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    Hurricane Katrina | American Catastrophe 2001 | Boxing Day Tsunami 2004 | Blue Moon 2005 | Moon's Nodes

    London Terror
    London Bus death on the Tube

    Terrorists caused considerable havoc in London on July 7, 2005. An indeterminate number of people have been killed and many hundreds have been injured. Our sympathies and condolences go to the victims and their families, who have suffered in this political power play. This article examines the astrological factors at work in the unfolding of this tragedy.

    The first blast of a co-ordinated series of attacks occurred in rush-hour on the underground railway—the Tube—just past Liverpool Street Station at 8.49 AM GMD. It was followed by other blasts, creating fear and dismay and paralysing the transport network.

    Despite the attack, Londoners have been remarkably resilient and have faced this outrage with courage and determination. London is no stranger to violent devastation and her citizens instinctively react with legendary British fortitude, determined to continue their lives and go about their business. The people who survived the Blitz and went on to defeat Hitler's Germany, who have suffered many attacks from IRA bombers and who once possessed the greatest empire known to history are unlikely to be phased by the detonation of a few minor explosions.

    A Year for Disasters

    The year since the December solstice has certainly been a bad one for disasters, natural and manmade—and it's by no means over yet, with a number of astrological nasties to look forward to (see Annual Forecasts) . As in the case of a number other disasters, including the NY 911 attack in 2001, the astrological features are ominous. The energies of the fixed stars are once again prominent, as are the Moon's nodes (the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 occurred just as the nodes entered Aries), along with other powerful factors, such Mercury (transport) conjunct Venus (finance) in the 12th house (secrets; underground) square Ceres (grief; loss) on the IC (home; endings).

    Despite some unduly optimistic "goddess-oriented" readings, Ceres is clearly malefic and is associated strongly with many disasters, natural and manmade. Jupiter (leaders), Mars (violence), Neptune (deception) and Uranus (unexpected) are activated and Moon (the public) is conjunct Saturn (karma; sorrow) exactly opposing the point which will see the Blue Moon on July 21.

    There is some disagreement in the media as to the exact moment of the first attack, but when I was viewing the story on TV just after it happened, the time given was 8:49 AM. The BBC and CNN on their websites now have 8:50 AM as the initial time, but the moment I will work with for the purposes of this article will be 8:49. My colleague Ian Thurnwald also has this time as his reference, and he sent me a chart of the first attack drawn up for this time.

    Tube Attack 1st blast Event Chart: Tropical Koch
    Jul 7, 2005 08:49:00 AM GMD  
    Jul 7, 2005 07:49:00  
    London England Lat:51N30' Long:0W10'

    I have also compared the
    Attack Chart with the chart of the London Charter (Oct 8, 1191). Again, I thank Ian Thurnwald for this.

    London Charter Bi-Wheel Event Chart: Tropical Koch
    Oct 8, 1191 00:00:00 AM LMT  
    Oct 8, 1191 00:00:40  
    London England Lat:51N30' Long:0W10'

    The major transpersonal planets are retrograde, suggesting the inevitable influence of fate (karmic fruition) and there are some impressive factors including a Grand Cross in Fixed Signs and a Grand Trine in Water Signs. The chart of the attack itself is striking, but the way it relates to the London Charter chart is revealing. As this analysis proceeds, I will compare the aspects in the two charts so that we can see the relevance, and perhaps learn some predictive lessons for the future, in terms of being able to use these factors in order to be better prepared.

    Before we go on, it is interesting that one of the striking things to be seen in the analysis of a number of charts of disasters (as well as the standard astrological factors), is the prominence of the recently discovered asteroid, Ceres, the Great Mother (see also American Catastrophe). There can now be little doubt that Ceres is primarily malefic, especially when afflicted, as this force can be seen to be very prominent in other major disasters, including the 9-11 NY attack. The influence of Venus is also strong—and Venus, esoterically speaking, is also an aspect of the Great Mother. Mind you, there's nothing to say that the Great Mother is necessarily nice to her children, or not all of the time, at any rate! As it happens, the transit of Venus on June 8, 2004 occurred while Venus was retrograde in conunction with the natal Uranus of the London Charter chart. Uranus also figures strongly in the attack chart.

