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    Leo, the Lion Leo Health Analysis

    More on Leo, the Lion

    Leo, the Lion, is the second sign of the Fire triplicity and the fifth sign of the tropical zodiac. Leo is a creative, sociable and dramatic sign, which loves to be the centre of a circle of admirers.

    The key phrase for Leo is "I will". This sign represents majesty, power and dignity. When their egos are turned inward, Leos become self-centred and tyrannical. Leos express pride in every movement. As long as they are in control or in positions of responsibility, their self-confidence is high. Leos whose desires for power and authority remain unfulfilled may develop traits of laziness, indolence and inconstancy.

    Love of Life

    Leos are often courageous and bold and even stubborn when plans are not of their own doing. They can also be arrogant and wilful, expecting the limelight and the admiration of others. Their confident attitude may appear smug to others. Their sunny disposition and smiling eyes reflects a sense of hauteur, if not snobbery. The hair is abundant as in a lion's mane with the chin firm and purposeful. Leo is usually not a tall sign, but very sturdy with an even gait.

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    The Sun, supreme ruler of the human ego, rules Leo. Its influence gives Leos their true love of life, love through marriage and its pleasures. They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. It is easy for pleasure-loving Leos to become addicted to rich restaurant food and in time they find themselves gaining weight, especially around the girth.

    Leo, the Lion
    Leo Rules the Heart

    Leo represents the heart of the physical system, a fire sign that heats the body and can lead to a loss of equilibrium between body and mind. Internally, Leo rules the heart, spinal cord, liver metabolism, spleen, pulmonary arteries and aorta, superior and inferior vena cava. Externally, the Lion governs the back and forearm, while structurally, the twelve dorsal vertebrae.

    The diseases of Leo predominately involve the heart, most seriously occlusion of cardiac arteries by bloodclot or occlusion bringing on a heart attack. Nervous tension can affect the heart with palpitations and the like. The fire of Leo tends to fevers, especially heart-related issues such as pericarditis and rheumatic heart disease and is linked to jaundice and eye problems (Solar rulership). Leo, though fond of children, is traditionally a barren sign.



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    Shades of Leo
    Leo rules the colours gold, royal blue and red. Leo people also respond well to the royal rays of purple, which cool the hot temperament.

    Leo Birthstone
    Leo rules metallic gold, the royal metal. The birthstones for Leo are the carnelian, peridot (chrysolite), sardonyx, yellow sapphire and diamond. Remember only to wear these stones if you want to bring their influence into your life. More about Gemstones and Astrology.

    Flowers and Herbs
    Dahlia, yellow lily, poppy (red), marigold, sunflower, heliotrope, orange and rosemary.
    Bach Flower Essences
    Dominating, inflexible, ambitious, bossy.
    Possessive, self love, self pity, seeks attention, dislikes being alone.

    Homoeopathic Remedy
    Used in the treatment of colds and fevers; eases digestion and tension.

    Metal: gold
    Cell Salt: mag phos
    Healing Musical Note: E

    Healing Aromas
    Bay, basil, cinnamon, frankincense, ginger, juniper, lime, nasturtium, neroli, orange, petitgrain, rosemary.

    Most Leos, due to their fiery nature, are suited to vegetarian diets. They should avoid meats that are heating, like beef, turkey and lamb.
    Vegetable foods which contain iron, like spinach, kale and wheat grass are important.
    Buckwheat, a cooling grain, is suited to the Leonine temperament.
    Blue fruits like grapes and berries bring benefit. Coconut, nuts, raisins, lentils are beneficial foods.

    Susceptible Areas
    lower back

    • Anaemia, heart disease, palpitation;
    • spinal disorders, backache;
    • baldness; eye troubles.

    Karmic Tendencies
    Death by plague
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