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    Here is Part IV of a full composite interpretation:
    the soul connection between John Lennon and Paul McCartney

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    John Lennon & Paul McCartney: Part IV

    This is likely to be a deep and very intense relationship, where there is a certain element of obsession and compulsion in the way you implement characterized by a need to chase after the seemingly unknown and inaccessible, which can either lead to disaster or to achievements no one could have dreamed were possible. The key is fascination with the unknown and the determination to make it your own, whatever the price. As long as you have something slightly ahead of you to chase down, you will have plenty of get up and go. When nothing is on the horizon, you are likely to be bored and irritable with each other, so keep a challenge ahead of you at all times. As long as you have something to feel intense about, your fires will be well-fueled. On the purely professional level, this is a good position for handling other people's resources, and good credit can be a major factor in empowering you to get where you want to go.

    MARS square JUPITER
    You are likely to spend more energy on your efforts than you need to and also get yourselves into more commitments than you may be prepared to deal with. There is such an abundance of energy that you think you will never run out, so you will always be champing at the bit. It is not that you won't have the energy to do practically anything - in fact, you can easily overdo it and beat a situation into the ground that only needed a little push to get going. The problem will be that with so much to spare you can get yourselves into more than you can manage, and things start to get out of control because you've got the power but not the sufficient knowledge to keep all your balls up in the air. Does this mean you should dampen your natural enthusiasm? No, only restrict the number of ways you choose to express it at one time. The problem here is that you compulsively expand without having nailed down the last move, so that eventually everything flies off the handle and you lose it all. The remedy is difficult, though simple. Just say no to new involvements when old ones aren't yet complete. It's difficult because you see opportunity knocking and immediately want to let it in, but in your case it will knock more for you than for others, and your lesson will be in selecting who and what you let in the door.

    MARS square URANUS
    There is a quality of intermittence to your energy flow which can make this a stop-and-start kind of relationship. Just when you think you've got nothing left in you, a surge comes along and catapults you over the edge. And the opposite - when you're going strong, suddenly the bottom drops out and you're out of gas. This kind of choppy rhythm to your lives can be annoying and debilitating, and it will be a good idea to leave extra time and space when you really need to get something done to accommodate the breakdowns and power surges you are heir to. Part of the problem may be that you don't work well within established boundaries, but once outside of them you're not certain what to do so you flail about. The long-term answer is to set up your own rules, however different from the norm they may be, and then stick to them. It is a matter of fine-tuning your lives to a high precision over time... you will have to learn from your mistakes, and have the patience with each other to do so. Modify your inherently intermittent style into a steady, predictable flow.

    Where the north and south nodes of the Moon fall, there you will find the areas where you have to take up personal responsibilities and commitments (in the case of the north node) and where rewards and surprises you have little control over appear (in the case of the south). To a certain extent they represent the lessons you have come together to learn, particularly falling as they do in the ninth and third houses. Thus it will be important for you to grasp the large, important concepts and philosophies that deal with life and death and how the universe is arranged. In fact, it is likely you will naturally gravitate in this direction and make important decisions based not so much on practical considerations but on principle and what you believe to be right. This may cause you extra burdens in the short run and perhaps a bit of strain on the relationship, but the self-satisfaction you will both feel when all is said and done will be worth it. The added result will be that much of the confusion of the details around you gets cleared up, and you may find you see order where you previously thought there was none. Nevertheless, beware of the illusion of control, especially where communications are concerned, because surprises will be the order of the day which will rearrange your data base from time to time, though often as not for the better.

    Idealism is pervasive when the two of your are together, at least as far as the philosophies you develop together. In fact, developing philosophies and wrap-around views of life and the way it should be run may be a particularly special part of your relationship. This can be a great source of rewarding and uplifting effort, and you will want to somehow make a statement to leave behind so the world will know you were there and had something special to contribute to humanity. At the same time, you may find that you have very high expectations of how people in general should behave...This may apply to the way you feel about each other, particularly when you have agreed upon how things ought to be and then one or the other (or both) does not fulfill expectations. The answer is twofold - recognize the validity of your feelings and aspirations, and at the same time realize the impossibility of human perfection and getting it all right all the time. You can have your cake and eat it, too, if you are willing to take a few imperfections in the mix. Construct the best possible goals, and congratulate yourselves on where you achieve them while giving yourselves a second shot where you didn't quite make it.

