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    Neptune | Aquarius | Future Trends | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5American Catastrophe
    Sleeping Beauty by Henry Meynell Rheam

    Neptune in Aquarius
    the dissolution of boundaries

    This excellent article by Ian Thurnwald is an extract from his commentary on the potential trends flowing from the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. This part of the article is a valuable discussion of Neptune and its effects, regardless of the 9/11 situation, so it's still well worth reading.

    The principle of Neptune is the dissolution of boundaries, as such it represents any energy or any person or any state of mind which does this. High Neptunian states of mind include: receptivity, inspiration, spirituality. People operating at this level will display: sympathetic understanding, charity, and self-sacrifice. The lowest include: impressionability, delusion, illusion. People operating at this level will display: confusion, deception, and paranoia.

    Neptunian events are usually chaotic in nature and often bring misery, grief, and bereavement in their wake.

    A strong Neptune influence makes people prone to victimisation, either through their own actions and/or the actions of others, that is, through: intoxication, self-undoing, suicide, or through, sedition, fraud, embezzlement, or bankruptcy.

    In terms of social activity, Neptune rules: secrets, confidential matters, secret worries, work done in seclusion or in private, hidden things (the occult), imprisonment, and confinement.

    People ruled by Neptune: film actors, poets, dancers, ballet, photographers, mysterious persons, surrogates, spiritual counsellors, mediums, those who tend the sick or mentally ill, those who work with criminals or confined persons, those who work with liquids, drug addicts, alcoholics, slaves, orphans, frauds and spies.

    Other energies and things of a Neptunian nature are: chaos, nebulousness, fading, diffusion, entropy, decay, merging and fusing, anything artificial, substitutes, fog, mist, the oceans, ships, gas, oil, liquids, chemicals, solvents, poisons, drugs. (Adapted from Louis, 1991: 421)

    Neptune in his Chariot
    Neptune in Aquarius

    Neptune fully entered the Saturn/Uranus ruled fixed air sign of Aquarius in late November 1998, and by the time of Bush's inauguration it was at 6° Aquarius. While Neptune in Aquarius energy was forcefully unleashed by the great eclipse of August 1999, this energy was already manifesting in general cultural trends from late 1998, for example: angels (winged spirits) appearing as a common motif on cards, wrapping paper, and prints; the burgeoning popularity of Feng Shui (the spiritually ordered arrangement of space); a slew of movies on 'supernatural' and 'what if' themes, and so forth.

    At the level of the individual, Neptune in Aquarius represents people who have a negative or contrary view of life. So it represents those people who are easily swayed by others, as well as those insincere types who prey upon such people. Neptune in Aquarius brings about a clouding of consciousness, foggy thinking, (such that impressionable people are easily seduced by untenable utopian or spiritual ideals) and unrealistic goals, or the fraudulent schemes — perpetrated by criminals, tricksters or those of doubtful character. Spies who work under assumed identities are prime Neptunian examples of the latter.

    Weakening the Web

    At a social level, Neptune in Aquarius can represent the weakening or actual dissolution or death of loosely affiliated groups of people; like a suburban neighbourhood or a group of tourists or commuters, especially those travelling by air or sea.

    It can also be an indication of some deception, fraud, or trickery that affects a whole community or nation, and which results in a large segment of the population feeling disengaged from their society and its leaders. Corporate bankruptcies and dubious election 'victories' are good examples of this effect.

    More abstractly, it can stand for the undermining of lofty humanitarian ideals or new, innovative schemes and of any enterprise which is founded on such ideals and schemes. Concretely it can represent chaotic conditions in public corporations and modern technology, especially those involving the supply of electricity, the electronic communication of thoughts and ideas (telecommunications and computers in general, and the internet in particular) and air and sea travel. We've already seen problems with electricity supply in California, the ridiculously over inflated dot-com boom and subsequent bust, and the advent of more virulent computer viruses. Continuing outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (an airborne virus) are another example.

    Neptune in Aquarius is also an indicator of inclement weather where both wind and water are involved, eg., cyclones. Of course, with Uranus also in Aquarius, we'd see sudden and catastrophic upsets in all these areas when both Uranus and Neptune are activated by transit. Note that Uranus and Neptune are often linked to revolutionary and idealistic movements or beliefs, while the pairing of Uranus and Neptune represents "the elimination of waking consciousness".

    This was so at the lunar eclipse on August 8 1998 when two US Embassies in East Africa were bombed. At the time of the bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam the Moon was midway between retrograde Uranus and retrograde Neptune in Aquarius, while all three planets squared Saturn in Taurus. With the Moon activating this pair and bringing Saturn into the combination we saw, in keeping with the symbolism of this combination: shady, misguided religious fanatics perpetrating sudden attacks in a foreign country, and against foreigners, with the intention of destroying buildings in order to inflict painful losses on large numbers of people.

    Selfless Service

    More positively, Neptune in Aquarius will move some people to selfless service, or self-sacrifice, on behalf of their fellows and those who have been victimised. So, while Neptune's stay in Aquarius will be characterised by tragic events in which groups of people suffer, such events can serve to unify a community or nation by bringing about an widespread outpouring of sensitivity, compassion, and/or spirituality in response to that suffering. At the political level we'll see examples of the idealisation of the Aquarian principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, yet at the same time there will be a consensus of opinion that it is necessary to curtail certain rights and freedoms of the individual.

    This is the end of the article.

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