    Attack Chart 2005 London Charter 1191

    At the time of the London attack, Ceres (grief; loss) was conjunct the IC (fourth house cusp, signifying home; family; underground; endings and beginnings) in Scorpio receiving a stressful partile (exact) square from from a Venus (finance) Mercury (transport) partile conjunction in the 12th house (secrets; sorrows; self-undoing). This implies financial loss at home due to secret financial dealings, with underground transport affected (Venus rules Libra, the sign on the cusp of the third house: local travel). Suicide attacks are implied by the focus on the twelfth house. This configuration is also a tight T-square with Juno (contracts; obligation) which is conjunct the MC (mid-heaven: public image; political will). It could also be said to be in a potent Grand Cross, if we allow a wide orb of opposition from Venus/Mercury in Leo to Neptune (deception) and Chiron, the Wounded Healer in Aquarius.

    Ceres (grief; loss) is trine retrograde Uranus (sudden upheavals; unexpected catastrophes) in the 7th (open confrontation) stimulating sudden attacks from open enemies causing loss and sorrow. This trine was activated on the 6th by the Moon (the public) en route to the New Moon in Cancer (home; domestic conditions), creating a powerful Grand Trine from the Sun and Moon to Uranus and Ceres. This augured well for the success of the venture (ie the attack, from the terrorists' point of view).

    Ceres (loss; grief; desire for safety and nurture) in the London Charter chart is exactly conjunct the sixth house cusp (work and health) at 1804' of Capricorn (ambition). This is an exact T-square to the transiting nodes, which are in Aries/Libra. Attack Mars at 1703' Aries is applying the square to this natal Ceres, only a degree away and powerful by being highly elevated and in his own sign. Attack Mars is also close to the London Charter mid-heaven.

    Transiting Jupiter (religion; leaders) turned direct in June 2005 in conjunction with Charter Juno (contracts; obligations). Attack Jupiter is departing from the conjunction, applying to the square with Charter Pluto, which it will reach in mid-August 2005 when transiting true nodes are partile square Attack Sun. Some trouble can be expected on or slightly after the 18th Aug, when the tertiary progressed Moon will be in partile conjunction with Attack Venus, as tertiary progressed Sun is partile conjunct Charter Uranus and tertiary progressed Venus/Mercury are partile conjunct Charter ascendant. Transiting Venus enters Libra at this time, reaching the conjunction with Attack south node (past life commitment; karmic loss) on September 2, 2005. Transiting mean nodes on this date are exactly square Attack Sun

    Mercury/Venus is sextile Jupiter (politics; high finance; religion; publishing) in the second house of finances and values, tying Jupiter into the Grand Cross, bringing immediate dispensation of communication on the matter (Ceres is semi-sextile Jupiter). Jupiter is thus inconjunct Uranus bringing sudden political/religious upheavals to do with belief and money (2nd house) from open enemies (7th house)

    Charter Mars (1409' Leo) is rising conjunct the ascendant of the London Charter. The ascendant is at 1255' Leo, so is closely conjunct the transiting attack Venus/Mercury conjunction, so both Mars and ascendant of the London Charter are strongly linked into the attack pattern. Charter Mars is also inconjunct Charter Ceres, square Charter Venus and Charter Mercury which are in Scorpio, conjunct Attack Ceres.

    The Sun was applying a damaging square to Mars (conflict; warfare) and the Moon's nodes (destiny; karma; destruction). Significantly, the north node was in partile conjunction with the exact degree of the April 8, 2005 solar eclipse. The transiting nodes form a pair of opposites, the active north node or Dragon's Head being conjunct the 9th house cusp (foreigners; religion) and the passive south node or Dragon's Tail conjunct the third house cusp (local issues and short distance travel). Remember the Moon has just crossed over the Sun at the New Moon and Mars was applying to the degree of the eclipse.

    The Sun was applying an inconjunct to Neptune (deception; oil) sextile Mars conjunct north node.

    Attack Moon was applying to the conjunction with Saturn (karma; sorrow; restriction) on the 12th house cusp (exact on the Placidus cusp, but also close to the Koch cusp) applying an opposition to Chiron. Note that Saturn is karma and the twelfth house is self-undoing, secret enemies and hidden things. The Moon was departing the inconjunct to Pluto (obstruction; profound transformation) and Neptune (deception; oil), having just passed the Yod, or "finger of God" aspect, signifying an important event that focuses the energies of Neptune and Pluto into the twelfth house.

