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    Numbers Work!
    Numerology Cards Make Life Easier

    Barbara Alison's new Numbers Work! Numerology Cards are proving to be popular and intuitive – and ideal for insightful numerology readings! We ask if Numerology Cards are as valuable for divination and personal growth as the Tarot.

    Numerology is a metaphysical science and provides a meaning of the numbers found in your name and date of birth. It provides a means of understanding ourselves and others. Like Astrology, Numerology is a tour guide for the journey that lies ahead in life.

    Pythagoras used his profound logic to take mathematics one step further and deduce that if numbers provided a basis of the universe, then numbers must also provide the basis for life. However, until recently, there were no decks of cards dealing purely with numerological influences; for the Tarot decks, while based on numerology, also contain many subtle mythological and other symbolic influences that can be quite difficult to grasp.

    Both Numbers Work! Numerology Cards and the Tarot Cards are a fabulous way to go beneath the surface of our daily lives. Both can be used to gain insight into important questions, such as "will I get a new job?", or "will my relationship last?" and both can show us how to increase our understanding and personal growth. However, they approach the issues from quite different perspectives.

    Barbara Alison

    Other methods of peering into the unknown, including Astrology, the I Ching, the Tarot and so on, depend upon their own systems and need a great deal of study to get the best out of them. This does not really apply to the Numerology Cards, as people with very little understanding of Numerology are able to use them.

    Numerology Cards Received by Inspiration

    Barbara Alison, the author of the cards, says that they were received by inspiration one winter's night about 12 years ago and the information for the deck was received in a matter of 6 hours. Her friend Lisa Pitman, a graphic designer interested in numerology, agreed to create the deck and illustrate the instruction book. Barbara and Lisa were guided primarily by the two words which preceded the information for the deck of cards, Clarity and Simplicity, which is another major difference from the Tarot! Lyn Busuttil, our resident numerologist, has now published a revised and updated version.

    The origin of the Tarot is unknown, but many different decks have evolved over many generations. The Tarot cards can be seen as a journey through the life of an individual and are steeped in mystery and symbolism. The Rider-Waite deck, for example, is quite different from the beautiful deck created by Aleister Crowley, which is again different from others such the astrological Tarot deck. Consultants who work with any of these need to be familiar with the symbolism involved.

    In the Numbers Work deck there are no cards that may cause a client to be concerned—as can happen with some of the cards in the Tarot—because most people are not familiar with the symbolism involved. Asked in a radio programme to try to sum up the main differences between them and the Tarot, Barbara replied that in her opinion the Numerology cards reflect the new energies of the Aquarian Age and that they are simpler and cheerier to work with than the Tarot decks which she had previously used.

    As with other aspects of life, personal choice is the key. Some consultants use two or more different tools in their practice and newcomers may find that, after some experience, they wish to explore other means of divination. Some tell us that the Numerology Cards are easier to work with than the more traditional cards.

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