and evolutionary way rather than by arbitrary mandate. It also means that this relationship will tend to build for the future. It will also make the relationship itself an especially pleasurable resource where you can both enjoy the fruits of your joint labors and then use it as a launching pad for the future. Because of your joy in building it, what you lack will be seen less a deprivation than as an opportunity to make improvements in the future.

    Uranus is one of the three relatively recently-discovered outer planets, and all three are marked with a reality common to new experience and endeavor. They are not fully explored and thus not very much under our control. associated with sudden events, shocks, realizations, discoveries, and other highly delineated events that sheer off quickly and completely from their previous states or surroundings. For creatures of habit, such as most of us are, this is usually upsetting and generally bad news. But it does not have to be. Your ability to use Uranus instead of letting it abuse you, is directly related to how flexible and quick on your feet you are. It also is linked to how willing you are to accept and welcome change as part of the nature of things. If you accept it grudgingly, then Uranus will always be a symbol of malice; if you welcome it with open arms, it will be a deliverance and an inspiration. In the composite chart, Uranus is where the two of you are repeatedly forced to rise to this occasion, and its contacts will tell in what areas of life it usually manifests...Perhaps the only way to deal with this planet is to expect the unexpected, thus robbing it of harm and providing it with a welcome....Where this occurs in the composite chart, keep your eyes wide open, your stance wide, and your tolerance level on maximum.

    The road to self-discovery is often a bumpy one, and Uranus is its key. In this relationship you will find that it is not as elusive as it often can be, and once you embrace a new concept, it will become a source from which you can draw. That will only be of benefit if you don't look the gift horse in the mouth, but get in there and understand and use it, as difficult as it might be to handle at first. Otherwise it will become a thorn in your side and you'll wish you were back in your previously unenlightened state and it would leave you alone...

    The effects of Neptune, another outer planet and a recent discovery, are often largely out of our control both by our unfamiliarity with its effects and the apparent nature of the planet which represents the uncertain, dreams, illusions, ideals, mystery, and the higher unexplored (and perhaps unexplorable entirely) plane of the spiritual world...When we find an area of mystery, it is our natural instinct to provide something to fill that void. Nature abhors a vacuum and our minds rush in to fill it with every kind of speculation and fantasy, if only to have something to act on in the area. Whatever is actually there will turn up eventually. In the meantime we provide ourselves with an image which may be close enough to the truth to better help us function or may be off in fantasyland and fail us utterly if we are unwise enough to lean on it. We know only in hindsight. Thus, in a composite chart, this point becomes the place where dreams, fantasies, hopes and ideals meet or clash, and inspire us or drag us down in confusion and conflict. Too many wars and personal battles have been fought over it needlessly, because none of these things actually existed until later. That's the crux of it: don't fight over what isn't there, at least not yet...Dreams and fantasies belong to each of you individually; and when they are similar enough to share...they can be the greatest of joys. If one of you tries to enforce any of it on the other, however, everything will turn distasteful and there will be no dreams left; the mist will be blown away and only a charred landscape will remain. Where this point occurs, go gently, expect nothing, and everything will be returned to you.

    Your hopes and aspirations concerning each other and your mutual status in life may often be quite specific, which can make you quite goal-oriented and tenacious about what you want to achieve. It can also set you up for needless disappointment: things seldom turn out exactly as you expect, but that doesn't mean that they can't turn out well. Thus, when it comes to judging whether things are living up to expectations, you will do well to give yourself (and each other) a little leeway and ask not whether you got what you wanted but whether you can be happy with what you've got. This does not mean a lowering of values or expectation, just developing the ability to shift the details a bit and to see that when it's all totaled up you really got as much as you had wished for, just not the same things you had set your heart on...when you count your blessings, even while reserving the right to go after more, you'll find your dreams more likely to come true and your illusions left where they should be - behind you.

    Of the three outer planets, Pluto is the most recently discovered (1930) and least subject to our control. As such, it is even considered the planet of power and control, ultimately because it so controls us in our attempt to overcome it. It is, of course, appropriately named after the ancient god of death, the thing which in the last analysis we cannot control; and at the most basic instinctual level, all the control we try to exercise in life is simply a ploy to cheat death a little longer. It is called the survival instinct. The point at which Pluto occurs in the composite chart is thus, at a deep level, where we meet in our ability to face death. But it doesn't manifest itself that way on the surface. Instead, it shows up as the methods we use to keep control in order to avoid the certainty of personal annihilation...Where prominently placed, for well or ill, it will give the relationship an aura of inescapability and predestination, something that sweeps over you both (like sex or death) and takes you out of yourselves. Similarly, you may find the relationship itself has something of this effect on others, giving you a greater power (a power which you must be careful not to abuse) over those around you. In the end, however, it is the willingness to relinquish control as well as take it that resolves problematic issues. In the meantime, the ability to step away from the relationship and out of its sway, at least in Pluto-affected areas, can be an important safety measure.