    Attack Pluto is retrograde in the 4th house, conjunct the 22nd degree (applying a trine to 22 Leo, "own worst enemy", an unfortunate degree). The 22nd degree is always stressful. It is notable that the inconjunct from Moon makes a yod, focusing the Neptune/Pluto energies.

    Attack Sun is in close conjunction with Charter Pluto. Pluto is associated with profound transformations of society, especially through the process of overcoming obstructions, followed by regeneration of energies once the direction has been set.

    The New Moon the day before the attack occurred in conjunction with the fixed star Sirius, the central Sun of our galaxy, making it a very important lunation indeed. Sirius signifies ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, and danger through impetuosity.

    Attack Saturn was exactly opposite the degree of the upcoming Blue Moon on the 21st of July. The Blue Moon, a rare phenomenon, is the second Full Moon in the same sign (in this case Capricorn). The New Moon occurs at the mid-point between the two Full Moons in a Blue Moon cycle. This New Moon clearly triggered this karmic event.

    We would expect the Full Moon at this point to trigger new attacks. As it has happened, that is exactly what has occurred, as new bombings have struck the London Underground at 12:38 PM, Thursday July 21, 2005, less than half an hour after the exact moment of the Full Moon in the last degree of Capricorn.

    Again,as in 2001 with the attack on the Twin Towers in NY, Fixed Stars are very active, as the ascendant (26 Leo) is conjunct 3 of them (too much to analyse here), but the following is very interesting:

    Part of Fortune is rising conjunct Thuban (Prospectors of gold and silver or those who are ministers of money; burning to death in own house)

    Moon conjunct Procyon (Violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation)

    Sun trine South Scale (Loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, criminality) – most suitable for an attack!

    Caput Algol at 2610' Taurus is square the Ascendant of the Attack Chart. Algol, the "Demon's Head", is conjunct the mid-heaven, making it the most elevated star in the London Charter chart. This binary star is traditionally considered to be the most evil influence in the heavens (Strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, the "Evil One")

    So we see that the terrorist attack had some powerful factors on its side. Insofar as it sought to paralyse the London Transport network, it was moderately successful. Insofar as it may have made its point with regard to the insecurity of Western cities, it was definitely successful. Insofar as it sought to bow the spirits of the British people, it was a failure.

    No doubt the terrorist attack was timed in response to the G8 conference in Scotland. This meeting brought together the leaders of the world's most prosperous nations, to talk about solutions to world trade problems and to seek out ways of rectifying the imbalances in the conditions of life between the rich and poor nations. They have come up with some solutions, but the underlying issues are still hardly addressed. When fifty innocent people in London are killed, it is world news, monopolising the media and generating a massive reaction. When a hundred innocent people in a village in Afghanistan are killed by a carelessly misdirected US air strike, it is "collateral damage" and barely rates a mention.

    More of the Same?

    Sadly, the reactions of world leaders, notably Mr Blair, the prime minister of England, and Mr Bush, the president of the USA, have been to promise more of the same. They have again failed to understand that the answer to terrorism is not to blow up more poor people, but to improve their living conditions. Rich humans, in the eyes of the powers that be, are "humans" and poor humans are "vermin". This is the attitude that must be changed, or the "vermin" will continue to bite the "humans".

    However, it is not the role of astrology to make moral judgements, but to give an understanding of the timing of events; the potential outcome of events; and the way we react to circumstances, according to the influences of planetary and other cosmic factors. This article has sought to show briefly how the cosmic forces interacted as they focused the terrorist attack on London in the light of the London Charter. It is clear that cosmic factors mapped this disaster. It is also clear that an understanding of these factors, which are indelibly marked in the stellar map, can give us much insight into human behaviour and enable the prediction and perhaps the avoidance of other disastrous circumstances in the future.

    The leaders of the world and their financial allies would be better advised to put a bigger share of the vast resources now spent on defence, psychology and sociology (not to mention medicine) into astrological research, so that the process of prediction can be perfected, streamlined and brought to bear on world events by a well-trained astrological faculty in the research institutions of our universities. This money would be far better spent on prevention of catastrophe than on cleaning up afterwards.

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