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    New Year's Eve in Sydney

    Ringing in the New Year

    So you've made some resolutions... it's the New Year's thing to do. It's the 'social' time to make promises to ourselves that we have every intention of keeping, for the first few weeks anyway.

    Ahhh but this time you ARE going to follow through! This time is different! Are you gonna quit smoking? How about exercise — for weight loss and health? Both popular New Year's Resolutions. Are you going to give up sweets? Fat? Rap music? Beer? What have you decided it's time for you to lose this year? That's what this boils down to folks, giving something up, sacrificing something. I don't know about you, but I think we've lost enough this year.

    Maybe it's time for a change of view. Instead of enduring those stuffy 'self judgments' — how about achieving this year? What would you like to gain? How about gaining some inner peace? How about creating a healthier lifestyle?

    How about earning the trust and love of someone special? Sure, you can say that the true aim of a New Year Resolution is ultimately to gain something you want, or think you want. But the focus, the energy, is one of sacrifice and that's one of the reasons that many people don't stick to them. You may want to give up that weight, but you would also wrestle anyone to the ground who dared to loot your powdered doughnut. You don't experience what you gain, you experience the sacrifice.

    How prevalent a belief is that in your life anyway? How often do you brood about the cost? Overtime at work may pay well, but it costs you time with your family. What about the cost of pride? The price of ego? What do you lose on a daily basis, under the illusion you're gaining something? And you wonder why you feel so bad all the time? How much of your life do you NOT want to do and could change, but don't?

    Now is the time. Do something about it. Change your viewpoint. Think about your life in terms of gains; not costs, not sacrifices. Make New Year Resolutions that expand your life and enhance it — those are the ones you'll stick to. Create them to grow with you. Design them to be attainable, something you look forward to and before you know it, your life begins to change in ways you couldn't have even planned for yourself.

    Just because January 1st is past, doesn't mean you can't still do it. Like the commercial says — 'Just do it'. One of my resolutions led me here and to write this. Because of that, you're reading it, feeling what you're feeling.

    Where will yours lead you?

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