    It will be your hope to put something very special together here, and you will find it natural to take on each other's projects as if they were your own. It is as if you have an opportunity to elevate yourselves spiritually, perhaps renew an old tie or write the last chapter to an unfinished saga together. Although it feels good, the challenge will be in implementing these feelings and making decisions as to just what to commit yourselves to - what is real and what is is always better to take Neptunian influences on a higher, spiritual level where non-physical ideals are being pursued. When you do that, you may not get everything you want in the end, but you won't run as much risk of the total self-deception that is so likely when you try to manifest Neptune in the lower, more tangible realms of life. This union has great possibilities, but only when you take up responsibilities together that point you toward the highest goals you both can create.

    This position could make the two of you do very well in public life, because your first reaction to a situation is to go public with it. To a certain extent, this means your joint heart is on your sleeve, which can make you an easy target, but you also have nothing to hide and your emotional opinions are likely to have strong impact on others as a result. From a personal side this may be more problematical, as it means that where your feelings are concerned everyone is likely to find out about them whether you intend it or not, simply because of the way things seem to fall out...You may also find that external opinions of your feelings are very important to you and therefore you may let others rule your relationship more than you ought, based on too much compliance with public opinion. Nevertheless, you are generally blessed here as your feelings can get out easily and will not be tucked away where conflicts cannot be addressed and resolved. Not only will you be able to get your emotions out where they can find expression; you can also use them as a resource for the advancement of yourselves because of the honesty and forthrightness of your repute.

    MOON trine VENUS
    This is a friendly and loving aspect in the highest degree with Moon (emotional response) and Venus (love and desire) engaged in a perfect handshake...This aspect can be the saving grace of relationships that have a lot of afflictions elsewhere, as you will be willing to forgive and forget a lot, and even suffer considerably, as long as this flow of love and friendship is there. That is, most believe, the main reason we have relationships to begin with. However, this may not necessarily be the case in a professional partnership. Although you will feel real affection for each other, other priorities may have more weight than feelings alone. However, this aspect also has the quality of emotionally knowing where the money is and you may find you have a nose for rooting out where the financial action is. But whether it is love or money, you have a natural talent for making good feelings happen that will not only be a blessing to yourselves, but to those around you, as good feelings have a way of becoming contagious. Make sure you encourage that to happen, as it is mutually reinforcing and will come back to you later.

    MOON sextile MARS
    Your relationship is a reservoir of emotional and physical energy, and the more outlets you find to express it the better. If you are forced to sit still too long you won't go crazy as some might in that situation, but your energies will get driven underground and will surface in areas where you have little control over them...In the professional realm, like a superball, you have a natural springiness that allows you to bounce back with twice the apparent energy input. You come back swifter and higher, but without any visible extra input to accomplish the deed. When your competitors are flagging, you still have extra reserves on tap. It will be important, however, to spend some time exploring just how you accomplish this and communicating your feelings about what you believe to be the secrets of your success. Unexplored accomplishments aren't easily repeated, and the more you know about not just what you do but how you do it, the more you will be able to achieve together personally and professionally. When you have an advantage, explore it and then take it one step further.

    MOON square PLUTO
    There can be more than a hint of paranoia in this relationship and you may have to lean over backwards to avoid the suspicion that you are either out to get each other or the world is out to get the two of you. You may or may not have good reason to feel this way, but reason is not the cause of it. Quite the contrary. You tap deep emotions in each other that you might feel safer hiding and as a result fear is never too far below the surface. Nevertheless, it is still not functioning at a conscious level, and therefore its manifestation is a compulsive attempt to gain control over each other or your surroundings because it makes you feel more secure. What you have power over can't threaten you as much. The problem, of course, is separating justifiable fears from groundless ones. In this case, you would do well to go against your instincts and proceed on the principle that it is better to be sorry than safe, because most of your worries will be imaginary and to act on them will isolate and alienate you from each other and your surroundings.

    Written by John Townley Time Cycles Research
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