    PLUTO in LEO
    There is a fundamental message that you share: you must make the world a better place to live in and get your message of how to do it across in a way that it will be heard. At its purest, this is a highly idealistic and laudable goal, but the methods of formulating and implementing it can be helpful and creative or negative and destructive, depending on how you handle it. Because the "must do" feeling is pervasive, it can be easy at times to believe it is your duty to enforce your opinion on others even when they don't want it, because you believe it is ultimately for their benefit. That, however, is not your decision or prerogative, and to do so is a fundamental violation not only of others but of your own contract with the Ultimate. The life and death issues you have to face (which are really just life and death, themselves) are individual to you and only you can meet them. If you can do that, it will be an achievement, so keep your own house in order and let others keep theirs. Where you can share these feelings, you will have great power and faith in each other and your personal destiny together. When you cannot, try to understand your differences, but above all, leave them be. Real change, such as it can happen to most of us (and that is less than we suppose), comes only from within and cannot be forced...

    In many ways this relationship may be considered a test of both your abilities to have a relationship to begin with - to hone and fine tune what it takes to get along with another human being. As such, it is both a joy and a challenge, but sometimes easy to take too seriously or to become discouraged about. Others will tend to see you as exclusive to each other, so it may be wise to make extra efforts to include them in your activities (if you really do care to have them around, that is) or they may just wander off and leave you to yourselves, thinking that is what you want. Although you may not be forthcoming with advice out of natural reticence, when you put forward your joint opinion it will be taken very seriously by those around you, so be careful to say what you really mean. If you have to be influential, make sure they clearly understand. Your inclination to omit needless words may interfere with communication, so rephrase when necessary. Just because you said something with preciseness and clarity doesn't mean it was understood. Since the focus of the relationship is internal, this may be cumbersome or annoying, but sometimes a well-chosen Clint Eastwood-ism isn't enough, as beautiful and laconic as it maybe! In the end, the relationship will be its own greatest reward, something you felt from the beginning, anyway.

    This is not a very good position for romance or sexuality, since this is their house and it tends to trim both. What might normally flow naturally tends to become responsibility and obligation and the feelings that nurture effortless love and response get cut short. ...The same applies to working together in creative projects, where the relationship is often best used to edit and fine-tune the work done by one or the other rather than to create it....You may need to go your own ways from time to time to recover your own centers and not feel you drag each other down. Here absence can make the heart grow fonder and make you both more welcome home.

    SATURN conjunct URANUS
    There is a very demanding quality to this relationship, one which insists on getting things exactly right and not taking second best. In the professional world this can be a tremendous asset, particularly in fields where precision and accuracy are the determining factors, like the physical sciences, most areas of technology, and anything mathematical...There is a tendency for problems and disagreements to become lodged and intractable mainly from not getting in there and dealing with them up front. The more you are willing to face reality and understand that your mutual versions of it, though different, may not be incompatible, the more fruitful this relationship will be.

    There is a fine quality of spirituality and idealism in this relationship, but it is not of the outgoing, missionary sort at all. In fact, from the outside it may go entirely unnoticed because it has such a low profile. It is spirituality born out of facing reality and accepting that to a great measure that is how it ought to be. In other words, you learn to mold your hopes around what can and must be...This trine has the effect of keeping expectations low and it spares you a lot of the wrong turns and disappointments that chasing after illusory dreams can bring. In the end it is not a negative aspect, but a sobering one, and you find that when you dream of the attainable, your dreams have a decidedly better chance of coming true.

    An original sense of play and creativity marks your relationship, with a special ability to go beyond the mundane, to enjoyment and inventiveness which might not occur to others. What might seem peculiar or out of the way is prime territory for you to stretch out and enlarge your experience...Freedom of expression is the key, not necessarily the certainty of exercising it, so the more room you give each other, the better things will turn out. The test here is mutual trust between souls, not between bodies. Your expressive side may be somewhat intermittent, so don't always expect the unusual...

    Uranus trined Neptune in the sky in the early 1940's, and won't again until the middle of the 21st century, which means you were born during World War II or on equidistant sides of it timewise. The symbolism here is Uranus (discovery) working well with Neptune (spirituality), and it covers the spirit of a whole generation. This was the generation that was the leading edge of the baby boomers culturally, only a couple of years older, and who largely created the 1960's cultural revolution in inner thought; The Beatles, the Stones, and the entire psychedelic and pre-New Age crowd. It was a standard-setting bunch who, for instance, were able to use drugs (more Neptune) for very successful self-discovery (Uranus)...Together you have the natural ability to make experiments in spiritual discovery work for you, because you will be careful enough to make sure you know what you are doing, even though neither of you may be of the aforementioned generation. That is a gift to cherish and never neglect - and just as important, it is a responsibility of sharing. What you discover, you must pass on, because others may be quite incapable of doing it for themselves.

    Written by John Townley Time Cycles Research

    To view the rest of the reading, click on the links. Part III Part IV

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